Newlywed Wife Belt Whips Bottom of Misbehaving Husband – True Story

Recently married but increasingly frustrated and angered by her husband’s misbehavior, Emily takes control that starts with a thorough belt whipping of her husband’s bare bottom.

I found this site, love some of the stories and connected with My Husband’s Big Mistake – True Story so I thought I’d share my similar experience.

I always thought one of the women who worked with my fiancé now-husband had a thing for him or was a tease. I voiced my opinion and concern. He thought it was nothing. We married and I still felt there was something more with her at office parties and other gatherings. I found texts that had to do with business but there was some communication that was personal and could lead to something more. I confronted him and made him promise to stop. One Friday after work a few of them went out for a drink, I arranged to be at the same place with my coworkers. This woman was chummy with my husband, there were others around and though my husband didn’t seem to be flirting he wasn’t avoiding her either.

I went over and spoke to her directly, didn’t choose to listen to any of her reasoning and then turned to my husband and told him he was going home immediately and I was having a serious discussion with him. We left, I was very angry driving home in my car. I remembered helping to raise my brothers and my mother administering discipline to them. She felt boys needed to be dealt with more severely than girls and as I became older, I disciplined them as well.

Long story short, we got home, I made my husband remove his clothing. I read him the riot act as I changed into jeans. I told him he didn’t handle things properly so I did and if he wanted to remain married, I was going to handle him as well. He wanted to stay married. I pulled the belt from my jeans and doubled it over telling him he was getting a good whipping from me! He fussed but it was this or we were over! I made him go face down on the bed and spanked his bottom with the belt good!

I told him to stay there for 15 minutes or so and think about his behavior and if he wanted to stay married he’d get more of the same whenever he needed it. I called up to him to come downstairs, still undressed. He was very apologetic and wanted to stay married. He was no longer allowed to go out to the bar with his co-workers. That was five years ago, he’s since changed jobs and he gets a spanking or a belt whipping whenever I say so.


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  • I would just like to add that if my girlfriend spanked me in front of the guests, I would fully accept her right to do so. As I mentioned in another post, she quite often swats my bottom in public if she is annoyed with me, and I am happy with this. When I am naughty, I get my bottom smacked, that is quite right. And I am happy for other people to know that she has me firmly under her control.

  • Considering how much relations between the sexes have changed in the last hundred years or so, I wonder if it is time for some new marriage customs? Perhaps the wedding gifts should always include a spanking paddle, and after the ceremony the groom should be required to bend over while the bride administers the first spanking of their marriage. I asked my girlfriend what she thought of the idea and she said that if we marry, she would be delighted to spank me in front of the wedding guests!

  • As Stephen Clemenson says, women are naturally much more mature than men and accordingly it is only right that they should discipline us. I find it good that Emily spanks her husband whenever she deems it necessary. He obviously accepts her discipline. I think a lot of marriages would be improved if the wife spanked her husband severely whenever he deserved it.

  • There is a good deal of controversy as to whether Emily was justified in disciplining her husband with her belt. Opinions vary, I personally find it somewhat harsh. However she first disciplined him five years ago, they are still married and “he gets a spanking or a belt whipping whenever I say so.” I know a husband who is also in this position. His wife spanks him whenever she thinks fit. Sometimes he thinks it is unfair, but he accepts her right to decide when he needs to be disciplined. If she thinks he should be spanked, he is spanked, whether he likes it or not. They seem to have a very happy marriage.

  • I’m in a female-led marriage and I find it so very natural for her to control everything from the finances to the household to our social life. Women are naturally much more mature than men and I’m very happy not to have to think too much about what we’re going to do, where to go etc. But when it comes to punishment, it’s a very different story. The strange thing is that mostly before we have sex I like her to paddle or spank me with a belt which she very much enjoys doing it. However, she now continues this spanking as a form of punishment when she deems it necessary. I thought that I would like this but the reality is that like most people I’m not always in the mood and want to be spanked. The first time we had a disagreement about something silly like clothes washing she went to get the paddle, came downstairs and told me to bare my bottom and go over the settee. I really didn’t want this but I knew that this was how our marriage works, so I did as she said. This is when a man actually feels humiliation. This was not at my request, I was still angry but here I was meekly bending over for her to punish me. I hated the spanking. One it hurt very much and two I was humiliated. I’ve come to accept her corporal discipline but to be punished is very different than to be consensually spanked.

  • I think in this case that Emily had the right to whip her husband with her belt. She mentioned that her suspicions about her husband’s coworker had gone on before they were ever married and that she found correspondence of a personal nature mixed in with business messages.

    I’ve been in similar situations with female coworkers. Sometimes you just can’t help feeling an attraction to a woman at work and sometimes she feels the same way. It can lead to flirting. Sometimes it stays as harmless flirting, but sometimes it leads to more serious developments, like infidelity.

