Boyfriend Spanked by Girlfriend: How it Began – True Story

A boyfriend’s playful reprimanding slap across the panty-covered bottom of his girlfriend has turned the tables – she is now the one administering real discipline to his bare bottom firmly establishing theirs as a female-led relationship. 

[Editor’s Note:  Dear Jon, Your posting was too good to leave as a mere comment as originally sent. Trusting that you are okay with this presentation, let me know of any concerns. -Regards, Michael]

With my girlfriend, the spankings began with me spanking her. One day she spilled coffee on the carpet after I had warned her to be careful. I told her she was a naughty girl, raised the hem of her miniskirt and gave her a few playful smacks on the seat of her panties.

A few days later I did something that annoyed her and she said, “If you can spank me, then I can spank you.” I had just stood up and was wearing only a pair of briefs when she gave me several firm smacks on them, hard enough to sting slightly.

Nothing more happened for a few days until one night when we were in bed she said, “I’ve been thinking about spanking. I don’t really like being spanked, from now on I should do the spanking in our relationship.” I had always been intrigued by the idea of female domination, so I said, “Alright, if that’s what you want, it’s okay by me.”

Since then she has spanked me numerous times, mostly as erotic fun, but sometimes for discipline when she is displeased with me. We have acquired a few implements, her favorite is a wooden paddle. It is not heavy enough to cause serious injury, but it makes a very loud noise when impacting my bare bottom while delivering an intense sting. After a paddle session across her knees,  I can’t sit down for the next few hours and I often have bruises on my bottom the next day serving as a reminder.

I would recommend to any woman who is unhappy with the way her husband or boyfriend behaves to discipline him with spankings. It is an excellent way to settle relationship issues without hurtful emotional conflict while restoring balance and harmony by working off your frustration and aggression toward him. The pain and humiliation of sound bare bottom punishment will put him in his place while reaffirming yours. Be encouraged.


One additional point. When we first bought the paddle, we kept it in a drawer in the bedroom. The drawer was getting full with other items and as the paddle has a hanging loop, I hammered a nail into the wall and hung the paddle from it. I did not realize that having the paddle constantly on view would make such a difference. Now, any time she is annoyed with me, she is liable to grab the paddle and say “Get your pants down and bend over!” When we have a disagreement, this certainly helps to get to the BOTTOM of the problem!

How To Give A Spanking
  • It is gradually getting warmer and I should soon be able to adopt my usually summer costume in the house: just a pair of underpants. My girlfriend finds this very practical. She can swat me on the seat of my briefs any time she wants, as a warning or just because she feels like doing it. And if I misbehave, she can grab the paddle from its hook on the wall, tell me to bend over and give me a sound disciplinary spanking on the spur of the moment.

  • I agree with what the anonymous poster said on November 14, 2022. I think most women are not sadistic by nature and have no wish to beat their partner severely. For many women, even the use of a cane is too extreme, but I think quite a lot of women are happy to administer moderate discipline to their husband or boyfriend. They find it sexy and they like the power it gives them.

    I do not spend a great deal of time across my girlfriend’s knee being paddled, and when she does paddle me, it is in private or in the company of those who are into spanking. I often feel the flat of her hand impacting my bottom though, both in private and in public. If I do something she doesn’t like or make a sassy remark, the usual consequence is several firm swats on the seat of my pants to warn me to be careful how I behave. This sometimes prevents us from having an argument and she seems to enjoy doing it in front of other women. I guess she likes them to see that she has me under control.

  • Interesting that Jon started off spanking his girlfriend but she quickly turned the tables and started to spank him. I think this is typical of the change in gender roles that has taken place in the last few decades and is still in progress. In the first half of the twentieth century adult spanking seems to have been fairly common judging by newspapers and movies from the period, but it was always a man spanking a woman. Nowadays more and more women seem to be getting into the habit of disciplining their husband or boyfriend. I wonder how far this trend will go? Perhaps in a few years time M/F spanking will be as rare as F/M spanking was a hundred years ago while it will be quite normal for a woman to put her partner across her knee and paddle his bottom any time he acts up.

  • I wonder if some women are put off the idea of discipline when they read about belt whipping and the use of canes. I suspect this is going too far for many women who are not sadistic by nature. I would like to reassure you: plenty of men can easily be kept in line without resorting to extreme methods. In many cases, a few firm swats with a hairbrush or a ping-pong paddle are quite enough. If your husband or boyfriend does not have a high pain threshold there is no need to beat him black and blue. Just spank him hard enough to make his bottom sting slightly and he will ready to obey you!

  • Nothing very much to report as I have been behaving myself, but I have a request. I know for sure that I am not the only male who is spanked by his partner. I have personally witnessed (in real life, not online) one being paddled by his girlfriend on the seat of his briefs and two others being spanked on their bare bottoms. It would be nice if more people would send comments describing their experiences. It is always interesting to read them.

  • Just a quick update. My girlfriend has not had cause to use the paddle recently, as I have been behaving myself most of the time, apart from one or two minor cases of talking back to her. She dealt with these by giving me a few firm swats on my bottom with the flat of her hand as a warning. I don’t know often other males get paddled, I think the important thing is not the frequency of punishment but the fact that a woman has the right to discipline her partner by spanking his buttocks with an implement.

  • My wife and I used to spank each other. However, after we both discovered that she did not care to be on the receiving end, now only I get spanked. We now have three basic rules: 1) When I do something not up to my wife’s standards, I am to be nude and go over her bare lap where she spanks me soundly; 2) If I do nothing wrong but she feels like it, I will get spanked; 3) On the rare occasions where I am not up to her standards, a spanking will occur that is harder than usual. Happy wife, happy life – it’s a great life.

    • I feel your pain. My wife is the same way. We are often both naked, but with me over her lap for a “discussion.”

  • I wish. My wife is reluctant to even give me erotic spankings. On the other hand, she permits me to make outside arrangements.

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