The Spencers

Cindy was now in the worst trouble ever throughout her ten years of marriage. The unreported speeding ticket and conspiracy of silence involving her son has earned the most intense spanking of her married life. A spanking agreement entered into ten years earlier with her firm but loving husband seals her fate.


I was just trying to help. While Cindy, my wife of ten years, was out food shopping; I decided to put away the clean laundry that she had left folded on the bed. Everything was fine until I got to her lingerie drawer. As I was placing clean, folded panties in her somewhat depleted lingerie drawer, I noticed a folded paper hidden in its far corner.

This seemed strange because Cindy and I have had a wonderful marriage and we do not keep secrets from each other. I was momentarily confused as I opened up the paper and found that it was a traffic ticket for careless driving. My first thought was that there must be some mistake because the ticket was only three weeks old and Cindy had said nothing about a traffic ticket.

On second thought, it became painfully obvious what had happened. In a futile attempt to avoid the spanking she was sure to get for careless driving, Cindy had violated our agreement to always confess our wrong doings to each other.

As this was sinking in, I sat down to study the ticket. It seems that Cindy was speeding through the downtown area of our small town and weaving in and out of traffic. The ticket was issued on a Thursday at 4:05 p.m. Then it clicked! That was exactly five minutes after she was supposed to have our oldest son at the doctor’s office that day! A clear and undeniable mental picture formed of Cindy recklessly racing through town with my son, endangering their lives simply because she was late for an appointment. That must also mean that she had enlisted our son in her conspiracy of silence.

This was the worst trouble that Cindy had been in our ten years of happy marriage. Oh yes; she has spent her share of time across my knee kicking her long bare legs and squalling to well-deserved spankings, but this is the first time that she had managed to commit so many infractions at one time. It seems that she must be guilty of:

(1) Committing a serious traffic violation, (2) Endangering her life and the life of our son, (3) Lying to me by omission, and (4) Enlisting my oldest child into concealing her lie.

As I thought of what my loving response must be to this situation, my mind went back ten years to the final two weeks of our engagement. As our wedding day loomed, Cindy’s behavior became more and more unreasonable. I was beginning to have doubts about the whole thing, but did not want to give up on this beautiful, sexy woman. Her parents could not help but notice their grown daughter’s behavior and apparently decided that the time had come to act. They invited me to their house for dinner. The four of us sat around the table, the tension so high that there was little conversation. After supper the dishes were left on the table and Cindy and I were “invited” into the living room for a talk. It seems that Cindy’s parents had a very successful marriage and had provided a good home for their daughter. They were now ready to share their secrets to a happy marriage.

Their talk led through the usual topics of sex, politeness, consideration, mutual honesty and love. So far, they could have been reading to us from any marriage manual. They could see that our attention was starting to wane when her father took over the conversation. He was a successful businessman and his voice now took on an edge of command.

“Just like in a business, every home must have someone in charge,” he began. “Perhaps its okay for the wife to be in charge, but in this house I am the ‘benevolent monarch’. That is a lot of responsibility and it must never be abused. Think of it like a corporation and I am the person that owns 51 percent of the stock. It would be illegal and immoral for me to ignore the interests of the other stockholders, but I would be the person in charge and responsible for the health of the corporation. Before we were married, Cindy’s mother and I had a serious talk and came to some firm understandings that still work today.”

At this point, both Cindy and her mother started squirming because they had figured out where the conversation was going. For the first time ever, family secrets were going to be divulged. To the horror of the ladies present, he continued, “I can see that this makes the ladies uncomfortable but you are about to become a member of the family and it is important that you have this information now. You see before we were married, Cindy’s mother agreed that I, as the husband and father, would be in charge of the household. She further agreed to submit to a spanking when I decide that it has been earned. We sat down and wrote up some simple guidelines. I have a copy to show you, but in general it gives both of us rights and certain obligations. I have the right to give her a hand spanking, (usually on the bare bottom) but not in the heat of anger nor in the midst of an argument. I have the right to decide when she deserves a spanking except in one case: Because truthfulness is so important to a marriage, if she is guilty of a lie, she MUST have a hard spanking and I do not have the authority to let her off”.

