Big trucks need big men to drive them; big men you don’t cross especially if you are an eighteen-year-old stowaway. Demi discovers that Jim is just the man to correct her with a good spanking but also teach her everything this eighteen-year-old virgin wanted to know.

You are welcome to contact the author Sir James.

The story continues as a caning awaits Demi’s bottom in Part 2: The Journey Home.

The next two weeks were going to be long and arduous driving this truck up north to Cairns in Queensland and then back to Melbourne; it was not a trip I was looking forward to, especially with the Christmas holidays. Coming up, all I could envision was mile after mile of slow traffic caused by caravans being towed by their naive owners who had no idea of the problems they left in their wake. So reluctantly I headed out of the freight yard and into the traffic turning left to head up that lonely black strip of tar.

The first thirty miles were mainly stop-start traffic until I reached the outer limits of the city and then I was able to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak; it was just on four in the afternoon and I wanted to get a few hundred miles under my belt before I stopped for something to eat and continue on my journey. The traffic seemed light so I set the cruise control and turned up the radio and with a smoke puffing away I settled in concentrating on the road and singing along to the odd song or two.

Saw a few mates along the way heading home in the opposite direction; “Lucky bastards” I thought, “oh well I’ll be at the roadhouse in another hour or so and hopefully that cute little waitress – Mandy will be there, she’s a real stunner, not more than about thirty I reckon. So I continued on driving and half an hour later I could see the outline of the border town come into view from the top of the hill before the run into town, just where the local copper sits, waiting for that unsuspecting driver who has crept just over the speed limit. “Money hungry government” I thought “just a few more miles and I’ll be there.” I could almost smell the steak from where I was in the truck, best steak on the road. The truck park was pretty full and it was a job and a half just to get my rig in, but once in and the park brakes locked.

I switched the tuck off and let the turbo timer run its course to cool down the motor and shutdown; as I was gathering my things together I thought I heard something, but dismissed it as the truck settling down on the airbag suspension and continued on into the roadhouse.

There were all manner of people in there and the noise; it was like a dull roar that never seems to go away and kids from all the travellers running around like lunatics with their heads cut off. As I approached the drivers’ lounge this kid ran straight into me at groin height, and damn near took the wind out of me. The poor kid just stood there with his mouth wide open looking up at me with not a word coming out of him; some of the people had stopped in their tracks to see what had happened and when I got my breath back, I roared at this kid “Get ya little ass over there with your parents and sit down and do not move.” His father come running over and stopped in front of me and must have had second thoughts because he just turned and walked back to where he had been sitting with his brat.

I could feel every eye drilling into me but stuff it, it was the same every time the holidays started, and I was in no mood for troublesome kids who won’t sit still when out. When I had seated myself, Mandy came over with a grin on her cheeky face from ear to ear, “Hi Jim” she cooed, “hey I never seen you go off before, but thanks, we were all starting to get really annoyed with that kid, anyway. The boss said this one’s on the house for what you did, same as usual?”

“That will be fine, but can I have my coffee first?”

“Coming right up Jim, just be two shakes of my butt for you sexy.”

With dinner out of the way and my mood improving every minute, I was feeling pretty good, until one of the other drivers came in and mentioned that he had seen a young girl get out of my truck “Oh shit!, thieving kids” I thought.

So out I go to the truck to investigate what had been stolen and to my surprise I find Demi huddled up in the corner of my sleeper bunk. “In God’s name girl what are you doing in here? Your father will be worried sick not to mention the trouble you’re in. Now get your backside out of that truck and come here girl.” Demi started to stutter and blubber with tears running down her cheeks “Stop that crying you’re eighteen” I barked at her; with that she sniffled and wiped the back of her hand across her face and down her jeans.

“Come with me girl, I’ll have to phone your father and let him know where you are.”

Demi followed me into the roadhouse at a distance. Once again Mandy caught sight of me and asked, “Did you miss me already?”

