Demi: The Journey Home

I undid my belt and pulled it out of the loops on my jeans, doubling it over I raised my arm high and brought it down with an almighty thwack across the middle of her now reddened cheeks. Demi let out a coarse squeal along with a pleading of “N….No more please Jim.”

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Discover how Demi’s panties first came down as the story began in Part 1: Demi

Monday morning saw us both up at four to start our trip back home south, to Melbourne and my annual holidays. Demi surprised me with her enthusiasm at such an early hour; myself I was a little lethargic, slow on the pace this morning, but continued to get ready and head over to the truck for our trip back home, the truck and cargo were ready to roll.

By five a.m. we were both in the truck and heading out the gate towards the freeway; it had been a pretty warm night so the morning wasn’t cold but Demi decided to curl up in the bunk and go back to sleep for a while. As I continued to drive on the miles soon disappeared behind and the traffic increased as more and more people woke and headed to work or wherever they were going – I was headed for home.

Some four hours later Demi woke up and damn near frightened the daylights out of me: When she spoke I had been so absorbed in concentration with driving and the traffic that I had virtually forgotten she was there. “Good morning enjoy your little nap?”, I asked her.

“Sure did; what time is it?” she asked.

“Just after nine.”

“Wow I must have been tired,”

“I guess so.”

“Can we stop when you get a chance I need to go?”

“There’s a truck stop about thirty miles up ahead; can you wait till we get there?”

“Yeah should be alright.”

“Good as I want to get as many miles as I can each day, so stops will be few and far between.” Jokingly I said, “We’ll have to get you a bucket for the trip home.”

The look on Demi’s face was priceless “You don’t really mean that do you?”

“Just kidding.”

“For a minute there I thought you meant it.”

I pulled into the truck stop, and waited for her to return “Aah that’s better” she said.

“Good our next stop won’t be until dinner tonight so make the best of it.” We headed back out onto the freeway and got up to speed pretty quickly; soon we were some six hundred miles down the road and not far from my first planned stop for the night, with just under three hundred miles to go. During the day Demi read and re-read the book I bought her, with the usual inquisitive questions on this and that; “how come they do that or this?” and “that’s gross”. What with trying to concentrate on the road as well as answer her questions I was beginning to get tired of it all, firstly because it was making me all hot and bothered with this talk of sex; and then my own imagination running rampant, wasn’t helping the situation any; plus the fact that I was also hungry.

“Don’t they teach you anything at school about sex education, Demi?”

“They do, but Mum wouldn’t sign the form, said she would teach me herself, but so far hasn’t said very much, except not to let boys touch me down there.”

“Oh I see, so you really didn’t have a clue as to what went on or even how it was done” I said to her.

“I sort of knew some things from my girlfriends, but nowhere near what you have taught me. Can you teach me some more on the way home please, please, Jim?”

“We’ll see, depends if you’re a good girl or not.”

“I promise I’ll be a good girl.”

“Well you had better be or else it’s your bottom that will pay the price.” Demi blushed a little, “Why I think you enjoy having your bottom smacked don’t you?” Demi was silent; I could see she was mulling this over in her head, so I left her to think about it for a while.

Very soon however, she was back at the questions again, “Jim, why do you think I like having my bum smacked?”

“Well some girls, and boys for that matter, are just wired that way, more so for girls for some unknown reason; but I guess it has to do with their brain and the way girls need an emotional link for their sexuality to kick in. Whereas for boys it is completely different, come on now settle down and give it a rest we’re nearly at the overnight stop just another fifty or so miles and we can have dinner.” The next hour was silent on her part.

The lights of the truck stop came into view, thank God. I was worn out from the drive and all the questions from Demi and with some nine hundred K’s behind me and another two thousand to go. As I parked the truck up for the night I sent Demi in ahead of me to order dinner, and book a room for the night. Fifteen minutes later I was beside her at the table “Dinner shouldn’t be too long then it’ll be bed time” but I could see Demi had other ideas in her head and I didn’t think I was going to like them one bit.