“In case your wondering, Cindy has also been spanked regularly as needed by either one of us. Almost always we are both present for her protection and either of us has the authority to stop the punishment. Technically as long as she is single and lives in our house she can be spanked, but that has not happened since she was 17. In fact the thought has not even gone through my head for the last three years. That is until I started noticing how she has been acting the last few days!”

With that, he handed us a copy of their old agreement and a pad of lined paper. “Cindy, your attitude must change right now. You and your future husband now need to do some negotiation and writing and signing.” Looking pointedly at me he said that we could have the house to ourselves for at least the next three hours.

Then he dropped his final bombshell, “You need to take charge starting now if you want a happy marriage. I suggest that the spanking contract that you make be backdated to yesterday. Like I said you have the house to yourself for the next three hours. Spanking is usually done in the study, bedrooms are for sleeping and loving.” The old man then gently led his wife out the front door and into the car. We were left alone.

At first Cindy refused to discuss the issue with me. “You are not going to spank me,” she insisted. I finally told her that she would not get any spanking that she did not agree to, if she would just rationally discuss the issues with me one at a time. She finally agreed.

I read each sentence from her parent’s agreement one at a time, and then asked her if it was fair or how she would change it. She agreed with a surprisingly large percentage of them. Many of their clauses were written on to our pad verbatim. We had considerable conversation about a very few, but were able to come to a reasonable compromise on each one. Finally we got to the end, and I asked Cindy if there were anything she wanted to add.

“Yes,” she said, “this one is so important that you will never get my signature without it. I want equal spanking privileges, I never did think that it was fair that Dad could spank mom but she could not spank him.”

This proposal seemed at first to have a certain compelling logical fairness to it. But how could I be truly in charge if she had the authority to order me over her knees for a spanking at her whim? No, that would not work! We spent an hour hammering out a compromise. It gave me basic “Sovereign Immunity” from spanking but I promised to consider submitting myself for a spanking if I decided that my behavior was not up to our agreement. Cindy was given the additional authority to demand to spank me if she ever caught me in a lie. In this case a hard spanking was mandatory, the same as for her. My spankings would be on the bare bottom with strap or paddle, supplied by me. Each of my spankings will continue until we both agree that I have been spanked enough.

With that final, rather involved, compromise I prepared the several pages of hand-written clauses for our signatures. I signed with a flourish and handed the pad to Cindy. She picked up the pen to sign and then looked at the date. “NO!” “You are not going to backdate that so you can spank me today!” I reasoned with her quietly. “If you are afraid of being spanked today it must be because you agree that your behavior has been bad”. “Well I guess it has been bad,” she finally admitted “but then we did not have an agreement”. I asked her,”Do you really need an agreement to treat your future husband properly?”

That question hit home. Cindy dropped her eyes, wiped away a tear and finally signed the backdated document. “I guess you are going to spank me now,” she said in a small voice. In a rather formal voice I asked her if she was ready to submit to a spanking. “Yes sir,” was her barely audible response.

I led the shaking, sobbing girl-woman to the study.


The study was furnished in substantial, overstuffed furniture and had a distinctly male touch. I noticed one large armless upholstered chair. “Is this the one he usually uses?” I asked. She nodded silently. She was led to the chair and made to face me as I sat down. From this angle her legs seemed even longer and her waist even smaller. Her ample breasts and long brown hair loomed over me. The tears on her cheeks and the look of sad anticipation on her face made it almost impossible for me to keep from taking her in my arms and tell her that this was just a warning and maybe she REALLY would get spanked next time. NO! I must really go through with this and I must do a good job! The principles to be established tonight were just too important.

On the other hand, there was no hurry. We still had the privacy of the house for another hour and I wanted her to remember this event for the rest of her life. I put my hands on her hips to calm her down and asked her to tell me everything about how her parents spanked her. She admitted that her spankings were almost always on the bare bottom. For lesser crimes she would have to reach under her skirt and lower her panties to her knees while standing next to the armless chair. She would then lie across the parent’s knees. Her skirt would be lifted in back and the spanking would be applied to her buttocks and upper legs. If it were to be a harder spanking she would be invited to go first to the bathroom because she was not known for her bladder control. She then took off her shoes and panties. As she bent over her parent’s lap, she was required to raise the front of her skirt high. When her skirt as lifted in the rear, she was bare from well above her waist to her toes. The first part of the spanking was then about the same, except perhaps longer. For the final part of the spanking she was made to spread her legs and was spanked on the tender insides of her thighs. Only the hand was used but that was enough!

