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Kim’s boyfriend, Mike, has zero tolerance for lying and reckless endangerment both recently committed by Kim. Rather than lecture her, Mike has demanded that Kim lecture him on why she deserves the dreaded and hated pure discipline type of spanking. In making her case, Kim offers to nullify her safeword – Mike accepts. This is Kim’s story, told in her words.

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The Truth Comes Out

My boyfriend Mike, of three years, and I – as we were then – have a domestic discipline relationship: Mike is the disciplinarian. Recently he found out that I had lied about a car accident where I was completely at fault and my attempt to cover it up. Always event tempered, lying and endangering myself – and others – are two things that Mike has zero tolerance for. While we are both “spankos” and enjoy the related sexual energy, I hate and dread the pure discipline type of spanking.

Mike had learned the details of the incident from Emily his thirteen-year-old cousin while attending a family gathering. While driving home one afternoon, he made known his awareness of what had happened. Ten minutes of tense, solid silence followed until I finally broke through, “So, am I going to get my butt beat when we get home?”

“You think?” he said sarcastically, trying to keep calm.

Now really concerned I tried to smooth things over, “Mike, let me explain. You see…”

Cutting me off with a firm and authoritative tone, “You used your phone texting behind the wheel and then lied to me about the scratches on the car. Does that about sum it up?”

I swallowed hard and said nothing.

“You were with my cousin and you put her life in danger, the lives of others in the parking lot and…”

Attempting my defense, “We weren’t on the road, technically, so I wasn’t really driving and…”

“Save it, Kim!” he said firmly and exasperated by such a lame defense, “technically, you could have inured or killed someone!” he countered.

There was silence for the rest of the way home. He pulled up at the house and stopped me just before I was going to get out firmly gripping my arm.

“Okay, look, I’m not going to lecture you this time.”

I sighed but with short-lived relief.

“You know exactly what you did and you know exactly what could’ve happened, and you know exactly what you’re really in for.”

I let out a deep breath.

What! I Must Request The Spanking?

Mike continued, “Nope, I’m not going to lecture you. In fact, you’re going to lecture me this time!”

“What?” I queried snapping my head to surprised attention.

“Now, you listen and listen good. You are also going to explain in detail why I am going to thoroughly blister your behind. You are going to tell me exactly what you did, why you deserve the punishment you have coming. In fact, you are even going to lecture me on how to properly give you a discipline spanking. So, get our domestic discipline agreement, the moisturizing lotion, a large pillow, the backscratcher and set up in the den. You’re going lecture me from the corner.”

“The den? I echoed, letting out a huff and a whimper. “Ohhhh, you’re not going make me shuffle with pants around my ankles …?”

“Yes, I am,” came his immediate reply.

“Please, not the backscratcher, you know. . .”

This dreaded implement of two feet or so of bamboo delivers an extremely painful sting. Our usual mutual agreement on the choice of spanking implement was superseded by the resolute decree of his decision.

Mike began the sermon: “You’re going to remind me that I have given you two warning spankings over this issue. After the timer goes off, you are going to lecture me in detail about what is and what is not a part of a discipline spanking according to our written agreement. Pretend, I have never given anyone a spanking. You are not going to complain, whimper nor be sarcastic in any way. You are going to give me a serious and thorough lecture. You need to be assertive and convincing. Make me feel bad about not tearing into your behind last time you needed a discipline spanking. But if I hear one whimper, any kind of sarcasm, whining or anything else before I take the backscratcher from your hand, you will start from the very beginning. Is that clear?”

Shocked by the force of his conviction, I could not say anything nor could not believe what I was told I would be doing – I just nodded in acknowledgement.

“Is there anything unclear about what I just told you?”

Knowing I had to verbally answer, I said, “No sir, it’s crystal clear.”

“Alright, remember your lecture needs to be very sincere, assertive and compelling convincing! Is that understood?”

With stammering lips, I eked a, “Yes sir!”

“Alright, take some time to get your thoughts together while I calm down too.  You are going lead me to the den this time when you’re ready.”

He released my arm and got out of the car without another word. I just sat there in shock. I was really good at lecturing and public speaking: I gave the graduation speech for high school three years ago. But I didn’t know how I was going to do it without whimpering or trying to talk my way out. I finally went into the house, I was a nervous wreck.

Mike was sitting quietly watching television from the recliner chair. I waited to give him some time to cool off. After about an hour of working through what I was going to say, I went to the den and set things up.

Preparation Agony

The den was twenty feet from end to end with no dividing walls. I knew what he was going to have me do; it was the same for all discipline spankings. I moved the couch and coffee table against the wall. I got the bamboo backscratcher and set it down on the small coffee table halfway between the corner and the table and chairs at the other end. My heart was fluttering in trepidation. I went to our bedroom and grabbed a large pillow and the large bottle of triple moisturizing lotion and placed them on the table opposite the corner I knew I would be standing in. Next, I got the stepping stool from the kitchen and brought it to the den and placed it in front of the table and chairs. Last, I pulled our discipline agreement from a drawer, drew a chair to sit down and proceeded to carefully organize and plan the delivery as directed: I needed to make a case for Mike to give me the worst spanking of my life.

Seriousness! Firmness! Be assertive. No whimpering! I kept chanting this to myself with mantra-like focus.

I sat there trying to take a few deep breaths. Mike was always the one lecturing me before a real discipline spanking. The last one was just over a year ago for texting while driving. My begging and whimpering trying to convince him not to spank so severely or at least reduce it to a warning succeeded – but that will not work this time for a repeat of the same offence.

