One Strict Wife: Do Not Embarrass Our Daughter

Guilty of embarrassing his daughter in front of her friends, Terry’s very strict disciplinarian wife administers a painful and humiliating spanking within earshot of those same friends and their boyfriends with the results on full display.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

Last Saturday our youngest was in a wedding party and after the wedding, before the reception, she and two of her friends stopped by for a little while… They were chatting about things and she mentioned she was back in school to get a masters degree and train to work in the art field with kids. I commented that it was nice she could be irresponsible and come out smelling like a rose. She said she was not and I reminded her of five years getting a degree in retail management, a great job after graduation, and her throwing all of it away. We had some more words and she wound up crying and saying I embarrassed her in front of her friends and spoiled the whole day. To be short it was ugly and Rose had a fit at my attitude.

Rose took me to our bedroom for a few minutes and said she was going to make sure I never repeated that again but I needed to wait until she had calmed down because she was too mad to take care of it right away. I know I was in for it but in no way knew how badly.

She didn’t say anything for the rest of the day and I thought maybe she thought I may have had a point, stupid me.

Sunday we usually go to 10:00 a.m. Mass and Rose got me up at 8:00 a.m. for a discussion with her hairbrush, it was long and painful and I know our daughter had to have heard it: she had a grin on her face when we left for Mass and then saw that I sat very gingerly in Church. I was really glad I was Catholic that day and got to stand and kneel several times during the service.

When we got home after Mass I was told to get my spanking tethers so she could bind my arms because I was going to feel a lot more hairbrush before she was done. Needless to say I did and she proceeded to turn me into a very sorry blubbering baby before she stopped. Our daughter was not home, and I was glad of that, because she had gone out with her two friends from Saturday for brunch after Mass. After she finally stopped she told me to go stand in the corner of the den. She left the tethers on so there was no way I could relieve any of the pain in my fanny by rubbing it. Before I went to the den I said I needed to use the bathroom and she said that could wait and I had five seconds to get in the corner.

I was standing there and it was more uncomfortable than usual because in the kitchen no one can see me if they are not there, but our den has a sliding door that opens onto out patio and the drape was pulled completely open. It was like being on display in the front yard to me.

I have no idea how long I was there when our daughter came home and I could hear she had her friends with her.

Rose came into the den and told me I had better keep my nose in the corner unless I wanted to be even more embarrassed than I was going to be. She said the girls would be on the patio talking until their boyfriends came over for a BBQ. Then she opened the sliding door so I could hear what was being said.

Her friends knew Rose spanked me, as she did our daughters growing up, but had never seen me before like they did then. They laughed and made fun of my bottom and me having to stand there. They were having a ball at my expense. I still needed to pee and that it was becoming a real need was becoming obvious as I started wiggling in an attempt to hold it in. Rose saw me struggling with it, on one of her trips to the patio to be with the girls, and told me I could go when the boys arrived, until then I had better control it.

I don’t know how much longer it was but I was in pain when the doorbell rang and their dates came in. Jan told me I could use the bathroom and I literally ran to it. I was still tethered so I had to sit to go and not make a mess and could not even close the bathroom door while I peed; at least no one looked in at me.

When I was done I went to our room rather than the den and wanted to cry I was so embarrassed. Rose came in and told me she decided the kids would like hamburgers on the grill and I was to make them. I was going to have to face the girls now rather than just hear them. I said I would get dressed and get right on it and she gave me an apron, the old fashioned king with a bib top, and told me that was all I would need. I could cook dressed in it. I complained that it was bad enough the girls seeing me but to please not make me do this with their dates there. All I got was a lecture on why I had to learn not to embarrass others and that I had five minutes to get into the kitchen and then the patio and start the grill.

For the next hour I was the center of attention, with a sore back side on display and the boys making a lot of comments on how they were glad Rose was not their wife. Rose joined in and told them she would spank them too if she thought they needed it. They all said they would be good as they were laughing. One asked how she could do it since I was bigger and she showed them my tethers and how they worked by making me hug myself and make my arms useless. Another asked if I was able to keep quiet when I was getting spanked because it looked awfully bad. Rose said she would let them decide for themselves.

She took me back into the den, closed the curtain, and gave me another spanking with her hairbrush. When she was done she jokingly asked them if I was quiet or loud. They all started laughing again and obviously agreed I was very loud. I was then put back in the corner, tethers still on, the drapes reopened, and stayed there until they left for a movie.

It was a miserable day all the way around. I also got a reminder spanking Tuesday. I have no idea if she is done yet and she said it will depend entirely on the attitude she sees in me.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • A good story that really made this spankee husband squirm to think about being in Terry’s place. Being witnessed while spanked certainly heightens the embarrassment and humiliation factor, and when those witnessing are daughters and their friends, I’m sure it would be all the more effective to make the point on what misbehavior earns the husband. I took note that the daughter, and her female friends, already knew that her father got spanked. But if the boyfriends did not know, then to me it means that those who witnessed it might not be okay and could be embarrassed themselves, even if they put up a front of laughing while being relieved that Rose did not spank them. Still, it would seem to me that Terry would be very careful in the future to not embarrass his daughter!

    • It depends on the couple, everyone is different. Personally I think that women tend to be more mature than men, so it is only right that the woman should be the disciplinarian in a relationship. My girlfriend thinks this too. The paddles we keep in the bedroom are strictly reserved for her to use on me. When we are in private I might get away with swatting her with my hand occasionally, but she does not let me go further than this. And I would not dare to do it in public, whereas she quite often swats my bottom in front of others to show that she wears the pants.

  • One sister and one of my daughters do the spanking in their respective homes. My oldest has been over her husband’s knee on many occasions and is quite familiar with the corner of their kitchen. I do believe it is important that one person be in charge and it may be a male if the dynamics so dictate.

  • Rose, do your daughters spank their boyfriends or husbands? Do your sisters spank their husbands, or are you the only spanker in the family?

  • I have always dreamed of living in a female-led household where CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) is practised. I know that bothers many people, but I believe that female children in a Femdom household should witness males naked and punished with corporal punishment. Dad should be punished often right in front of the children as an example of female dominance.

    • No, but they were not aware of everything until about 14 to 15 when I figured they were old enough to understand. They still have not seen a lot of Terry’s spankings but have heard several and seen him in the corner after often.

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