Red Spanked Bottoms and the Green Door – True Story

Caught red handed creating works of lewd art, two boys are soundly spanked by one strict mother while an older sister watches with delight. The tables are poetically turned when the girl’s bottom is bared as well.  No one escapes the public nudity enforced from the waist down that extends well beyond corner time.

Two Boys Caught

I grew up in London during the 1970’s and was only occasionally spanked by my parents and then only if I had been very naughty. However, my fascination with spanking probably grew from one unforgettable experience that happened to me not long after my ninth birthday in August of 1978.

My best friend Colin went to the local Catholic school while I went to the local junior school. All the kids in the neighbourhood knew one another and played together regardless of which school they attended. During the school summer holidays, I would go and play with Colin. We used to go to the park or spend time at his house. At the back of his house was an alley which served as a cut-through from one road to the next. During the summer holiday we got into the habit of writing rude words and drawing lewd pictures on two garage doors in the alley. Over the days we covered the doors with our drawings of boobs, bums, willies and marys and a lot of swear words which we hardly knew the meaning of.

One sunny morning we were busy enjoying ourselves doing our ‘rude artwork’ when horror of horrors his mother came around the corner and caught us red handed. She was an Irish lady and a strict Catholic and as you can imagine she went ballistic! She promptly frog-marched us up the garden path, back to my friend’s house and into the living room. To my utter surprise and disbelief, she instantly pulled down my short trousers and underpants, right down to my ankles and before I could grasp the situation she took me over her lap and proceeded to spank my bare bottom. She spanked me very hard and within about a dozen or so smacks I was crying and wriggling about in stinging pain! She spanked me non-stop for what seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only about five minutes.

Sister’s Delight

Eventually to my relief she stopped and as I lay over her lap sobbing I felt her remove my short trousers and underpants from around my ankles and toss them aside. I stood up rubbing my hot  stinging bum and was immediately told to put my hands on my head and commanded, ‘STAND THERE AND NOT MOVE!’ It was only then that I realized that Colin’s 11-year-old sister, Ann, had come into the room and was watching the ‘action’. I was naked from the waist down in only my Bat Man t-shirt which did not cover anything below! Ann made sure she was getting a ringside view of  everything and it was obvious to me from the look on her face that she was loving every moment! Then it was Colin’s turn: I watched through teary eyes as he got exactly the same treatment as I did. Riveted to the scene unfolding before me I was in total shock and awe as Colin’s mother spanked his bare bottom with as much vigour and force as she had done mine. She kept spanking him until his bottom was glowing red all over. Then like me, while Colin was sobbing over her lap, she swiftly removed his short trousers and underpants and tossed them on the floor next to mine!

After giving us our ‘just deservers’, with tears still rolling down our cheeks, Colin’s mother frogmarched us off ‘bottomless’ back down the garden path into the alley and around the corner into the avenue all the way to the front door of the house to which the garages were attached. An old lady with glasses, I guess in her seventies, answered the door. Colin’s mother knew the old lady and explained to her what we had done to her garage door and that she had punished us each with a sound spanking. At which point she made us turn around so the old lady could see our blazing red-hot, smarting bums. The old lady said she was very cross and that we ‘thoroughly deserved it!’ We had to then apologize to the old lady for our ‘dastardly deed’. After saying that we were truly sorry and that we would never do it again, Colin’s mother marched us back to the house where in the kitchen she filled two buckets with soapy water. I realized in that moment what was about to happen, I looked across into the living room where we had been spanked just minutes before to see our cast off shorts and underpants still lying upon the floor. I wanted so desperately to go and put them back on to cover my semi-nakedness but I knew Colin’s mother wanted us bottomless for the next stage of our punishment. So bottomless with buckets, scrubbing brushes and sponges in hand we were frog-marched off once again back down the garden path to the alley where we were made to wash off all the graffiti on the garage doors, some of which I hasten to add was not even ours! Colin’s mother supervised us closely making sure we didn’t leave a single mark.

