Soundly Spanked in the Woods

Self-secured to a sawhorse in the woods as ordered by his girlfriend, Michael awaits in agonising suspense on two counts – fear of being discovered in his helpless state and the impending thrashing promised for lying.

It was close to noon already. I knew that I had been given a directive, but my nerves were getting the better of me now. I should have known better than to lie to Alanea like I did. Now, I was going to pay for that mistake. Here it was, Saturday, and I was about to be in a tight spot with no one to blame but myself. She told me if she caught me lying again what was going to happen. Now, I could always say no, but relationships are built on respect and trust. Besides, I love her, so I had to go through with it.

You see, we have an agreement about being truthful to one another. If we are not, then there are stiff consequences. Those consequences usually involve a physical form of discipline such as spanking. I was a dummy and lied about where I went after work because I knew that I had tasks to complete at home and errands to run. Instead, I went to the race track and never guessed that she would find out. But like a dumb-ass, I left a ticket stub in my jeans that she discovered. So, here I am about to be subjected to a humiliating form of punishment.

Alanea was out running errands, but I was to have myself bound over the sawhorse, stripped naked from the waist down, in a small clearing behind our house by 1:00 p.m. I was excited and scared to death all at the same time. You see, I had built a portable sawhorse a few months ago, complete with eyebolts, which we could use to secure our hands and feet to while we were to be punished. Until today, we had never used it. She had threatened to spank me outdoors several times, but had never done it, although she has tied me naked outside on several occasions. Today, however, was going to be different.

Alanea wanted this punishment to really sink in, so she was not going to be there when I secured myself. I would be bare ass, tied over the sawhorse in the clearing alone until she got there with no way to free myself unless someone found me. I was to place the handcuff keys and the ankle cuff keys onto a lanyard and hang them on a branch out of reach. Then I was to strip, bend over the sawhorse, and secure my ankles and wrists. It was making my heart race just thinking about it. It was Saturday! There was no telling who would be out there, especially in September.

I looked at the clock, 12:23 p.m., dang it! I went to the room and got my backpack out. I placed my ankle cuffs and handcuffs into the bag together with my belt, paddle, brush, and camera. I found the keys and placed them in the bag too. Then I went to the closet and grabbed the sawhorse. It was not real heavy, just 23 pounds, but it was very sturdy. I looked at the clock one more time. It said 12:38. p.m. I sent Alanea a text to let her know I was on my way. Then I set the phone on the counter, collected my stuff and went headed out the back door.

The corner of our yard had a gate that led out into the greenbelt. I could hear folks talking in the neighbourhood and kids playing. I swallowed hard. Was I actually going to go through with this? I must be nuts. The wind was blowing fairly briskly, so once I got into the woods I would not be able to hear very well if someone was approaching. I looked left and then right before cutting across the fire break and into the woods. I was on a path that we used a lot, but it felt very awkward today. Once I had gone maybe 250-300 yards I came to our clearing. It was about 55 yards off of the small trail and surrounded by cedar and scrub brush. I made my way into it and set my stuff down. My watch read 12:55 p.m. I had to hurry!

I set the sawhorse up and readied my cuffs. Then I hung the cuff keys on a branch about seven feet off of the ground. Next, I set the camera up to record the action. I had a new SD card in, so I could film for an hour if need be, but dang I hope not. It was now or never. I strained to hear if anyone was nearby, but heard nothing. I unbuckled my pants, then slipped off my shoes. I pulled my pants off and hung them on a branch out of the way. Then I stepped up to the sawhorse. I was so nervous I was shaking now. I shoved my underwear down and off, leaving me naked from the waist down.

I leaned over and secured my left ankle first and then my right. I bent over the sawhorse and secured my left wrist. I had one to go. I had to do it now. I locked the cuff around my right wrist and it was done. Now I had to wait. I had a hard-on now. It was raging, yet I was scared to death of being caught. What if someone followed me, or watched me do this to myself! My mind was racing thinking about all of the crazy things that could happen. I looked at my watch. It was 1:10 p.m. Then, I thought I heard someone. I listened hard. There it was again! There were people talking and walking up the trail. My heart was in a race! Please go by I thought to myself. They got closer. At one point I thought that they were right on top of me. Finally, I could hear voices no longer. It was now 1:23 p.m.