    Emily, using a woman’s intuition and knowing how other women operate (unlike men, who are clueless), perceived the other woman as a threat to the ownership of her mate. So, she did what a lioness or other tigress might do to protect her territory: She drove off the other woman and “swiped” her big paw at her lion mate and cuffed him one—in the form of a whipping. She also forbade him to wander into that other lioness’s territory—the bar.

    Since her husband accepted this first whipping and has since accepted spankings and belt whippings whenever she says so, Emily’s authority concerning her husband appears to be a settled matter. If he causes her to feel he needs to be whipped, she whips him and that’s settled.

    I would only caution one thing: Stay away from making ultimatums lightly. Declarations like, “If you don’t do X we aren’t going to stay married,” are a bad idea. I’ve known men who have turned around and said, “Okay, fine, if that’s how you want it, I’ll get a hold of the attorney in the morning. In the meantime, I’m leaving. Have a nice life.” Like I said, think twice before presenting serious ultimatums, because you may not like what comes next.

    • Kerry,
      You’ve summed that up very well! Shortly into our marriage, I ended up handling my new husband similar to Emily. (To my husband’s shock and honestly mine as well, I didn’t threaten divorce.) It turns out that a trip over my knee now and again does wonders for my husband and our relationship. I do not stand for any rudeness or belligerence and a raised eyebrow or “the look” is usually enough to set my man straight – if not, and if we’re home, then he’s getting bared and bent over. In public, I’ll quietly warn him, and if he doesn’t heed the warnings, I’ve said to him very seriously: “When we get home!” He truly regrets his behavior once we are home. A spanking is not usually a common occurrence for us, but I’d utilize it more often if I thought I needed to. I’m glad I gave my new young husband that whooping all those years ago and still will when needed.

      • You certainly know how to handle a man! I think a lot of marriages might be improved if the marriage vows contained a clause stating that the wife has the right to administer discipline to her husband at her discretion. To avoid abuse, it should be specified that discipline may be applied only on the husband’s bottom, that it must not cause serious injury, and that the wife may not discipline her husband when her judgement is impaired due to alcohol or other causes. If my girlfriend and I marry, I would be happy to agree to such a clause.

  • My main concern is how suspicious and jealous she is. This is a separate issue from the discipline. She could have endangered his career and I found it telling that he had changed jobs already. She had no reason for such a reaction. In fact, I felt SHE deserved the spanking. I just escaped from an overly jealous wife who bled me financially, so I’m sensitive to that issue.

  • I don’t know if I totally agree with the wife. He always tried to avoid the affair, although I imagine that there was something when the wife detected that it was not going well. I understand her right to punish her husband but on this occasion I see little reason to do so. In spite of everything the husband accepted the punishment and the relationship was maintained thanks to the wife’s authority. That saved the marriage.

    • I am of the same opinion as you, as I said in my earlier comment. Emily seems to be very strict with her husband, she says he gets a spanking or a belt whipping whenever she says so. It is clearly consensual: If he is happy with it, there is no problem. I guess the intimacy and the erotic overtones of being disciplined on his bottom make it acceptable to him.

  • Most men need that feminine motivation to ensure that we respect and honor our commitment to our wives. You would be well advised to deliver maintenance spankings on a regular basis – at least weekly. You may choose to enhance your relationship with erotic barehand over-the-knee spankings while wearing heels that culminates in sexual pleasure for both of you. Thank you for sharing 💐. -Robert

    • Wearing heels would be a good idea. My girlfriend and I are about the same height. When she wears heels she is taller than me and this emphasizes her authority over me and her right to spank me.

  • So basically you physically abused your husband because he wasn’t flirting with another woman?

    • [Editor’s Note: Identified and translated as Russian by Google Translate, the English version follows. All languages are welcome. Regards, Michael]

      Она точно обозначила его место в семейной иерархии, и сделала это очень своевременно. Лучше предотвратить возможную проблему, чем ждать, когда она обозначится во всей красе. Потом её решать уже гораздо сложнее. А так и проблему предотвратила, и мужу его место указала. Молодец, одним словом, всё правильно сделала.

      She accurately marked his place in the family hierarchy and did it very timely. It is better to prevent a possible problem than to wait for it to manifest itself in all its glory. Then it is much more difficult to solve it. And so she prevented the problem and indicated to her husband his place. Well done, in a word, you did everything right.

  • To be honest, I think you were unduly harsh with your husband. You say your he didn’t seem to be flirting with the woman but wasn’t avoiding her either. This seems acceptable behavior to me. Maybe he didn’t avoid her because he didn’t want to seem impolite. I agree with your general point though; a woman should have the right to spank her partner’s bottom when she thinks he deserves it. From my own experience this is good for a relationship and helps to avoid arguments.

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