A Thanksgiving Spanking

This story is frightfully close to the real-life household of Sean and Miss J. in their female led relationship. Sean will no doubt be giving thanks that this is a work of fiction – for the time being.

Discover how Miss J. administers real-life discipline to husband Sean in these stories:

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

A Spanking In The Making

Our quiet country home was anything but quiet on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always brought our family and close friends together but this year there was one exception. Our immediate families decided to go on a trip and take our children with them. It wouldn’t be the same without family but we couldn’t allow our kids to miss a trip of a lifetime that we simply could not afford.  We decided to invite three couples – close friends who had no family nearby – to come over and warm our empty home with Thanksgiving cheer. Traditionally the women would cook and the men would find something to do far from the kitchen. My wife was already upset about having to clean the house before company arrived. Unwisely I showed little effort to help as normally the kids do the inside chores. Despite her numerous requests to help, I think I was tactically hoping company would arrive as an excuse to avoid cleaning.

My wife has always been the strict parent and spouse who sets the rules and chores weekly. She duly ensures there are consequences and administers punishment for failing to do what she reasonably expects. Our chore lists are always posted on the fridge and by Sunday each week the lists are to be completed – there is zero tolerance for excuses. I am given a larger list to show the kids they are not to complain about the minimal chores they have. Complaining will only add to their weekly expectations. Unfortunately, with the kids gone I was to make sure all their chores were done as well.

Today was Thanksgiving Monday and seeing the kitchen was filling with our guests and food, I avoided looking to see what was left to do on my chore list from last week. The authority structure of our female led relationship and home had been kept private between the walls of our house. The kids grew up knowing Mom was in charge and this seemed perfectly normal to them. My wife’s authority was never questioned. When the kids wanted something, they needed her approval and I was no exception to the rule.

Wifely Authority on Display

Shortly after the arrival of the guests, I was summoned into the kitchen. Somewhat annoyed I entered noticing my wife and three other women preparing some last-minute dishes for the turkey dinner. No one paid any attention to my arrival, including my wife. I wasn’t sure why she called me in the first place. Now more annoyed, I grabbed a few beers and began leaving the kitchen when my wife boldly told me, “GET BACK IN HERE.” Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I wasn’t sure if I should protest and attempt to protect my ego, but I just looked down, feeling like a ten-year-old child. My wife was not the type to embarrass me in front of others and I was thankful all the men were in another room. She continued cutting vegetables as I could feel the eyes of everyone else still staring at me. She continued, “SINCE WHEN DO YOU GET TO DRINK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?” I laughed and tried to play it off as a joke, trying not to show I needed her permission to drink. “ANSWER ME, SEAN,” she said, “NOW.” Sheepishly I apologized and asked if I could get all the men a beer. “YOU CAN GET A BEER FOR THE MEN BUT YOU ARE NOT DRINKING TODAY, IS THAT CLEAR?” Everyone was now looking back and forth between my wife and I transfixed by the sudden emergence of the unexpected power dynamics. Now feeling like a naughty little child, I said, I understood. “PARDON ME?” she loudly questioned. She was clearly looking for me to respond to her question with deference. ”Yes Ma’am,” I proclaimed.  “THAT’S BETTER, MISTER, NOW PUT YOUR BEER BACK AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE FRIDGE.” I immediately noticed my list which had three remaining chores that were yet to be done. “IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO NOT DO YOUR CHORES YOUNG MAN? NOW GO, GIVE A BEER TO EACH OF THE GUYS AND TELL THEM YOUR WIFE IS MAKING YOU DO YOUR CHORES.”


I left the room feeling smaller than ever before, not only completely embarrassed but utterly humiliated. I would have loved to hide only to return after our guests left. Knowing full well that wasn’t an option, I did as I was told.

Nauseated, I accomplished my outside farm chores, much slower than normal. If I had any pride, it was long gone and I felt literally afraid to return to my own house. I couldn’t help but imagine the ladies talking among themselves. Were they as uncomfortable as I was or were they delighted by the compelling display of female authority? Would they tell their husbands what happened? I knew my wife was not the type to disclose intimate details but would she mention the way I am typically punished for disobeying her? Before this, she had never scolded or lectured me in front of anyone but the children. She has threatened to but never acted on it.

