My Husband’s Big Mistake – True Story

How would you deal with your husband or boyfriend who engaged in forbidden communication with a woman who had previously caused tension your relationship?  Well, Miss J. did not suffer in silence, nor engage in toxic passive-aggressive behaviour and most certainly would not allow the deep hurt to damage her marriage. Taking swift corrective action in this female led relationship she administered a richly deserved and appropriately intense session of old-fashioned discipline to her disobedient husband. And, a four-post bed helped ensure that the message got through.

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

Most of the time I will send an email or text message to communicate to my husband Sean that I am ready to deal with some behaviour I do not approve of. I commonly give him a heads-up so he can mentally prepare for what is going to happen. Most of the time he will admit some naughty behaviour he has committed before I end up finding out on my own. When this occurs I assure him that he will be punished immediately but slightly less severely than if I had discovered misconduct that he failed to confess in a timely manner.

Unfortunately for Sean I was in no way going to prepare him what would happen to him tonight. While we take our domestic discipline agreement seriously, my kindness and compassion have let him off easy many times. Not tonight, though. Not even close. As Sean went to shower I checked the history on his cell phone and noticed two text messages from a woman whom he is not supposed to be communicating with in any manner. Sean knows full well that this woman has caused tension in our relationship numerous times and there is no reason he should be texting any woman – especially this one. I trust Sean but periodically check on him to make sure he isn’t misbehaving. I have never been so upset and couldn’t believe he would leave those text messages on his phone.

By agreement, we have many specific guidelines that he must follow daily with failure resulting in punishment immediately or as soon as possible. He has clear rules to abide by and any disobedience is soundly addressed with old fashioned domestic discipline. We have different degrees of correction depending on the severity of the offence.  Today’s violation is so fundamentally unacceptable and completely inexcusable that a severe spanking is merited: unyieldingly strict, painfully long and deservedly hard.

Before Sean got out of the shower I placed our entire collection of disciplinary implements on the bed including tie straps. As he opened the bathroom door I was positioned there with a very serious look that foretold that he was in deep trouble not to mention my body language that reinforced the unmistakable message –  he really messed up. I don’t look at Sean like this often but when I do he knows the consequence is going to be extremely painful.

“What did I do, hun?” he asked. In response, I threw the phone at him and demanded that he read those texts. Immediately he knew that I had caught him and it was going to be a long night for both of us. “But sweetie, she texted me first and I responded just to be nice,” came the lame defence. “I don’t care why you did it or what your intentions were. We have clear rules don’t we, Sean? Don’t we?”

“Yes ma’am,” replied my contrite husband.  Sean knows that anytime he is in trouble that he had better address me as “ma’ am” and failing to do so earns a longer spanking.

“I have never been this angry at you, Sean. Never. I don’t know what to do. We made these rules together and you directly disobeyed them. I have spanked you many times in the past but evidently that has not worked is this case. Well, if they don’t start to work then our relationship isn’t going to be a very trustworthy one is it?”

“No ma’am,” Sean replied.

I began by ordering my husband to get into the corner while I prepared all the implements I intended on using. Given the magnitude of this offence, his bare bottom was going to suffer every disciplinary tool in our collection delivered by my farmwork-strong arm. I then told him that the time has come to order a cane.

“Please no, I’ll be good, I promise. No cane, please.” Sean knows the disciplinary rules well: my orders must be followed immediately, completely and with a properly deferential attitude. He knows that begging, pleading or even a remote attempt at negotiation are absolutely forbidden as I announce that his bottom has just earned ten additional licks with the paddle. There will be more to come.

I then sat on the edge of the bed and commanded, “Get over my knee, now!” I began laying into his bare bottom with my farm-tough hand over and over for at least five solid minutes without stopping nor slowing down. Sean’s attempts to squirm free were countered with my warning that one more non-compliant move would see him firmly and securely tied down and matters would become much worse than they already were.

His bottom grew completely red in the first few minutes and he knew well that it would be welted by the end of this punishment. Next, I ordered him to stand up and bend over the edge of the bed as I  reached for the wooden paddle so he could see what was coming. For greater strictness, he was told not to move, squirm nor beg me to stop. I then administered 20 hard smacks on each cheek with the wood-fire paddle and made sure he thanked me each and every time it stung his ass. After that, I sent him to the corner and made sure he understood not to touch anywhere near his burning butt.

The interrogation continued as I demanded that he tell me what he did wrong and what he is going to do to change his behaviour.

