Mom’s Big Mistake: Mother and Daughter Spanked Together Naked – True Story

Caught in a lie conspiracy, this mother and daughter pair are stripped naked for a hand spanking followed by a sound strapping.

This story continues in Wife Spanked by the Minister – True Story

I grew up in a strict Christian home, where spare the rod, spoil the child was very much part of my dad’s philosophy. We lived in a small rural community in northern Alabama, and attended a small Baptist Church near our home. I am the oldest of five children which included Bob, two years younger than me, Mary, three years younger, Tom five years younger and Bess the baby of the family seven years younger than me. My name is Ann.

Mom believed that a wife must submit to the authority of her husband without exception, as the Bible says. Mom was brought up in a strict, but loving Christian home and she expected that all her daughters would grow to be good Christian wives. But Mom sometimes got in trouble too and she was no stranger to family discipline administered by my dad.

When you got in trouble it meant that a family meeting in the living room would be called and Dad would explain why the person in trouble was being punished. Then you had to get undressed to receive Dad’s strap. Because of this my brothers and sisters and myself worked really hard to stay out trouble most of the time.

However, one time in trying to stay out of trouble I got myself and Mom in big trouble with Dad. What happened was that instead of doing my homework one night I spent time reading a romance novel, a friend in school gave me. I lost track of time so when bath and bedtime came I hadn’t done any of my homework. Dad was real strict about bedtime, for me the oldest this meant in the tub by 9:15 p.m. and in bed not later than 10:00 after you said your prayers. There were no exceptions on a school night.

When I woke the next morning I knew I was in trouble because I hadn’t done my homework. We attended a very strict Christian academy and I knew I would get paddled for not doing my homework. After Dad left for work I begged Mom to let me stay home and to tell the school I was sick. She said no at first but I was able to get her to agree by crying and promising to do my homework from now on. So Mom called the school and lied to them.

But then I did something really stupid. I called my friend Lisa and told her I was bunking school and how I did it. She pulled the same stunt and got her mom to lie for her too. Than we snuck out of the house and went swimming together at a little water hole that was often used for this. It was in a real isolated place so would go skinny dipping when there were no boys around, and that’s what we did. This was really a dumb thing to do, but the day was so nice it was hard to resist.

We were having a great time until we heard a stern voice, saying, “What are you girls doing? To our horror it was Deputy Bill who is a friend of my Dad. It turns out this was a common place kids playing hooky come to , so Deputy Bill had made a decision to check it out from time to time.

When we looked up at the shore there was Deputy Bill, with our clothes in his arms. He told us get out of the water right now. This was really bad, and we knew we were in for it, but we didn’t have any choice at all.

We came out of the water trying to preserve our modesty as best we could. Deputy Bill asked why we weren’t in school and we told him the whole story. What else could we do? He told us that he should arrest us and we started to cry. But then he told us he wasn’t going to do that, instead he would call our fathers. I knew now I was in very big trouble and so was Lisa.

He let us get dressed and then drove us to a pay phone at the local gas station where he called my dad and Lisa’s dad. I knew from he was saying that we were in for it. Then he drove us each home.

When he got to my house, Mom was acting real scared. She was afraid that Dad would find out about her lying and she knew what that meant. And she was really angry at me. It was so awful. She made me go to my room.

It was a very long couple of hours until I heard Dad’s car pull up in the driveway. I knew he would be really angry. After a few minutes Dad and Mom walked into my room. Mom was crying. Dad said told me he knew about everything, about me not doing my homework and about Mom lying to the school. He told me that after dinner he would deal with us. This made a chill go up my spine, I knew what that meant.

Dinner was quiet, Mom seemed to be trying to be extra nice to Dad. Dad was very calm but I knew he was very upset. Finally he announced to everyone that tonight he was going to be dealing with some very bad behavior. So everyone was to be in the living room right after dinner.

Mom and I didn’t have much appetite but we both took a long time eating. Dad eventually lost patience and told everyone that it was family time in the living room. When we all gather there he sent me and Mom into the corner with our faces to the wall. He then explained exactly why we were being punished and asked if there were any questions. No body said anything. He then told Bob Jr. to get the strap which hangs in the kitchen on a hook there.

