The Question

Jan had overdrawn her checking account. Oh yes”, he said, “do you know what you will be wearing for your spanking?” She hesitated; knowing the answer, but not wanting to vocalize it. Finally she responded timidly; “nothing?” “Exactly right” he said. However, one more, surprising, question remained.

Jan sat at the restaurant table with her cheeks blushing bright red. We are, of course, talking about the cheeks that form part of her bright young face, but she had just been told that her “other” cheeks would be spanked bright red later that night. Blushing furiously, Jan hoped fervently that nobody was overhearing this conversation. Sam continued to directly, yet kindly, describe exactly what Jan was in for when they returned to his house following their restaurant supper. “You will bawl and squirm and kick, your bottom will be tender for a few days, but you will survive just fine and you will be very grateful to finally get this over with,” he explained, “never forget how much I love you, and remember that you agreed to this, so I hope you will take it in good spirits”. She agreed that she would do the best she could. “Oh yes,” he said, “do you know what you will be wearing for your spanking?” She hesitated; knowing the answer, but not wanting to vocalize it. Finally she responded timidly, “Nothing?” “Exactly right” he said.

It had started as a long-distance Internet romance. After weeks of increasingly personal messages, they decided to meet. He increased Jan’s comfort level by first meeting on her home turf. Their meeting and their first weekend together went well, restaurants, bike rides, theater, all spiced by frequent trips to the privacy of her apartment; and soon, to her bedroom. In fact, the weekend went so well that they now considered themselves to be a couple. Weeks later; and now comfortable with her man, Jan was returning the favor by sharing a long weekend in Sam’s home. On the Internet, Sam had described his ideas of domestic discipline, and they seemed to make a certain amount of sense to Jan. A couple should agree on certain rules and on certain consequences if those rules are broken. A spanking is a convenient consequence because when it is over, it is over; yet it is relatively quick and memorable enough to drive a lesson home. Complete acceptance of the punishment is demanded from the spankee, and, following the punishment, complete forgiveness is expected from the spanker. Jan agreed in principle with these ideas, but never actually thought of herself bare-assed over Sam’s knee.

A few weeks after their first weekend together, Jan tearfully called Sam for advice. Due to a careless error on her part, her checking account was overdrawn with over a week until her next payday and her rent was due tomorrow. Sam immediately insisted on bailing her out by wiring the money to her bank. Her profuse thanks stopped in mid-sentence when Sam told her that her spanking would have to wait until the next time they met. “Wait a minute” she said, “Never mind, I will see if I can get the money from my parents.” “No, you don’t understand” Sam said, “I am sending you the money because we have it and we are a couple, you are getting the spanking not because I am sending you money, but because you overdrew your checking account.” “You can get the money from your parents if you want, but you still deserve that spanking and I intend to deliver.” Tearfully, Jan agreed, besides, she figured that Sam would soften before their next meeting and let her off with a warning. Now, weeks later, on the second day of the three they would have together, Sam had just brought it up again, and he had made it clear that he did not intend to be talked out of it.

For Jan, the rest of the meal and the trip back to Sam’s house went by in a fog, thoughts of her imminent spanking dredged up not altogether pleasant incidents from her youth, while at the same time caused that tickly-itchy feeling in her groin that she associated with sexual arousal. The idea of a spanking was certainly nothing new to her. She had last been spanked by her father until she left home at 18, and she was only 20 now. She was also no stranger to the hairbrush, so she was relieved that Sam had made it clear that he would only be using the palm of his hand.

Back at Sam’s house, Sam allowed Jan plenty of time to digest her meal; in fact, Jan was starting to hope that perhaps Sam had changed his mind. Finally, he took her by the elbow and led her to the living room. “It is time for you to prepare yourself for your punishment,” he announced gently.

“What…what do you mean,” she blurted.

“I mean that you should get yourself bare, and quickly use the bathroom if necessary,” Sam responded gently. Frankly, she had been naked in front of Sam several times before, but she found it surprisingly difficult to disrobe herself here in the living room in front of this man who was about to spank her bare bottom. Tearfully, she complied, starting with her blouse, then her pants, and finally removing her bra before reluctantly stepping out of her panties. The offered bathroom trip was not necessary. The beautiful girl stood before him, naked, tearful, fearful, ready, but still able to meet his eyes. “We have already discussed this, so I don’t think a scolding is necessary,” he said, “but I do have one question for you”.

“What?” She asked querulously.

“Will you marry me?” A new flood of fresh tears filled her eyes, “Yes!” she said, “God yes!”

“In that case, you will not be getting this spanking quite naked,” he said, pulling a ring out of his pocket.

Moments later, the naked girl was upended over her fianc√©’s knee. “You know that this spanking will be very real and likely this will not be the last time?” She nodded, “are you ready?” She nodded again. The sounds of a strong palm meeting firm young female butt flesh filled the room, soon joined by the howls, sobs, and pleas from the owner of the female bottom in question.

Copyright (c) Guy Spencer 2004

How To Give A Spanking