The hated diaper position was next as I reserved this for situations where I am extremely upset – and this was certainly one of those times. I held his legs in the air while unrelentingly punishing his already tormented flesh with the smaller wooden paddle – the smaller the paddle the sharper the pain. Thirty more strokes then lit into his deserving bottom in that position. Once done I made him lie face down on the bed. I was not finished. The belt was next.

Standing beside the bed  I immediately followed through with a leathering of his rear end. Sean knows if he moved even once then I would tie him up tightly and securely to all four posts of our bed. Sure enough, he ended up squirming and so was immediately tied down. By this time his bottom was barely able to take any more – but I assured him there is much more to come. He begged me to stop which only served to increase his remaining punishment.

After welts were fittingly evident he was untied and escorted into the corner with strict orders not to move nor touch his aching butt. I will usually leave him there for at least 15 minutes so he can think about what he did. Then he is back over my knee for the last portion of his spanking. This can be short or long depending on how he behaved during the earlier punishment. Usually, he has earned many more licks for squirming and begging throughout and this is when I deliver those accumulated extras. For this specific session, I delivered 50 more of my hardest paddle strokes bringing Sean to the verge of tears. Our discussion then continued as I reinforced the law going forward.

I then assured him that misconduct of this nature will absolutely not be tolerated in our marriage and any disobedience will come at a very high cost to his bottom. Sean is further advised that the price of disobedience is going to increase with the arrival of the cane – one that that he his going to order according to my specifications.

Unfortunately for Sean when he is this naughty he will also be spanked the next day as a reminder but only half as severe as the spanking just received. And no matter how severe a spanking, there is no following period of immunity or grace. Any bad behaviour will not be tolerated and will assuredly result in numerous consecutive punishments if required. This particular session saw Sean sitting in pain for a couple days and marks for over a week.

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • I truly wish my wife would discipline me at times with some regular reminder spankings. Although she will give a spanking once in a while, it is usually mild and erotic. She says she does not want to hurt me but I always feel better when I do get a harder spanking.

    • I think women are often afraid of hurting their husband or boyfriend, this is understandable. My girlfriend was at first reluctant to use a paddle on me. When she paddles me soundly, it stings intensely and I really know that I have been spanked! I find sitting down very uncomfortable for hours afterwards and I sometimes have bruises on my bottom the next day. However I never have any lasting injury, and I find the experience of being spanked by her very good for our relationship. When she spanks me as a punishment, it is much better than having an argument, and it is always a very intimate act. To be SPANKED! On my BOTTOM!

  • My wife (6’ 2” and 190 pounds) and mother-in-law (6’ 3” and 225 pounds) possess the exceptional strength that comes from working on a farm. Spankings from their work-hardened hands are the equal of a paddle by other women. At 5’ 10” and 165 pounds, they have no trouble thoroughly punishing my 64-year-old bottom while forcibly naked over their knees.

    On one occasion, my mother-in-law stripped me completely, put me over her shoulder and marched me out to the barn. She began with an over-the-knee hand spanking followed by placement over a saddle for a real barn burner of a strapping with her taws before marching me back to the house. When just the two of us are home, she keeps me completely nude all day to observe her handiwork.

    On two different occasions, a female neighbor stopped by the barn inviting her to go shopping only to witness my humiliation. While in the diaper position over a bale of hay, she had her friend get some liniment and do a reach around to milk me while being spanked. Both ladies laughed when I lost control. My mother-in-law said, “I have my way with him whenever I want because he does not have the strength to stop me, especially after he cums.” Her friend responded with, “Send him over, anytime.”

    • You are right about farm work developing physical strength. I found this the first time my girlfriend paddled me. She used to work on a farm and has strong arm muscles. She only gave me about 12 smacks, but she brought the paddle down on my bottom with great force. It stung intensely and I couldn’t sit down for the rest of the evening.

  • I found that after my lady disciplinarian made me order the cane, things became significantly more serious. And she made me buy her several more canes. Some of them were broken on my rear end. It also seemed to change her thinking. Before she was satisfied when my skin was red hot and I evidently really feeling her paddling. But since she acquired the canes, she does not feel a session is over without broken skin and blood drawn. It really has made me acutely aware of her control and my true submission.

    • Broken skin is what we need sometimes to improve our behaviour and obedience. Though its negative side is that such bare bottom flesh is not as punishable as before until it has had some days to recover.

      • Not really anymore. I do have three (adult) daughters that know what a hairbrush is for and can still be attended to if necessary, but that is quite rare.

          • Hi, My ex-wife disciplined me with hard spankings for misbehaviour. While spankings would begin in a variety of positions, they always ended with me tied four corners face-down on the bed as she really laid into my bare bottom. I was very sorry for a long time afterwards.

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