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Kim’s boyfriend Mike has zero tolerance for lying and reckless endangerment both recently committed by Kim. Rather than lecture her, Mike has demanded that Kim lecture him on why she deserves the dreaded and hated pure discipline type of spanking. In making her case, Kim offers to nullify her safeword – Mike accepts. This is Kim’s story, told in her words.

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“No, we’ll talk about that in another two weeks or so after you are fully recovered from today. Today we’re just going to talk about you texting behind the wheel.

“Well, we better go to the den then,” I said.

I stood up and took his hand, folding my fingers into his.

“Come in, Mike, I have already arranged things and even moved the couch against the wall and the coffee table against the couch. I put a pillow and lotion on the table. I know the drill.”

I very soberly led him by the hand into the den. I got to the table and chairs at one end and gestured for him to sit down. When he did, I sat in his lap again. I  removed my watch and sat on the table next to the backscratcher. From my back pocket, I pulled my phone and set it on the table.

Corner Time

“Alright, I have the timer app up. Here’s my phone. I’m going to take our discipline agreement and go over to the corner. I’m going to make sure I have my head against both walls, as required, and my head down so I can read through our agreement several times. I will be thinking about what I’ve done and what could’ve happened. Once my head is against the wall, I’ll let you know so you can set the timer for however long you decide. I absolutely hate serving corner time with unknown duration, but that’s in our agreement. Do you still want to be the one to order me, or should I just do it myself?”

Gently taking my phone, he gave me a quick peck on the lips and then firmly said, “Alright, Kim, get your naughty behind into the corner.”

“Yes, sir.”

I got off his lap but still held his hand. Giving it a little squeeze, I said, “When the ring tone sounds, I’m not going to turn around until you stop the ring tone indicator and you call for me. I’ll remain in the corner and we’ll go from there.”

He turned her around and gave me a mild but firm swat on my jeans covered bottom.

“You do that, Kim,” he said.

I slowly walked across the room to the corner, put my head down and gently placed my head against the two walls that formed the corner. He set the timer.

“Alright, young lady, you stay there, read through our agreement and think about what you did and what could’ve happened,” he said with firmness.

“Ohhhh, yes sir.”

I hated being in the corner, especially because I knew I was really going to get it. Carefully, I read through our agreement and started arranging my thoughts about how I was going to continue to lecture him as to why I deserved nothing less than a blistering spanking. I knew he wanted a detailed explanation. Time seemed to go on forever. I lightly stomped my foot a few times, still wondering if he was even in the room, but didn’t dare turn around to look.

He got the extra stepping stool from the den closet and brought it next to the one near the table chairs. I heard some movements and was so tempted to ask how much time was left, but I knew better. He would reset the timer for longer. I absolutely hated not knowing.

I was starting to really psych myself up and lightly stomped my foot again.

I have to hold it together, no matter what – It is I who must lecture him to discipline me. Oh man, how am I going to make him feel bad for letting me off the hook last time? I was whispering low enough to ensure he didn’t hear. Stay calm, stay calm, what I’m going to say, and in what order?

Time seemed to be dragging on and with no watch I had no way of telling how long I had been in corner time.  After what seemed like forever, the timer finally went off. My heart began to beat a little faster. The timer went on for a few seconds before he turned it off. I waited to hear my name but didn’t. I just waited with my head against the two walls. It was another full minute or so later.

Making The Case For A Real Discipline Spanking

“Alright, Kim, ready to continue?”

Letting out a deep breath I turned around and faced him. He was sitting down on the chair on the far side of the den, about twenty feet away. I had to speak up a little to ensure he heard me.

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Alright, you know what you need to cover. Pretend I don’t know anything. Take your time and make sure you go over everything.”

“Yes, sir.”

Exhaling another breath, I began.

“Mike, this is going to be a discipline spanking according to what’s in our agreement. This isn’t an erotic spanking, it isn’t a maintenance spanking and it isn’t a warning spanking. This one is a real one – real old fashioned discipline, real punishment.  Now, we are both spankos and we both love spanking in our relationship, especially because I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I can take a pretty hard spanking and still enjoy it. But a real discipline spanking isn’t something that I’m supposed to like or enjoy. We need something to make this one different.”

“What would make the difference, Kim?”

“Well, a discipline spanking is as real as it gets. To ensure that everything is distinguished from anything sexual, we are both going to keep our clothes on. Further, there are some things about a discipline spanking that we need to discuss before you begin.”

“What things are those?” he queried

“Mike, you know my safe word that we use all the time during maintenance and warning spankings?”

“Yes, I know it well.”

Exhaling a deep breath a few times trying not to whimper just thinking about it.

“Well, it is nullified for this spanking. So, no matter what I say, no matter how much I may start begging, you have no obligation to listen to it. In fact, you have a responsibility to disregard it.