I then told her about my own childhood spanking experiences. She was finally starting to relax a little when I told her to go the bathroom and then return to the front of the chair. She blushed five shades deeper than I have ever seen before or since!

She was back five minutes later still blushing furiously. I then took a good five minutes to explain to her exactly why she was going to get a hard spanking. She sobbed and nodded her head as I talked.

It was finally time to get on with it. I reached down and lifted each of her tiny feet and removed her shoes. Then up to her waistband. Her slacks were unbuttoned and worked down to her ankles. Then her pantyhose. My hands made a third trip up for her panties. When everything was down around her ankles, the quietly sobbing woman was told to step out of her clothes and get into position across my knees.

We had a moment of nervous comedy when she lay down across my lap in the wrong direction. Not wanting to deliver a left-handed spanking, I guided her up and around to the other side of my lap. We had not been angels over the last few months, so in this process no part of her was exposed to my view that had I had not seen before. Nevertheless, I had an erection of legendary size. Her weight on it hurt and she giggled nervously as I reached under her to adjust myself. Her mirth was to be short lived. The first spanks came quickly. spank…………spank……………spank……….spank……..?spank……spank….spank..spank.spank

A red blush was spreading on her bottom, but there was not yet any other reaction from her. I had been spanked many times before, but I was a complete novice at delivery. Obviously I was holding back too

much. Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……….Spank!

NOW! Finally some reaction. She was trying to hold back her cries, but her legs were giving her away as they started pumping into the air. Like a conductor leading a symphony her kicking legs urged me on.

SPANK!…… SPANK!….. SPANK!….. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! OUCH! OUCH! STOP! STOP! PLEASE STOP! All the last spanks were on her left buttock. It was now deep red.

I paused.

OUCH! OUCH! Why did you do it that way? That hurts MORE! “OK” I said. “I can help with that”. SPANK!…… SPANK!…..SPANK!….. She

cried out and her legs kicked madly. SPANK! …..SPANK!!…….”OW! OW! OWWWWWW! PLEASE: I’LL BE GOOD.” SPANK! …..”OWWWWWWWW”SPANK!! “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” SPANK!!! “OWWWWWWWWWWW” Now both sides of her bottom matched color again.

Another pause.

“Okay, Cathy I love you but we have to do a good job here. Open up your legs so I can spank you in there!” NOOOOOOO! YES! DO IT NOW OR I’LL START GIVING YOU EXTRA SPANKS WHILE WE ARE WAITING.”

Slowly, painfully, her long legs opened wide. I could see her

most private parts. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! She cried out as I rained spanks inside her left thigh. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! The right thigh took more spanks because it is harder to spank at that angle. By this time she was begging to be let up. “HAVE YOU LEARNED ANYTHING Cathy?” ” OH YES! OH YES! I’ll be good PLEASE! Haven’t I had enough now?”

“Soon, Cathy, soon” Close your legs and I am going to give you some more on your bottom” “I want you to think about why you are here across my knees, and what you are going to have to do to keep from being here again!”

Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……… Spank!……….Spank! I worked my way around her bottom taking care of any spots that were not quite dark red enough yet. She was not kicking as hard for these lighter spanks, but she was crying freely.

I had not given her any spanks for two or three long minutes before she seemed to notice that the spanking was over. Our three hours had been up for several minutes now.

By the time her parents returned, Cindy was sitting on my lap, sobbing quietly, with her bottom still bare and her clothes still piled on the floor. I was cuddling and rocking her. I noticed with some embarrassment that we had neglected to close the study door.

Cindy’s parents peeked into the room and then quickly walked past the door towards the living room. Twenty minutes later, with Cindy cleaned up and dressed we joined them briefly. They did not have to be told that we had come to an agreement and that Cindy had been spanked. We thanked them for their advice and the use of their house, and then said that we were going out “for a movie or something”. Cindy’s father looked directly at me and said “you have been given the basic tools tonight for a lifetime of happy marriage. An earned consensual spanking is not abuse, but if you ever abuse your power over my daughter you will have me to reckon with!” I agreed with him and told him that I would be a good lifetime husband to his little girl. The four of us hugged and said our goodbyes and thank you’s. I thought that I saw a rare tear in the old man’s eye. We then left for an evening out.

