Spanked Husband Faces an Unimaginable Spanking – True Story

Matt could not imagine the humiliation and embarrassment he would suffer if his privately administered spankings were to include a witness. Reality overtook the unimaginable when his strict disciplinarian wife had shoulder surgery.

I had just finished reading the story One Strict Wife: Do Not Embarrass Our Daughter and could not imagine the unbearable embarrassment that Terry must have suffered after being spanked by his wife in the presence of others. While my wife Barbara has been spanking me for a few years, I was never spanked when growing up. On average I get two to three regular spankings a month and five to six severe sessions a year all administered in complete privacy. Then, things changed.

A couple of months ago my wife injured her right shoulder leaving her dominant arm with reduced ability as she recovered from surgery. After about a month of being unable to administer domestic discipline to her strict standard, she announced that she would engage a friend to help her. We argued, I resisted – I couldn’t imagine having someone else spanking my bare bottom – finally, I had to accept.

A few days later I came home from work to find Barbara and her friend Dee in the living room waiting for me. Barbara told me to go change into my shorts and return so we could talk. She began by informing me that I was to give Dee the same respect that I gave to her. She then stated that she had given Dee full disciplinary authority over me and that I would obey Dee’s orders as if they were her own without question or hesitation. Dee’s body language spoke a frightening mix of calm but resolute determination and constrained delight. With the disciplinary authority now firmly established, my wife said, “Dee, he is all yours.”

Looking me straight in the eye Dee commanded, “Get over here.” Sitting in the center of the couch, she immediately pulled down my shorts and took off my t-shirt leaving me completely naked and utterly embarrassed.  “Bottoms up,” she ordered as I laid over her lap. Earlier Barbara had advised Dee that I was long overdue a severe spanking and instructed her on how hard I was to be punished. Dee positioned me where she wanted and then detailed the spanking to expect. I have never been so embarrassed as I was having another woman rub my bare bottom while telling me what I was about to get.

After a few minutes of intense hand slaps, Dee began to paddle me vigorously showing no shyness nor hesitation about making it hurt. I was squirming, gasping and being scolded by both of them. In tears when she was finished, I was made to stand up as they both inspected and commented on my well-punished bottom. I was then sent to the corner where I listened in horror as my wife reinforced how to administer a proper session with the strap. After 20 to 30 minutes of anxiety-ridden corner time, I was positioned over the ottoman with hands and head on the floor and my sorely spanked bottom prominently raised over a pillow. The lengthy strapping that followed was agonizingly thorough leaving me openly sobbing and deeply humiliated.

Over the next few weeks, I was punished over the knee and every other humiliating position they could imagine. I was hand spanked, paddled, strapped and, worst of all, switched as they watched me squirm, plead and cry. After my wife’s arm healed, she made up for lost time with a month of constant punishment and a couple of totally nude weekends which Dee attended with obvious enjoyment.

I never got over the crushing embarrassment of having my bare bottom being the focus of both women’s disciplinary attention. Now I know the humiliation – and more –  that Terry must have suffered spanked in the presence of others as described in One Strict Wife: Do Not Embarrass Our Daughter.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • I think it is good when women who are in the habit of disciplining their partner let other women know about it. The more widely accepted it becomes, the better. Provided it is consensual, it should not be regarded as something strange or unusual, but as a perfectly normal way for a woman to deal with a misbehaving husband or boyfriend. Personally, I would rather have a stinging bottom and be unable to sit down for a few hours than have a fight with my partner.

    • Further to my last comment: I hope it will be become so widely accepted that if people at work or at social gatherings notice that I have difficulty sitting down, I will be able to say quite openly: “Yes, my girlfriend gave me a spanking and it’s still sore.” I can imagine other men sympathizing with me and women saying: “Good for her, men need discipline sometimes.”

  • I have been disciplined by my housemate for the last five years. We share expenses and household chores. I agreed at the very beginning of our arrangement that I would submit to her discipline if I failed to keep up my end of the deal. She has stripped me naked and spanked me on at least one occasion every month since the beginning, and it was always done privately. Now, she has spanked me with her female cousin and former female college roommate watching and commenting. I am 6 ft 3 and 200 lbs, she is 5ft 3 and 115 lbs. She tells me she finds the situation arousing to have other women observing.