“Yes and no, I’ve got a small problem, a stowaway! Mandy meet Demi, this is the boss’s daughter. She was hiding in the sleeper.”

Mandy piped up, “A hiding is what she needs.”

“Yeah well it’s not up to me. Can I have another coffee while I ring her father to find out what I can do with her for now?”

Demi sat quietly while I rang her father, “Hello John! I’ve struck a problem up here at the border.”

“What trouble have you got?”

“Well I was about to leave the roadhouse when I discovered Demi hiding in the sleeper bunk.” The next few minutes were filled with rants, raves and a lot of expletives that Demi could hear well. After John had calmed down I asked him what he wanted me to do with her.

“You’re too far up the road to turn around. Can you keep her with you until you get back?”

“Yeah I guess so, but she’ll have to do as she’s told. I won’t have time to babysit her all the way there and back.”

Just then John interrupted and said, “Put me on speakerphone.”

“Sure John.”

“Demi, you there?”

“Yes Daddy” she replied.

“You listen, and you listen good, young lady. If you don’t do as you’re told Jim has my permission to spank your butt. You hear me girl!”

“Yes Daddy” she replied with a now reddening face.

As I hung up the phone Demi gave me a look of pitiful sorrow, “Would you really spank me Jim?”

“I’ve got a mind to spank you right here in the coffee shop, just to teach you a lesson young lady. Now have you had anything to eat?”

“No not yet.”

“So I guess you’re hungry.”

“Yes Sir” she replied.

“Well come on then we can get you something to eat on the way. I have already lost an hour and it will be ages before I can catch up the time.”

As we headed out of the truck park Demi piped up and attempted to apologize for causing all the trouble and promised she would be a good girl from then on.

“Well you had better be, otherwise young lady you will have to lie on your stomach all the way there and back.”

That gave her my clear indication that should she misbehave then her butt would suffer. The next five hundred miles went without incident or a peep out of her. A couple of times I noticed her drop off to sleep then finally wake again after we hit a pot hole with a jolt.

“Jim, can we stop I need to go.”

“Oh for God’s sake girl; okay alright then.” Slowly I backed off and changed down gears until I was able to pull to the side of the highway and let her out. “You will have to pee behind that tree over there and be quick about it I don’t have all night.”

As she ventured out into the darkness and the noises from the bush surrounding the highway towards the tree, I heard her call out to me, “Are you still there?”

“Yes I’m still here” After about five minutes I called out to her “Demi! What are you doing hurry up.”

“I need some paper” she cried out.

With tissues in hand I passed them to her, and with the lights from the passing trucks I couldn’t help but notice her well formed bottom and it was then that I decided that a sound spanking was in order for all the trouble she had caused me.


“Yes Jim” she replied.

“Have you finished yet?”

“Just about.”

“Good, you can leave your jeans around your ankles as I’ve decided to spank you for all the trouble you have caused me tonight.”

“Please Jim, don’t spank me.”

“Yes I think a good spanking will do just fine for now, come over here where I can see you.”

Demi stepped out from behind the tree, with her jeans half-mast and with a look of sheer terror in her eyes. “Please Jim don’t spank me” she pleaded.

“This is the only way you are going to learn that you can’t just do as you please, now come over here!”

Demi slowly moved towards me until she was looking up at me, with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know why you are crying, I haven’t started yet.” With that I pulled her over my knee and began to spank those cheeks until she was squealing out loud and begging me to stop. As I laid on the last few smacks to her bottom I told her, “I hope this will teach you a lesson. Now get your jeans up and get back in the truck.” I could see her wince as she pulled up those skin tight jeans that young girls wear these days, thinking that she’d be wishing she had some loose ones to wear about now.

