Revenge Is Sweet

“So this is how my oh-so-perfect daughter behaves when she thinks her parents can’t see. I saw what you made Billy do, and I heard your nasty threat. It’s obvious from your own words that you enjoy embarrassing your brother. There is also a dirty sexual element to your behaviour. It’s high time to bring this to an end.”

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Billy Cotterel was a longstanding mate of mine. We went to the same primary school. We were evacuated together (where we got up to all kinds of mischief) and were both members of the ‘Mudlarks’, but we now went to different schools.

Billy’s family were a bit weird (I guess that is a bit rich, coming from me!!), because they never called him by his proper name – they just call him ’Boy’. Billy had a sister, Kathy, who was a couple of years older than him. Billy’s dad was good fun, except when he had a few drinks – when he gave vent to a temper. His mum favoured Kathy in everything, she could do no wrong. His dad tried to be more even-handed, but it was no use, his mum and Kathy ruled the house.

Kathy teased Billy at every opportunity. She told tales about him and, when there were no facts to use, she would make up a story. Their mum never questioned Kathy’s tales and would often grab Billy, put him across her knee, take his pants down and spank him while Kathy looked on. Kathy, of course couldn’t leave it at that. When she and Billy were with other friends, she would get everyone’s attention by shouting out that she had seen Billy’s bare bum get spanked.

One day, when Billy and I were on our own, he told me that he couldn’t take much more of his sister’s behaviour. He wanted to get his revenge, but couldn’t think how to do it. We gave the problem some serious thought and, after discarding several ideas, came up with a plan that was so simple we thought it would work.

This is what happened.

It was a Saturday, and I called at Billy’s house to see what he was doing (though I actually knew, as usual he had a load of chores to complete). Kathy came to the door and in her usual unpleasant way said, “Boy’s busy with housework, but you can always help him unless you don’t like getting your pretty little hands dirty. I don’t care, I’m going to meet Mum in town later and we are going for a cream tea – so there!

I said that I would be happy to help and went to join Billy in the garden. Our timing was perfect. After about fifteen minutes Billy’s dad came home, having enjoyed a few beers with his mates at the nearby British Legion club. He went to the sun lounger we had positioned on the patio, and stretched himself out for a doze in the sunshine.

We set everything up as we had planned. I worked my way towards the end of the garden and was able to slip into the summerhouse to hide. When Kathy came flaunting into the garden to rub in the fact that she was going for a treat with her mum, she found Billy struggling with the stopcock. “What on earth are you doing?” she said. Billy explained that he had to fill the watering cans but nothing was coming out of the tap. He realised the stopcock was closed and was about to open it, as soon as…………..But Kathy wouldn’t let him finish and said, “God, you are pathetic. I suppose it’s too stiff for little Boy to turn. Get out of the way and I’ll show you some strength.”

– 2 –

Billy made a show of trying to prevent her grabbing the stopcock key, saying something about not being quite ready, but Kathy pushed him to one side and grabbed the key. She was about to turn it, when she suddenly turned and grabbed Billy.

“I’m going to have a bit of fun with you. If you do as I say, I won’t tell mum about it”.

Billy made a good show of giving in. “Please don’t tell Mum, my bum’s still sore from last night”

“Yes, that was a really good whopping you got, and I saw it all. I saw your willie sticking out as well. I can’t wait to tell the girls about it.”

“Please don’t. You know how they all tease me and make me go red.”

“That’s the whole point. Anyway, I won’t tell them, providing you do as I say.”

“Alright; I give in. I’ll do whatever you say” (This was not part of our plan, but Billy just had to play it by ear.)

“Strip down to your underpants.” Billy protested, but did as he was told.

“Now hold the end of the hose over your head, and keep it there”

What neither of them could see, but I could, was that Mr Cotterel had woken up and turned over on the lounger, so that he was facing in the direction of Billy and Kathy.

Kathy was saying, “Prepare to get very wet. When you are nicely soaked, we might have your knickers off as well.” So saying she gave the stopcock key a mighty wrench.

But the result was not what she had expected, because Billy was smiling at her.

“I tried to tell you that I wasn’t ready.”

Kathy could hear water running somewhere, and turned around. At the same time she felt strong arms grab hold of her. It was her dad. I had watched him leap off the lounger when the first drops of water hit him. He moved with impressive speed and had Kathy in his grip before she could turn. He was a strong man and, despite all her kicking and wriggling, had no difficulty with carrying the girl back to the lounger, which was still the target for the lawn spray.

Kathy screamed as the water hit her and soon soaked her fancy shorts and halter top. Her dad kept his grip on her and called for Billy to turn off the water.

“So this is how my oh-so-perfect daughter behaves when she thinks her parents can’t see. I saw what you made Billy do, and I heard your nasty threat. It’s obvious from your own words that you enjoy embarrassing your brother. There is also a dirty sexual element to your behaviour. It’s high time to bring this to an end.”

– 3 –

While this was going on, Billy had joined me in the Summer House, where we could see without being seen. We gave each other a congratulatory hug.

Kathy was getting scared, she had never seen her dad like this. Mum was always there to protect her, but not this time.

“Right young lady; I’m going to do something I should have done years ago. You are ill-mannered and a bully with a very nasty dirty mind. There is only one effective response to such behaviour – a thorough spanking. I only wish your brother was still here so that you could know what it is like to be watched.”

“Please Daddy; don’t spank me. I’m sorry for what I did, and I promise never to do it again. I’ll do anything you say, but please don’t spank me. Pleeeeeeease.”

Her dad said nothing in reply. He changed his grip on Kathy and laid her over his lap. In seconds, her shorts and knickers were down to her knees, exposing her very white and rather flabby bottom. Mr Cotterel knew full well where we were and signaled us to come over, but put a finger to his lips to warn us to keep quiet.

The first two spanks left clear imprints on the crown of each bum cheek. More followed as he sought to correct years of neglect of his parental duty. I could see that this was not the sort of measured punishment I was used to, but at the same time I thought his anger was understandable.

Kathy was a sobbing wreck. Her bum was afire and her dad’s hand continued to fan the flames. She thought of all the times she had watched and laughed as Boy had got the same from Mum. She had never imagined the agony he must have felt.

Finally the spanks stopped, but the fires continued to burn. Her dad held her still and prevented her from rubbing her bottom. In that burning stillness, she thought about what she had done over the years to deserve such a punishment. She faced up to the fact that it was wrong and resolved to make a change.

Mr Cotterel beckoned Billy forward and me to step back a little. He stood Kathy on her feet, with her back towards Billy.

“Your treatment of your brother and your attitude towards me have gone uncorrected for too long. I failed in my fatherly duty to you but I think we are both going to change now. If your brother was here now, what would you want to say to him?”

“I would want to say sorry for what I had done.”

“Then turn around and do just that.”

Kathy gasped and turned to see her brother smiling at her. With no hesitation, she stepped out of her shorts, ran to Billy and took him in her arms, saying, “I’m sorry; I’m sorry; I’m sorry”. They held each other tight and as their father came to join them.

You are welcome to contact the author Sunray.

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