The Female Principal

What can be worse than sitting outside the principal’s office with a punishment slip in your hand? For one of the three girls it was worse…the principal was her aunt and her mother had already asked for a ‘memorable punishment’ to be given. Soon the three girls were to be very sore indeed.

The three remorseful teenage girls sat outside Principal Fountain’s office; every so often the school secretary, old lady Nelson, would look up from her typing to make sure they weren’t talking.

Each of the 17 -year olds held her own yellow punishment slip that suggested each should be punished but it was, as it had always been, left up to Mrs. Fountain to decide their final fate that morning.

Helen Sinclair was the oldest of the three and a senior and she would be 18 in a month. Helen was no stranger to the Principal’s office having made the visit twice before for discipline but not in the last two years. Her last visit two years earlier had resulted in four very hard paddle swats for skipping gym class two days straight. This time Helen sat outside Principal Fountain’s office waiting to be punished after having been caught smoking during lunch break the day before with her two close friends.

Eleventh grader Margaret Jennings had just turned 17 years old nine weeks earlier and although this would be her first visit to Principal Fountain’s office she had learned from several girl friends that her paddling would be painful and memorable. Margaret shuddered at the thought of being paddled even if it was deserved; why had she let Helen talk her into having just one puff on that damn cigarette? Her own bottom was still quite sore from last night’s spanking at the hands of her mother and the family hairbrush.

Elizabeth Munroe the 17 year old niece of Principal Fountain sat nervously knowing full well her Aunt wouldn’t spare any sympathy for her this time like she had five years earlier when she had used the smaller Jokari paddle and had given her three swats. Elizabeth thought that after all her aunt was still spanking each of Elizabeth’s two teenage cousins still living at home and she had even paddled her oldest cousin Barbara three years ago when she was in the 12th grade. So as Elizabeth closed her eyes and sighed she knew she would be sitting gingerly for the remainder of the school day, and what made it even worse was that her mother Principal Fountain’s younger sister was waiting at home with her father’s belt.

From behind her closed office door Mrs. Alice Fountain looked over each of the three waiting girls school files; nothing stood out other than your typical school girl pranks and a few missed classes. But today she had the misfortune to make a note in each girl’s school file that said…”SMOKING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, six SWATS”. Alice Fountain didn’t like having to paddle any teenage girl, she even detested having to spank her own three daughters but it was just part of her job as school Principal and a concerned strict mother.

Alice closed the three files stood removed her jacket and retrieved her 18 inch long, 4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick wooden paddle from the closet where it hung next to the smaller Jokari paddle she used on the younger girls. Laying the paddle on the corner of her desk she quickly decided that she would paddle the older Helen Sinclair first followed by the ‘first timer’ Margaret Jennings and then she would finish up with her niece Elizabeth.

Helen Sinclair had listened as her sentence was pronounced then she slowly bent over and grasped both her ankles which caused her light grey slacks to tighten across her teenage bottom. At least thought, Alice Fountain lifting the paddle up and back, Helen had been kind enough to supply her with some very visible panty lines which she could and would paddle…”CRACK” “CRACK” “SWACK” “CRACK” “SWACK” “CRACK”.

Helen then stood, her bottom was throbbing as her tears rolled down her face; she quickly bent over the Principal’s desk, signed her name to the punishment slip, then stood and grabbed her bottom attempting to rub away the pain beneath her slacks and panties as she walked out of the office where her two friends sat waiting their turns.

“CRACK”…Margaret Jennings 6 painful swats had not gone well at all but Alice Fountain had been used to the trials and tribulations of girls of all ages being paddled for the very first time. Margaret had started crying and pleading as soon as she heard she was receiving 6 swats like her friend Helen. Then after each bold, sharp paddle lick Margaret had stood up and reached under skirt and frantically rubbed her pink panty covered bottom while she sobbed aloud, but as she had many times before Principal Fountain waited patiently until the pretty 17 year old red head was bent back over in proper spanking position before she applied the next hard paddle stroke. “CRACK”, all in all it took several minutes longer to apply Margaret’s six paddle swats than it had taken to paddle her friend Helen. But when Alice had finished she knew she wouldn’t ever see the young teenager back in her office the remainder of this year or next year. In a sense that pleased her because there had been at times before when once wasn’t enough for some of the girls and she also knew that each paddled teenage girl reacted differently to being paddled; but Principal Fountain had that feeling your Margaret wouldn’t be back bent over .

