Wife Spanking Husband

Spanking Stories and Discipline Articles

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How To Give A Spanking
Husband Spanking Wife

Spanked by the Park Ranger

A female park ranger spanks a young man for his irresponsible campsite care: “You are not too old to have your bottom blistered,” said Lisa.

A Dose of the Strap

Spoiled, arrogant, and from a wealthy family, college boy Josh Adams fatefully thought he could put his housekeeper in her place when she required him to perform household chores during his summer vacation. The tables

Wife Spanked by the Minister – True Story

Following the strapping administered by her husband for lying to their children’s Christian school, Nancy learns that her bare bottom has an appointment with the school’s Reverend Black.

Spanked Husband Faces an Unimaginable Spanking – True Story

Matt could not imagine the humiliation and embarrassment he would suffer if his privately administered spankings were to include a witness. Reality overtook the unimaginable when his strict disciplinarian wife had shoulder surgery. I had

Boyfriend Spanked by Girlfriend: How it Began – True Story

A boyfriend’s playful reprimanding slap across the panty-covered bottom of his girlfriend has turned the tables – she is now the one administering real discipline to his bare bottom firmly establishing theirs as a female-led

The Catcher: Caught and Spanked to Orgasm

Fred had been caught entering Mr. Schumer’s library without permission. The boy’s jeans and briefs would soon be coming down – there would be more pleasure than pain.