Spanked by the Park Ranger

A female park ranger spanks a young man for his irresponsible campsite care: “You are not too old to have your bottom blistered,” said Lisa.

It was 1993, my second year of college at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. I was on the cycling team and led many training sessions in Kisatchie National Forest. Every year the team had an annual Fat Tire Festival to bring the racing season to a close. The festival was always held in the national park along the river that ran through the forest. There was camping, riding, drinking, and all types of fun to fill up the three-day event. It was always a ton of excitement. I had no idea that this year would hold a surprise for me.

The first two days were awesome. We rode the 22 miles of trails and drank beer around the campfire until the sun came up. The night rides were some of the best that I had ever experienced. There were only about 26 of us, but it seemed like a lot more with all of the things that we go into. Blessed with great weather from Thursday through Saturday morning, the temperature never breaking 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We were all going to stay until Monday, but the weather was due for a significant turn.

On Saturday morning, Ranger Lisa Wilson drove into our campground. She graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Forestry and was only 27. She had long dark hair and green eyes. I saw her quite a bit during my training rides in the park. She was making her way from campsite to campsite and finally reached ours. Lisa was one of the rangers I knew fairly well. I also had a small crush on her.

“Good morning, Lisa,” I said with a smile.

“Well, hello, Michael. How has the riding been?”

“It has been great,” I replied.

We made small talk for a second and then she informed us that a storm was going to come in early and that sleet and rain were going to make it nasty. The park was going to close this evening by 5 p.m.

“Y’all need to get packed up and ensure that your campsites are clean before you go,” Lisa said. Everyone was bummed, but we had enjoyed ourselves and could always come back in a week or two.

I Would Blister Your Bottom

There were only three other occupied campsites in our area and they were all packed up by 1:30 p.m. My group was a little slower getting packed due to all of the partying that had gone on during our time there. By 4:00 p.m. we had loaded up everything and were heading out when Lisa circled back for the final inspection. She wanted to ensure that all of the trash was picked up and the fires were out. I, of course, elected to stay and help her out. The campsites furthest away were all in great shape, and then we walked down to ours. At first, it looked perfect, but as the inspection progressed down to the two park benches that were under the trees closest to the water, the view changed. There were beer bottles and cans strewn everywhere.

“Michael, what is this? Why are there beer bottles this close to the water? You know the rules: bottles are forbidden inside the park.” Her tone was authoritative, bordering on threatening.

I was being scolded like a child and I was embarrassed by the state of our campground. Hoping to stay behind and charm her, that chance was now gone.

“Lisa, I am totally embarrassed by this, I will pick it up everything right now.”

“You have thirty-five minutes before the park closes, so hurry up. I cannot believe after all the time that you have spent out here that you would fail to check on things yourself. I mean, seriously, if you were a child, I would blister your bottom.”

My ears perked up upon hearing that and followed by a tingling in my groin. Was she a spanko, or was I just allowing my mind to wander under the circumstances? I was intrigued, but did I dare push it? While I was pondering my reply, she walked back to her truck to get me a couple of trash bags. I started picking the garbage up while trying to muster up my courage. Upon her return, she looked directly at me with an angry stare. I swallowed hard.

“I am sorry, Lisa. I do not like having you angry with me. I wish I was that child so this could be done and over with.”

Spanking Promised

She just glared at me while I was picking up the trash. I could feel her eyes on me along with the chill of the dropping temperature. “Michael, how old are you,” she asked.

“I am 21, Lisa, why?”

“You are not too old to get your bottom blistered,” said Lisa.

I was not looking at her, but upon hearing that I turned to face her directly. She had a different look in her eye, one that I never remember seeing at any time prior. “Hurry up and collect the rest of that stuff up and then come down to campsite number one.

I increased my pace and had the remainder of the garbage picked up with ten minutes to spare before 5 o’clock. I threw the trash bags in the back of the truck with my mountain bike and then headed to the number one campsite, which was the closest to the gate and was covered by big pine and oak trees. I parked and made my way into the site; Lisa was sitting on the park bench waiting for me. “Well, are you finished cleaning up?” she asked.

“I sure am. I am really sorry about all of that. I should have checked on all of the sites before everyone left.”

“Yes, Michael, you should have checked on them and should have informed them that bottles are strictly prohibited in the park.”

All I could do was shuffle my feet and lower my head like a scolded little boy. I was really nervous. I was cornered, she continued: “I think that it is quite fair that you should be held responsible for the state things were left in. Michael, come over here, now.”

Lisa slid off of the tabletop to the bench seat and pointed to her right side. I hesitantly walked over to her, my stomach in knots. “Now Michael, you said that you wished you could be that little kid so that you could put this behind us. Well, be careful what you wish for. I am going to blister your bottom right here and now”.

I do not know why that scared me, but it did. She was strong and physically fit, with the seasoned hands of an outdoors worker. Lisa was angry and determined to teach me a lesson that I would not soon forget.

“You will reply with yes, ma’am, or no, ma’am, when I speak to you, is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I stammered.

“Good, now take off that jacket and lay across my lap.” She tapped her green slacks directing me where to go. I shed my jacket and placed it on the table. I hesitated a bit, she grabbed my left wrist and easily pulled me over her knees. “Do not resist me, young man, or there will be consequences.”

