The Spanking Game: Female Led Relationship

Three naked husbands in female led relationships pay the price with their bare bottoms when their partners lose in a regularly played all-girl poker game.

Good afternoon Michael,

I was reading your site about submissions and thought of a game two of my friends and I play with our submissive husbands. We play this game at least once a month in the warmer months, but more often in the colder months. The men do not like it much but have no choice.

First for a little background about us. All three couples live in a female led household and have for years. Our children are all grown and out of the house. In my house my husband does the entire house cleaning chores and yard work. I do all the cooking. He became my submissive about ten years ago when I caught him cheating on me with a neighbor. We have since decided that this system works best for us. The others have their reasons which I will not got into.

Here is how the game works. It is usually played at my house with the men required to bring us drinks and snacks and are allowed to have drinks of their own. They can either watch or do something else, but must remain in the room we are playing in and they must be naked.

We girls, fully clothed, play a card game, usually poker. The dealer rotates like any other poker game, we bet with chips, and no one is allowed to drop out or fold. We like seven card stud and draw the best.

When a hand is finished the losers’ husband must draw cards to be spanked by the winner. Drawing cards determines how and with what he will be spanked together with the number of strokes. He has to draw either three or four cards in separate draws. Let me explain:

The first card drawn determines his position:

2 – 8: Over the knee on a dining room chair,

9 – Ace: Bent over the back of a chair – we use an overstuffed arm chair.

The next draw determines with what he will be spanked:

Ace or 2: Strap,

3 – 4: Tawse,

5 – 7: Ping pong paddle,

8 – 10: Large paddle with holes,

Any picture card is the spanker’s choice of two.

The third draw determines the number of licks he will receive:

Ace: 15,

King , Queen, Jack, 10: 10,

9 – 7: Face values are doubled,

6 – 4: Face values are tripled,

2 – 3: Face values are doubled and require drawing a fourth card which is added to the total.

As you can imagine if a wife has an unlucky night her husband can end up with a very tender bottom.

Barb Blake

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • I have never played spanking poker, but my partner and I played a spanking game with another couple one time. As we didn’t know each other very well, we decided to avoid full frontal nudity. The other male and I stripped to our underpants while the women stayed fully clothed. When we were spanked, we turned around and our underpants were lowered, so the other woman got to see our bare bottoms but not our genitals. We found it good fun, but we have not done it again so far as a result of the pandemic.

  • My wife and I just finished reading this story. It was very interesting and quite intriguing. We discussed how exciting that kind of card game would be. I would be very embarrassed, at first, about being naked in front of a few couples with the females dressed and the guys not. But my wife said it would be fun to turn another naked man over her lap for a spanking. And that she would really enjoy watching me get spanked by other females.

  • About four or five months ago I took a vacation day to get some things done. Taking less time than expected, I returned home mid-afternoon only to find my wife and two of her friends playing cards in a partially undressed state. I was informed that they were playing strip poker with the loser getting spanked. Confident of my easy victory and the delights that would follow, I accepted my wife’s invitation to join.

    Starting a new game, everyone got fully dressed. Soon, Regina was down to panties and shoes with her perky boobs staring at me. My wife was in thigh high stockings and panties while Noel was in panties and a shirt. With only my shirt off, I didn’t care which one I’d spank – they were all hot.

    Then, it quickly went south – I lost. Directed to get the hairbrush, I returned with a raging erection to the laughter of the ladies. Escorted to the kitchen, they put me over a table and fastened my wrists to the table legs with my own legs pulled apart. Then it began: Each of the three ladies spanked my bare ass until they were tired. Relief was not immediate, they left me secured to the table while they rested.

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