Thank You

Having entered into a strict discipline contract with Ken Emerson, Sue’s bare bottom was about to pay the price. Given the severity of the deserved punishment he offered her the option of changing her mind. Quietly and resolutely Sue said “I’ll stay for my spanking. I deserve it.” “Good”, responded Ken. Delicately taking hold of the waist band of her cotton panties he slowly slid them down her thighs and then announced ten minutes of corner time to be served before revealing the full extent of her punishment.

Special Dedication: To Ken Emerson a true gentleman, mentor, guide and above all, friend.

Ken Emerson heard Sue’s car pull up outside and sighing slightly he closed down the editing suite. On his way to the front door he thought that this character improvement project was going to be difficult. He really couldn’t see Sue improving her time management in a month and he was sure that it would end in a spanking. Not that he minded spanking her: in fact, he thought it would be rather enjoyable and he smiled. No it wasn’t spanking her that bothered him it was the process they would have to go through to get there.

As usual Sue was enthusiastic and full of “can-do” comments. Ken talked her through prioritization; saying no; setting realistic deadlines; and decision making in respect of quality levels. Sue could and would do it all. Ken sighed as he so often did when it came to Sue. “Well okay Sue, you can do it all” he said patiently, “but what happens if you don’t make the target at the end of the month?”

“I suppose that is where the spanking would come in.”

“Sure, but what sort of a spanking?”

Sue hesitated a little before saying, “A severe one?”

“I think it would have to be”, Ken mused. He went on, “What instruments and how many whacks?”

Sue was really hesitant now, but suddenly she brightened up and said, “Ken it isn’t going to happen. I will meet the target so just put down ‘a severe spanking to be decided by Ken Emerson’”.


“I’m absolutely certain!”

The target was set. Of all her appointments and deadlines Sue would be on time 95% of the time. Ken explained what it meant to be on time: “Take an appointment: it is OK to be one maybe two minutes late but anything else is just rude. Now with deadlines: if you had a report to deliver to your Head at 08:00 on Monday it isn’t the end of the world if it is 09:00 but anything worse would cause inconvenience.”

Sue showed him the notebook she would carry and the simple recording system. All appointments and deadlines were to be logged and against each one a tick if she made it and a cross if she didn’t. Sue would work out the percentages and a date was set to look at how she’d done and she left as she had come, in a welter of enthusiasm and energy.

At two weeks it was clear that Sue was going to have difficulty meeting the target. Ken sighed again before sitting down to work with her on prioritizing her workload. Once again Sue could and would do it all but Ken started to exercise his spanking arm. He could see where all this was leading and that was with her bare bottom across his lap.

Ken tried to help again at the three week marker. He really didn’t have anything new to say but it didn’t stop him trying. Sue again left trailing energy and good intentions causing Ken to sigh once again before returning to his beloved music project.

It was deadline day and Sue arrived quietly for once. Ken asked her if she had the percentage ready for successfully completed deadlines or appointments. Sue fiddled around pretending to work out a few last calculations but she already knew the answer because she had been doing running totals. “It’s 75%” she whispered. Ken sat back in his chair and for a minute or two said nothing. Sue looked only at the floor.

“What was the target Sue?” he asked quietly and she replied without looking at him that it had been 95%.

“So Sue, what is the shortfall?”

“You know what it is,” she snapped with a sudden flash of irritation, “and now I get spanked. I’m sure you have been looking forward to that. I wouldn’t mind betting you’ve exercised your spanking arm in preparation.”

Ken smiled, “I know what it is Sue but you set the target and this is your idea. So now you tell me what the shortfall is.”

“The shortfall is 20% and the consequence is a severe spanking that you will decide. I am so annoyed with myself I could cry. I really thought I could do it.”

“That is the root of the problem,” said Ken “you think but you don’t think it through. You thought it was a good idea to have a spanking consequence and agreed it would be a severe spanking never thinking that maybe you wouldn’t make the target. You set 95% as the target not me. It is good to be ambitious Sue but did it have to be that high in the first month? Well the consequence is a severe spanking but I can’t make you take it. If you want to walk out of the door right now then go ahead. I think the spanking will do you good and after all it was your idea, but you are a free agent: leave if you wish. I warn you though: if you stay I will spank you and it will be good and hard. Well what is it to be?”