Naturally we DID NOT go to any movie! I am a few years older than Cindy and had a good job as a paramedic. We went straight to my apartment and then left a trail of clothes from the door to the bed. Little needs be said about our activities that evening except that we were now sure about our future life together. We made love without a condom for the first time. It was the sweetest experience of our young lives.

Although our marriage was still two weeks away, on that day Cindy became a true woman; not because of the sex, certainly not because of one spanking, but because of her determination to live her life according to a new standard. More importantly; this is the evening that we truly became united as man and wife. To this day, we celebrate our anniversary on that date, two weeks before our wedding date.

Sometime after midnight, I reluctantly dropped her off at her house with a lingering kiss and hug. We now both understood that our agreement and our new relationship had indelibly forged two single people into a couple for life.


All this musing on the pleasant beginning to our union did little to help me with the problem that I faced now, ten years and two wonderful children later. What was I going to do to sufficiently punish Cindy?

Spanking had remained part of our marriage. Most spankings did not have to be near as severe as her first spanking to have the desired effect. Spanking was the whetstone that honed us two young single individuals into a single, loving unit. Spankings remained something to be feared and avoided, but there was no denying that they were somehow mixed in with our concepts of sex and our devotion to each other.

Cindy has been on the receiving end of the vast majority of our marital spankings, but the few times that I have presented my bare bottom and an implement to her she has responded with enthusiasm. My first was also my hardest, partially due to what I did to deserve it, and partially due to misplaced male pride. Remember that our agreement said that my spanking was to continue until BOTH of us said that I had enough? I soon learned the folly that could result.

We had been married only two months when I did it. It is really hard to understand how I could have become so set in my bachelor ways in a few short years, but at first I had a problem remembering that I was married. The worst such incident was the time I stopped by a new sports bar with a few members of my crew after work. A good football game on the wide-screen TV turned a stop intended for 15 minutes and one beer into 5 hours and a “drunk”. I had not even bothered to call Cindy and tell her I would be late.

That evening my friends arranged to drop my car and I safely off at home. Cindy met me with tear stained eyes. She had been frantically calling all around town and feared the worst had happened to me. In spite of her anger, she put me tenderly to bed.

The next morning she told me about her ordeal, and how it had been caused by my immature actions. I could do nothing but agree. To her credit, she said nothing about our agreement, or spanking me. She was going to wait and see if I made the right decision. It was on my conscience all day. When I got home that evening (on time) she treated me as usual and had supper waiting.

Early that evening I slipped off to the bedroom. After preparing myself mentally I reappeared in the living room clad only in my BVD’s carrying my pajamas and my heavy work belt. She watched as I closed the windows and curtains and pulled the couch out at an angle from the wall.

I handed her the belt “I guess you know what this is for,” I said. “Yes” she said, “I’ve been expecting this all day”. I gave her instructions, “Honey, I don’t know how I’ll react to this, but whatever I do or say this spanking is not over until you have done a very good job. I love you a lot,” she said, “but after last night I will have no trouble giving you what you deserve”.

I was more scared that I would like to admit, but we were both determined and I knew I was in the hands of someone who loved me. I stepped out of my underpants. Grabbing two throw pillows I placed one on the arm of the couch and bent over it. The other I put my face into and hugged with all my might. “Go for it, Cindy,” I said. She dangled the belt across my bottom and took several minutes telling me exactly what she had gone through the night before. I would have given anything for her to just start and get it over with, but this was part of her healing process.

She fell silent for a full minute before I sensed movement behind me and the belt came down for the first time. SPLAT!!! I was shocked at the pain. My fear that she would not be able to really hurt me was gone in an instant. My erection disappeared like a balloon pricked by a pin.


She gave me several more swats. She was getting better as she found her aim! I could feel the belt start high and make its way down my bottom and on to my legs. The belt wrapped around and made terrible points of pain as the end snapped into my thigh. I desperately tried to keep quiet but a groan escaped from deep in my throat.

