Wife Severely Spanks Husband and His Friend For Extreme Disrespect – True Story

Sean did not foresee the consequences of being caught when he feigned sickness while his sweet and supportive wife cared for him: She completed his farm chores, made dinner for all including a houseguest and cleaned up afterwards.

With alcohol-fueled confidence, Sean bragged privately to his friend John about this domestic coup made possible by the foolishness of women in general – or so he thought.

Deeply hurt by what she discovered, the anger and pain were made frightfully clear as Sean’s strict disciplinarian wife vowed that justice would be served in this female led marriage: “You will be begging me to stop and because I had to listen to your rude and hurtful comments all night, John is going to hear your deserving hide being severely punished until you’re a sobbing mess.”

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

Feigning Sickness to Avoid Farm Chores

Our country home was rarely quiet with the business of kids, chores, yard work and housework. Days were often exhausting.

Thankfully it was Friday, the kids were at school and my wife was accomplishing some errands and shopping. I was actually enjoying the slower pace around the farm and happy to do things at my own speed for once. I knew my chores had to be done and I had a “honey-do” list to accomplish but the day was starting off so relaxing and it is was hard to get motivated.

After finishing a pot of coffee and surfing the web for hours I decided I should get busy and actually accomplish something before my wife came back home for the day. Fortunately, the kids were having a sleepover so it was really going to be a quiet around the farm.

I couldn’t believe how fast the time went. It was now early afternoon and I was way behind on my chores. I picked a couple of the quickest ones for easy wins but soon realized there was no way to get through the entire list before my strict but lovely wife would get home. She doesn’t often leave me a “honey-do” list but she knew I had all day to get things done and she would not be happy if they weren’t complete. I tried to think of a good excuse to avoid her finding out the truth.

I decided to tell her I was just feeling unwell: Confidently I stopped all work and went inside to have a couple beers and a nap before she got home. The next thing I remember is being woken at 3:00 p.m. by my wife asking why I was sleeping. I rolled over and told her I had been sick all day while trying to act as if I was still not feeling great. She was buying into my story and even offered to make me something to eat so I might feel better. She brought me a bowl of soup and told me to relax. I felt guilty for lying to her but it was better than being in serious trouble if she knew I was just being a lazy husband all day.

She then reminded me that a friend of mine, John, from out of town was coming over for supper tonight and he was planning on staying until morning. She asked if she should cancel our plans with him since I was under the weather. I told her I was actually feeling much better and we should continue our dinner arrangements with him. She knows John is a good friend of mine and didn’t want me feeling unwell when he arrived so she recommended I just relax and have a warm shower. She said she would finish some of my chores which included cleaning the house before our company arrived. She also started cooking dinner while I took it easy. I should have used this excuse before – she has always been a caring wife but clearly so much more when she feels that I am ill.

After a long warm shower, I got dressed and sat lazily in the living room while she finished cleaning, washed the floors and got supper ready. This was one of the best Fridays I could remember.

The Merriment of It All

Next, the doorbell rang, it was my old friend who periodically visited when he was travelling nearby. We decided to enjoy a beer in the living room while my wife continued to get everything ready. We were catching up, reminiscing about old times and having a great conversation when we were called into the kitchen for supper. Supper was delicious as usual and because it was John visiting, my wife offered to clean up and do the dishes so we could continue to catch up with one another. We went downstairs to shoot a couple games of pool – we were having a great evening.

Meanwhile, upstairs, my wife was scraping off the dinner plates into the garbage when she noticed two empty beer cans in the kitchen garbage. Normally they would be put into the recycle bin but I hid them under some garbage hoping she wouldn’t see them and figure out I wasn’t really sick earlier in the day. She continued doing the dishes as if nothing was seen. Meanwhile, she was internally questioning my “sickness” and trying to understand why else beer cans would have been placed in the garbage.

She decided to check the computer browsing history and discovered that I had been visiting inappropriate websites for hours that morning. She was now furious and I had no idea she had correctly concluded my sickness to be a complete lie. I was still downstairs oblivious to how much trouble I was going to be in. Surely she wouldn’t bring it up with company over. Would she?

Over the years our relationship has always been very fair and equal between my wife and me. But because I had an unfortunate tendency to be less than attentive and often disrespectful, we have decided that whenever I upset my wife she gets to punish me as she sees fit. Any misbehaviour is not tolerated: This is a consensual arrangement we made to make me a better husband and father. Her favourite and most common punishment has always been sound bare bottom spankings – long, hard and painfully real. I must say I do fear her corporal punishment sessions because she does not show any mercy nor go easy until she knows I’ve thoroughly learned my lesson which often leaves my bottom welted, bruised and severely marked. I know this type of discipline is needed to actually get me to change my selfish habits or misdeeds but that does not make it any easier to endure.