Sue stood up and Ken thought that maybe the exercises had been wasted but Sue spoke very quietly and said, “I’ll stay for my spanking. I deserve it”.

“Good,” said Ken “now I want you to remove your shoes and take off your skirt and pantyhose* and walk over there, place them on that table and come and stand right in front of me.”

Ken enjoyed watching her take off her skirt and the pantyhose even more. She took the items over to the table and neatly folded them before placing them on it. She then bent over and put the shoes under the table. Ken loved her bottom clad in light blue panties: it was deliciously shaped, smoothly spreading out from a trim waist, with flat tummy before smoothly curving back down to slim shapely legs. Ken’s thoughts ran up her legs to her bottom and then as she turned, his eyes and thoughts turned to the place between her legs. He shook himself and returned his thoughts to the job in hand. He felt that she was still holding on to her belief that she was right. She needed to know that he was in charge until this punishment was over.

Sue stood where he indicated: he had his knees apart and she stood between them facing him. He said nothing but delicately taking hold of the waist band of the cotton panties he slowly slid them down from her thighs. As he got to the bush of hair between her legs he glanced up and was rewarded by a scarlet flush appearing on her face. He pulled her panties right down the smooth slim legs and on reaching the floor he asked her to step out of them. “Go and put them with your other clothes” he ordered calmly: a good deal more calmly than his thoughts might have led a listener to expect.

“Now then Sue I want you to go and stand in that corner over there. You are to keep your hands by your side and I want you to think about three things for a period of ten minutes. At the end of that time I will tell you the details of your punishment. I want you to think about what has led you to this position where you are about to be made very sore indeed. I then want you to think about your bare bottom I want you to imagine how it is soon going to feel. Imagine that soreness, the stings, the blows and the bruises you will feel for days to come. I want you then to think about what you can do to avoid ever returning to the corner again. Sue said nothing just turned and did as she was told. “Now there is a first” thought Ken. He turned back to his desk and picked up a new book: it was bright red and about ten inches across by about seven down and only a quarter of an inch thick. He started writing in it and then glancing at his watch he summoned Sue and she stood once again between his knees.

He noticed that she was quivering all over like a small mouse does and it was clear that she was by now quite frightened. He wasted no more time in delivering the sentence. “You will have three punishments Sue: the first will be a five minute hand spanking delivered over my knee; the second will be twenty smacks with a hairbrush, again over my knee; and the third will be twenty strokes given with my belt. At this last Sue’s hand went to her mouth and she started to visibly shake. Ken simply took hold of her hips moved her around to his right side and pulled her across his lap. As she lay there he couldn’t resist smoothing his hand across the creamy cheeks of her shapely bottom.

“I will start lightly and slowly,” he said “but as the five minute goes by I will get harder and faster.” Sue at first thought that this was going to be easy the first smacks were barely more than pats and although a sting built up it was really quite pleasant. However, Ken was as good as his word and by the second minute Sue’s legs were moving and she was beginning to wriggle with occasional little gasps. By the third, as the smacks continued unrelentingly, her legs began to see saw up and down and the gasps had become grunts and whimpers. It was in the fourth minute that she began to cry out: “Ken…it hurts…please not so much…please Ken, Ken…..Ah no…..please”. In the fifth minute as the spanks reached a crescendo the wailing started and Ken had a hard job holding her in position. Suddenly it was over and she was standing between his legs the tears running down her cheeks and her hands fluttering near her bare bottom cheeks trying to cool the heat. She was reluctant to touch her skin because of the incessant sting. He handed her a tissue and waited for her to control herself.

“Go over to that drawer,” he said pointing to the table where her clothes lay folded, “and bring me the hairbrush”. He watched as the red moons of her bottom smoothly crossed the room. “This is really very enjoyable,” he thought. As she crossed back his eyes and thoughts again strayed in an un-gentlemanly direction. He shook his head to return to the task in hand as she once more stood between his legs. “Why am I giving you 20 with the hairbrush?” he asked.

