Spanked By Security

Brooke had always gotten away with her bad behavior and had secretly longed for the day that someone would take control of her actions. That moment had arrived when the author of this story announced, “I’m going to strap your bottom so the message gets home that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated by me or anyone else.”

You are welcome to contact the author Sir James.

For many weeks I had been working at a local coastal hotel doing security work on the door as well as roving around the venue to keep general order, but as with all places that serve alcohol the natives usually start to act up once they have had too much to drink.

As I started to get to know the locals who frequented the hotel some of them become rather friendly with me and in so doing thought that they could get away with their antics and bad behavior; at first they resented me because there regular security guard had let them walk all over him and so he was in the end dismissed.

From day one, or I should say more accurately, from the first night, I set the rules of behavior and they were none too pleased about it, but the manager was certainly pleased to know that I was going to clean out the riffraff from his hotel. On many occasions I ejected people for their antics both men and women of all ages and some of those were barred from returning at all.

On this particular night in question I was in no mood for their usual antics, although some I would let slide as they were of a harmless nature; well on this night I was doing my normal walk around checking on things when I came across a young lady who appeared to be about nineteen or twenty years old crouching down in a corner, so I went to investigate why she was on the floor only to be taken aback to find her peeing on the carpet.

When she finally spotted me she went white with embarrassment at being caught out, she tried to explain she couldn’t wait and so on, but I was having none of that, she was told to gather her things as she was now being ejected for her disgusting behavior and that she was not welcome back anytime soon. As I had hold of her by the upper arm walking her to the rear exit she pleaded with me not to throw her out and said that she would never do anything like that ever again.

As I was old enough to be her father I suggested that the only way she would be allowed to stay or be able to come back at all would be that she submit to a damn good spanking on her bare ass, she stood there with a look of disbelief and sheer fright on her face.

After a few minutes of stunned silence I broke her train of thought, “Well what is it to be then?” I growled.

She nearly jumped out of her skin, “D…..does it have to be on the bare?” she asked timidly.

“Yes” I said, at this she just sort of complied with whatever I said after that.

“And what is your name?” I asked her.

“Brooke, Sir” she stammered back to me.

“Just how old are you?” “Eighteen”.

“Well you should know better at your age.”

“Yes, Sir” she once again replied looking up at me. I could see the beginnings of tears in her eyes

“Enough of that,” I barked. “There’ll be plenty of time for that soon enough. Here is what I propose; we can deal with this now or at the end of the night when everyone else is gone; what will it be?”

“Can we do this at the end of the night; I don’t want my friends to know I was spanked like a little girl?”

“Very well then,” I said, “but I will be watching you all night so you had better not try to avoid your punishment.”

As I slowly walked her back to her friends and the table they were sitting at, she asked me if the spanking would hurt; in answer to her naive question I replied “It most certainly will.” As we reached her table her friends were all over her wanting to know what happened. As I stood nearby I was able to hear her relay a story to them that I had given her a very stern warning and that she was to stay seated for the rest of the night if she wanted to stay.

As there was still some three to four hours before we closed up for the night, I went about my work with more anticipation building by the minute knowing that this young girl would soon have her panties around her ankles and her bare bottom on display for a sound strapping.

It was my duty at the end of the night to lock up and secure the building after the staff had left, so I had the keys to all areas including the storage shed at the rear of the hotel where I intended to spank this unruly girl. I made my way out to the storage shed to clear an area where I could properly discipline her with the hand-spanking and sound strapping that she had earned.  It took some time to clear an area that was suitable as I had to move quite a lot of old furniture and boxes, but the area I most wanted had two eye bolts on one wall that was used to hold an old wall cabinet with some cord to prevent it from falling. Once I had this area clean I pushed an old sofa chair up against the wall directly below these eye bolts because I knew she would not be able to hold still for her impending punishment. With this now set up and ready I went back into the main hotel and continued my work. As the closing hour approached I walked past her table and she looked up at me then lowered her eyes knowing full well what lay ahead in a very short time.

All too soon it was time to start ushering people out the door; as the last of them were leaving I reminded Brooke of our appointment later. She told her friends to go on ahead and that she would get a cab home later, she now sat at the bar patiently waiting her fate. One of the bar staff asked why she was still there. “She is waiting on me to give her a ride home after I finish; so when you have all gone I’ll lock up and be on my way,” I told him.

As the last staff member left I locked the doors behind them. I walked the short distance back to the bar where I had left Brooke sitting; she was fidgeting around somewhat. “A little nervous are we?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” she said in a soft voice.

I poured myself a stiff scotch and slowly sipped on it as I watched her. “You can leave your things here on the bar when we proceed to the bottom of your dilemma.” I was trying to make light of the situation.

“Well then young lady the time has come to address your behavior for tonight’s episode.”