Ominous Hairbrush

All these thoughts were horrifying me and then the afternoon dinner bell rang. I knew to not waste any more time outside as she would be more upset if I made guests wait and allowed the food to get cold. Walking in the door, I was met by everyone sitting around the table. All eyes were on me when my wife calmly told me to go wash up. It was a relief to be able to leave the dining area and go to the sink in our guest bathroom. Entering the bathroom, my stomach dropped. Her large, wooden oval hairbrush was sitting on the counter. This was the foreboding signature of imminent punishment in our home. The kids and I always knew that someone would soon be getting a real dose of bare bottom discipline.  If the hairbrush was brought out, it was brought out for one and only one specific purpose. I was not going to be comfortable sitting for quite some time. Corporal punishment was the worst type of punishment for the kids and me. It was always known that tears would be flowing if a spanking was due. There were no exceptions –  not even for me.

Returning to the dining room, my mind raced wondering who had seen the brush. Would someone question it? It was seemingly out of place in our very tidy guest bathroom. Maybe they wouldn’t think anything of it? What if she already told everyone about its use in our home?

I had no appetite but knew she cooked this meal most of the day and I didn’t need to upset her anymore by not attempting to enjoy the fruits of her hard work. Everyone seemed to be dishing out food and not paying too much attention to me. I began to take small portions and my wife gingerly asked, “Are you not feeling too hungry? You should have worked up quite an appetite considering all the chores you were doing!!! Did you get them all done?” I answered her quickly and apologized that I had forgotten to do them ahead of company arriving. She then quickly replied, “Don’t apologize to me, you know better, but you best apologize to everyone at this table for not being able to spend the afternoon with them.” Now my mind was racing even harder. I mustered the courage to apologize to everyone and then our afternoon meal went smoothly.

I was trying to comprehend what she meant when she told me “to apologize to everyone at this table for not being able to spend the afternoon with them” as it was only about 2:30 pm and the afternoon was only beginning. Would I not get the rest of the afternoon with all our guests?

I began cleaning the kitchen, knowing full well I would be expected to. My wife angrily whispered that I am to clean up the entire kitchen while she now visited with everyone. I was almost happy to be in the kitchen alone. I was still so shocked this happened and how quickly it all transpired. At about 3:30 pm I entered the living room. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves but me. I was then asked to mix drinks for everyone and I knew I was excluded from making one for myself. I wish I could have had a whole bottle by now.


Returning with the drinks, I handed everyone their cocktails and noticed I was slightly shaking, I was intensely nervous in my own home.  I attempted to sit down when my wife loudly and blatantly told our guests I would not be sitting with them for the rest of today’s visit. I couldn’t even comprehend my feelings at this point. I was standing there being stared at by three other couples and I couldn’t even defend myself. Back talking would only get my mouth washed out with soap and at this point, I was fearful she might ask them all to watch. I stood there not knowing what to do and then it hit: She then told me to go to our bedroom and wait for her. I left the room, thinking I can never face these people again. Our room was next to the living room and at least today, the walls seemed to be paper thin.

I could hear my wife apologizing that she had to make things awkward for everyone. She continued to tell them that she has never been comfortable being so stern in a public setting and she continued to explain that it hopefully would not be necessary again. She hoped it would not affect all our friendships. I never heard much from any of the men but the women all seemed to have a piqued interest in learning more. My wife’s best friend then asked the dreaded question I was afraid of, “So what’s going to happen to him now?” she inquired.

My wife laughed and replied, “You wouldn’t want to know!” I was hoping it would end at that but of course nothing was going my way. I could hear her ask again, “Please enlighten me to the next steps you take with him!” she probed. My wife replied with composed measure, “It’s a controversial topic, many people won’t want to know.” Everyone was silent. But even I could tell, everyone wanted to know without saying it. I was so relieved when she asked the men to go outside while she explained what typically happens next. I’m not sure if the guys wanted to learn what she had to say next but I am certain none of them were comfortable questioning her.

I could hear the men close the front door. Next, my wife explained that we have a consensual arrangement in our home. You could’ve heard a needle drop and then footsteps coming towards the bedroom door. I ran to the corner, knowing being sent to my room for any disobedience requires my nose to be tight in the corner, hands at my sides, reflecting on my mistakes.  Of course, being so focused on what was about to happen, I knocked over a glass of water onto the floor. My wife entered the room at the same time and knew without a doubt I wasn’t in the corner the whole time. I positioned myself as quickly as possible in the corner but it was not fooling her. She quickly grabbed my ear, turned me around and began lecturing me about how her rules are rules for a reason and they will not be ignored. Next thing I knew I felt a hard slap on my cheek. I almost buckled knowing the other three women could hear everything.