I heard a truck driving down the road and my heart jumped into my throat. I just knew that they were going to turn into the park, but they kept on going. I could only touch my tiptoes due to how far forward she had placed me over her lap.

“Now, mister, let’s see how you like being that naughty little boy.” With that, she started spanking my jean-clad bottom with her open palm. All of a sudden it did not seem so cold outside as her hand warmed up my backside and the tops of my thighs. It did not hurt too badly at first and I could feel my erection growing as it rubbed on her thigh. She delivered about one-hundred strikes with her work-tough hands and then told me to stand up. “Michael, take those pants down, now.”

I froze. Did she really intend to spank me over my underwear, right here? I never really gave it any thought before, but now that I knew what was going to happen. I remained frozen. I guess I took too much time because she slapped my hands out of the way and then started to unbuckle my belt.

“Your hesitation has just earned you additional punishment, Michael.” As she pulled my jeans to my ankles she looked straight at my erection and patted it. “I think that we will be getting rid of that soon,” she promised. I was told to get back over her lap. Once again, she adjusted me with my ass high in the air. I could feel the cool breeze on my legs and then the first slam of her palm landed on my upper thigh. My legs shot out and I instinctively reached back to block the blows with my right hand. She securely pinned my arm to my upper back and then continued to tan my hide.

I was starting to squirm a little now as the stinging intensified. The wind was starting to blow and carried the sound of her hand striking my underwear-clad bottom echoing through the trees. Anybody within a hundred yards would know that a serious spanking was being administered. My erection intensified and was now throbbing. All of a sudden she landed a blow on my upper thigh targeting my sit spot. “Ow,” I yelped.

“I see that you are starting to feel it, Michael. Raise your hips.” I wasted no time doing what I was told, even though I knew what was about to happen. I felt her warm fingers hook inside the waistband of my boxer briefs, and then she slid all the way down to meet my pants around my ankles.

She caressed my bottom for a minute. My penis was now exposed to her pants and I could feel a wet spot on her leg and my stomach. I was soon brought back to reality as her punishing hand stung my naked flesh. Spank after spank landed on my butt and I could no longer contain my pain. It hurt so badly, but it felt so good. I was conflicted.

“You have to learn responsibility, Michael. You should understand what is expected of an adult.” I had tears in my eyes and jerked at every slap now. I was kicking so hard that she wrapped her leg over the back of mine. Any relief from kicking was now gone. She must have given me a hundred and fifty licks on my burning butt before she stopped. My eyes were watering now and my ass was on fire.

“Stand up Michael and take those pants and underwear off. You know that you earned additional punishment, so let’s get on with it.”

“Please, Lisa, I have learned my lesson. I will not let this happen again, I promise.” I do not know if I was serious, or if I was playing the game. It hurt really badly, but I wanted to continue.

An Old-Fashioned Strapping

“Wrong answer, Michael. The only acceptable response to my order was, yes ma’am. Your punishment has increased. You know that you have acted irresponsibly and that you deserve more, so stand up and get those pants and underwear off, now.”

I stood up and my hard-on raged right in front of her face. She stared directly at it and then noticed that I had left pre-come on her pants. “That has just earned you even more punishment, young man. You are now in for one thorough old-fashioned strapping. Your belt will do nicely.”

Now I was really scared. My belt was thick, wide, and with the stiffness of newly purchased leather. Worse yet, this woman really knew how to administer discipline. Clearly, this was not her first rodeo. And she enjoyed the ride.

I took my jeans and underwear off and stood naked from the waist down with the cold wind momentarily soothing my aching flesh. “I want you to bend over the end of this table and grab the edges.” I did as I was told as she reached down and slipped my leather belt from my jeans. “Push your bottom out and spread your legs.” I knew my balls were within full sight now, she startled me by squeezing them, firmly. Her hand was warm from spanking my ass, so it felt great.

“Michael, I think that you are actually enjoying this, aren’t you?” I hesitated and then admitted that, indeed, I was. “Well, let us see how much you enjoy a proper belting, young man.” Swish! Crack! Hard-swung leather landed on my upper thighs. It stung so badly that I almost fainted. Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Over and over she vigorously lashed my upturned ass and thighs. “Please stop,” I begged, but the belt kept coming. Unmercifully and unrelentingly, she laid into my tormented bottom until I was sobbing uncontrollably like a well-spanked little boy. The thrashing did not stop until she was completely satisfied that I had been properly punished. True to her word, the promised old-fashioned strapping had been delivered in full.

Surprise Ending

Lisa allowed me to compose myself and then turned me around to face her. She stepped up against me and grabbed my hard-on with her left hand. She pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply while stroking my shaft. She dropped the belt and grabbed my blistered bottom, hard.

“Michael, be at my house at 7 p.m., showered and shaved.” As she walked away, leaving me to recover, she told me that I should have asked her out already and that she always knew I was a deviant. I remember getting dressed as quickly as I could and then racing home to clean up.

This had turned out to be a great day in Kisatchie National Forest, despite the weather. Rain began to fall. I looked up and thought, clouds do, indeed, have a silver lining.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
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