There was something I promised myself that I would do, but now I nearly chickened out. I asked for her to stop for a moment while I changed my position. She stepped back triumphantly thinking I had broken. She did not know how near she was to being right!

I spread my legs and moved back so more of my weight was on my legs. They shook with the effort and the pain. I reached back and under with both hands to protect my shriveled manhood. “I spank you here when you get a hard spanking, it is only fair that you get the chance now,” I told her.

She choked up on the belt for better aim and preceded to strap the inside of my left thigh. The swats were not as hard but faster!

Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! She started almost down at the back of my knee and worked her way up. I wanted to reach back to protect myself but I could not do so without leaving my privates unprotected. I squirmed and sobbed. She walked around to my right side and did the same to my right leg. For the first time since puberty I cried freely, not only from the pain, but also from the shame and guilt for what I had done.

She was slightly out of breath. “Okay honey” she said, “why don’t you get back in your original position for the rest of your punishment. “THE REST OF MY PUNISHMENT?” my outraged brain yelled inside me. “Yes Dear” is what I actually said.

“I am getting a little winded so I don’t know how much longer this can go on. Does it really hurt?” “Oh Yes,” I said. “Our agreement says that the punishment does not stop unless we both agree; so tell me when you are ready to stop. I will give you 10 more swats and then I will stop anytime you say so.

“Okay,” I said manfully. “Why didn’t I just tell her 10 more would be enough,” I thought to myself.


They came evenly and relentlessly from my right side. I was hugging the pillow and crying into it hoping that she could not hear. She could. Somehow I kept from reaching back to protect my butt.

She walked around to my other side. SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! “Okay, now I will stop at your say so,” she said through heavy breaths.

Now I saw the fatal flaw in our agreement that would come back to “bite” me time after time. My misplaced male ego would not let me give in and tell her to stop.

SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! SPLATT!! Four more times she made the trip from one side of me to the other, five hard swats each time. I shed tears and waited. Honestly my ass was now numb. The paramedic in me knew that I was going to have some serious bruises and temporary loss of mobility, but guilt and my testosterone-charged ego would not let me act. Finally she sat down totally winded. “I don’t think you should have any more than that dear,” she said. “Your punishment is over and you are forgiven. I know how hard that was for you to take and you have my respect.” She said as she lifted me up and kissed my tears tained cheek.

My paramedic training now supplied a remedy that reduced my swelling and bruising to a fraction of what it would have been; ICE! Our ice bag was not nearly big enough, but I lay down on top of several thick towels stark naked and she applied ice all over my red and marked bottom, thighs, and legs for a full half hour. It hurt almost as bad as the strapping, but it helped greatly in the long run. This became a regular feature of future hard spankings on the Spencer household.

Finally my pajamas went on. We went to bed. I did not plan on sex being possible or desirable but I was wrong!

I have not since found it necessary to sentence myself to the belt, but a few times I have presented Cindy with my bare bottom and an old wooden hairbrush for correction.

Our spanking routines have evolved over the years. I never go over her knees. I guess because of the symbolism and our different family roles it just does not seem right. For Cindy’s spankings, we have substituted the couch for an armless chair. I sit in the center of the couch and place a pillow in my lap. She lies across my lap and usually puts her face into another pillow. That way she does not have to hold back her cries or screams, but I can hear them OK. This position presents the target nicely, and is more comfortable for both of us. The back of the couch somewhat impedes the spreading of the legs for spanking the tender inner thigh, but if it is to be that kind of spanking I just move out closer to the edge to give her the proper room. She does not have to ask if it is going to “THAT” kind of spanking. If I tell her to take her panties all the way off, rather than just down to her knees, she knows why!


Again I found that my mind had drifted away from today’s problem. I still was at a complete loss as to what do about Cindy and the ticket, and the lie.

I heard the familiar sound of Cindy’s car pulling into the drive. She came walking in to the house with our two children in tow and a bag of groceries in her hands. She saw me sitting on the bed with clean, folded clothes around me and her lingerie drawer open. When she saw the ticket in my hands she turned white and nearly dropped the groceries.

