What They Were Thinking

Join Rose and Terry in this highly original description as each share their intimate perspective on the thoughts, events and emotion that surround a spanking.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

What Went Through Terry’s Mind

It is almost 11:00 AM and I just looked at my e-mail. I really wish I hadn’t. Here is what she wrote:


Mom called and said you hadn’t picked her old dryer yet and taken it to the drop off site. You promised you would take care of that over a week ago.

You can count on this problem being taken care of when you get home this evening.

Have a good afternoon!


11:00 AM — I hate getting notes like that. Rose is going to toast by bottom and it is going to hurt like hell. Why do I say I will do something and then forget about it? I am lying to myself? She must have reminded me 10 times. Oh, God, it’s going to hurt. Why didn’t I do it?

Noon — I don’t even feel like eating. I’ll just grab a burger and eat at my desk, I know I won’t eat sitting down tonight.

2:00 PM — Why did I look at my watch? I will be home in only four hours and will have to face the music. Maybe it won’t be so bad tonight. She took care of another problem only a little over a week ago. I should know better. Yea, it will be as bad as always. Over her knee and fixed so I can’t get away. Then she will begin smacking me with that damn brush. God, that thing hurts. She won’t stop until I am crying like a baby and am literally on fire. Why did I not do it? I must be an idiot.

3:00 — Was tonight the night she invited her friend Sue over for dinner? No, it can’t be. Yes. I think it is. Rose won’t care if the world is there. When she has decided to spank me nothing will stop her. Only three hours to go. What can I tell her? I will get on my knees and promise to take care of it tomorrow. Wait, that won’t work. She knows I will do it tomorrow anyway so she won’t spank me again. Oh, I hope we don’t have company.

3:30 — Maybe I can get her something. Flowers? Candy? One of those small figurines she collects? There must be something. No, I know better. She has decided I need my bottom roasted and she is going to do it. Shit! It’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt a lot.

4:00 — Two hours. If Sue shows up will she bring her boyfriend? That would be worse than anything. Sue knows what Rose does, she has even seen her do it. I could stand her being there; no, not anyone else, especially a guy and a new one at that. If only I had gotten my ass in gear and picked up that dumb washer. But I didn’t and now have to pay the consequences. How hard will she spank tonight?

4:30 — I think I will leave early and get some flowers. It probably won’t help but it sure can’t hurt. No, I am what’s going to hurt. Only an hour and a half to go.

5:00 — Let’s see, I got the flowers and some chocolate covered almonds, her favorites. Maybe it will work this time. It’s funny, here I am sitting in my car driving home knowing that if I can sit at all tonight I will need a pillow. No, it’s not funny. I know I won’t sit for dinner. Will I need to sleep face down? That happens sometimes when I really get it. Oh, please, not tonight. I don’t want this.

5:50 — Here I am, I really don’t want to go in. It is only going to be a few minutes now. Please God, have her in a good and forgiving mood. I hope nothing else happened today to get her mad.

6:00 — Here I go.

“Hi Honey, I’m home.”

“Great, why don’t you get changed and come right back. Oh, bring my brush and your tethers, I left them in the den. Mom said she is really glad that you are going to get her old dryer tomorrow, she really wants to get rid of it.”

“Yes, Dear. I left you a present on the table. I hope you like it.”

“Oh, Sue and Jason had to cancel tonight, I forgot to tell you.”

Well, I have my work clothes off and her hairbrush brush and my tethers in my hand. Time to face the music. At least there won’t be an audience. Thank God for small favors. I REALLY don’t want this.

As my wife was fixing me up I kept up a constant jabber. “Can’t we just not do this? I really don’t want this. Don’t you like your flowers? The candy is one of your favorites. I really didn’t mean to forget.”

“I know honey, you don’t want this and it will hurt. But you deserve it and I want to make sure you get everything you deserve. The flowers are really nice and the candy looks great. Thank you. Now over you go.”