    • This sounds like a very good idea. When I was single, I once shared an apartment with a woman; we often had arguments because I left unwashed dishes in the kitchen or failed to tidy up. Things would have been so much easier if she had simply given me a severe spanking when I didn’t do my share of the chores. That would have relieved her negative feelings and motivated me much better than nagging.

  • We men need correction and attitude adjustments from time to time, I mean real tear-producing correction. So, go ahead ladies, go ahead and put us in our place.

  • I related to a lot of this story right away (and enjoyed every bit of it). My wife paddles me when she either believes I have transgressed and deserves it, or just because she wants to (release of stress for her or a reminder to me to keep on following the rules). And she has also had shoulder surgery in the past. But so far nobody else knows that she punishes and disciplines me. I have often wished, though, that somebody close to both of us did know and could assist my wife just this way, by being another no monsense lady dispensing discipline and punishment as the other watched. The embarrassment and humiliation factor would intensify my punishment and instill all the more motivation for me to behave myself and be the good boy my wife wants me to be! Someday…

    • I think it’s good that your wife sometimes paddles you just because she wants to. A woman in a female led relationship has the right to spank her partner’s bottom any time she wants, whether he likes it or not.

  • My girlfriend affirms that she has the only voice in whether anyone should see me being spanked. But she guarantees me that only someone who can be trusted absolutely will be present. When she first told me that I would be watched that was very hard to deal with, but when it actually happened the discipline session was already in progress. I had just been hand spanked and paddled when she announced that her friend is staying over adding that she is also a domme and will watch the caning. I was so deep into the sub-mindset it didn’t even occur to me to protest. I didn’t look up but I heard her provocative comments. After I had been caned long and hard, I was told to get up and noticed that she was not in the room. She had gone back to the guest room to take a rest. Much later she told me I was an incredible pain slut noting that not only was it good theater but unbelievable to hear me, already blood, asking my girlfriend not to stop.

  • My girlfriend and I know a few other couples where the woman spanks her husband or boyfriend and there seems to be a big variation in their attitudes to witnesses. One couple keep everything strictly private and have not told anyone about their use of spanking apart from people they met through online spanking sites. Another couple have a much more open attitude and their family and some of their close friends know that the wife disciplines her husband. One time he misbehaved while her sister was visiting, she immediately told him to lower his pants and underpants and bend over. He hesitated, but she said she was sure her sister had seen a bare male bottom before. She then gave him a good spanking, which her sister found very amusing. Since then her sister has seen him being disciplined several times.

    • I am sure that her husband needs spankings, and knows that he must be good or get punished without exception. We, naughty boys, get confused and are not happy misbehaving. Spankings are a relief. It’s a good pain. I have cried in a corner many times, and feel better.

    • An update: The wife (mentioned above) said she strongly believes that a female-led relationship should not be kept secret and has advised my girlfriend and me to tell other people that she disciplines me. So far we have only told one woman. She found it amusing and she very much approved when she learned that I had had my bottom firmly spanked for not doing a household chore.

  • I know just how you felt with a different person being present for your submissive humiliation. Just how you felt.

  • Your wife clearly has your best interests at heart. She knows that you need firm discipline to keep you in line and, when she was temporarily unable to administer it herself due to her shoulder injury, she found another woman to do it for her. I find this very commendable. For some, humiliation, embarrassment and being kept naked are part of discipline. My girlfriend has not kept me nude in front of company, but she has kept me in my underpants for prolonged periods in front of other women which I fully accept as her disciplinary right.

    • Just a slight clarification: “underpants” always means briefs. My girlfriend much prefers them to boxers. She says that tight-fitting briefs show the shape of my bottom and make a tempting target for swats. Of course, it doesn’t always stop there: the briefs often come down and I end up across her knee having my bare bottom soundly spanked!

      • A further clarification: Although my girlfriend has never kept me nude in company, she is not basically opposed to the idea. One time we were going to visit a couple who are in a female-led relationship. We were not sure if the wife enforced nudity on her husband. My girlfriend said that if the husband was unclothed I would have to strip naked too and stay that way the whole evening, whether I liked it or not.

    • He is very lucky! At this time I do not have a friend or mentor to administer the over-the-knee bare bottom spankings that make me behave as I should. Therefore, I have engaged the services of a professional disciplinarian who understands that I need intense scolding and humiliation together with a long, painful spanking that has me in tears. This has turned out to be an excellent arrangement for both of us.

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