All too soon dinner was over and we made our way to the cabin, “Come on missy get your butt into the shower while I do some paperwork”. Demi pouted her lips and stomped off towards the shower past me, and as she got close enough, I gave her a sharp slap to her right butt cheek.

“Hey what was that for?”

“For being such a spoilt brat, and if there’s any more back chat you’ll get a lot more where that came from; now move it” sulking Demi stormed off and slammed the door shut, nearly taking it of the hinges.

“I’ll give you slam-the-door missy, now get your ass out here” but she just ignored me and got in the shower anyway.

“So you want to play games do you” I said to myself, “well two can play this game!” I barged into the bathroom and hauled her out of the shower butt naked and dripping wet. “Slam the door will you? Well we’ll just see if you want to slam the door after I finish with you.” Struggling and trying to pull away, she was in a flash over my knee with her bare ass in the cool air, soundly being spanked to a most lovely crimson colour. Thankfully the cabin was far enough away that very few, if any, would hear her screams and yelps of pain. Some of her language was not what I was expecting so I renewed my effort with more stinging slaps upon her behind, wet as it was. Quite quickly she was reduced to tears and sobs; I lifted her up off my lap and marched her over to the table and forced her down across it, her naked form spread out. “Stay there and if you move young lady you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

I undid my belt and pulled it out of the loops on my jeans, doubling it over I raised my arm high and brought it down with an almighty thwack across the middle of her now reddened cheeks. Demi let out a coarse squeal along with a pleading of “N….No more please Jim.”

“Well you should have thought about that before you slammed the door; you’ve got five more to go young lady and if you as much as think about getting up I’ll double it.” Demi knew that I meant business and stayed down for the last five stingers, each one producing a louder squeal. “Now go and finish your shower and not another word from you.”

Demi hobbled off to the shower trying to massage the fire that raged within her flaming cheeks. Some fifteen minutes later she emerged dressed in her PJs; slowly she came towards me with one hand still rubbing her bottom. “Jim, can I sit on your knee please?”

“Are we going to behave?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, then you may sit down on my lap.” Very gingerly Demi lowered herself down onto my lap resting her head on and into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and she broke down crying again, gently I rocked her and in no time she was sound asleep. I let her sleep awhile before waking her for bed. It was now my turn for a shower and bed, and once in bed it was only a matter of minutes before I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning saw both of us on the road early, heading back south. Not a lot was said of last night’s episode, but the tension was still there on Demi’s part, so I let her be. There was no point in reigniting the situation with her until she was ready to talk. It took some three hundred Ks before she spoke to me and then it was out of necessity to ask for a toilet stop. “Do you need a bathroom or just the bushes Demi?”

“I really need a bathroom, Jim.”

Ah! Finally she was speaking to me again. “There should be one just up ahead and I’ll pull in there for you.”

Ten minutes later we had pulled up and Demi scrambled out and dashed for the bathroom. I took the chance to check on the load and adjust the load restraints, etcetera. Soon Demi was back following me around the truck watching me. “Are we feeling better today?”

“Sort of!”

“We’re not going to slam doors anymore are we?”

“No Sir” she replied.

“No Sir”! What had gotten into this girl? Some new found respect for people? One could only hope, so I let it pass and continued to check the truck until I was satisfied that all was secure. “Come on then back in the truck and we’ll get a few more miles in before I call it a day.”

“Are you going to stop early today Jim?”

“Yes I thought it might be best as both of us are tired and need a good night’s rest and I want to check on something when we do stop.”

“Alright then” she said. Demi never said a great deal more after that, except for the odd remark or comment on something we had passed. I felt there was something wrong with her but not quite sure as to what it might be, so I let it go for now. The miles kept on rolling by and the scenery went from stark to breathtaking; Demi went from up front to lying on the bunk to back up front again. There was something definitely bothering her, but she seemed too stubborn to say or ask what it was, and I wasn’t going to make it any easier for her.