“I can explain……..” she started. ” Wait! And think before you say anything!” I said quickly. “I don’t really think that there really could be an explanation except for the truth and it looks like your behind is in enough trouble without telling me any more lies”. “LIES! I haven’t told you anything! How have I lied to you?” she said. ” Exactly!” I said “Our agreement says that we have no secrets from each other. You lied by omission and violated our agreement. Not only that but after endangering the life of our son, you enlisted him into your lie. I think we can figure out what to do about you! But what do we do about him?

“O MY GOSH! She said. It really does sound bad when you put it THAT way.”

“How else would you put it?” I asked gently. She sat down next to me on the bed scattering clothes. She was silent for a long minute. Then finally said in a small voice “There really IS no other way to put it is there? You must really be mad at me”

That was an important question. I searched my soul. If I was really mad, then Cindy was going to have to wait for another day to be punished. “No……” I decided, “I think that I am stunned and disappointed, but not really mad. It looks like we have some talking to do. Why don’t we take the kids to your parent’s house for the afternoon? I think we are going to need some privacy,” I said ominously.

After a quick phone call and a ride across town, we were dropping the kids off with Cindy’s parents. Her father stuck his head in the car and noticed Cindy’s chastened look and my determined expression. ” It looks like you two are going back home for some contract work!” he said. He was referring to our agreement. The old man did not miss a trick! “Cindy what did you do?” he asked. “Something really dumb and you would never guess in a thousand years Dad,” she admitted. “But the rest is between me and my husband.”

“And her bottom!” I added needlessly.

“I think we had better be going now,” she said.

Back home we started our conversation. “Cindy this is going to take more than one spanking and your bottom is going to need time to heal between them.” “NOOOO,” she said “do anything you want; beat my bottom to hamburger but please do it all today. Could…..could you use the belt on me and get it all done today?” she asked. “Our agreement does not allow that,” I said. “Do you want to change the agreement?” “If…. if…. if that’s what it takes” she said as tears started to flow.

The old papers came out and we added an amendment that would allow Cindy to get strapped as part of her punishment for this and any future lies. NOW IT WAS TIME TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.

“OK Cindy,” I said sternly, “get my work belt and everything else that we need for a hard spanking out into the living room, and then get yourself ready.

She spent a few moments in the bathroom. She then disappeared into the bedroom and re-emerged moments later barefoot and carrying the dreaded work belt and our two pillows. The pillows went on the couch and the belt claimed a place of honor on the coffee table in front of the couch. Then a trip to the linen closet. She selected two large, thick towels, dampened washcloths, and laid all on the coffee table next to the belt.

“Ice?” she choked. “Yes Cindy, your bottom will definitely be needing ice,” I said tenderly. She went to the kitchen and returned with two large freezer bags mostly full of ice, they also went on the coffee table. I wrapped the ice bags with one of the towels. I would be in no hurry to start or finish her correction and I did not want the ice to melt.

Without being asked she locked the doors to the house, and closed the living room windows and blinds. She wanted complete privacy.

“Get your clothes ready,” I ordered. This part of our ritual varies. Sometimes I do the honors, and sometimes I have her take her own clothes off. I have never been able to decide which she hates the most. While this woman has no problems with sex and nudity where two of us are involved, the disrobing part of a spanking really seems to get to her. She hesitated, but finally her hands went to her waist. Her skirt hit the floor. She grabbed her panties and worked them down to her knees and then looked at me pleadingly. Perhaps she thought that the inside of her legs might be spared because she was going to get the belt.

“Cindy! We agreed that this was to be a very hard spanking! Get your panties off,” I said firmly. She stepped out of the panties, as she did, two large tears made dots on them. I noticed that her blouse nearly covered her buttocks. Normally I would just flip it up in back, but it would definitely get in the way of the belt. I told her to take it off. She stood before me, shivering, wearing only a bra.

After ten years and two children she was still a knockout. Her breasts had benefited from the two pregnancies, and were still fighting gravity well. Careful attention to her body has left her waist the same as it was ten years ago. Naturally her hips have spread from childbirth and the years, but that just gives her a more feminine figure and more bottom to spank. The most casual observer could now tell that she did not find it necessary to dye her hair.

I carefully explained to her the terms of her punishment. The belt was only to be part of her ordeal. She would also be thoroughly spanked. It was to be the hardest correction she had ever had. We were going to go to the edge of what was safe to her body, but not one spank beyond. It was her job to be sure that I did not stop too soon. I reserved the right to check the results in two days and give her a touch-up spanking if necessary. It should hurt to sit down for a few days.