When was she going to be here? Oh crap, what if something happened to her! What was I going to do now? I was beginning to panic a little bit. I felt very vulnerable. Why did I do this to myself? Wait, what was that? I heard someone walking up behind me. Was it Alanea? They came into the clearing behind me, but I could not see from my position over the sawhorse. “Alanea, is that you?” I asked softly. No answer. Oh shit. Then I felt a cold hand on my bare bottom. It rubbed my ass and wandered in between my legs to fondle my balls. It was Alanea.

“Ha, I did not think that you would have the courage, brat,” she spat as she squeezed my balls. “Ouch, please, Alanea, let’s go home,” I pleaded. She slapped me hard on my thigh. “No, sir, this is what you get for lying to me.”

She walked around in front of me and grabbed my face. “Look at me, Michael, I am going to teach you never to lie to me again.” She let my face go and then proceeded to pull the leather belt out of the bag. She stepped up to my left side and fire raced through me as the first stripe of the belt burned my flesh. “Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, the belt just kept coming down over and over. I could not get away. If it was not for the wind blowing I am sure someone would have heard it. Slap, slap, slap, slap, “slap”, she landed one right on my sit spots. “Ouch, please Alanea,” I begged. She kept going over and over for five minutes. Finally, she stopped. My hard-on was gone and there were tears in my eyes. “Now, Michael, how about we try this new paddle that you made,” she asked. “No, Alanea, please, let’s go home before someone hears us.” “I don’t think so,” she said. Then the hickory paddle landed square on my ass. Oh my God how it stung. I could not get away. I struggled to move away from the wicked tool, but it was no use. Over and over the paddle crashed on my naked bottom. I was crying like a baby after about five straight minutes. I was in total submission. Alanea stopped. She set the paddle down and rubbed my scarlet ass. “There, Michael, it is all over. You must never lie to me again sweetie, or I will really punish you.” She let me cry for a few minutes and then took the keys down and opened my cuffs. “Now, pack this stuff up and get back to the house, I have plans for us tonight.” “Yes, ma’am”, I said, as I reached for my underwear and pants. “No, Michael, you will walk back in the nude with that nicely spanked bottom on display for whoever sees it. I will carry your jeans and underwear.” With that, she grabbed my clothes and began towards the house.

I scrambled to get the stuff in the bag and picked up the sawhorse. I looked around really well before I left the safety of the trees and then hit the trail. I had to duck twice on the way back because there were people in their back yards that might have seen me if I did not. Finally, I was just across the fire break from the gate. I looked both ways and trotted across. Right when I got to the middle of the fire break, Sandra, our neighbour spotted me from her back yard. I kept going. I ran through the gate as she came to the fence. Her mouth was open as I got to our back door. I am sure she saw my swollen red ass, but I never looked back.

When I got inside I asked Alanea what her plans were for the evening. “Oh, nothing much, Michael, just having Sandra and Tiffany over for pizza, beer, and the game.” Now I think that my jaw hit the floor. I went upstairs to put away the stuff and take a shower. Tonight was going to be very interesting.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • Wow! That certainly took nuts. I can’t imagine your fear of being seen. Although Aleana whipped your ass soundly, your description rightly details your fearful paranoia of being discovered. Like you, that fear would have been much worse for me than the dread of the belt and paddle. Great story. Thanks!

  • Better if part two is revealed. I would like to see Tiffany and Sandra come by and give him a spanking as the three women watch closely!

  • Please continue the story with the night’s activities. She needs to make him serve and entertain them while naked and with his red bottom on full display. Each of the girls has a paddle and makes him pay for slow or incorrect service with swats on his ass.

  • Great story! Maybe make a second part where Tiffany and Sandra find out what happened and Michael becomes even more embarrassed but later they all share stories as friends about paddlings they have given or received.

  • My kind of perfect night ! Like a date night. I bet all get a closeup view of the days events, with lots of questions !!! 🙂

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