He told Mom to turn around and for me to come into the center of the room. He asked me if I knew why I was getting punished and I said yes and told him how sorry I was. He nodded and that was good but it wouldn’t get me out of punishment.

He told me to lift my foot and he took my shoes and socks off. He then unbuckled my pants and pulled them down and told me to step out of them. He unbuttoned my blouse and took that off. Then he had me turn around, undid my bra and then yanked my panties down and told me to step out of them. He then made me hand him my bra and told me to stand with my hands by side and to keep quiet. I was sobbing but I did my best to keep as quiet as I could.

Then it was Mom’s turn. He had her come next to me and asked her if she knew why she was being punished. She was crying but she said yes and asked him to please not punish her now. But he said that she had acted like a child so she was going to get punished with me.

He then took off her shoes and had her turn around so he could undo her dress in back. He then pulled her dress over head and off. He yanked down her slip and undid her bra. Then he told her to hand her bra to him. After she did he pulled her panties down and had her step out of them and her slip. Now completely naked he had he stand beside me. Mom had no pubic hair at all because my Dad believes that married women should shave completely to show their submission to their Husband. Mom had told me that our husbands might make us do this too and we would have to obey them.

Dad then sat on the sofa and had me come over his lap where he spanked me with his big hands for what seemed like forever. After he stopped and he let me get up, I danced around the living room rubbing my behind. Then it was Mom’s turn over Dad’s Lap followed by the same dance.

He then had both of us lean over the living room chair, one on each arm. He came to me first and gave me five with strap. It hurt terribly and I had a hard time staying in position but I did. Then he gave Mom five but she got out of position after the last one for a few seconds. Dad just put her back in position without saying anything.

He did this back and forth until we each got about 50 with the strap. My behind was on fire and Mom was begging Dad to please stop every time it was her turn. But thankfully it was finally over. Dad told me a Mom to go stand in the corner with our noses touching the wall and our hands on our head.

We stayed this way for until my brothers and sisters were in bed. Dad then had me and Mom go clean up the kitchen from Dinner. We weren’t allowed to get dressed. While we doing the dishes Mom told me not to forget that Dad only punished us for our own good and if I said my prayers and obeyed God’s law I would have a good Christian husband who would not let me go astray too.

After we finished Dad had Mom and me take our bath together, say our prayers and go to bed. I can tell you, I never asked Mom to lie for me ever again. Dad made Mom go talk to our pastor and tell him what she had done. Mom doesn’t like Reverend Black very much and she mouthed off to him which earned her another spanking but that’s another story my Mom can tell.


This story continues in Wife Spanked by the Minister – True Story

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • My husband as head of household is strict with me and my 14-year-old daughter. My daughter and I both get spanked at least once a week (Thursdays) at the same time and in front of each other. We both are required to be fully nude and keep our hands behind our back at all times. My husband doesn’t mind if our son watches or not. He always spanks hard and we both cry. I find it humiliating but at same time love and respect my husband and know I must obey him no matter what.

    • My daughter is 15 and my husband is very strict. We are required to be nude at home all the time. He picks the clothes we wear, which are minimal. She is going to be submissive like me.

  • Were the other children present when you and Mom were being punished? All I can say is I would not have wanted to see my mother naked, ever. Thank you for a splendid story.

  • Is this supposed to be hot because it’s taboo? It’s nothing but brutal.
    If it’s a factual account it’s an account of a sick father. I’m a Christian and my denomination’s (Methodist) marriage vows state specifically that husband and wife are equal. Furthermore, intentional parental nudity in front of children is wrong as is adolescent nudity in front of opposite sex siblings. Hitting someone 50 times with a strap? Look up what Pilate had done to Jesus.

  • I am in a loving Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) relationship with my husband and have also been strapped in the nude with my teenage daughter. Usually, he punishes us in private.

    • So does your husband really punish the pair of you together! When were you last severely spanked by him and why? Don’t you think it’s wrong for your daughter and yourself to be punished together, fully naked?

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