I was in a position I was all too familiar with; draped over my wife’s left knee with my legs trapped under her right leg. My arms and wrists were restrained and my bottom was pointed right at the ceiling.

Maybe I can just lie here quietly. I’ll show her I can take it. Oh, it’s going to hurt. I don’t want this.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Ow, that hurts. I need to keep in control of myself.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

“Owww. Honey that hurts.”

“Of course it does, I mean it to. I want you to remember to do what you say you will do.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

“Please stop, it hurts too much, oowwww.”

GOD this hurts, she has to stop.

Crack, Crack. Crack.


“Now we are getting somewhere. It seems like this is not feeling too good to you, it never does but you keep needing it. Go ahead and complain. I don’t know why you insist on trying to ‘take-it-like-a-man’, it never works.”

Crack, Crack, Crack.



Oh this hurts. Why did I do it? Why do I keep earning this pain. I’ll never forget anything again.

“Well, I need a little break. You doing OK? Doesn’t seem like it from my position. My you redden up really nicely. We are at the bright red stage now but I like that deep, deep crimson color. I hope you are NOT having as much fun and I AM having. Sometimes I think you will just NEVER learn.”

“OK. Will you get Mom’s dryer tomorrow?” — YES “Are you sorry now?” — YES “Do you want to do this again tomorrow?” — NO, God NOOO “Why do you keep promising to do things and then not do them? — I DON’T KNOW “Your bottom hurt enough yet? — YESSSS “I don’t think you have quite learned your lesson.” — YES I HAVE, PLEEEESE NO MORE “No, you can probably sit down still, I don’t like that.” — NOOO, PLEEESE “Well, I think I am rested enough to finish this, don’t you? — PLEESE, NO MORE.



I don’t know what I think while she is finishing cooking by backside. I just want it to stop. It feels like it will go on forever. It takes a while before I even realize that she has stopped. I can’t stop clenching by bottom as I lie over her knee and gain some composure. Just as I realize that the spanking is over I hear: “OK, get in your corner, nose right at the wall, and don’t you dare touch your bottom. You’ve had a double session before and I know you don’t want one now. Now go.”

My bottom really hurts. I hate his corner. Mt nose is only inches from the wall and there is nothing I can see but white. Why does the burning seem to get worse by the minute. She always spanks so hard. I hate standing here just crying. I want to rub my bottom, just once, maybe it would take some of the fire away. OOOHHHHHH it hurts.

“Honey, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“You are supposed to do that before you get spanked, you just want to go somewhere where you can rub your bottom a little. NO DICE! Dinner will be in about 45 minutes, you can hold it until then.”

“SHIT.” Why did I say that, I know I thought it, why did I have to say it out loud?

“What did you say?” “Nothing, I didn’t say anything.” Now I just lied, why, why, why? Oh no.

“My, my, you are having a really bad day.” With that, Rose came over and gave me a smack on by already burning rump and said, “OK big boy, turn around and open up.”

Doing as I was told, a small bar of Ivory soap was put into my mouth. “Let’s see, first a foul word and then a lie saying you didn’t say it. You just don’t seem to be getting things tonight. Let’s see if we can fix whatever problem seems to be bugging you.”

“Dinner is now an hour away. You can stand in your corner with a burning bottom, soap in your mouth and needing a bathroom until then. Perhaps you will learn something. I just don’t know. One more peep out of you or one single drop of pee on the floor before then and you can skip dinner. If dinner is skipped you can expect an immediate bed time and an early morning when we can repeat tonight before you go to work. GOT IT!”

God I’m miserable. My bottom feels like it is on fire. The awful taste in my mouth is unbearable. I really do need to pee. Tonight is worse that I thought it would be. I know I won’t make an hour. I have to make it. I don’t want this again in the morning. God, I have to pee.