“Oh man, how did get I myself into this? Oh man, I’m really in for it. I hate that damn backscratcher.”

Finally, after another 15 minutes, I stood up and a deep breath. “Okay, Kim, be serious, be assertive, be thorough, no whimpering!” I whispered to myself trying to muster the courage and stillness to get my mind into a lecturing mode.

Can We Talk

I walked slowly into the living room and reached out my hand to him. “Mike, I need to talk to you about something that happened a few weeks ago. It’s pretty serious, can we talk?”

Taking my hand, he said, “Sure, Kim, what you need to talk about?”

I gently sat down on his lap and placed my arms around him. He was 5’ 11”, all muscle and very easy on the eyes. Trying to get some security and help me calm myself, I gave him a very long kiss. He didn’t resist and reciprocated, hugging me and kissing me back. I gently pulled away and began stroking his head.

“Hmmm, listen, I wasn’t completely honest with you about the scratches on the car and I’m afraid we are going to have to deal with the situation. I lied to you; I know exactly what happened.”

“Really? What happened?” he queried with well-acted interest.

“I was with your cousin, Emily, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was behind the wheel trying to text Emily’s mom to let her know that we were on our way when I put the car in reverse. I wasn’t paying attention and I backed into a shopping cart while another customer was pushing it. The gentleman was his wife escorting a young girl – I assumed he was her father. She could’ve been pushing it, I don’t know. The person to the right of me was parked and was just getting out of his car. He saw that I was looking at my phone and how I wasn’t paying attention. I got out to make sure everyone was alright. He was really angry and the man who just parked next to me mentioned he saw the light from my phone in front of my face. The father was escalating things and caught the attention of the police who were parked nearby in a van. They stopped the guy from getting physical. Based on the witnesses and confirmation from Emily, I got a ticket for $500 for texting and reckless driving. I was going to pay it and pay extra to keep it off my driving record. I wasn’t going to tell you about it and I told Emily not to say anything, but apparently, she didn’t listen. I hid the ticket in the vehicle owner’s manual tucked in the glove box so you wouldn’t find it.

“Let me get this straight: You got a ticket for texting and reckless driving, you didn’t tell me, and you lied about the scratches,” he said with a pained look of sadness and disappointment that was tugging at my heart.

Seeing the look in his eyes, I realized that I actually had two major and serious issues. I knew what was going to happen and I knew I deserved it. The spanking would be justifiably severe but would bring cathartic relief – I needed both.

“Now, you have given me two warning spankings for texting and driving and I remember them well. Therefore, as much as I’m going to hate it, you are going to have to give me a very thorough discipline spanking this time. In fact, now that I’m talking about it, I should get another one in a week or two for lying to you and trying to deceive you.”

I paused for a second and took a few deep breaths.

Trying to encourage me he said, “You’re doing good, Kim. Take a few more deep breaths, calm down and then keep going. Work on being assertive too.”

I waved my hand in front of my face, trying not to break down and cry. I was convincing myself more and more that I did deserve it and the feelings I had at that moment were surfacing.

Taking a few deep breaths, I continued, “The father was really angry and I thought he was going to strike me. I wasn’t worried because, as you know, I have a black belt in Kempo karate, but that isn’t the point. You know how driven and headstrong I can be, and sometimes I focus so much on getting things done, I don’t slow down to see what’s happening. I’m sure I wasn’t setting a good example for Emily either.

Raising my voice a little for emphasis, and working through what could’ve happened, I remembered the face of the girl I almost hit.

Trying to be assertive, I said, “You know, come to think of it, I’m damn lucky I didn’t hit him or his wife. I’m damn lucky I heard the car hit the cart. I could’ve run them over because of my negligence. If that would’ve happened, I could’ve wound up in jail with charges against me. Worse yet, I’m damn lucky I didn’t hit the child who they were escorting. It’s better to accept a discipline spanking than to end up with the guilt of accidentally injuring or killing someone. I was damn lucky, but that doesn’t excuse what I did. I should’ve known better. I should’ve listened to you and put my phone in my damn purse the second I got in the car, but I didn’t. But I know one thing for sure, after you give me a damn good spanking, I’ll do just that from now on.”

Hearing myself lecture out loud turned out to be more therapeutic than I imagined and I began believing my own words. I slowly put my arms around Mike again wanting some reassurance.

“Listen, honey, I know you’re going to give me a truly old fashioned licking but I just need to know you’re not angry inside,” I said in an almost whimpering tone.

Comforting me, he held me tight.

In a soft and gentle tone, he said, “I’m okay, Kim, I’m actually quite okay – upset but okay. The better your lecture on yourself about it, the less I’m upset. And yes, I am going to do just what you said I should do. Your bare bottom is most certainly going to feel it, girl.

Letting out a little whimper, I said: “Ohhh, yes sir. Can you just hold me for a few moments?”

Knowing I was just looking for some reassurance that he was in complete control, he just held me for a good five minutes until I was ready. I gave him a long kiss, pulled back and then looked directly into his eyes.

“I need to ask you a few things first.”


“According to our agreement, if I ever lied or deceived you, I was going to get a switching. Do I need to cut some switches for you to use?”

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  • Amazing story, thanks for sharing! I’ve never seen a back scratcher that can be that extreme. What kind of back scratcher are you invisioning? Do you have a picture or link to the impliment? 🤔. Thanks again for the incredible story.

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