The chastened lady was given the choice of having the belt first, or after half of her spanking. She chose the second option, and was then ordered over my lap. First she placed a pillow in my lap, and then placed the other to my left where her face would soon be. Finally she crawled into position, wriggled a little and settled in. Her face was in the pillow with her arms wrapped around it.

The spanking did not start immediately as she expected. We both waited. Finally she looked back at me with a question in her eyes. “It is important that we both understand exactly why we are here,” I said. “I want you to explain to me exactly why you are getting this punishment as if I were a complete stranger who had to be convinced to do the job on your bottom. She started crying almost as hard as if the spanking had already started. “OH WHY CANT YOU JUST DO IT,” she said. I waited her out.

Finally the recitation of events started. If she started to gloss over any details I stopped her and made her back up. As she heard what she was saying, she had a harder and harder time talking. She finally got to the end and added,”I just can’t believe I did all that stuff, I am so bad and I am so sorry honey. Now I understand why I am here, Please spank me good and get it over with.” I told her that I love her and this punishment was the best thing for her, the family, and us. “OK CINDY, RAISE YOUR BOTTOM AND TIGHTEN IT FOR THE FIRST SPANKS” Now there was nothing left to do but spank.

Normally I start a spanking with rather light, almost loving spanks, and gradually build up to a crescendo of hard swats that would have her kicking and screaming. This time was different. I watched the second hand on the clock on the opposite wall. Her bare bottom was arched up off my lap seeking the first spanks. I watched the second hand on the clock go up to “12” and then sweep all the way around to “12” again. I gave her the first swat in the right cheek with all my

strength. WHAP!!!! It seemed to bounce. At 15 seconds after, she got the next one on the left side. WHAP!!! Her weight dropped into my lap and her shoulders shook with sobs. “GET YOUR BOTTOM BACK UP.” Her weight came off my lap. At 30 seconds, another hard spank on her right cheek.

WHAPP!!! At 45 seconds another hard one to the left cheek. WHAPP!!! She howled and her weight again dropped into my lap. I decided to move on to save her buttocks for the belt. Now I let her “relax” as I started spanking her legs, hips and the outsides of her full calves. She shrieked into the pillow. When she was red all the way down to the back of her knees, I gave her two or three minutes rest.

She looked back and indicated she was ready to get on with it. I told her to open her legs so I could work on the inside. I moved to the edge of the couch and pushed her further out on my knees so she would have plenty of room to spread. She had to put her right foot down on the floor to balance herself. She started to make an anguished noise even before the first spank fell on her tender white inside thighs. When she was open like this and being spanked hard, she emitted a musky odor that was unlike any other time. I never told her about that.

I let her rest again. Now it was time for the belt.

“Okay Cindy, get up. Lets figure out how we are going to give you the belt,” I said.

The end of the couch where I had previously spent some agonizing minutes myself looked like as good any place as any. We both stood up, and I moved the coffee table away from the couch; then one end of the couch away from the wall. As I was doing this, Cindy was walking stiffly around the living room rubbing her bottom and legs. I gave her a couple of minutes, and then picked up the belt and looked at her purposely.

She got into position and grabbed the tear-dampened pillow. I tapped her bare, red bottom with the heavy belt to get the range. Then she got some good news. “This is your first strapping so keep your legs tightly closed.” And then some bad news; “before each swat tell me one of the reasons you are here and the number of the swat. This can go as fast or as slow as you like. I will wait any reasonable time between swats. For your information, you are getting 12 hard swats with this heavy belt. I am new at this so I reserve the right to repeat any swats that do not connect properly.”

“Anytime you want to start Cindy.” I said quietly. She finally remembered what she had to do. “Strap me for driving carelessly” she said quietly. “That won’t do Cindy!” I said. “Louder and don’t forget the count!” “STRAP BE FOR DRIVING CARELESSLY….ONE” She said past the

pillow and then quickly buried her face into it. SPLAT!!!!! The belt came down. There was no reaction for nearly a full second until her outraged nerve endings finally sent the proper message to her brain.

