Wife "Persuades" Sister’s Husband to Wear Male Chastity Device To Restore Sex Life

This is not your usual spanking story. Denied sexual satisfaction for years by a selfish husband, Rose comes to the aid of her deserving sister. True to her unyielding standard, Rose applies strict bare bottom discipline with an unusual twist. With her brother-in-law finally locked into chastity, Rose advises, “You will become very oral my friend, learn to relish it.” As noted, this is not your usual spanking story.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

It is a good thing I have one of those units than can raise my desk so I can use it standing.  Rose told me to write about my brother-in-law Steve and I forgot to do so.  She said my being busy was no excuse and I would be standing for supper until I did so.  That was about four hours ago and I am still standing and have no desire to sit for quite a while.

Steve and Rose’s sister have been married for almost 25 years.  As with everyone else, we know they are aware of how we live and who is in charge in our house.  I know that on more than a few occasions that he has found standing much more comfortable than sitting and, in a strange way, we seem to get along quite well.  I will do anything I can to give him a hand when needed and he does the same for me.

One thing Steve refused to agree to was a chastity device like mine.  His wife suggested it often but he said there was no need.  Unlike me he doesn’t travel much at all so my original reason for getting locked was not a good enough reason and Rose’s sister did want to push the point.  At the same time her sister is 64 now and the bedroom activity has slowed down quite a bit. These sisters were blessed with the same high sex drive that continues well into their sixties but unlike Rose her sister was denied the attention and satisfaction she both needed and deserved.

I know Rose and she talked about it and just agreed that it was probably Steve’s age that accounted for his reduced sex drive and there was not much that could be done about it.  Rose did express that she has no problem in that area because I act like a teenager on a hot date every chance I get.  Needless to say my chastity device contributes greatly to my pent up sexual energy. All that happened over a year ago and I had forgotten about it – so apparently had Steve.

Around Christmas of 2015 Rose’s sister caught Steve taking care of his needs by himself.  As a result he was in a lot of trouble and the chastity device subject was again raised.  As I recall he still refused to have that locked on and I remember several times he wound up standing when there was not an apparent why unless there was another reason as I often experience.  There was another reason.  Rose’s sister had become convinced that his lack of bedroom attention was because he did not need her and was simply taking care of that need himself.  She never, to my knowledge, thought another woman was involved.  After that I know that he got some very severe paddling’s and whippings but still refused to get locked.

That is when I was brought into the problem.  It was Rose’s eleventh intervention to be exact.

During March of 2016 Rose invited them for dinner to talk about Steve’s refusal to get locked up.  I thought for sure he would get a spanking, probably more than one, until he finally agreed.  That is not how it happened however.  Rose had a different plan in mind.

I was asked if I would do anything to help her sister and Steve and of I course I said I would.  It made me nervous but I knew better than to say no.

I was then told to get my tethers, because I would need them, and her hairbrush.

Before they arrived, I was blubbering, my nose was running, and I was in the corner for the kitchen while Rose was finishing up preparing dinner.  I knew I would be eating at the counter that night but still didn’t know what she was doing.  All I was positive of is that after the spanking I had just gotten, sitting would not be easy.

When they did arrive, Rose had them come into the kitchen and sit down.  Then she told me to waddle (my tethers were still on) back over and get over her knee for the second part of my spanking.  I was so sore I started to cry again because I knew I would be begging her to stop after the first smack with her brush landed.  I was right and was begging for mercy immediately but she gave me a full second dose anyway.

After I was back in the corner she looked at Steve and said, “You probably won’t like this but that was all your fault.  You have been neglecting my sister, making her feel old and useless, getting all the relief you can stand, ignoring her, and being so pigheaded and inconsiderate that even a bottom spanked raw won’t get you to listen to reason.”

“I know for a fact, and through years of experience, that a male when limited in his sexual activities, will pay special attention to whatever thing or person can grant him relief.  You are simply too selfish to see that and the amount of pain you will accept to keep your penis free is proof of what I have said.  The question is, how much pain are you willing to inflict on someone else to feed your hand and lotion to get a moment’s pleasure?”

Rose then got up, came to the corner I was facing, and released me from my tethers.  “Go put on an apron and serve dinner for us, we will eat here so you can hear what will be happening and Steve can be reminded of what his reluctance has resulted in.”

After I had put the food on the table, gotten myself a plate, and taken it to the counter, Rose told me to face away from them so they could see what my rear looked like, especially Steve.

“Okay, here is what will happen, Steve.  Terry has been locked for almost two months now and will remain so until I see a locked cage on that penis of yours.  He will also get a spanking, just like the one he just got and you both heard and saw the second half of.  This will begin on the last Friday of every month until two months after you have been locked in chastity. This spanking will range from 150 to 175 licks of  my hairbrush. There is more to come – the deal does not end here.”

“But first, the question is, how long will allow it to go on before you agree to my demand?”

“Don’t answer me now.  I don’t want to hear any excuses, why I am wrong, why you don’t need to be locked, that you will do better, or anything else.  Now you sit there and enjoy the pot roast, I am sure it is not as well done as Terry is at this moment.  After supper, and Terry cleans the dishes, he will return to his corner until you leave.  Starting now Terry will be punished every Friday with 100 licks of my hairbrush until you agree to my terms and your presence at these sessions is mandatory.”

It took from March until September for Steve to finally feel sorry enough for me, and to be convinced Rose meant exactly what she said and wasn’t going to change her mind about any of it, but he finally did. I will admit I begged him often to just do what Rose said.  Even though he agreed in September, and we paid for expedited fabrication and delivery from the manufacturer, it wasn’t until October 3rd that it arrived and Rose saw it locked on.  She immediately had her sister unlock it and she put a new lock on where Rose was the only one who knew where the keys were.

It was at this point that  my weekly spankings stopped and the two month-end spankings commenced completing the deal as promised.

Once Steve was secured, he was told it would remain on for a year and then her sister could have the keys.  She said since he caused me frustration for almost a full year he has earned the same.  Rose also said she expected to see many smiles on her sister because Rose had enjoyed a great climax on many occasions courtesy of my tongue. Rose sealed her expectation with, “You will become very oral my friend, learn to relish it.”

If you are wondering, one reason I am standing now is obvious, another is that I am still sore from Friday and was reminded just yesterday that I had failed to write this for you.  I hope I get it done today and get approved by Rose or I will get another just before supper tonight.

I stood for supper last night but have finally finished this report.  Rose has looked at it and approved its accuracy.  I have no intentions of making any more mistakes, in the near future, because, even without another spanking, I doubt I will be sitting much until tomorrow at the earliest.  Rose did tell me that Steve has a few more surprises in front of him before her sister gets the keys but I had better not tell him if I know what is good for me and I do want to sit comfortably.

I hope you find this satisfactory, Rose said to let her know if you do not.



You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

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