“Because I was 20 points off my target?” she asked uncertainly.

“Correct,” he said “and why is it important to be punctual?”

“Because it’s rude?” she queried. “… and?” he asked

Sue stammered, “And it’s inconvenient?”

“… and?” he probed ruthlessly.

“And it’s upsetting and it’s horrible and I’m totally in the wrong and I’m sorry” she wailed.

“Not yet as sorry as you will be,” he said grimly pulling her over his lap and crossing his leg over her legs to restrain her.

Ken made no effort to spare her from the very first smack. She jerked and cried out and continued to dance across his lap as he rained down the hardest smacks he could with the back of the brush. “Ken, Ken, KEN, KEN” she screamed. “It’s too hard I can’t take it AH, Ah, No please.” The 20 smacks were delivered very quickly and suddenly she was falling from his lap and onto the floor the tears running down her red and blotchy face. Her nose was running and her hair was completely awry. He handed her a pile of tissues and waited until she was more composed.

“Stand up,” he commanded, “it is time for the belt”.

The blood drained completely from her face leaving a few red blotches around her red eyes. She started to tremble violently. As he started to remove the belt from around his waist her eyes could not leave it and she watched with horror as he dangled it from his hand. It had a big metal buckle but even in her fearful state Sue knew that he would never use that on her. Sure enough the buckle went into his palm and he wound some of the belt around his hand to get a usable length. “Bend over that chair,” he ordered “you’ll get 20 to remind you of your shortfall.”

Bending over the chair was a slow and painful job because of the state of her bottom. It was absolutely a vivid red everywhere with white welts and purple blotches. It was clear that her spanking so far had been very painful for her. “If I have trouble with you staying bent over I’ll double the number,” threatened Ken. Without further ado he whipped the belt across her bottom. Sue screamed and shot up, her hands scrabbling at the appalling mark of the belt that imprinted itself across the already badly punished bottom. She slowly returned to position. Ken marvelled at how she managed to stay down for another seven even though he was now reducing the severity of the strokes. He thought even at this point Sue would never forget it. It was on the eighth stroke that Sue shot up again screaming, “I can’t take any more. I can’t, I can’t”

Ken put his arm around her shoulders and felt the violent trembling. The contact was extremely pleasant and he could smell the lingering traces of her perfume. He dried her face with some tissue, combing her hair away with his fingers. “Yes you can, Sue. You can do anything, even this. You will take the last 12 strokes because you want to. That’s true isn’t it?” Sue said nothing she just slowly and very, very carefully bent back over the chair. She took the last 12 almost without sound. There were just quiet grunts and hisses as the belt lashed across her already thoroughly punished bottom.

Ken stood back and put his belt back on. Sue rose up slowly and carefully and stood in such an odd posture that she looked almost like an old person. “Now” said Ken indicating the red book, “you must sign the Punishment Book.” There are three columns for you: next to each of your punishments, which are detailed there, you must comment on whether that punishment was deserved; whether I treated you fairly; and then you sign for each punishment. Sue moved with tiny cautious steps across to the book. She didn’t bend over rather she sort of leaned from the waist without moving her bottom and then started to write. Ken had gone to get something and as he returned he looked over her shoulder noticing again the lingering traces of her sweet perfume. He looked at what she had written against each of the three punishments. Each one had the words ‘deserved’ and ‘fair’ and finally there was her signature.

Sue turned very slowly and carefully. She saw what Ken had in his hand. It was a jar of cold cream.

“Thank you”, she said.

Editor’s Note: Susan would love to receive your questions, comments, criticisms and if possible praise. She would also welcome (with no guarantees) requests for stories you would like to see.

How To Give A Spanking
  • For a lady that truly deserved a good spanking, I wish it had been more severe. After the hairbrush, she should have been bent over the chair and Ken should have produced a couple of switches. He should have started switching her thighs above her knees and then taken a little larger switch and thoroughly striped her bottom.

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