As I put my glass down she hopped down off the bar stool and waited as I came around to her side, “Are we going to do it in here?” she asked.

“No I have an area all set up in the storage shed out back where I intend to see to your bottom; follow me then Brooke.” She was very quiet and pale with remorse as we walked along the corridor to the rear exit. As we approached the storage shed she broke down in tears crying that she didn’t want a spanking. “Well you should have thought about that before you peed all over the carpet.” I turned the lights on and literally had to force her through the door to her impending doom.

As I had guessed she had never been spanked before hence her fear. “Have you ever been spanked by your parents before, Brooke?” I asked her.

“No, never.”

“Well then we will get started; firstly I intend to give you a warm up spanking with my hand.” I grabbed hold of her arm and marched her over to a straight backed chair where I sat down and pulled her over my knees. Brooke had on a very short mini skirt that barely covered her bottom, I started to pull it up the few inches I would need to reveal her bottom and to my delight she was wearing a sheer satin look pair of panties. She begged me not to expose her bottom but her request fell on deaf ears; one arm came back to prevent me from further removing her panties but that was caught and held firmly in the small of her back. Next her panties were now dragged down her creamy white thighs and down her legs to her knees, revealing a bottom so firm and tight that it was just a sheer delight to look at.

I raised my arm and waited for her to unclench her bottom and as soon as I noticed this I let fly with the first of many, many stingers that changed those wobbling buttocks into a very crimson color. All the while she protested and kicked out with her legs opening and closing them, giving me a most intimate view of her neither regions.

With the first part of her spanking over I let her up and as she stood there in front of me fully naked from the waist down she was oblivious to the fact as she danced around with tears streaming from her eyes and wildly rubbing her bottom trying to massage the fire that raged within and around her bottom. I gave her about ten minutes to compose herself before I intended to move onto the second part of her punishment. All the while she stood there bare assed and with her pussy on full display.

“OK then, now to your second part of the punishment young lady. I’m going to strap your bottom so the message gets home that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated by me or anyone else.”

I got hold of her arm once again and walked her the few feet to the old sofa chair and bent her over the back of it. There was little or no fight in her so restraining her arms to the eye bolts in the wall was an easy task, once she had fully realized her situation she began to panic and thrash about trying to pull herself free from her bonds that held her securely. “Are we going to settle down or am I to also tie your feet down as well?” As she continued to pull and kick out I grabbed one of her ankles and tied that to one of the chair feet along with the other foot, now she was not able to move much at all, as I stood back to look at her and at my earlier handiwork she pleaded with me not to strap her bottom. Fortunately the hotel is some ways from the nearest houses and any yelling or screaming that she may elicit won’t be heard.

I leaned over her shoulder and told her to prepare for the thrashing that she so deservedly earned. I took up a position to her left just far enough to lay the strap onto her now very crimson colored bottom. She started to once again plead with me not to strap her but the words had barely left her lips when the first of twelve very hard strokes which were to be applied to her bottom, landed. At the touch of the first stroke she let a scream and went all tense until the pain passed and she relaxed a little, with tears streaming from her eyes she begged me not to strap her again as it hurt so much.

I continued on with her punishment; stroke after searing stroke until all twelve had been applied. By then she was a sobbing mess; as I untied her feet one by one and then her wrists she was oblivious that she had in fact been untied at all. Her bottom was by now welted and marked so well that it would be sore for some days to maybe a week or two to come. As I lifted her limp frame from the sofa she fell into my arms and once more broke into tears hugging me tightly. I stood there with this girl who I had just given a very good thrashing to by all accounts and hugged her back telling her that all was now forgiven and forgotten. Slowly she calmed down and looked up at me and said, “Thank you.”

It was now I who was bewildered as to why anyone would say that after such a sound thrashing; but it turned out after some prompting from me, that she had always gotten away with her bad behavior and had secretly longed for the day that someone would take control of her actions. As I had to finish the locking up of the hotel I said she had better put her panties back on and pull her skirt down, before we went into the main hotel, where the security cameras were. Very gingerly she pulled her panties over her swollen cheeks with quit a few oow’s and arr’s as the thin material made contact with her skin. Once locked up and out the door I offered to give her a lift home, which she readily accepted.

On the way to her house she commented on how horny she had become from the spanking and the strapping of her bottom, she wanted to know was it normal to feel this way after something like that. I assured her it was for most women and young girls, I almost lost it when next she asked me if I would fuck her as she was so damned hot and had never been with a boy or a man for that matter.

“So you’re telling me that your still a virgin are you?”

“Yes I am,” she said.

“So are you offering me or asking me to make love to you?”

“Both I guess; I am not sure which at the moment, but all I know is that I want you to fuck me.”

You are welcome to contact the author Sir James.

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