Share Your Spanking Story or Discipline Article

Spanking Stories: Your stories of spankings received, administered, witnessed, assisted or overheard are all welcome and may include:

  • Real-life or fiction
  • Childhood memories
  • Current experiences
  • Female Led Relationship (FLR)
  • Taken In Hand (Male Led Relationship)
  • Restraints and bondage
  • Wedding spankings: Before and after
  • Chastity devices
  • Sexuality
  • Forced feminization
  • Post-orgasm spanking
  • Anything else spanking related

Discipline Articles: 
Your discipline articles are also welcome and include:

  • Domestic discipline agreements or contracts
  • Spanking games
  • Discipline Implements: How to select, make and use together with health and safety considerations
  • Methods and techniques
  • The art and elements of delivering a good old fashioned spanking

Please do not be concerned about your writing skills nor even English language proficiency. Your story or article are most welcome.

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