Next came a swat on my jeans and a quick statement, “LIVING ROOM, NOW!!” I began walking slowly to the living room. The three women were sharing a couch now. My wife wasn’t following me and I wasn’t sure what to do. I stopped myself in the middle of the room. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at these three women I have known for years. They were all likely staring at the handprint on my left cheek. Possibly just as baffled as I was. Then I heard the bathroom door open. I cringed. Sure, enough, my wife had her trusty hairbrush in hand. She stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a chair. I started to panic, a tight feeling in my chest erupted, I felt like vomiting with my heart racing beyond healthy limits. She put the chair down in the centre of the room. She then passed around her hairbrush. It must have been clear as day what happens when I upset my wife. She retrieved the hairbrush once again and sat down on the kitchen chair.

Sternly she looks at me but calmly states, “Why don’t you carefully explain what happens next?”

Admitting I Get Spanked

I wasn’t sure I could even speak, but I managed to get out the words. “I get spanked by my wife whenever I have upset her.” My wife continued, “Please provide details so that they may a  understand completely!!”

I knew if I didn’t comply it wasn’t going to get any easier. I explained I get spanked hard with her hairbrush or cane or any other implement she chooses. That I am always spanked bare bottom and I am not allowed to move out of position or the spanking repeats itself. If I cry, it falls on deaf ears and she will only stop when she feels I have been properly punished and have sufficiently learned. Then I am put bare bottom in the corner until she sees fit. If I backtalk or beg, she will use soap in my mouth like a child and continue the spanking.

“Good boy,” my wife replied and then told me, “Politely ask if anyone would like to see how she puts her naughty husband’s bad habits to rest!”

I knew she brought the chair in for this very purpose. She wanted to have me naked and over her knee for everyone to see but I think we both weren’t sure how they would react to such a proposition.

Then like almost pre-planned, all three women chorused, “OF COURSE WE WANT TO SEE!”

I almost choked, as my wife slapped the hairbrush on her hand with a slight grin on her face. She then points and immediately tells me, “IN THE CORNER!”  I hurry over to the corner as my wife continues, “Now ladies please understand my husband has agreed to submit and even agreed to accept whatever form of punishment I decide. Unfortunately for him, his chores weren’t done on time, he attempted to drink without permission and he wasn’t in the corner when I sent him to our room. Those are three very disobedient actions and warrant three very real and separate sessions over my knee. I do not and will not tolerate ANY misbehaviour. This way he is spanked for every infraction and it’s not debatable. What I say, goes. Period! Also, these three spankings are going to be very hard for him because he has done these things before and re-occurring offences are met with much more strict sessions that include my cane. He will not know how long each spanking will take. Punishment spankings, like the three he has earned today, are not for the faint of heart. There will be absolutely no warm-up for him. Meaning I spank very hard, very fast, and very long. If this is too much for any of you, please go outside with the men. If not, we will begin the first of his three spankings. Anyone want to leave the room?”


No one budged. I was still fully dressed when I was summoned to get to the middle of the room. “Pants off now and do it quick,” she ordered. I was facing the opposite way from the couch when I was told to get my pants off. I was now shaking, frightened at the fact that all three women were going to see my bare ass shortly. My wife could tell I wanted to keep them from seeing anything more. Needless to say, she also knows humiliation is almost as important as the spanking itself. “Now turn around and look at everyone,” came the order. Still in my tight-fitting boxers, I turned around with a slight erection trying to push through. “How dare you feel for a second that this is somehow going to even slightly pleasurable for you.” She then grabbed the waistband and slid my boxers down and then off. I tried to cover my penis, which was immediately met with a sharp slap on my bare ass. “Don’t you dare to try cover anything up, is that clear?” I didn’t even have time to answer before she continued, “Now ladies, his erection will be gone moments after I start spanking him, this will be far from enjoyable for any part of his anatomy. Shirt off now,” she demanded.

I was now completely naked in front of three women who appeared excited and anxious to see this happen. “Get over my knee now, Sean!!” I knew better than to stall and wanted to hide my privates as quickly as possible. Once positioned over her knee, I knew I wasn’t getting up anytime soon.

Hard Hairbrush Wood

She rubbed my ass with the cold wood of the brush while telling all of them, “This will appear very harsh but a man can and will take a severe spanking without causing lasting harm.” With that, she began: “WHACK WHACK WHACK,” the first three exploded in succession without any time to recover in between. My erection was gone and only I and she knew it. “WHACK ,”I immediately gasped. For at least five minutes straight the hairbrush licks continued with stinging force, there were no pauses, just a constant rhythmic “WHACK, SMACK, WHACK,” on my bare ass. At approximately the five-minute mark I was wiggling and writhing around more than she would tolerate. She paused briefly to wrap one leg around both of mine holding me very tightly over her knee.  Then it continued, OVER and OVER the brush burned into every inch of my ass and upper thighs. I was begging and pleading for it to stop but nothing I said made any difference to her unrelenting punishing on my aching bottom. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take but I also knew there was no chance she was going to stop anytime soon with three witnesses. I continued to beg and plead for a break but her brush rained down spank after spank until I was almost in tears. This is when she momentarily stopped. “Ladies it’s been over 15 minutes straight. As you can see he will do or say anything to have his session end. The problem with stopping at this point is he would be in control. Though his ass is almost black and blue, He can and will take as much as I decide, not him. Never go easy or they won’t learn. He hasn’t had any form of erection since the third smack. Does anyone feel I should stop now?” The room was silent. I was just praying the guys weren’t hearing or seeing any of this. I could just see the carpet and three pairs of legs. Before I knew it, the hairbrush landed again, over and over and over and over she was spanking me without any indication that she was going to stop soon.