Once under way she ventured to ask me if she could lie down in the bunk as it was really sore sitting on the seat. “Alright then, but not a peep out of you until daylight.” Demi scrambled up and over into the bunk and pulled the night curtain across. As the miles rolled on, I was starting to get tired myself then it hit me, where was I supposed to bed down? Damn this girl, she had taken the only place I had to sleep. As I powered the truck down and wheeled into the parking bay for trucks, I deliberately pulled away from the other trucks and prying eyes; the last thing I needed now was some nosy good for nothing do-gooder causing trouble for me.

I tried for about half an hour to get some sleep sitting up, but it was just no good, there was only one way I was going to get any sleep and that was if I woke Demi up and got her out of the bunk. I pulled the curtain back and there before my eyes was her naked bare bottom in all its glory, with my hand prints still evident and still very red from the spanking that I had given her. She was still sound asleep, I nudged her awake, “Demi, I need to sleep for awhile, you can move over or get up and sit in the cab until I wake up.”

“Can I just lie here, it’s still too sore to put anything on my bum?”

“Alright but be quiet.”

“Yes Sir” she replied.


To lay there trying to ignore the fact that a girl of eighteen was right next to me with a bare ass was in the end just too much to cope with. I rolled over and found myself face to face with her; she looked into my eyes and burst into tears “Oh Jim I’m so sorry” she was pleading with me to forgive her in between sobs. Instinctively I put my arms around her and hugged her close to me; my left arm had dropped down to her lower back and found her still naked bottom. I felt her tense up a little, but as I continued to slowly rub her bottom her sobs became little moans of pleasure, until I felt her shudder and a little squeal escaped her throat. Why this little minx had just had an orgasm.

I let my fingers explore her nether regions further until I found her sopping wet pussy; slowly I traced the outline of her labia up and down and gently ran my hands along the insides of her thigh ever so lightly. She quivered with each pass, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but reasoning just went out the window along with all self-control. Here I was with a girl, just on the verge of woman-hood, and she in my arms half naked. Slowly I began to rub up and down her crease until I found her little bud, the moment I touched it she bucked and squealed; I continued on. With my fingers exploring her further I now had a raging hard-on and it was becoming very uncomfortable being restrained.

In my jeans, I coerced her to remove the rest of her clothes and as she got to her bra, she hesitated for a moment; I sensed her apprehension. I soon had her calmed and the offending item of clothing removed revealing the most beautiful pair of breasts that any man could wish for. As Demi sat there looking at me wide eyed and not knowing what to expect next she blurted out, “I’m still a virgin” and turned her head away.

I slowly turned her head back with my fingers on her chin until she was looking at me.

“It’s alright Demi, we can take this as slow as you need.”

I moved slowly onto her and begun to trace my tongue around and around her soft pink nipple then the other. She held on for dear life to the back of my head, I could feel her chest heaving with each breath; Demi was on the verge once more. I eased my mouth away; slowly I laid her down on her back and spread her legs wide; this gave me an uninterrupted view of her little pussy, now glistening with her dew. Her smell made contact with my nostrils and it had been the most pleasant aroma I had ever smelt, like peaches and apricots.

It took me but a minute or two to undress, as my cock sprang out she gasped with fright. “Ssssh little one it’s alright” I said, trying to calm her fear.

“Bu…..but it’s so big” clearly she hadn’t seen a grown man’s cock at full attention and it scared her a little. Gently I eased in between her legs and proceeded to lick and suck on her pussy, darting my tongue in and out, her cute little bum was squirming all over the place. As this was all new to her I finally started to suck on her quite erect little bud and she went wild. Demi was by now absolutely drenched with her own juices, running down her crack to her tight little anus, and this I gave a few tentative licks as well. I didn’t want to scare her completely as I had every intention to explore this part of her at some time, but just not right now.

As my own needs were rapidly building it was time to introduce her to a cock for the first time. Gently, very gently, I moved up between her legs and rested on my left elbow looking down at her. Slowly I kissed her and inserted my tongue into her mouth; her own tongue met mine and twisted around and around. While this was going on I gently rubbed the head of my cock the full length of her pussy.