She does not believe in adults receiving warnings for even minor infractions or transgressions. And because of her zero tolerance strictness I do my very best to not upset her. Hence I used the excuse of being sick instead of admitting I was disobedient to her chore requests.

We continued shooting pool and drinking beer, but before long I ended up running my mouth and telling John all about how I had lied to my wife earlier about being sick to get out of doing chores. We laughed about it and my friend thought it was a genius way to get out of doing my duly assigned task. We both continued to make comments about how women can be easily fooled and how annoying it is to always be told what to do. We both had a few too many drinks and our voices carried farther throughout the house than I had imagined.

Caught and Sentenced

Unknown to me my wife had heard everything and was actually recording our disrespectful comments on her phone. After probably about half an hour of us carrying on like a couple of college aged kids she had reached her boiling point and came stomping downstairs. When I looked over at her I knew immediately that she was livid with John and me. My stomach felt like it had dropped to the floor and I suddenly knew this wasn’t going to be good. I wasn’t sure if she was going to do or say anything specific in front of John. Our discipline agreement had always been kept private within the walls of our home.

Surprisingly, in a calm tone, she began to tell John the details of our female led relationship. I didn’t have the guts to ask her to stop even though I felt humiliated and embarrassed. She made it very clear that I am disciplined for even small offences and that I get disciplined with bare bottom over the knee spankings. I turned so red and felt so humiliated knowing our secret was out. She continued to say that this was no small offence and a simple spanking would not suffice for my behaviour this evening. She then proceeded to say to John that his behaviour was no better and that he’s lucky he’s not married to her because she would do the same thing to him if she had the chance. John was silent and somehow we both felt miraculously sober.

There was no question we also felt like naughty boys being lectured by our mom. Next, she turned to me and her tone significantly changed from calm to stern. She began scolding me immediately raising her voice.

“Do you understand how much trouble you are in? You have disrespected and disgusted me by your behaviour. First of all, you faked a sickness and lied to me about it, then you accepted my offer to do your chores, cook dinner and clean up afterwards. And you have the gall to hide two empty beer cans in the garbage so I wouldn’t find them?”

I couldn’t say anything and couldn’t look at my wife nor John in the eyes. I knew he was uncomfortable. She then continued her lecture clearly becoming more agitated.

“How dare you not do your chores but instead go online and look at dozens of porn sites? You know we have rules about surfing adult sites without my permission. What do you have to say about all this? Why don’t you tell our guest what is going happen to you tonight? Look him in the eyes and tell him, now?”

I then shakily proceeded to tell him that I was going to be spanked soundly and thoroughly on the bare bottom for my behaviour. The scolding continued, “How dare you drink so much? Obviously, you forget that when you drink too much you raise your voice.”

“I heard every disrespectful comment that came out of both of your mouths tonight and I have had more than enough. The only way men ever learn is with strict discipline and that is exactly what is going to happen. You will be begging me to stop and because I had to listen to your rude and hurtful comments all night, John is going to hear your deserving hide being severely punished until you’re a sobbing mess.”

“I obviously have more than enough reasons to spank you for a month and that is exactly how long I intend to make sure your bottom is sore. Both of you have upset me greatly tonight. Your behaviour is inexcusable and will not be tolerated in my home. Men don’t behave like this, little boys do. You both should be ashamed of yourselves.

“And John, if you had not drunk so much I would tell you to leave and drive home. But as it is, your bedroom is here downstairs. You are not allowed to leave because you are over the limit so don’t even think about getting into your car. Sean is going to be severely punished tonight for both of your actions. He knows that this is not a joke and will not for one second be a pleasant experience. Because Sean has agreed to receive discipline from me, he will be paying for his mistakes and yours. So as you lay in bed tonight you can consider yourself very lucky that you’re not on the receiving end of my cane and whatever other implements I choose to use. You are lucky you get the choice because Sean does not.”

“Tonight is going to be the first spanking Sean receives for this, and first thing in the morning will be session number two. I will spank him until I satisfy my anger about your behaviours and each session will leave him crying like a baby. Now, John, you can go to your room. I am taking Sean to the living room to dish out his first punishment of many.

“If you want to act like a man and accept the responsibility for your actions then you can come upstairs and join us. But if you do know this, it means that you are accepting my discipline in its entirety. There is no backing out once you enter that living room. There are no safe words. Sean will be completely naked for his spanking and if you choose to accept your share of discipline then you will strip completely as well. I will not tolerate any backtalk nor any attempt to cover up your private parts. All orders will be given only once: the slightest hesitation to obey me immediately, completely and respectfully will guarantee a significant increase the severity of your punishment.”