Finally the truck stop came into sight; as I wound down through the gears until I was just crawling through the park area where I wanted to park up for the night. Demi just sat there not saying a word, waiting for me to speak. With the park brakes secured and the motor on shutdown mode, I turned to Demi and looked at her, and for a fleeting moment I thought I saw a tear. “What’s wrong sweetie, are you crying?”


“Then what is it?” Well it was just too much for Demi; she burst into a full-on sobbing breakdown. She flung herself into my arms crying ever so hard “Now, now; come on tell me what’s wrong?” But she seemed so broken hearted she could barely get it out; with tears rolling down her cheeks and her nose running as well, she blurted out that she thought I didn’t love her anymore because I had punished her so hard the night before. I held her tightly and let her sob herself out until she calmed down, gently I pushed her back a little and explained to her that had I not cared for her, then I wouldn’t have bothered with her at all, but to punish her as I did it was to let her know that her behaviour would not be tolerated. “That is why I strapped your bottom so hard, it’s because I care that I did.” She sort of saw the reasoning behind it, “I don’t want you growing up thinking that you can get your own way all the time.” I pulled her back into me and held her for a few more minutes to let her know that I still loved her. “Are we feeling better now?”

“Much better thanks, Jim.”

“Good! Come on then we’ll go and get some dinner and rent a movie if you want.”

“Great can I pick it, please? Please can I?”

“Alright then.” So off we went into the café, “You’d better go freshen up; your eyes are all red.” Demi skipped off with a new step in her stride, feeling much better I guessed.

While she was gone I ordered a coffee and waited until she returned before ordering dinner. “What do you want for dinner Demi?”

“Can I have the same as you please Jim?”

“Sure” so I ordered two T-Bones with veggies and chips. Demi turned and looked at me. Pointing I said “The movies are over there”. She was gone in a flash hunting out a movie of her choice; but soon enough our meals were ready, so I called to her that dinner was there. Just as quick she was back seated and starting to eat. “My, we must have been hungry.”

I’m famished she replied, greedily chomping her way through the T-Bone, and reading the cover of the movie packet, good movie is it, with a mouth half full she tried to say something but I put my finger up to stop her, wait till you finish then tell me, excitedly she relayed it as some romance story about a teacher and a girl who fall madly in love, that’s nice Demi.

With dinner over, we both headed to the cabin for some rest but not Demi; she was wound tighter than a drum. I had barely gotten in the door when she had the TV going and the disk in the player, getting herself comfortable to watch the movie. “Well, while you start to watch that I’m going to have a shower, and don’t open the door to anyone ok.”

“Alright Jim” she replied still looking at the screen.

“Hey did you hear me Demi?”

She stopped dead, “Yes Sir I did and I won’t open the door to no one.”

“Good” then the thirty minutes were mine; this would be a long shower as I needed it. Back in the main room with just trousers and singlet on I sat back in the armchair with a newspaper and a glass of scotch. Now and again I’d look up at the movie and glance down at Demi who was laying on the floor with a pillow intently engrossed in the picture, unaware that the skirt that she was wearing had ridden way up her thighs; revealing just the edges of her bottom cheeks protruding from her panties, that had also ridden up with her squirming around. As she continued to be engrossed in the movie, she continually squirmed around, oblivious to the fact that she was opening and closing her legs; and each time she did it gave me a glimpse of her crotch area that had a distinct wet patch showing through her panties.

Not long after the movie came to an end and with it an audible sigh from Demi. “Good movie was it?”

Dreamily she replied, “Yeah”.

“Come then, better get showered, time for bed, early start in the morning.”

“OK Jim” and off she went to shower; but she was back in a matter of seconds and pushing her way onto my lap, with a long drawn out “Jiiiiim, will you teach me something tonight?”

