Wife Spanked by the Minister – True Story

Following the strapping administered by her husband for lying to their children’s Christian school, Nancy learns that her bare bottom has an appointment with the school’s Reverend Black.

This real-life account took place in rural Alabama during the early 1980s and begins with Mom’s Big Mistake: Mother and Daughter Spanked Together Naked – True Story

My husband strapped me for lying to our children’s Christian school about our daughter’s school absence and thought I needed further punishment by the school in order to mend my ways. It all started when my daughter Ann talked me into lying to the school, telling them she was ill when she was not. This school was run by our Baptist minister, Reverend Black, and his wife, Mrs. Black.

I had never gotten along with Mrs. Black. She was a large heavy-set woman with breasts that seemed too big even for her body. But it was her manner that infuriated me: She was so bossy and so haughty that it made me angry to be around her. The problem was my husband insisted I respect her, and I had a few dates with his strap in the family room when I didn’t obey him about this. So, I learned to bite my tongue when I needed to.

Double Punishment Rule: Reversed

Well, the day after I was punished along with my daughter in the family room for the school incident my husband had a talk with me. He reminded me of the rule whereby a paddling at school earns a strapping at home. I didn’t like the sound of this. He told me this should work both ways in the case of a mother who lies to the school for their daughter – I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

He said that on Saturday I had a date with Reverend Black to “discuss” my lying to the school. I started to cry but he wasn’t moved. He said that I had shown disrespect for the school which was disrespect for Reverend Black and his wife. He said he and Reverend Black had already discussed this over the phone during the day.

When we got to the church, we were invited into the church office by Mrs. Black. After a few minutes, the Reverend came in and apologized to my husband for making him wait. Then he turned to me and asked what did I have to say for myself. I said I was very sorry and that I would never lie again to the school, that I learned my lesson. He smiled and said, that, yes, he had heard I had a good lesson and he had seen that my daughter Ann had a very good lesson too when she was paddled by him at school the day after the bunking incident.

But he said that both he and my husband felt I needed to be punished a second time, as Ann had been. And, in fact, because I was supposed to be the responsible one, I needed a stronger lesson than Ann had received at school. I started to cry again but he told me that crying wouldn’t get me out of a good paddling. He asked if I understood, and I said yes sir.

Stripped Completely by Husband

He told my husband to get me ready and he would have Mrs. Black bring the paddle to the office. I didn’t ask him why the paddle wasn’t in the office where it is normally kept, I could guess.

As he called his wife on the phone, my husband had me stand and he unzipped my skirt and pulled it all the way down. But to my horror, he didn’t stop there. He unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, then he spun me around undid my bra and pulled it off. Then he pulled my panties to my ankles and took off my shoes And ordered me to step out of my skirt and panties. I was now stripped completely nude in front of Reverend Black.  I wrapped one arm around my breasts and with my other hand covered up my completely shaved pubic area.

Reverend Black seemed not the least bit surprised to have me standing there as naked as the day I was born, but my face was red from embarrassment. Reverend Black started to lecture me again, explaining which of God’s laws I had broken with my lie. I tried to concentrate but I was thinking of how bad the paddle would be and how embarrassed I was.

When Mrs. Black walked in with the dreaded paddle her face erupted in a big smile. She was obviously enjoying my situation. She handed the paddle to Reverend Black. He gave her a stern look and said to her “that will be all.” Her smile disappeared in an instant and she hurried out.

Reverend Black said that my husband had told him that normally my spankings start with a hand spanking over the knee. I just nodded yes, still trying to preserve what modesty I could. I saw my husband nod and then I was pulled over Reverend Black’s lap. The first blow was unbelievable, Reverend Black is a very strong person. But the smacks continued relentlessly and soon was screaming and crying at the same time begging him to stop. But it went on and on and the pain got worse and worse. My barroom bottom was on fire.

After a while, Reverend Black told me to open my legs so he could spank the inside of my thighs. I couldn’t bring myself to do it at first but then I heard my husband order me to obey.  When I did this, he began spanking my inner thighs and it hurt even worse than his spanking my behind. Then my husband grabbed both my ankles and forced my legs even further apart. The spanking continued for another few minutes, the Reverend could clearly see my completely shaved pubic area but I wasn’t worrying about that now.

Fire Dance

Finally, he stopped.  When he let me get up I danced around the room rubbing my aching flesh as I lost all thought of modesty. They let me do this for a while and then told me to get in the corner. This was the worst over-the-knee spanking I had ever got, worse even than from my dad when I was a teenager.

Then to my mortification, as I stood in the corner, I heard Reverend Black ask my husband about my lack of pubic hair. My husband explained that this served as an ever-present reminder of my submission to his authority. Reverend Black seemed to find this very interesting, I suspected that Mrs. Black would soon have a date with a razor blade.

After my Husband and Reverend Black finished talking, the Reverend came over to me and said I had to do an hour of corner time before my paddling. I numbly said yes sir. Then my husband said he had to run some errands and he would return in an hour. The Reverend then sat at his desk and began to do some paperwork.