Red Bottoms on Display

If all this was not bad enough to sear this event into our memories forever, Ann had rushed off to get her friend Claire who lived a few doors away to come and see us, and horror of horrors Claire had brought along her younger sister too! This younger girl was named Abigail and happened to be in my class at school. The girls were all clearly thrilled at the sight of our naked bottomless exposure and of course it amused them no end, to see our privates and very hot red bottoms on show while we scrubbed and washed the doors clean. Colin’s insisted that we make a thorough job of cleaning the doors from top to bottom and she told Ann to go and fetch two wooden stools from the shed so we could reach the top of the doors. Standing up on those stools reaching up to clean the top of the doors only served to prolong and add to our humiliation as our spanked red bottoms were now clearly ‘put up on display’, exhibited for all to see!

While we scrubbed and cleaned a number of people went past, some did not say anything while some tutted and a few made comments. “A middle-aged man remarked, “You’re doing a grand job there boys!” While a grey-haired woman who came out of a green back entrance door along the alley said in a loud voice, “Oh my! We have been naughty boys, haven’t we!,” to which Colin’s replied, “Yes, but they won’t be doing it again!” The woman stood and watched us for a few minutes and said that she also had some similar graffiti on her back entrance door and asked us if we had done it – we hadn’t.  And we said we hadn’t. However, Colin’s went over to the door and the woman pointed out the offending words. After a few minutes the woman went on her way to the shops. After about what must have been a good hour of frantic scrubbing and cleaning, and several buckets of soapy water, the doors were at last spotless. Colin’s mother told Ann to go and fetch the old lady to check our work. The old lady inspected the doors closely and was very pleased with their sparkling new clean appearance.With the doors done Colin’s mother told Ann to say goodbye to her friends and she told us to put the stools away back in the shed. As we did so Colin’s mother and Ann went inside the house.

With the doors done Colin’s mother told Ann to say goodbye to her friends and she told us to put the stools away back in the shed. As we did so Colin’s and Ann went inside the house. Inside the shed on a small bench there was an old bathroom cupboard with a cracked mirror. For the first time I could see my poor red spanked bottom clearly. It was quite a shock standing there to see my bottom so red! Colin said that he had had much worse spankings and we were lucky that his mother had not used her hair brush on us! However, we were both desperate to be reunited with our underpants and shorts so we did not compare our bottoms for long.

Sister is Spanked

The moment we entered the kitchen we could hear a lot of commotion going on in the living room. We could not have timed it better, for when we opened the living room door we were greeted by the most fantastic sight! Ann was over the lap of Colin’s mother with her skirt up and her white knickers pulled down around her ankles and her bare bottom on full view! Colin’s mother had a pale blue plastic hairbrush in her hand and at that very moment Colin’s mother started to spank Ann with it. A loud SMACK! landed hard down upon her bum cheek and Ann let out an astonishingly loud cry! Another SMACK! instantly followed, and another and another. Ann howled loudly wriggling and squirming with every smack and soon she was in floods of tears. The smacks rained down with all the force and vigour of a proper ‘Old Fashioned Spanking!’.

I stood  dumbstruck! Wide-eyed and opened mouthed I watch amazed, transfixed on Ann’s bare bottom cheeks as they got redder and redder with each alternating hard smack of the brush. Ann constantly kicked and thrashed about and within a minute or so she had kicked off her shoes sending them one after another flying across the room. A dozen smacks more and her knickers followed landing just in front of us. Once free from the tangle of knickers, Ann’s legs kicked in all directions giving us welcoming glimpses of her hairless cunny! Colin’s mother was struggling to keep Ann in place but she managed to keep her firmly pressed down to continue on with the spanking. Ann was spanked for about as long as Colin and me, maybe a few minutes longer, but when the spanking finally ceased, Ann’s bottom was glowing a shade of red I never thought possible! Colin and I were grinning from ear to ear with stiff erections pointing to the ceiling.