“We’ll see; if you’re a good girl I’ll think about it; now off you go.” She bounded for the bathroom and was back ten minutes later with a towel wrapped about her, and nothing else, wanting to reposition herself on my lap once more. As she sat down the towel fell loose exposing her young firm body to my gaze, with breasts that stood proud and nipples that protruded at least a half inch, she snuggled into me with one arm around my back and her free hand rubbing my chest. I let her play for moment before telling her to finish drying her hair before she caught a cold; and with all modesty gone out the window, she pulled the towel the rest of the way off and stood to bend over to get her hair hanging down to dry it; but as she did this she had turned slightly away from me and I could see her bottom with the red welts from the night before. I had certainly made an impression on those cheeks of hers as well as her attitude towards people.

Once finished drying her hair, Demi resumed her position on my lap and with a rather solid bulge to contend with it made it quite uncomfortable for me, so I had to wriggle about to just get comfort from her weight. As she sat there on my lap in all her naked glory I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth and dancing with hers, my right hand found her left nipple, gently squeezing it and massaging her breast; her breathing began to rise along with my own erection, she was getting more and more aroused by the minute, until the point came that she stiffened and her eyes rolled back and let out a small gasp. I could feel her trembling with the orgasm, that had just flowed through her loins, I hadn’t even begun to move toward her sex and she had already cum. Gently I lifted her until she stood up and led her to the kitchen table, suddenly she hesitated; thinking I was going to spank her again. “Shhh little one, it’s alright, no spanking tonight.”

I turned her around and laid her down the full length, there I gently parted her legs wide exposing her now sopping wet sex, with just a fine covering of soft pubic hair her lips glistened with her dew. I buried my face into her slowly circling her outer lips slowly teasing her, building her up then letting her come back down again only to bring her back up once more, each time making it last longer until she could take no more of this teasing “Please Jim, fuck me; I need it so bad”, she pleaded. With her trembling almost uncontrollable she clamped her legs around my head; it was time to attack her clit. Gently I licked and sucked on her little bud until she screamed out in ecstasy, one gentle bite on her bud and that was it she went ridged with the orgasm that pulsed through her; she had gone over the top of the crest and stayed there for what seemed like minutes. As I watched her I removed my own clothes and scooped her up in my arms, and carried her to bed, where we spent the next two hours making love, Demi learnt to suck cock and swallow, she rode my cock to three more orgasms before she and I had enough and finally decided to get some sleep.

Next morning we both ate like two starved animals; with breakfast over, we were on our way once more heading south again for home; just fourteen hundred Ks to go and one more overnight stop before we were there. The day went fairly quickly for us both, with a quick lunch stop and more Ks gone. It wasn’t long before we called it a day and stopped for the night once again; with dinner out of the way and tucked up in the overnight cabin, I let Demi shower first so I could catch up with the day’s paperwork and have a few minutes to myself. As I was on the last mouthful of my drink, Demi emerged from the bathroom stark naked with a devilish grin on her face.

“What have you been up to young lady?”

“Oh nothing, but can we do it again tonight Jim? Please, pretty please.”

“Maybe after I’ve had my shower, now why don’t you watch some TV while I shower and you had better put on some clothes while I do.”

As I started to brush past her she grabbed me around the neck and planted a long kiss on my mouth. I held her close to me for a moment, letting my hands fall to her bottom cheeks and with one cheek in each hand lifted her up; she instinctively wrapped her legs about my waist and held on tight, resting her head on my shoulder, whereby she began to cry softly. “Hey what’s this all about?” I got no answer, hugging her I let her cry a bit until she was ready to explain; finally she calmed down enough to talk. She had fallen head over heels in love me!

“Jesus what am I to do now” my mind was a whirl at that moment; this kid has fallen in love with me. I carried her back to the armchair and sat down with her still clamped to me as I tried to explain to her that it is perfectly natural to feel this way, especially with a first lover. She could not foresee the future without me but after some more explaining, with tears from her, she finally could see that a relationship was not possible. “Come on then get covered up while I shower, then we’ll talk some more.”