“Is that understood, John?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“That’s better.”

“Sean, get upstairs, now.”

“John, get into your room and think about the decision you need to make.”

Two Naked Males And One Angry Disciplinarian Female

I began walking upstairs feeling like the size of an ant. I was literally sick to my stomach and wanted to throw up. The night went from a great time to the most fearful situation I have ever encountered in my relationship with my wife. I have never seen her so angry and so ready to lay into my backside.

Walking upstairs I received numerous whacks on my ass implying that I better hurry up. Once upstairs I was told to immediately go into the living room and strip completely naked. I knew now was not the time to even consider stalling. I could hear her gathering the implements and walking back towards the living room. As she walked in, she was just glaring at me and the next thing I knew I had the most forceful slap across my face and immediately told, “Get into the corner.”

She began lecturing me about how much I hurt her and how she was almost ready to leave the relationship altogether. She told me if I didn’t submit to any and all consequences that I wouldn’t see her again. With my voice trembling I assured her that I would submit to whatever she chose. She dragged me by the ear out of the corner and told me I am going to be sorry in the extreme by the time she is done with me.

Immediately she sat down on the couch and grabbed her hairbrush. Tapping the brush on her lap – which is my cue to get myself over her knee – I assumed the position with my fanny properly presented. Instantaneously she laid into my bottom cheek with a resounding crack. The first blow landed hard on the left cheek followed by another hard lick to the right. I almost jumped off as it hurt so much.

She swung again and again without pause denying any possibility to regain my composure. It was just the beginning and felt like I was already on fire – remaining across her lap became almost impossible. She stopped for a brief moment to warn me that if continued squirming she was going to use the cane and start all over. Normally I would receive some sort of warm up but clearly that was not about to happen tonight.

Unrelentingly, she continued swinging the brush down alternating from side to side as I moaned and begged for forgiveness. My pleading made no difference as the pace continued for what seemed like an eternity. I could not handle anymore: writhing from tormented flesh with my bottom desperate to escape, she exacted greater control bringing one of her legs over and locking me firmly into position.

“This is for your own good, you have been a naughty husband and you will be treated like a naughty boy deserves.”

She kept scolding me while vigorously applying her brush without any signs of slowing down. Over and over she continued the blistering punishment until suddenly she stopped. I knew my spanking was nowhere near finished even though I really wished it was. I then assumed, maybe, her arm needed a break. Either way, I was thankful for a pause to let the pain actually dissipate. Little did I know at the time, that the reason she stopped was because John had brought himself up into the living room which meant one only thing, he was willing to accept a real spanking for his bad behaviour.

She then smacked my burning tail and told me to get into the corner. As I got up, I realised John was standing at the entrance of the living room. As I made my way to the corner, I was so embarrassed but I knew the rules and I wasn’t allowed to cover my private areas. I was shocked he was standing there, knowing the situation he would be facing shortly. Submitting to an old fashioned spanking from my wife was no easy task. It would also be very embarrassing knowing he would be completely naked over her knee within a very short period of time. But I also knew that embarrassment was the least of our worries at this moment.

“There’s no turning back now, John. You knew very well what I said to you downstairs about coming up to this living room. You have made a very wise choice but you might think otherwise very soon. Now get off all your clothes, every stitch and don’t you dare make me repeat myself.”

I could hear John breathing heavily while dropping his clothes to the floor. He was scared and he had every right to be. I’m not sure he understood but by submitting to her tonight, he was accepting future punishments as well. She ordered him to hurry up.

Next, she made sure he understood her rules and expectations. “No safe words, no moving out of position and no swearing – begging and pleading will fall on deaf ears. You will obey me absolutely: As warned earlier, the slightest hesitation to comply immediately, completely and respectfully will increase the severity your punishment. You will serve corner time with your nose to the wall while forbidden to touch your bottom no matter how desperate you become to relieve the pain you are soon going to feel. And, do not think tears will help you because they most certainly will not.”

“Now get in the corner,” she ordered.

With both of us in the corner she reminded us who will always be in charge and that from now on things will be different when John came over for future visits: there would be no drinking without permission; she would control bedtimes and if any misbehaving occurred, she had the right to spank us anytime, anywhere and for whatever reason she deemed necessary. She then ordered John come and stand beside her as she sat on the couch.

Pulling him across her lap, I could hear her tap his awaiting bottom lightly with the wicked brush. She assured him that he would be okay afterwards but that he would be wishing it was over after the first few swats.

“I will not stop until you both are punished properly and thoroughly, now be good and take your spanking like a man.”