How long has it been? Five minutes, ten, thirty, almost an hour? I can’t see the clock. I have no way of knowing. I can hear her setting the table. Does that mean that dinner is ready. OOOHHH I have to go soooo bad. My mouth feels awful. I really, really have to GOOOO.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Seems like you are in your after spanking dance the way you are shifting from foot-to-foot and clinching your bottom. You really look uncomfortable. Think you will remember Mom’s washer tomorrow? She is really looking forward to getting rid of that thing. Only four more minutes now, hang in there.”

I can’t wait even one more second. I have to, I’m so close. Please God, help me hold it. I don’t want to be spanked again tomorrow. Oowwwwwwww, it hurts. Everything hurts.

“OK, go to the bathroom, but don’t get rid of the soap until you get back.”

I ran to the bathroom and just made it. The soap still tasted awful but at least I got to finally pee and get rid of that problem. When I returned I was allowed to spit out the soap and rinse out my mouth before we ate. Rose had set my plate on the counter because I was in no condition to sit down with her and enjoy my meal.

I wish I would learn. The last hour and a half were avoidable, if only I could learn. My bottom feels like it will be a stomach sleeping night. I’ll never again do anything to deserve this again. I will be good. In a couple of days I will be able to sit comfortably again.

I am looking at Rose. God she is a beautiful woman. She really cares about me. I love her.

Well, I WILL take care of her Mom’s dryer tomorrow. I will have to show her how Rose convinced me and it will only be a little embarrassing. She has seen her actually blister me, not just the after effects. At least it will be over and I won’t have to hear about it again. I should have known better.

“Honey, please try to be good for a while, your bottom needs a rest. I Love You”

What Went Through Rose’s Mind

“Yes, Mom, I know Terry said he would take of the dryer. Yes, he said he would do it over a week ago. Yes, I know it’s an eye sore. Yes, I will make sure it is gone before tomorrow in over. No, I can’t say it will be done tonight. I think you know what is going to happen tonight to make sure tomorrow happens. No, you didn’t get Terry in trouble; Terry got Terry in trouble. Mom, I will take care of it, the dryer will be gone tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

God, I hate those calls. All Mom wants is that stupid dryer taken away. What will it take to get Terry to do it, 45 minutes of his precious time? Well, I will fix his selfish attitude tonight. I really hate it when his procrastination gets Mom upset.

Wasn’t it only 10-11 days ago he was reminded what a real spanking feels like. Sometimes he has the memory span of a four-year old. I guess I didn’t make him sorry enough last time. Shit, I was looking forward to a more relaxing evening. Oh well, it always makes me feel better using my hairbrush. I think I will plan on feeling really, really good tonight. I’m going to blister him good and make him think about it a good long while.

I sent Terry an e-mail telling him to enjoy his sitting while he still could because it probably wouldn’t be possible shortly after he gets home tonight.

All afternoon I just went about my business and thought only a couple of times that I was going to spank Terry right when he got home. But every time I did think about it I decided it would be a little harder on him that the last time I thought about it. I started dinner around five and was really thinking only about what I was cooking when I heard the car drive up and the door slam.

Well he is finally home. Will he just want me to get it over with right away or will he will try to talk me out of it? He is really inconsistent that way. It doesn’t make any difference which way he is, he is going to get a good blistering that he won’t soon forget.

I think I’ll just ignore him when he comes in and goes to our room to change. I’ll tell him to bring my brush and things after he is through the kitchen. It will give him a minute more to worry about what he has coming and he hates bringing me my brush.

After he passed through the kitchen, I turned around I saw flowers and candy. It’s so sweet of him to bring me those things when he knows he is going to get a licking. It never works, but I like it anyway. “Honey, don’t forget my brush and things I need, I want to take care of you before dinner.”

Here he is and with the things I need. Oh yes, he is telling me he doesn’t want to go over my knee. Time to truss him up.

“Yes Dear, I know you don’t want the spanking you earned. Yes, I know it will hurt. Yes it will hurt a lot, I know that. Thanks for the flowers and candy. Now, you are all fixed up, get over my knee.”

I really love this sight. His bottom positioned just right for my undivided attention. Well, might as well get started. I wonder how long it will take before I get my first complaint?