This was surely going to be a difficult situation that needed some diplomacy. After long minutes under the shower thinking what to do about Demi I emerged from the bathroom and spotted Demi, still sitting there naked. “Demi didn’t I tell you to get dressed?”

“Jiiim” she cooed, “can we please?”

“No not tonight and what did I say before when I went for my shower?”

“Well, to get dressed I guess.”

“That’s right, now come here please.” Demi got up and walked the few paces to me expecting me to hold or cuddle her but instead I spun her around and gave her a mighty slap across both bare ass cheeks.

“Owww, what was that for?”

“Not doing as you were told, now if you don’t want another I suggest you cover up.” With pouting lips and a hand rubbing furiously at her bottom as she did as she was told; I knew from now on I was going to have to be a lot firmer with her otherwise she was going to try using her charms with me to get her own way. Up to this point she had in a way, but a lot of that was due to my own lack of willpower and a lust for such a beautiful young women/girl. Although she had the body of a woman her brain was that of a little girl. She was learning fast, but I needed to slow her down somewhat.

I was flicking through the channels on TV when she came back into the room, still with a long pout on her lips. “If you don’t pick up your lip you’re going to trip over it or my knee, which is it to be?” She pulled herself up out of her grumpy mood “That’s better.” I sat there talking to Demi “We have only tonight to go and then we’ll be home by about six tomorrow afternoon, and I really don’t need you acting up like a little girl anymore. You’re all grown up so please start acting like a grownup; otherwise you’ll spend a lot more time over my knee with your pants down around your ankles, and a very sore bottom to go with it. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes Sir. I’m really sorry, Jim; I’ll be really good from now on!”

“Well you had better be, and one more thing, when we get back home I want to see a marked improvement in your attitude with your parents as well. Now give me a hug and it’s off to bed for you.”

“Yes Sir” Demi gave me a long hug and a kiss on the cheek and turned to head to bed and as she did. I gave her one last slap on her bottom to reinforce what I had said earlier “Oww”.

“Goodnight Demi.”

“Goodnight Jim” she replied as she disappeared into the bedroom.

At five a.m. the alarm went off and I woke to find myself still in the armchair. Damn it, I’d fallen asleep in the chair and wasn’t feeling too crash hot; maybe a hot shower and some strong coffee. As I pulled myself up out of that chair I thought I had better wake Demi as well, because I wanted an early start on the road. I pushed the door of the bedroom open and there she was still sound asleep with the covers off her, but with a pillow between her legs, could never work this one out, ex-wife use to do it too. Anyway I gently woke her to get up and dress, as we needed to get moving.

With the shower over and dressed we headed out to the truck and put our things into the storage bins under the cabin. I jumped up and fired up the motor “Come on we’ll get some coffee and toast for take away and then it’s all go for home”. Ten minutes later we were pulling out onto the highway, with just seven hundred Ks to go, the time was going well. Demi had gone back to sleep in the bunk bed for nearly three more hours; I knew she was tired from the long trip and it must have been catching up with her, so I just let her sleep. It gave me time to think in peace as well. With some four hundred Ks down and another three hundred to go I thought it might be a good time to pull in for something to eat, so the next roadhouse that came into sight that was where I planned to stop for lunch. I reached around and shook Demi awake, “Come on sleepy head time to get up, lunch time if you’re hungry”.

After some minutes stretching and yawning, she finally made her way up front with me again. “Feel better” I asked.

“Wow, I musta been tired.”

“Yah I guess you were, been asleep better part of nearly four hours.” While still rubbing her eyes the roadhouse came into view, as I backed off and started the process of changing down through the gears, I started to look for a place to pull in. “Damn caravans” I thought “park anywhere they will”. Squeezing in through the cars and caravans I finally got a park and shut down the motor. “Come on Demi, we’ll get some lunch”; so over we go and into the roadhouse and who do I run into, none other than the boisterous kid I yelled at on the way up. Well he stopped dead in his tracks, looked up at me and bolted back to his father, thankfully the little shit stayed seated the whole time.