With the head of my cock well lubricated I slipped the head in and held still, her eyes popped open along with her mouth. I caressed the side of her temple until she relaxed. Slowly I moved forward an inch then back out and back in, giving her time to adjust to the sensation on each gentle thrust I made. I moved ever so gently further until I came to her maidenhead.

“Demi, this next part is going to hurt just a little, but then you won’t feel any more pain after that.” Slowly, once again, I moved in and out of her until I could see she seemed lost in the moment and when she least expected it I broke through on one final plunge until I had hit bottom and tore her virginity. Demi squealed with the sudden and unexpected sharp pain, but soon relaxed and settled into a rhythm.

Within minutes Demi was coming once again, and I myself was on the verge of coming as well; with a few more powerful thrusts I came, with copious amounts of cum filling her to overflowing. With both of us spent and tired we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was some four hours later that I woke, to find Demi sitting in the corner of the sleeper bunk still naked just staring at me. “Are you alright Demi, I asked?” I was worried and scared shitless that she maybe regretted what had happened between us.

“Oh yes” she replied. “Can we do that again please Jim? Can we, please? Please” she begged.

“Not now, I need to make some miles up, otherwise I’ll be late. Tonight when we pull in for a rest, if you’re a good girl, we might after some dinner.”

For the rest of the day all was well and pretty quiet as the miles rolled by. Town after town we went through, with the usual chatter and foul language form the uhf radio. Demi went from up front with me back into the bunk for a nap for a few hours, which gave me time to reflect on the night before. Me, of all people, to have the good fortune of having a sweet little girl asleep in his bunk bed and eager to experience her next fuck. In the throes of last night it had completely slipped my mind to use some form of protection; as the last thing I wanted was for her to become pregnant I made my mind up I’d get some at the next stop.

Finally Demi woke up and crawled back up front, with a smile on her face. “Have a good nap did we” I asked.

“Oh yeah, it was wonderful, would you like to hear about my dream?”

“Why sure!” Demi recited the dream for the next half hour and by the time she had finished, I was feeling all hot and bothered, and with a raging hard-on it was making driving all that more uncomfortable. Soon after I could see the lights in the distance of the next major stopover point where we could shower and clean up before dinner. As I was waiting for the truck motor to wind down, I went into the roadhouse and booked an overnight cabin where we could shower. As I got back to the truck, Demi was waiting eagerly. “Come on let’s get cleaned up and then we’ll go get some dinner, you must be starving by now.”

Half an hour later saw us both seated and waiting on our dinner. There were a few odd looks in our direction but nothing that I was too concerned about for now. Once dinner arrived Demi ate like she’d not eaten in a week “Hey slow down you’ll get the hic-ups”.

“Sorry Jim” she replied and continued on but at a slower pace. As I sat back sipping on my much needed coffee I watched her eating and realized that I hadn’t really noticed her before this. She was just always there at the depot, but now I could see her in a totally different light. With dinner finished, we headed back to the cabin for a well earned rest, well on my part anyway.

“Can I watch the TV?”

“Alright but not too loud.” As I sat there filling in some paperwork Demi sauntered over to my side and edged her way down onto my lap. “Jim, can we” and she hesitated for a moment; so I asked her “Can we what?”

“Can you teach me some more things tonight?” As she put her arms around my neck I guessed she must have been thinking about it all day and so she had gotten herself all wet and horny. Demi was staring at me looking for an answer of some sort.

“Alright then but turn the lights out and leave the TV on.” She was off my lap in a flash with the lights out then, just as quick as she was gone, she was back sitting on my lap once again. As I sat there looking at her, I momentarily thought I’d died and gone to heaven; it couldn’t have gotten any better. She broke my trance by planting a kiss on my mouth with her eager tongue pressing in between my lips. As I kissed her back hard, my right hand found her left breast, chest heaving I toyed with her nipple then the other nipple, I could feel each of them harden under my touch. As she pulled away from the kiss, I started to undo the buttons to her dress; one by one they popped open, revealing the soft silky smooth skin of her breasts, nipples standing proud and as hard as walnuts. As I cupped her breasts in my hands, kneading them ever so gently, she whispered in a low voice, “Jim could you spank me again, please?”