He thought for a second as he reminded himself, he wanted me to be serious – I was getting through.

“I mean it, Mike,” I said with as much fright weakened assertiveness that I could muster.

He made eye contact and said, “Yes, ma’am, no safe word, got it – done!” His immediate and resolute acceptance of this request sent a shiver down my spine and a tingle pulsating throughout my bottom.

I continued, “Alright, now on top of that, this spanking has no warm-up, and a no warm-up spanking essentially translates into a few things.”

“What things are those, Kim?”

As if he didn’t know, I said in my head but knew to keep my inside voice quiet and continue.

“Well, first it means there is absolutely no protection.”

“No protection?” he responded with raised eyebrow intrigue.

“That’s right, even though we are keeping our clothes on, there is no starting off the spanking over my jeans, then graduating to spanking over my panties, like maintenance or warning spankings. This entire spanking is on the bare skin from beginning to end.”

“Now, do you want to order me to do it like you always do or do you want me to just start? I’m going to be continuing my lecture while I’m getting ready way.”

Jeans and Panties Come Down

“I appreciate you asking, Kim, I love to see your naked backside, but today is not just sightseeing for me.” He paused for a second, “Alright, take ’em down!” he directed with the firmness of tone and delivery that was pure parental.

I slowly moved my hands to my belt buckle and began unfastening it. I freed the end of the belt and slowly began pulling it to the right to unlatch the buckle.

“Now, having no warmup spanking also means the spanking starts off with an implement. In fact, the entire spanking is with an implement. So, you’d better not be using your hands at all. From the very first swat to the very last you’re going to be using that damn backscratcher, is that clear?” I said trying to come across with the seriousness and assertiveness that he demanded while trepidation was already setting in.

“The entire spanking is on the bare ass and with the backscratcher, okay?”

I pulled the rest of the belt free from the buckle. I put my fingers on the buttons of my jeans and paused and said as calmly as I could, “Yes sir, that’s exactly what our domestic discipline agreement says for pure discipline spankings.”

“That I will do,” he said with calm conviction.

I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and even more slowly pushed the zipper down. I hooked my thumbs on the inside of my jeans and decided to make sure he had his say too.

“How far do want me to push them down, Mike?”

“Push them all the way down and don’t just let them fall. Bend over and push them down right down to your ankles, they won’t fall off with your cowboy boots on.”

“Yes, sir.”

I very slowly pulled them off my hips and paused for a second, “All the way down?” I knew better but I was just trying to see if I could get away with it.

“That’s right, all the way down to your ankles, Kim. Drop ’em, now!”

I slowly bent over and lowered my jeans until they bunched up around my ankles. I stood up in my superman bikini panties.

Taking a few additional breaths and pausing again, I continued, “Now, you know I love a good spanking, but I am not supposed to like a discipline spanking. I hate this type, but according to our agreement, a disciple spanking is always administered with maximum and complete intensity from the start.

“And what do you mean by maximum and complete intensity, Kim? he asked tilting his head.

“You need to begin the strokes as fast as possible and keep that intensity throughout the entire spanking.”

“The entire spanking is with real fast thrashes, ah?” he queried one last time.

“Mike, I put many lives in jeopardy. I almost hit a child, a child, Mike. I could’ve killed, Mike.”

I started crying into my hands releasing raw emotional guilt.

He was about to approach and console me with a hug, but I held out my hands and gestured him to stop.

After a minute or so, I stopped crying and regained my composure and exhaled a few times.

“Mike, I put a child’s life in danger! If you’re really going to severely punish my ass over this, then I deserve nothing less than a real discipline spanking, and it needs to be as intense as possible. Do you understand, Mike?” I asked with all sincerity.

“Yes ma’am; instant and complete intensity throughout the entire spanking. Got it – it shall be so.

Trying to stay in lecture mode, “That’s right. I’m a twenty-five year old, I’m a big girl and I just pulled down my big girl pants. That means I fully expect to get a sound and thorough big girl spanking. You don’t need to coddle me: I’m an adult, I have high pain tolerance, I don’t bruise easily, and I enjoy a pretty good spanking, but not spankings like this one.”

I put my hands on the inside of my panties and began rubbing my bottom and started biting my lips as my nervousness intensified.

“Continue, Kim, you’re doing good. I appreciate the seriousness you are showing.

I shook my head a few times and snapped myself out of it

“Yes, yes sir! Now, how far do you want me to push them down?”

“I need to see your beautiful bare bottom and legs, if I’m going to discipline you properly. I don’t want them to your ankles, so drop your panties all the way down to your knees but no further!”

I gently pulled my hands out of my panties and began pushing them down, I stopped just when I got the back part of them off my cheeks.

“Ohhh, Mike, that far down, really?”

I knew better but was just trying to get away with some time.

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