With lunch out of the way, Demi and I headed out onto the highway for the final leg of our journey. I knew now this was not going to be a good run after I’d seen all those caravans at the truck stop as that only meant one thing, a slow trip for the rest of the drive. Because I hadn’t said much since we left the truck stop Demi enquired as to what was wrong. “Oh not much really, just all these damn caravans on the road”. I think she thought better than to start asking any silly questions, so I added “I’m not angry with you Demi, just the vans and their stupid drivers.”

“Just a few more hours and this will be all over” I thought as I continued on driving. Demi once again got her book out and proceeded to read it some more, sitting back with her feet up on the dash her dress had scrunched up around her waist revealing her soft creamy thighs, which was not doing me a hellava lot of good. I could see, out the corner of my eye, that reading this book was getting her a little worked up and hot, not to mention my own discomfort. Predictably Demi started with the questions once more “Jim, do they really do that?”

“What is ‘that’ Demi?” I asked, as I had no idea what part she was reading.

“Do people really put cocks in their bum?”

I realised she was reading about anal sex. “Well some people do Demi, but not everyone does it’s a personal thing, I guess, between two people; why do you ask?”

“Umm, I’d like to try if we could. Come on you said you’d teach me some stuff.”

“Maybe another time, not today as I don’t have time to teach you about anal sex; it takes quite a bit of time to do for the first time. Not only that where only about an hour and a half from home and your father.” Suddenly Demi went deathly silent “What’s the matter Demi?”

Finally she spoke “Dad’s going to kill me and mums going to scream her tits off at me. I’ll be grounded for weeks and weeks.” As far as Demi was concerned her life was over as she knew it. Yes she was going to be in some form of trouble at home and she probably deserved it, but I had a soft heart in me for her, so I suggested that I talk to her parents for her; it might take some of the heat of her. “Would you please Jim?”

“Alright but on one condition.”

“Yes, yes what is it?”

“That what you and I have done remains our secret forever.”

“Cross my heart I’d never tell” she promised me.

“Well you had better not, otherwise that strapping I gave you; you remember don’t you?”

“How could I forget it hurt so much?”

“Imagine ten times worse only with a cane on your bare bottom. I can tell you now; you won’t sit down for a week, not without a lot of pain and discomfort. So remember, behave and your bottom will be safe as long as you keep your mouth shut.”

All too soon we were back at the depot with Demi in near panic at the thought of the trouble she was in with her parents. As I pulled into the yard Demi caught sight of her father who didn’t look too pleased at all and I knew why. As I came to a stop John came around to the driver’s side of the truck and opened the door before I had even shut down the motor. “Jim where is she?”

“In the bunk getting her things together; John, we need to talk first before you go wanting to wallop her.”

I took charge of the moment, and getting out of the truck I had John follow me back to the office where we could talk. His wife was there as well, so in we go to the office where I could talk to them both, Both were a mountain of questions for the better part of five minutes and in the end I had to put my arms up to shut them up; “Listen what Demi did was wrong and I know you’re angry with her, but believe me she is a changed young women with a new found sense of respect for people. Right now she is sitting in the truck crying her eyes out in fear of what you may do, that’s why I’m talking to you two first. Yes I was as angry just as much a both of you were at first when I found out she had snuck away in the truck and I wasn’t happy. So I dealt with her myself as if she were my own daughter.” Both gave me a quizzical look “Well to cut a long story short, I put her over my knee and gave her a good spanking or two along with a long talk about her behaviour. I know I probably overstepped the mark, but I had no real choice in the matter, but I’m sure you will find a completely different girl from the one who snuck away to the one who has come home. If you’ll wait there I go and get her.”

Both just stood there gob smacked saying nothing. At first this made them feel uneasy, so I headed out to get Demi and bring her inside to face the music with her parents. I jumped into the truck to find Demi still sitting on the bunk bed; her eyes were all red and swollen from crying “Come on Demi, time to face them. I think I’ve soothed them over some, so now you have to be brave and face the music.” I jumped back down from the truck and gave Demi a hand to get down with her things; slowly she followed behind until we both reached the office.