And with that, I heard the whoosh of the brush come smacking down on John defenceless but deserving bum. Immediately he squealed and then another blow landed. He was begging after the second smack and it helped him none. Over and over the brush stung his naked agonised flesh while being warned to lay still. After at least one-hundred unrelenting strokes I could hear John crying and sobbing and then he was told to get his ass to the corner.

I was then told to get back over her knee and I could see she now had the dreaded bath brush. I winced lying down knowing I was going to be reduced to a contrite sobbing mess if she spanked me anything like she just spanked John. Once I was across her lap she ordered John to turn around and watch the further licking that she was about to administer to my already burning backside. With a full swing she brought down that bath brush and I tried my best to stay still and look tough in front of John. Unfortunately, I moved out of position enough that she gave ten quick hard swats to my upper thighs and was told if I moved out of position again that I would be caned twenty times on the sit spot.

The bath brush was inflicted hard onto my ass over and over as I felt the tears welling up. I didn’t want to cry with John there but my wife had absolutely no intention of going easy. Within another minute tears were rolling down my face as fast as the bath brush was searing my bottom. I was begging her to stop. She continued with unrelenting purpose and I knew John was watching it all. She ordered me back to the corner and called John over for his turn.

John’s tears had dried up but only momentarily. Within seconds he was back to sniffling and then crying out with each swat. I knew he was regretting his decision to take his place as a punished male. After five minutes straight with the bath brush raining down on his naked ass, he was told to get up and bend over the end of the couch.

Next, I was pulled by the ear and told to bend over the other end of the couch. We were both trying not to cry when we saw my wife pick up the cane. I started begging and pleading that we wouldn’t behave like this again but within seconds the cane burned into my thighs while being told to keep my mouth shut. Both John and I were thirty-two years old so she made it clear we would each get sixteen full strokes with the cane to remind us to act our age. It was also made very clear that if we weren’t staying in position that the stroke of the cane would not count and would be repeated. I had never received sixteen of the best with the cane but I knew it was going to be the worst punishment I have ever known.

Taking turns on us, one after another she lit swiftly into our flesh causing us to gasp and beg for forgiveness. I could feel the welts raising on my poor bottom and even trying to look at John proved tough because of the water building up in my eyes. Thankfully we both endured the sixteen without having to get extra cuts. Our bums were badly bruised, thoroughly welted and properly striped and without a doubt would keep us awake for hours if we had to sleep on our backs.

We were then ordered to get our clothes off the floor and get to bed. For good and added measure my wife reminded us that in the morning session number two would be administered. John and I never even looked at each other but quickly went to our rooms and went to bed gratefully on our stomachs to ease the pain.

You are welcome to contact the authors Sean and Miss J.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • In the case of Emily punishing her husband for talking to another woman at a party, I thought she was unduly harsh. In this case however, I think Miss J was quite right to spank her husband severely. Lying to your partner is a serious matter. White lies, like giving a diplomatic answer when she asks if you like her new hairdo, may be acceptable, but not something like this. Being spanked for the next month and having bruises on your bottom every day seems an appropriate punishment. I think many relationships would be improved if more women had the self-confidence to spank their partner’s bottom severely any time he deserves it.

    • I think it might very well be a true story. I know a couple who have an agreement that the wife has the right to spank her husband whenever she thinks fit. They both confirmed that this is very good for their relationship and prevents them having arguments. If the wife is unhappy with her husband’s behavior, she simply tells him to bare his bottom and bend over. She then gives him a good spanking with a hairbrush. Once he has been spanked, everything is forgiven.

  • I deserve to get my bare butt paddled by my wife as she puts up with a lot. When she has to paddle me, there is no argument on my part I got it coming — I am amazed how much my bare butt hurts. Although I am a strong and muscular guy, my bare bottom hurts as if I was 10 years old. It is only between my wife and me so no matter of shame or embarrassment. I could never have anyone else know or see me get spanked it is our total secret. Other guys need absolute secrecy regarding bare bottom spanking.

    • Your wife paddles your bare butt and you say there is no matter of shame or embarrassment???? WOW, I would be ashamed if any adult paddled my bare butt including my wife.

      • As I am more sensitive to heat than my girlfriend, I am sometimes nude at home when she is fully dressed. She often gives me a few firm slaps on my bare bottom. I find this intimate rather than shaming. And when she is annoyed with me and puts me across her knee for a good hard spanking with the paddle, I find it much preferable to having a row.

  • Great story – very graphic. I think she should march both of them, naked, out to the barn in the morning for a good sound spanking.

  • I think what she did was quite appropriate and by no means excessive. I would have added a year of no sexual releaase for the way they insulted her.

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