Not bad, the first quiet “ow” and I’m on only spank 14.

27 — And I have my first request to stop. Not too loud yet, but a start

46 — That what I like to hear a nice loud “OW”

63 — That’s good, real begging and pleading that I please stop. This should go on for a while. He is really feeling it now.

113 — Now I am positive I am getting through, loud and clear. Nothing but his constant begging for me to stop – and loud enough for the neighbors to hear. It’s a good thing he can’t get away because I probably couldn’t control him the way he is struggling. Oh well, another dozen and we will have our little half way through chat.

I stopped for a while and waited for Terry to regain some composure. I gave him my little inquisition lecture and he was promising to do anything if I would just stop. His tears were plentiful and real and he just couldn’t keep his bottom still because of the heat. It really gives me a sense of satisfaction to see him like this; one sorry man acting just like a sorry, naughty little boy.

After a short rest and lecture I started again.

Yes, he will be bawling and begging for a while now. Good, he asked for it.

203 — His struggling is beginning to lessen. Is he just too tired and sore to struggle any more? Maybe another 30 and he will have had enough. Right now I wish his mother had not told me to stop when the brush didn’t seem to be bringing the same level of pain that happens earlier. I really feel like punishing him more tonight for some reason. Maybe I am just in a really bad mood and didn’t realize it.

235 — Well that’s enough for now. He won’t want to sit for sure.

I let Terry calm down and directed him to his corner. He was really sore and I still wanted to do something else but there has to be a reason. The tethers came off and he would have to stand there with relief only inches from his burning bottom (rubbing) and knowing that that any attempt to ease his pain would be a reason for an immediate repeat performance. He wouldn’t risk that.

He asked me if he could use the bathroom and I knew right away I could punish him some more by saying no. So I did. He could just stay in misery in his corner until dinner was ready. I know how hard it is to hold it when you have to go and he was going to have to hold it for at least more than 30 minutes. A really nice addition.


Oh good, when God answers my prayers he just keeps giving and giving. Now I can really make him sorry.

I gave him a bar of soap, Motel size, to hold in his mouth and told him that his corner time had been extended to a full hour for swearing and then denying he had done so. I would have one very contrite and humble husband in a short while.

Why did I take his bathroom privileges away? I seldom do that. It is awfully hard having to hold I for a long time when you have to go. Oh well, I did it and now I can’t back down. He’ll just have to suffer. I must have been more ticked off that I thought.

I really love seeing his bottom on display and obviously well tanned. He is so cute standing there shifting from foot to foot hoping that somehow that will take the fire away. I am glad it never works.

He is still crying a little after 15 minutes and sounding quite unhappy.

At about thirty minutes his foot shifting is starting again. I guess he really does need to pee. Holding it can be so miserable.

It’s now 45 minutes and he is tightening every muscle he has to keep from wetting the floor. It is a good thing I threatened him with another spanking if I saw so much as a drop. The soap is still in his mouth and I know that it has to be miserable also. I almost felt sorry for him.

Time to give him some hope. I also want to see in his face just how miserable he feels now.

“Only five minutes to go and you are off the hook.” I had him turn around and he had slight tears in his eyes from holding it and a really pathetic, pleading look in his face. He could now see the clock and knew he had only, or still had depending on your viewpoint, three or so minutes of pure misery left.”

Boy, I can see on his face how hard it is to hold it any longer. I really love that man. I wonder if he is going to make it. The second hand must seem to him like it is stopped or moving in slow motion.

Terry was like a sprinter when his time was up, but he did make it.

I really feel good and relaxed right now.

Comment: What I did that day was pretty severe for a one trip spanking. However, he was miserable enough that he stayed on his best behavior for almost two months. I have only taken his bathroom privileges away a few other times and I know it is really a severe punishment because it just gets worse by the minute and makes time seem to stand still. However, it does seem to give him a longer memory and keeps him on the straight and narrow for a longer period. Maybe I should do it more often.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

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