During the months that followed, they stuck to their plan. Every time Shannon lost her temper and flew off the handle, she was soon punished with an old-fashioned tanning session across Erik’s lap. Shannon dreaded that phrase: “bring the chair”. It meant that she was in big trouble. Those three words told Shannon that Erik would soon be rolling up his sleeve. They foretold kicking and tears and promised that she’d soon be rubbing her throbbing red bottom as she stood in the corner.

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Shannon Blake couldn’t help it. She simply had to talk herself into trouble. This had been a problem for her growing up at home, at school and later on, wherever she worked. She seemed to crave confrontation and constantly found herself arguing with others over the smallest of issues.

Of course, this was before she met Erik Powell. The two had been dating less than a month when Shannon managed to instigate a loud argument in the middle of a film they were watching. Aggravated by Shannon’s behavior and embarrassed at being part of a public spectacle, Erik took his date by the arm, lead her out of the movie theater and into the parking lot where he proceeded to tell her what an intolerable pain in the ass she was being. Then, as if to illustrate his point, he put his foot onto the rear fender of his car, pulled Shannon across his uplifted leg and slapped her bottom. She began to yell something at him but before she could catch her breath he smacked her ass again and was soon spanking her quite soundly. Shannon’s flimsy skirt and silk panties offered little protection against the onslaught of Erik’s powerful hand as it came down again and again, each time delivering a stinging handful of heat to the young woman’s aching backside. Erik gave Shannon’s bottom one last wallop before letting her down. Once her feet were back on the ground, Shannon could to do little but try to regain her composure as Erik unlocked his door got into the driver’s seat. He started the engine and waited for her to get in, which she eventually did.

It was uncomfortably quiet inside Erik’s car as he drove Shannon home.

“I understand if you don’t want to see me again,” he said after seven minutes on the road.

Shannon didn’t respond. She just stared out the window watching trees and houses pass in and out of view. She was stunned, not by the spanking she’d just received, but by the fact that she wasn’t the least bit angry or upset about it. She felt oddly at peace. It was strange because, even if she was in the right, she never felt pleased or vindicated after a dispute, only frustrated and empty. This felt entirely different. It was like tasting some exotic flavor for the first time. And she wanted more.

By the time they arrived at Shannon’s apartment building, Erik had taken his date’s silence to mean that their brief courtship was at an end. So he was more than a little surprised when she invited him in.

“I’m sorry we missed the end of the movie,” Shannon said from the kitchen as Erik made himself comfortable on the couch. She entered the living room with a drink in each hand. “I don’t know what came over me.” She handed Erik a glass as she sat down next to him. They sipped their drinks and smiled politely at each other. After a painfully long minute, Shannon spoke up again. “So, do you spank all the women you date?”

“Well…” Erik began with a laugh. “I’m not sure a gentleman should answer a question like that. Do you call every man you date a jerk?” “I didn’t call you a jerk,” Shannon countered. “I said you were acting like one.”

Erik began to answer but then thought better of it. “I really don’t want to argue anymore tonight,” he said calmly, then took a sip from his glass. “Of course not! You know I’m right!”

“Look!” Erik said, putting his glass on the coffee table. “Are you spoiling for another trip across my knee?”

Shannon paused, then gulped down the remainder of her drink before placing the glass on the table next to his.

“Not ‘spoiling’ exactly,” she said. “I think maybe ‘intrigued’ would be a better word.”

As she spoke, she leaned forward to meet Erik’s waiting lips. They kissed, softly at first, then deeply with passion. Erik was a bit disappointed when Shannon suddenly broke from the kiss and pushed herself from him. But he understood her motives when she kicked off her pumps and slowly crawled across his lap, offering to him her firm, round bottom. Without a word, Erik placed his left hand on the small of Shannon’s back while his right began to roam slowly across her ass cheeks. She sighed heavily as he gave her left buttock a gentle squeeze and grunted slightly when he gave her right one a mild smack. Shannon pressed herself against Erik’s leg as he continued to give her sore ass a deep, soothing massage interrupted by an occasional slap to one cheek or the other.

Then he stopped and with deliberate slowness lifted the hem of her skirt exposing her beautiful panty-clad bottom. Once again, he began alternately caressing and swatting Shannon’s cheeks while she continued to moan. As the rubbing got deeper, the swats came faster, each a little harder than the last. Erik was soon spanking Shannon with strong, full-armed strokes. Her feet left the floor as a particularly sharp slap landed across her reddening fanny. Noticing this, Erik massaged the area where his hand print appeared on her right cheek. He then pulled her panties down to the backs of her knees and continued to rub the tender area. A minute later, he was back to soundly slapping her ass.