Demi more or less stayed a little behind me for some sort of protection I guess, but there was only so much I could do for her it was now up to her. After much hugging and tears, came the moment of truth; John started first, telling her she was grounded for the rest of her born days; her mother was a little bit better. After their outbursts there were more tears and hugs from all three. As I stood watching and waiting for their somewhat awkward reunion to finish, Demi pulled away and turned to me with tears still rolling down her face “Jim I’m really, really sorry that I put you through all this trouble and I deserve a good spanking for it.” She threw herself at me with her arms wrapped about my waist and cried even harder. I held her tightly to me, trying to console her, eventually she calmed down enough and pulled free of me, without so much as a word she walked out of the office into the shed and returned a few minutes later with a thin bamboo tree stake in her hand. With tears still falling she presented the bamboo stick to me.

“What am I supposed to do with this Demi?” But I knew only too well what to do with it.

Her mother was the first to speak “What are you doing Demi?” she demanded.

Demi turned to her mother and father, and with all the courage she could muster considering the circumstances, told them that since she was the one who got herself into this mess, it was up to her to get herself out of it. That she should be spanked very hard for all the trouble she had caused me and them; her mother had a worried look about her, and John never said a word, except “If that is what you think should be done, then so be it.”

Now here I was standing in the boss’s office with a bamboo stick in my hand and his daughter willingly submitting to a spanking with her parents there. “Demi, are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, Sir this is what I want and deserve, so can we get this over with?” Without anymore further ado Demi placed herself across a stool and held onto the legs and waited for me to begin her spanking. I looked at John and his wife, watching in awe at what was unfolding in front of their eyes and they just nodded their consent. “If they only knew what I thought.”

“Demi” I said “are you sure this is what you want as this will sting quite badly?”

“Yes it is, but wait a minute” she stood up and undid her jeans and pulled them down to her knees and then resumed her position across the stool. “I’m ready now” as she looked at me I knew she was putting on a show for her parents, and I was not going to let her or them down by going easy on her.

I took up a position to her left and measured out my swing tapping lightly across her panty covered bottom. “Six of the best should teach you a good lesson” I said to her. I waited for her to unclench her cheeks and with arm raised I let fly with the first stinger with a cane that she had never had in her life. Demi howled out loud and her legs danced a tune unto themselves; the second and third strokes elicited the same response from her. I had also noticed that both her parents were holding onto each other for support. The fourth stroke caused Demi to rise and dance about, but she obediently got back down over the stool for the last two strokes. I waited until she calmed enough before stoke number five arrived with a fire just as intense as the last four; when she had quieted down I said “Just one to go and it will be all over and forgiven”. Demi hung onto the stool legs for dear life, she must have sensed that this last one was going to be the worst, and I was not about to disappoint her. I raised my arm and waited for her to relax her bottom and when she did I let fly with the hardest one yet; Demi gasped and went ridged for a moment then let out a scream that brought her mother to her side.

Demi pushed her away, and in between trying to get her breath she said “No Mum I must do this my way”. She lay there for a few minutes until she caught her breath; finally she stood up although awkwardly and with wobbly legs, she hobbled the couple of paces to me and thanked me for her punishment.

Looking into her eyes with her staring back at me I said “Demi, I’m so proud of you. You’ve taken your punishment and now is all forgiven.” With that she fell into my arms and sobbed her heart out. I hugged her until she had stopped crying. This had been too much for John as I hadn’t even seen him leave, but her mother still stood there waiting. Finally I pulled away from her grip and said “You had better put some cream on your bottom when you get home, it should help a little.” Her mother came over and tried to help her retrieve her jeans but she was not having any of that, very gingerly Demi pulled her jeans up and over her now swollen cheeks, Arm in arm, mother and daughter left the office along with John and took their little girl home.

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Discover how Demi’s panties first came down as the story began in Part 1: Demi.

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