I began to beg and plead again and again. Apologizing profusely over and over until I couldn’t contain my tears from falling anymore. Words became sobs as the wicked hairbrush continued to lay into my already severely punished bottom.

Finally, my desperate ordeal ended. I was told, “GET UP.” As I stood up I noticed all three ladies were now looking at my penis, now much smaller than before. I felt so ashamed but didn’t dare try to cover myself. “GET IN THE CORNER NOW AND DON’T MOVE OR RUB YOUR ASS OR ILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER DOSE WITH ALL THE MEN WATCHING!” I cautiously walked over to the corner as the women began discussing what they had just seen. I heard my wife ring the dinner bell and explain to all three men that I was just thoroughly punished and on display for them to see if they wish. I’m not sure if they knew I was spanked at first but when they came into the living room it was frightfully evident what I had just received. My wife jokingly asked, “Has anyone else been disobedient to their wives?”  You could almost hear the men gulp as they looked at their wives on the couch. She then said, “I think you all should be very careful now that I’ve shown your wives what I do to Sean. All he has to do is behave and he wouldn’t be in this mess”.

All three ladies nodded in agreement that this might be a good way to fix their own husband’s bad behaviours.

Discover how Miss J. administers real-life discipline to husband Sean in these stories:

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

How To Give A Spanking
  • I find the last sentence in the story very impressive: “The other women nod in agreement that spanking might be good way to deal with their own husband’s bad behavior.” I think women often learn from other women how to discipline their partner. My girlfriend and I once met a couple where the wife has been disciplining her husband with very severe spankings for years. She advised my girlfriend to be stricter with me, she said men respect a woman who treats them strictly. I have to agree with her. When my girlfriend makes my bottom sting so much that I can’t sit down, I definitely respect her!

  • I think everyone’s dynamics are different. My girlfriend knows she is helping by caning me and taking charge. She wants to push me to do what I think is right and doesn’t decide for me except in intimate matters. There is a certain friendly light heartedness when she has me spanked by two of her close friends. However, I know there are others who do it with seriousness, there are guys who get whipped for real offenses.

  • Great story. I love a strict, disciplinarian woman. (Not the punishment so much, but the humiliation of being treated like a child). I had a strict girlfriend who disciplined me in front of her girl friends as you said in another story. Are the stories real? What state are you in? I don’t want to visit (or maybe I NEED a visit over Miss J.’s knee). Thank you for the story.


    Gary Lawson

  • I wish more people would realize that a smart man, under the control of a competent woman, will usually reach heights he never thought possible. I was fortunate when I got the opportunity to correct Terry early on in our relationship. Our lifestyle was made clearly known to others when an incident occured during a family holiday. What I find interesting is, after all these years, he is still extremely embarassed having to do corner time when others are present.

      • I manage my home because I am better equipped to do so. Terry is aware of that fact, and agrees it is correct most of the time. If you were here you would agree soon also.

        • I love your stories, Rose, and so wish I had a wife or girlfriend like you. I think in my 60’s I am about your age. I wonder if I can ask your general location? Have you ever spanked another man who needed it? I find spanking erotic and a turn on and maybe your husband has also but you have certainly taken away the fun element. I have always craved this and Terry probably liked it..at first…. Spanking is amazing, exotic and erotic, humiliating, painful and so much more. I would love to be friends on Yahoo IM or Skype if you use either. On skype I am johnsk491 and on yahoo IM, I am johnsk49. I am truly your biggest fan and would love to be friends.

  • Sean is successful and more often than not, a good husband. But I know he needs to learn the hard way. I have realized that anything short of this doesn’t benefit him or our relationship. Thank you Rose for your stories on this site. They have inspired me to be much less lienant and expect higher standards from our men!

  • I can sense that her husband is similar to my Terry and needs firm guidance, she should be congratulated. I would also guess the world sees him as a successful and reliable man as they should. Having others witness a punishment, or the after affects of one, is a good deterrent and should be understood as such. The corner position is excellent for such a display.

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