Shannon was wincing with every swat and yet she couldn’t keep but from grinning as she felt herself becoming hot all over- not just her ass, but her face and her body. An intoxicating warmth spread from the tops of her ears to the tips of her toes. She’d gone from moist to drenched when Erik slid her panties down and now that he was spanking her bare bottom she was delirious with the mixture of pleasure, pain and humiliation. The swats were coming down hard and fast now. Shannon began to kick and cry out. Her cheeks were ablaze and felt as if they were throbbing two beats faster than her heart. Finally, as the spanking reached a fevered pitch, Shannon managed to say one coherent word:


Erik recognized the sound in her voice and knew immediately that this was not just a request for him to stop spanking her, but a demand for him to start doing something else. He delivered two more swats, one to each cheek and quickly began to massage them once again. He kneaded her burning buttocks, squeezing and patting them as well. As he did this, he occasionally let his fingers wander between her thighs to explore her wetness. It didn’t take long for him to realize that she was ready. Erik gathered Shannon’s limp, quivering body into his arms rolling her over as he lifted her. She looked up at him through her weepy eyes as he carried her to the bedroom. There was no anger on his face, no contempt or superiority. It was clear that he had simply given her something of which she had been in dire need – a loving, attentive hand.

The next morning, the two had a long discussion over breakfast. They decided that Shannon could benefit from a lifestyle that included spankings in response to her verbal outbursts. They agreed on a simple set of rules then shook hands and kissed to seal the deal.

During the months that followed, they stuck to their plan. Every time Shannon lost her temper and flew off the handle, she was soon punished with an old-fashioned tanning session across Erik’s lap. If she used particularly poor judgment in her choice of words while quarreling, she would also spend ten or fifteen minutes standing in a corner with her freshly painted back porch on display.

Erik even managed to slip the details of this arrangement into their wedding vows. At the altar, after audibly promising to love and cherish her, Erik leaned in and whispered a few private words into the ear of his new bride.

“I also vow to take this little spitfire across my knee and spank her bare bottom bright red whenever she needs it.” Shannon blushed at the thought of someone overhearing this and when she saw the giddy smile on the minister’s face as he asked for the rings her face turned the shade of raspberry sherbet. One year later, to the day, found Shannon in her kitchen preparing a first anniversary dinner for her husband. She’d left work three hours early in order to surprise him when he came home. The food, all his favorite dishes, came out perfectly and was on the table at 6:00 p.m.- the time Erik normally walked through their front door. By 6:15 the food had cooled and Erik wasn’t home yet, so Shannon put the meat and vegetable dishes in the oven. She left a concerned message on Erik’s voice mail at 6:30 and two angry ones at 6:45 and 7:00. At 7:15. Erik finally arrived home to find his wife staring coldly at him from her chair at the dinner table.

“Happy anniversary!” she began sarcastically. Erik stood silently in the doorway while Shannon flew into a tirade. She went into great detail about her efforts to make this evening special and how upset she was that he didn’t even bother to call and tell her he’d be late. She declared that Erik didn’t really love her, that he only cared about himself and that she had no idea why they were together. She peppered these statements with an abundance of cruel insults and extremely fowl language. She was about to grab the carefully prepared table and flip it over in her rage when she suddenly noticed a band-aid on her husband’s forehead. “What the hell is that?” she said, her voice softening as she approached him.

“Just a bump.” he told her. “I got car-jacked this afternoon.” Erik walked with Shannon to the dinner table and sat down as he calmly explained that a young man had assaulted him in the office parking lot. He said that he’d handed his keys over as ordered, then the man bashed him on the head with the butt of a pistol and drove off. “I spent the next two hours at the police station filing a report. I took a cab home.” “But why didn’t you call?” Shannon asked.

“My cell phone was in the car.” Erik said. “I guess I could have called from the station, but I didn’t want to worry you. Besides, I didn’t know you’d be home early tonight.”

“Oh, honey!” Shannon kissed his bruised forehead. “You must be starving! Let me put dinner back on the table,” she said, walking into the kitchen.

“Dinner can wait!” Erik stated in a manner that stopped Shannon in her tracks.

She turned around to see Erik’s angry stare.

“I just talked myself into a spanking, didn’t I?”

“Don’t underestimate yourself!” Erik replied with a slight smirk. “You not only talked yourself into a spanking, you talked your panties all the way down to your ankles! Now get in the living room! And bring the chair with you!”

Shannon dreaded that phrase: “bring the chair.” It meant that she was in big trouble. Those three words told Shannon that Erik would soon be rolling up his sleeve. They foretold kicking and tears and promised that she’d soon be rubbing her throbbing red bottom as she stood in the corner.