“Why, have you done something I should know about?”

“No” she replied “but yesterday when you spanked me it hurt a lot, but then it made me feel all funny inside; a nice funny.” She was trying to explain, in her naive way, that it had gotten her aroused and for some reason she had liked the after feeling, but not the actual spanking.

“So” I thought “I guess we could do that if that’s what you want.”

“But not so hard this time” she interrupted.

“No, not so hard, but just enough to get you wet” with that said Demi proceeded to remove her dress, but I stopped her. “Wait Demi, leave your dress on for now, just slip your knickers down to your knees then lay across my lap for your spanking.” She did as she was told without a word blushing as she did. Even in the dim light I could see she was embarrassed; slowly she lowered herself down onto and over my lap, I adjusted her so that her bottom was at the right angle. Gently I lifted her dress to her lower back, and tucked it in out of the way, “Are you sure this is what you want Demi?”

“Yes I’m sure Jim” I proceeded to spank each cheek in turn with a loud crisp slap echoing off the walls.

As each slap descended she let out a little cry, until very soon she was crying openly. I continued to spank her with her bottom getting redder, her legs were dancing a tune unto themselves giving me an uninterrupted view of her fanny; she was wet, I could see her juices trickling down her inner thigh. I finished her off and stood her up with tears falling from her eyes. She looked up at me with such pitiful eyes I pulled her into me and hugged her tightly, and this broke her resolve, she just broke down sobbing.

“Why, what’s all this about then?” She seemed too broken hearted to answer, so I let her cry it out. Twenty minutes later she had composed herself. “Now what was all that about Demi?”

“You’re the only one who has ever bothered to stop me from being a bitch and spank me for being naughty.”

“Don’t your parents punish you when you’re naughty?”

“No not really, it just seems that they give me what I want and don’t really care what I do or where I go, just so long as I don’t get in their way.”

As I sat in the armchair, with Demi curled up on my lap, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this kid. With her still bare bottom exposed, I started to gently rub it again. With Demi responding to my touch, I slowly lifted her up in my arms and placed her on the bed. With no further words I proceeded to fully undress her until she lay there in all her naked glory. I was out of my own clothes within minutes and lay beside her; Demi’s education was truly on track tonight. Gently I introduced her to giving a blow job, something that she took to like a duck to water; soon I was on the verge of no return, it was then that I stopped her and had her lay back down with her legs open wide. As I knelt between her with my throbbing cock pulsating I couldn’t wait any longer; it was time to take her once again.

Slowly but gently I entered her, as she clung to me; I couldn’t believe how tight she was, it was like a vice grip. After a couple of minutes of slow pumping in and out of her, I sped up my movements and within a minute or two we both came, collapsing side by side. As I gazed at her I could see she was still coming down from her orgasm with eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“Oh Jim, that was awesome, can we do it again?”

“In a little while” I said “I need to catch my breath.” But both of us drifted off to sleep.

Next thing I remember was the alarm going off. I shook Demi awake, “Come on up and at it, we need to get going.” Soon both of us were in the shower; soaping her lithe body was exquisite, but I didn’t have time to play just now; dried and dressed we headed for the road house for some breakfast, twenty minutes later we were on the road.

Demi seemed in a bit of a mischievous mood that morning, getting into all my paperwork and commenting on the last two days. “Watch out young lady, keep this up and it might just earn you another spanking.” She pouted her lips at me. “You think I’m kidding do you! Now settle down please, we still have just over a thousand or more miles to go and I want to make a big dent in it by dinner time tonight.

Mile after mile the black tar disappeared under the wheels and with each hour going by Demi was getting increasingly bored with the day. Lunch came and went with little or no issues with Demi just the usual things for a teenage girl: toilet stops; “I’m hungry”; “can I have one of these” (pointing to a CD on the rack at one of the truck stops we stopped at). They were just those annoying little things that you can do without when you’re travelling, even more so when you are hauling upwards of fifty tons of freight.