As Margaret turned to exit the office Alice called out to her and said “A word to the wise Miss Jennings, that skirt you’re wearing is close, very close, to being shorter than school guidelines permit. So if I were you I would measure it tonight and make any adjustments or you may find yourself back in here again.”

“Yes Mrs. Fountain” replied the young girl.

Her niece Elizabeth then entered her office with the same look Principal Alice Fountain had seen on many teenage girl’s faces before who were about to be paddled, including her own daughter Barbara. She had paddled Barbara three years ago and like her Elizabeth would receive 6 swats exactly and on her bare bottom. Alice got right to the point ”Elizabeth dear, I’ve talked already with your mother; well actually she called me early this morning while I was still at home dressing, and she has informed me that she wants you paddled hard and severely. I’m to make it quite ‘memorable’, therefore young lady I have no choice but to paddle you bare bottom. So please remove both your slacks and panties, bend over and grasp your ankles.”

“BARE BOTTOM! Oh no, please Aunt Alice, not bare. Oh please no” cried the chubby 17 year old.

“In this office young lady I’m Principal Fountain, NOT your Aunt Alice. Now I suggest you get those slacks and panties off and assume the proper spanking position or I shall be forced to have you back in here again tomorrow morning for another set of six swats in addition to the six you’re receiving today.”

Elizabeth knew there was no sense in arguing any further. She knew her Aunt would indeed paddle her again the next morning as it had happened several years earlier with her classmate Hilda Gonzales on back to back days. So she unsnapped and lowered both her snug beige slacks and a pair of yellow tight fitting panties to her ankles then she slowly turned and bent forward and tightly gripped her ankles and waited for the paddle to fall.

Principal Fountain gazed at her niece’s white pudgy bottom cheeks and raised the long wooden paddle and delivered the first of six slow hard paddle strokes.

‘CRACK’…Elizabeth moaned aloud as her bottom vibrated and shook.

‘CRACK’ “Aahh, ohhh it huurrtzzz so” cried Elizabeth as the second hard stroke fell.

‘SWACK’ “Aahhh oohhh plleezzee.”

‘CRACK’ “Aaahhh” sobbed the pretty teenager as her once white bottom was now a deep red.

‘SWACK’ “Pleezzee Aunt Alice, nnoo moorrre, oohh plleezze.”

‘CRACK’ “Aahhh” cried Elizabeth as her Aunt applied the sixth and final paddle stroke.

Alice Fountain allowed her niece to cry for a spell and Elizabeth, who hadn’t realized yet her paddling was over, was then ordered to stand and replace her slacks and panties. As she pulled up the tight yellow panties over her sore red bottom Elizabeth grimaced before her snug slacks covered her bottom.

“You know Elizabeth you’re getting off lightly compared with what your cousin Barbara received three years ago. You remember me paddling her in this office? Well she earned 10 paddle swats because as her mother I was permitted to do that. But her hardest part was going the rest of the school day minus her underwear which I held onto until she returned home that night. Afterwards I gave her another reminder again at home. It just so happens, your mother doesn’t think it would be healthy that you go pantiless the remainder of today and she told me that baring you later would be more enjoyable.”

“You may now leave and report to your next class, Elizabeth.”

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • Shortly after we were married I told my husband I was spanked in high school by the directoress. I was surprised when he said his coed private school administered spankings. I asked and he said if you got demerits from a teacher, the teacher could request you be spanked. The next morning if the headmistress agreed you were given a note to report to her assistant at 3:05 pm.

    When you reported, boys and girls were taken to a room with a long table in the center. Boys removed their uniform pants and girls removed their uniform skirts. Then you lay across the table silently. Eventually the headmistress and assistant came in. The window blinds in a long window were raised. The assistant read the infractions and read a list of names who were told to remove panties and underpants. Others kept their undies on. You didn’t dare look left or right as you heard spankings being given and the yelps and cries.

    I’m glad my school was not coed.

  • Thank you for the account. In the UK there was nothing worse than sitting outside the Headmistress’s study listening to another girl getting her bottom whacked with the extra large size slipper (plimsoll), knowing yours was going to be next. When you got in there, you had to bend over the desk, and she would pull your skirt up over your back, then pull your knickers right up so that your modesty was protected but your bottom was virtually bare. Then six to eight hard strokes of the slipper.

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