Shannon took a chair from the table and brought it into the next room where her husband was waiting, arms folded. Erik snatched the chair from her, placed it on the floor and immediately sat down. Before she could blink twice, Shannon was over his lap with her skirt up and her panties down. Erik gave his wife’s soft, round ass cheeks a few preliminary rubs and squeezes.

“We should get new carpet,” she said. “This burnt umber shade is kind of yucky.”

“I don’t think it’s so bad,” Erik replied as he began gently slapping her ass.

“Sure! You’re not the one who has to stare at it all the time!”

Making small talk with a few jokes thrown in was Shannon’s way of lightening Erik’s mood before a spanking. And to a certain extent, it worked. Of course, it never completely got her out of being punished. Once Erik decided to take Shannon to the woodshed, she was going to the woodshed!

Shannon glanced over her shoulder nervously.

“May I ask how bad I’m going to get it?”

“Yes, you may,” Erik said, then continued giving her bottom a warm-up.

“Thanks,” she replied toward the floor. After a dozen or so moderate swats, she looked back over her shoulder again. “How bad am I going to get it?!”

“I want you to imagine that I’m putting an English muffin into our toaster.”

“Okay,” Shannon replied tentatively.

“Now what are the three settings on the dial of that toaster?”

“Um… light?” the young woman guessed with a hint of hope in her voice.

“Good. Keep going.”


“One more,” Erik replied as he casually rolled up his right sleeve.

Shannon swallowed hard.



“Damn!” she said through pouting lips.

“Why do you always have to toast muffins like that?!”

“It makes the butter melt quickly,” said Erik and with that he lifted his hand and delivered the first serious swat. Shannon yelped and gritted her teeth in anticipation of the next one, which also proved to be a real stinger. Like a pitcher who was properly warmed up, Erik soon brought the spanking to an intense pace. He smacked his wife’s bottom with all the speed and strength he could summon. Shannon began whimpering and her eyes were filled with tears.

“His hand is so hard!” she thought. “How can such a sweet man have such rough, powerful hands?!”

Her buttocks felt like molten glass. Trying to brace herself, she grabbed onto the left front and rear legs of the chair. She tried not to kick, but her reflexes soon took over and her feet were flying wildly through the air. As the torrent of slaps continued to scorch her burning backside, Shannon began bawling like a child sent to the principal’s office. She apologized profusely through her tears and promised that she would never lose her temper again. Unconvinced, Erik continued spanking his wife until her ass was raw, red and swollen.

“Okay, stand up,” Erik finally commanded.

Shannon pushed herself from his lap and stood sobbing before him. Erik took his sweetheart into his arms hugging her and kissing her tear-stained face until she stopped crying. He then took Shannon gently by the arm to the corner near the couch. He was about to tell her that she was to stand there with her panties down for the next fifteen minutes when the phone rang. Erik went into the kitchen to answer it.

As she stood in the corner gripping her sizzling buns in both hands, two thoughts ran through Shannon’s mind. One was that her husband had the hardest hands she’d ever felt, the other was that she must be the luckiest woman on Earth.

Erik returned a minute later. He told Shannon the police had found his car. “It’s at the impound lot downtown. They say it hasn’t been damaged. I told them you’d drive me down in a few hours to pick it up.” He put his hand on Shannon’s shoulder and turned her around so he could look into her soft, watery eyes.

“Happy anniversary!” she said with a sincere smile.

They embraced.

“Happy anniversary!” he replied, laughing a bit as he reached down to firmly cup her burning ass cheeks in his rugged hands. As he did this, Erik kissed his way down Shannon’s neck to her chest.

“Baby…” she whispered. “I want to put some antiseptic on your forehead. I don’t want you to get an infection.” “Yes!” Erik groaned back, his voice a bit muffled as he pressed his lips into her cleavage. “And I’m going to rub some cream on your bottom. I don’t want you to blister.”

Moaning softly, Shannon tilted her head back as her right hand unzipped Erik’s pants and deftly maneuvered its way into his underwear. “What am I going to do with you?” Erik asked with a knowing smile. “Just keep loving me, okay?” Shannon replied, looking hopefully into her husband’s adoring eyes. “Let me tell you something, my little spitfire…” Erik said, giving the tip of her nose a kiss. “I’ll love you ’til you can’t sit down!”

You are welcome to contact the author Alex B.

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  • One of the best spanking stories I have read, because Shannon finally gets what she has needed – and subconsciously wanted – her whole life, and now she gets it in spades whenever she deserves it. And both he and she are happy living together that way.

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