As night was falling fast now I made the decision to pull into the next stop for dinner and camp the night; Demi was tired and I wasn’t far from it myself. Just another fifty or so miles and we’d be eating dinner. Those fifty miles seemed to go in a blink and we were pulling into the roadhouse. I pulled up next to the fuel pumps so I could fill up before dinner. I sent Demi in ahead of me to order dinner, while I finished fuelling, with strict instructions that I wanted steak with the lot, and a large pot of coffee with it. “Sure Jim.”

I nosed the truck into the park area and away from the other trucks, not only so I could be first out in the morning, but I didn’t want anyone hearing or prying into my business, namely Demi. The stares were bad enough as it was, let alone what some people may have thought or were thinking. Soon I was inside with Demi and seated at the table for dinner. That coffee sure was what I needed just then; strong and hot.

“What did you order for dinner, Demi?”

“Oh fish with salad and some ice cream, is that alright?”

“Sure that’s fine.”

An hour later with dinner over we headed to the overnight bungalow for a well earned shower and sleep; but little Miss Demi seemed to have other things on her mind, namely her further education on the subject of sex, and she was by no means going to let up until I agreed. So after showering we, or I should say I, got right down to business with her. Firstly I gave her a good spanking for annoying the shit out of me all day and none too pleased she was. She snivelled, “What was that for?”

“Just to let you know who is in charge here, and it’s not you!”

For the next hour or so I had her over the end of the table and across the arm of the sofa chair; had her sit in my lap facing me and facing away; I laid her flat on her back on the table and sat on a chair while I ate her to a mind blowing orgasm, that sapped all her strength, and just about all of mine in the process. Soon we were both sound asleep, Demi in the bed and I on the sofa.

Next morning we were away with take away breakfast and coffee, just a few hundred more miles to go and we’d be there. Then when we’d unloaded we’d have three days before I could load up for the home trip. Five hours later saw us hit the outskirts of Cairns, so I drove straight to the freight depot to unload; at three in the afternoon I knew I was pushing it a little with them, but very soon we had the truck unloaded and parked up for the night. I booked into a motel for the next two nights and days; what with taking Demi shopping for some clothes, as she didn’t think to bring anything with her when she decided to stow away; and having to give the truck a service before the return journey it all went very quickly. It was soon time to load up again and head back south to home but while we were in Cairns I bought Demi a book, “Sex and Youth Today”.

She immersed herself in it for nearly a full day, that night she came and sat on my lap while we were watching TV. “Jim can I ask you a question?”

“Sure what is it?”

“Well in that book they talk about anal sex, can you teach me that?”

She had taken me off guard with that one “I’ll have to think about it for now.” As she continued to sit in my lap she slowly dozed off to sleep, with a little snore; poor kid was tired. I let her sleep for a bit before I picked her up and put her to bed. She was out cold, but just in case she woke up I left her a note to stay inside and not open the door to anyone, or else her bum would pay the ultimate price by way of pain.”

“Great” I thought “maybe an hour on my own; I’ll slip over to the bar and have a few drinks.” With keys in my pocket I made for the bar, but Cairns is not a place to be out and about at night if you know about the town and some of her inhabitants. Good people in all but some seem to think that what is yours is theirs as well. I wasn’t in the bar more than half an hour when a brawl started between two groups of people; Kiwis and Aboriginals; it was on for young and old so I was out of there. Just as I was leaving the police arrived and barred the door stopping anyone from leaving, including yours truly. After about another twenty minutes I was finally allowed to leave, and none too soon for my liking. As I headed back to the cabin my thoughts were on the return journey home and some peace and quiet.

You are welcome to contact the author Sir James.

The story continues as a caning awaits Demi’s bottom in Part 2: The Journey Home.

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