AAAHHHHH!!!!! She yelled into her pillow. Both hands forsook the pillow and headed straight back to her bottom. I waited a full minute. Finally she prepared herself for the second swat. “STRAP ME FOR

LYING…TWO” SPLATT!!!! AAAHHHHH!!! And so it went until we made it to number twelve. Two of the swats did not fall with the proper force and I repeated each one with an apology. “You had better make sure that I never have the need to get good at this” I told her.

After the final fall of the heavy work belt she dropped to her knees at the end of the couch crying freely and rubbing her bottom. “Oh… am I glad that’s all over” she sobbed finally. “I know I deserved it but my bottom hurts SO BAD!”

I almost weakened and failed to remind her that her hand spanking was only half over. As I thought of my promise to inspect her bottom in two days I knew that I still had work ahead of me that evening.

“Cindy, you still have the other half of your spanking to go.” I finally said. Still on the floor she collapsed in tears. “I can’t take it, I just can’t take any more” she cried.

I reminded her that it was her idea to take all her punishment in one evening and offered her the opportunity to instead take a full, hard over-the-knee spanking in a week like I wanted to do in the first place.

She finally got up and mumbled, “Let’s finish it.”

We resumed our places on the couch.

The spanking started again quickly. This time with fast, medium-hard swats I painted her legs a brighter red and worked on her already welted bottom. I worked around to the sides of her bottom, thighs, and legs so there was no spot that was not at least bright red. She needed enough bruises so she would remember every time she sat down for the next few days, and would have no problem passing her inspection. Twice her right hand strayed away from her pillow to attempt to protect her outraged bottom. Finally I had to pin her wrist in the small of her back with my left hand while my right hand continued its work.

Finally Cindy truly gave herself up to the spanking. We had only been to this point a few times before. Her crying changed to a deep shoulder-shaking sob, I no longer had to hold her wrist. Her legs gradually stopped kicking and her bottom took up a completely new multi-dimensional action. As her shoulders shook, her bottom moved side-to-side on my lap, while at the same time my spanks gave it an up and down motion. The jiggle of her nether cheeks completed the effect with a subtle side-to-side wag. I had finally gotten through to Cindy.

The spanking ended abruptly when I felt that my objective had been reached. “Was that everything I promised?” I asked. It was a few moments before she managed to nod “yes”.

She got up on her knees so that I could replace the pillow in my lap with the towels. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I kissed them away, gave her a hug, and invited her back over my knees for the ice. I applied an ice bag to each side, and occasionally moved them around to keep the entire area cool. The towels caught the moisture from the condensation on the bags. The ice at first rapidly cooled her fiery bottom, but then caused its own pain as the flesh got cold. She groaned. I had learned from my medical training that the ice would help her heal faster and would help prevent injury to her bottom and legs. While waiting for the ice to do its work I had plenty of time to wash the tears off her face, stroke her, and mumble calming things to her. It is very important that before, during, and after a spanking that she know that my love has never wavered.

Even with the ice treatment I could see that she would have no trouble passing her inspection in two days. The bright red area started in a horizontal line across the top of her crack, and extended down to the tops of her knees, and way around each side of her thighs, hips and legs. Her buttocks were sprinkled with darker areas that I knew would turn into bruises despite the ice treatment. She would remember every time she sat down for several days. Short garments would be out of the question for at least two weeks.

After thirty minutes of this, I unhooked her bra and invited her to get up. She moved stiffly. It had been over an hour since an apprehensive and guilty woman had first climbed across my lap. Now she was neither.

The naked, chastened lady moved stiffly as I led her to our bed. I pulled the covers back. She lay down on her flat belly and I pulled just the cool satin sheet up over her burning bottom. I sat next to her and stroked and kissed her. Sometimes she would sob a little and tell me how much her bottom hurt. Finally she fell asleep.

I put the living room back into order, removed my clothes and slipped into bed with Cindy. Normally I could expect some great sex following the tender aftermath of a spanking. This time I knew she was in real pain and I really just expected to cuddle up to her and make her feel secure for the rest of her nap. I figured that this one time sex would be out of the question. Her hand reached out and stroked my face. I kissed it. The hand caressed me and gradually worked its way down to my groin. I was wrong about the sex.

Copyright (c) Guy Spencer 2002

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