Ann laid sobbing over her ‘s lap for a few moments before slowly getting up. As soon as she stood up Colin’s mother swiftly pulled down Ann’s skirt to her ankles and ordered Ann to ‘Step Out!’ Now bottomless, like us, she stood in full frontal view in only her white t-shirt, its short length unable to cover her modesty. Ann was told to stand with her hands on her head and not move. Putting her hands on her head caused her t-shirt to rise up further to give us an absolutely astonishing view of her beautiful, smooth cunny. With her delicious vulva on display I moved in real close for a good look, but Colin’s mother on seeing our erections told us to put our underpants and shorts back on! While we quickly dressed she went to the kitchen and filled a bucket with soapy water. It didn’t take us long to dress and within seconds we were sitting down, squeezed together on a large armchair right opposite Ann. This proved to be a most favourable position indeed, for Ann’s hairless Mary was now at eye level just a few feet in front of us and we had the most glorious, fantastic view of her bald peachy perfection, that any young boy could ever wish for! Whatever Ann had done wrong I didn’t care, I was on cloud nine, enjoying every exciting moment of her awkward blushing embarrassment! Soon Colin’s mother came back and told Ann to put her shoes back on, and then with bucket and sponge in hand she was frogmarched down the garden path and into the alley. We followed on in hot pursuit of her hot red smarting bottom, curious to see what was to happen next.

Her Bottom on Display

Colin’s mother led Ann by the arm along the alley up to the green door and told her crossly. “CLEAN IT ALL OFF AT ONCE!” Now it was our turn to revel in Ann’s humiliation and enjoy the delights of her bottomless exposure! I cannot express enough how satisfying it was to watch her bending up and down, then reaching up to the top of the door with the sponge, wiping it over. Her beautiful, round, red, spanked bottom on full public show! How she cringed with shame at the three or four people who went past clearly able to see her soundly spanked bottom. But Colin’s mother made sure Ann did a thorough job to clean off every speck of dirt and dirty word so to leave the door spotless!

Ann was almost done when the grey-haired woman came back. She was confused, and she asked why Ann was cleaning the door and not us boys. Colin’s mother said that it was Ann who was responsible for the graffiti on her door and not us. It was Ann’s very own handwriting that had given her away! Colin’s mother said that she could recognize it anywhere! At once everything fell into place. What a twist of fate! The grey-haired woman and Colin’s mother made idle conversation while Ann finished off the door and when the door was clean the woman looked us all up and down and said. “Now let this be a lesson to you all!”. “Don’t worry,” said Colin’s mother. “If there is any sign of it again, even just one word, let me know and you will be seeing their spanked bottoms again!”

By now it was nearly lunch time and I had to go home. I said my goodbyes and started walking up the alley. When I got to the corner I took a last look back. Colin’s mother was still talking to the grey-haired woman and Colin was standing close by. Ann in her white t-shirt, stood with her back to me with her hands on her hips. Her dark hair flowed loosely down her back, and her, round, red bottom blazed like the setting sun.

If I thought that day would be forgotten and lost in my memory of school summer holidays, I had another thing coming. When school started again in September, Abigail made sure everyone got to hear about ‘it’, telling ‘ALL’ in every embarrassing detail. But of course Abigail’s ALL was not the whole story! ALL was Ann over her mother’s lap being vigorously spanked with the hairbrush. ALL was Ann standing bottomless with her delightful, smooth, hairless cunny on display. And ALL was Ann reaching up, sponge in hand, with her beautiful, round, red, spanked bottom contrasting with the green door.

How To Give A Spanking
  • This story gave me a big erection. I was caught once by my teacher masturbating at college. She was an attractive older woman. I hadn’t cum yet when she caught me, so she had me pull up my pants and required me to report to her office in one hour. When I got there, she said I had two choices: 1) take her punishment and the matter would be resolved, or 2) report it to the dean. I quickly agreed to take her punishment. She then had me strip naked, put me over her lap and then proceeded to quickly masturbate me and I shot my load all over the floor. She then proceeded to spank me first with her hand, then a heavy hair brush and finally a paddle. I was a sobbing mess by the end. To make matters worse, she then ordered me to clean up the cum on the floor and swallow every last drop. I have been spanked by my wife quite a bit, but never after having just cum. A spanking after cumming is twice as painful. My wife does make me always eat my own cum, so I have finally gotten used to that. If I cum in her pussy, I have to lick her clean. If I cum in her mouth, she deposits it all in my mouth. If I cum anywhere else, I have to always lick it up and swallow.

  • Reminds me of a bad afternoon with my mother and three of her friends. I was always spanked naked as a kid, which included even my socks being removed. I was 15 at the time and my mom was playing bridge with her friends. I had been throwing a baseball against the wall and by accident, I broke a window. My mother was furious and made me strip naked in front of all her friends. She burned my ass with a ping pong paddle until I was crying uncontrollably. To make matters worse, I sprung an erection.

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