After a half-hour or so I needed to pee really badly. I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t so I asked Reverend Black if I could go to the bathroom. He told me I was in corner-time and that would have to wait. I told him I couldn’t. After more pleading, he finally said okay and called his wife to come to the office.

Hello Mrs. Smith

She came in after a minute or so and he told her to take me into their house (it’s connected to the church office) and let me use the bathroom. She grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s go.”  I didn’t want to be marched into their house naked as they have teenagers and I didn’t know if they were home or not. So I pulled my arm back and said I need to get dressed first. She gave me a stern look then spun me around and gave me a powerful smack on my already quite sore behind. The Reverend didn’t even look up from his paperwork. She repeated let’s go. I didn’t want another smack like that so I let her lead me into the house.

When we got to the bathroom it was occupied. I had to go really bad, so this was not good news. After a minute the door opened and out stepped their college-age son, he smiled and said hi Mrs. Smith, nice seeing you, with the emphasis on the word “seeing.” I was mortified but I needed to pee too much to think about anything but relieving myself.

Mrs. Black let me pee but she didn’t let me be in the bathroom by myself and she didn’t even close the door. But at this point, I hardly cared. As I sat on the toilet peeing Mrs. Black stood over me smiling. She asked me if I felt so high and mighty now, I just shook my head no, tears flowing from my eyes. After I finished, she told me to wash my hands. When I was done she again grabbed my arm and gave me another powerful smack on my behind as we left the bathroom, saying, “Let’s go” impatiently. We had to walk right by their college-age son and I noticed him staring at my hairless pubic area and then my marked-up behind. He smiled but didn’t say anything, I was totally humiliated, my eyes filled with tears.

When we got back to the office my Husband had returned. They didn’t waste any time. The Reverend had me bend over his desk. He told me to stick my behind out farther and brace myself. I was told to count. He then gave me 25 with that paddle on my already very sore behind. I had trouble staying in position, but finally it was over. The reverend ordered me back into the corner but this time facing out, with my hands on my head.

A Prayer and Dinner: Sitting Black and Blue

Reverend Black then came over to me and asked if I had learned a good lesson today about honesty and obedience. I told him yes sir I had. I was very sincere. He said good and told me to turn around. I heard him and my husband discussing my thoroughly punished behind. It must have looked pretty bad. Then they discussed the benefits of totally shaved pubic hair and it was confirmed, Mrs. Black had a date with a razor blade.

After what seemed like forever, I was told my punishment was over. The Reverend called his wife to the office where we all held hands as the Reverend led us in prayer. After the prayer they let me get dressed again. We had dinner over at their house that night, though it was very embarrassing to be talking to the Reverend, his wife and college-age son as if nothing had happened. And it hurt really bad to sit down. When we got home my husband told me to take my bath before bedtime. I got to look in the mirror at my behind,  it was very black and blue. I definitely received a very good lesson. But I did smile a bit at the thought that Mrs. Black was in for a surprise too.

This real-life account took place in rural Alabama during the early 1980s and begins with Mom’s Big Mistake: Mother and Daughter Spanked Together Naked – True Story

How To Give A Spanking
  • I believe this is a good way to treat women in a family. When I married my wife, her mother came to live with us, she was widowed and only twelve years my senior. Early on in the relationship, I decided that she would be subject to my discipline — the same as her daughter. I was pleased that the first time I spanked my mother-in-law she did not put up too much of a fuss, and on every occasion thereafter submitted without complaint. Unlike my wife’s spankings, I only stripped her mother from the waist down and used my hand or my slipper for her thrashing, never anything else.

  • I loved this story, reminds me of the good old days. I grew up in the 60s and 70s when bad behavior was dealt with by a good sound spanking.

  • Great story and well told, Nancy. I liked that the wife did not dispute her husband’s or the pastor’s authority over her or their right to discipline her. Apparently, the pastor has disciplined quite a few of the church members, including his own wife. I hope Nancy continues with this theme.

  • I would’ve told my husband to fuck–all the way–off and left. And we’re in a domestic discipline relationship, and I’d still do that. Ain’t no way.

  • I think this is a very good way of dealing with a wife but I don’t think the teenage boy should have witnessed her nudity. I used to administer a spanking to my wife but never when the children were around. However, if friends were over I was happy to allow them to witness. In this case, I would lift my wife’s skirt when she was across my knees and lower her panties to her ankles, but not fully naked in front of our guests. If she was being punished for rudeness to one of them, she would go over that person’s knees afterwards for the same number of spanks. I believe in spanking to tears and then an extra twenty. The same would apply if we were guests at friends’ houses. The only time I think it is appropriate to make your wife go naked is at a pool party.

  • I think that the wife is very lucky to have both a strict husband and a strict minister to teach her behavioral lessons by spanking her naughty bare bottom very hard over their knees. This is excellent guidance because she will not be confused nor will she have to live with feelings of guilt. While she will have to suffer both a red hot bottom after being spanked and treated like a child, this is a small price to pay for her misconduct.

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