Spanking by Aunt Sophie

Two sisters were raised by a strict but uncaring aunt who applied her large collection of disciplinary instruments often and harshly.

During our younger years my sister and I lived with our Aunt Sophie. She was not very gentle with us and administered punishment frequently. Aunt Sophie was a rich woman who owned a large house. She had a large collection of disciplinary equipment. There were many types of canes, straps, paddles, hairbrushes and implements that she used for punishing us.

My aunt always preferred to wear dresses with her cleavage partially visible and her long gold chain streaming down between her breasts. She was about thirty-years old, beautiful with her blond hair, wore open breast dresses, long gold necklaces and had shapely body. She says school is no use for girls and kept us home without providing for our education. Sometimes she gave us lectures and taught us about different things like health matters and such when she was in the mood.

There were parties in the house where rich ladies came. We were we not allowed to attend and were locked in our rooms when a party was held. One day there were about a dozen expensive wine bottles in the pantry. We were not allowed to even touch them. Jenny was very curious about this and one day she drank a few glasses when aunt had gone out. Upon her return she saw some wine was spilled and called us pinching both of us on the hand and asked us if we drank the wine. I did not open my mouth but Jenny said we didn’t go near them.

The next day our aunt left for a tour and we were placed with one of her friends, Aunt Diedry. Aunt Sophie returned after about a week later. The next day we were supposed to go back to our house. That night I heard my aunt saying to Aunt Diedry that I had drunk the wine and she is going to punish me severely. I was very afraid to hear this.

When we went home, I went to talk to Aunt Sophie and said her that Jenny drank the wine. The following day she called both of us to the upstairs living room. She called Jenny to come to her. Aunt Sophie dragged out a chair¬† and placed Jenny across her lap. Her skirt was drawn down and Aunt Sophie started spanking her. She was spanked for about thirty minutes. Then I was also told to come to her. She said that I’m to be punished for not telling the truth at the time. I was spanked for about 15 minutes. Next she took a rather long cane and called Jenny over. Jenny already had her skirt down and she was asked to remove all her clothes and she had to obey. Then she was asked to sit on a stool, naked. Aunt Sophie took the cane and gave her severe stripes across her bare bottom and back. Jenny was crying. After giving jenny about 25 to 30 cane strokes I was called. I was asked to stand against the wall(with my clothes) and was given 5 strokes across the bottom. Jenny was now kneeling in the corner as ordered by Aunt. Again she was asked to come forward and to lay upright on the sofa. Aunt Sophie gave her some painful strikes on her bare breasts with a strap. I was glad that I wasn’t called for that punishment.

That evening Aunt Diedry came to our house. First she tried to console Jenny gently massaging her reddened bottom and breasts.But afterwards Aunt Diedry also started giving Jenny lectures about being good. Then she called Jenny to another room in private. I later got to know that she punished her with a hairbrush.

How To Give A Spanking
  • I don’t know the age of Jenny, but that punishment was excessive for the offense, I think. Everyone’s idea of reasonable punishment is different, however, and perhaps Aunt Sophie was merely punishing Jenny the same way as she was punished when growing up. Still…

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