Nephew Spanked by Aunt While Group of Teenage Girls Enjoyed

A fifteen-year-old boy is horrified as he is spanked by his aunt with twenty to thirty kids watching mostly teenage girls. Modesty was denied as his painfully embarrassing erection stood on full display. 

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When I was a fifteen-year-old lad I used to visit my aunt down in Bexhill who had a daughter Jackie two years younger than me. Although my mum never spanked me my aunt certainly did when I was visiting for long weekends and holidays. Around the age of eleven or twelve I began to be turned-on by her domestic discipline. Now in my forties, looking back one event continues to remain indelible even after all these years.

While playing ball with my cousin on Thursday afternoon she ducked rather than catching one of my throws leaving the ball on trajectory to smash the shed window – which it did.  Suspecting the worst from my aunt but to my surprise I was sent to bed early with nothing more being said. Friday morning Jackie was off to school while I went into town.

Saturday morning I awoke wearing only pajama bottoms. While heading towards the kitchen I noticed a chair in the middle of the living room. As I was finishing breakfast my aunt and Jackie walked in. My aunt said to Jackie, “All ready,” and as Jackie laughed my aunt took hold of my hand and led me to the chair in the living room. She then took down and off my pajama bottoms to Jackie’s great amusement and my deep embarrassment. But then to my shock Jackie drew back the curtains: The nets had been taken down, the windows opened wide and assembled were twenty to thirty kids from Jackie’s school mostly girls. Horrified I could hear laughter, clapping and cheering as I was positioned over my aunt’s knees.

I could not believe the humiliation as my aunt announced, “Big boy spankings for you now on my lad.” What seemed like hours was only five minutes of her hand punishing my bare bottom. It would have been difficult to imagine the situation getting worse but it did. With the spanking finished I was ordered to stand in front of the bay window with hands on head and my erection on full display.

I have never really lived that down and from time to time get teased about it. You would never get away with it these days, no mobile phones thank goodness, but it was definitely the most memorable spanking of my life.

You are welcome to contact the author Lee Jackson.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • I used to have my skirt and knickers pulled down in front of friends and family whenever I needed to be spanked. However, I do recall enjoying seeing my brother being spanked naked when he had an erection.

    • Yep. As a spanko I, at first, couldn’t understand getting an erection sometimes when spanked with a hairbrush, but not with a paddle or a heavy strap. I guess the pain there was just too great to get a sexual charge.

    • My aunt used a paddle on my bare butt, after I had slapped my girl cousin across her face. I was 11 and she was 12. We had been arguing about some nonsense when she slapped me first. My cousin watched as my aunt took my arm and undid my pants and underwear. Then she put me across her knee, grabbed a paddle, and in front of a grinning but scared cousin gave me a very terrible, scorching unbearable beating. My bum was bright red, bruised horribly and I couldn’t stop pleading, sobbing begging her to stop.

    • My spankings were usually bare bottom with a belt. Once in a while something else was used; a fly swatter, a yard stick, switch, plastic dowel rod (basically a cane,) wooden spoon, the usual…. however; at least 40% of the time I got my mouth washed out with soap in addition to the spanking. As much as I hated it back then, I now desire that type of punishment.

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