Post Spanking Corner Time When Two Female Plumbers Arrived – True Story

Serving corner time after being soundly spanked by his wife Rose, Terry had expected release prior to the arrival of the plumber. Rose, being the strict and creative disciplinarian that she is, changed things up at the last minute with a distinctively female twist.

It has been a while since I wrote about my husband Terry, but something unusual happened recently. As background, Terry was laid off in April of 2020 and has been over my knee often for a bad attitude because he is still not back to work – like that is a sin at age 78. Lisa, our oldest, got divorced and bought a house that has helped Terry feel like he is being useful by helping her fix it up some. My sister Karen came and stayed with us while she helped Lisa paint the inside of her house. This is what happened about a week ago.

After a few days, Karen was getting ready to return home and decided to make dinner for everyone on her last night here. I do not know why but for some reason the sink in the kitchen got clogged and Terry could not clear it. He was already in a bad mood when he had to call a plumber. After getting off the phone and learning it would be an hour or more for the plumber to arrive, he looked at Karen and almost yelled, “What the F**K did you!!”

Not a good move on his part: I gave him a sound 200-stroke spanking with my hairbrush and when finished he was bawling as usual. Karen also wanted to punish him with a switch which I thought was appropriate. She laid into his already thoroughly spanked bottom with 50 hard licks. He then went into the nook next to the refrigerator to serve his corner time where I said he would stay until the plumber arrived.

About an hour and a half later the doorbell rang, and it was the plumber. While I had planned on letting Terry out of the corner, I instantly changed my mind. The plumber was not a HE but a SHE and her helper learning the trade was about the early twenties and also a SHE. I led them to the kitchen and when Karen saw them she burst out in laughter. Terry has no idea what she was laughing about until I told the ladies to not mind my husband, he has been naughty and is doing his corner time. One astutely commented, “It looks like that is not all he got.”

The younger one asked me how long he would need to stay there? I said he has been there for two hours already and would stay until I said he could leave. She asked, “What if he just left?” I told her he could not, and I would show her why when they were done fixing the sink.

It only took them about 45 minutes to clear the clog when I told Terry it was time to turn him around. He started to cry and begged me to let him stay facing the wall until after they left. Having none of it, I cuffed his wrists behind him, reached around, and unlocked his chastity cage from the eye bolt that was holding him in the nook. I then ran a short chain through the eye bolt wrapped it around his waist, turned him facing out and used the lock to keep him chained. They now knew why he has to stay in the corner.

Both women broke out laughing when they saw him in chastity. I offered them both a Coke and we sat and had a nice chat about the female power and advantages of having males locked in chastity. Before they left, the older one gave me her name adding that she would really appreciate it if I requested her specifically should I ever have more plumbing problems.

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  • An update to my comment: A female relative of my girlfriend was in the apartment recently and saw the picture of a woman spanking a man across her knee. She laughed and said it was clearly appropriate to our relationship.

  • Hi Rose (and Terry),
    Glad to hear that you are well and that you are still disciplining Terry. From my own experience I know that this is good for a relationship. My partner is not nearly as strict with me as you are with Terry, but she uses a paddle on my bottom on occasion. Are you still interested in receiving e-mails from readers?

    • [Editor’s Note: Rose is the real-life wife of Terry in this story.]

      I love to hear from readers.


  • [Editor’s Note: Dear Jon, Thank you for your thoughtfully crafted, formatted and punctuated comments – much appreciated. Shall we go with the revision below as the final version? Regards, Michael]

    A very amusing account. It reminds me of an incident when the central heating in my apartment was malfunctioning. I called a local maintenance company that is owned by a woman. The proprietor herself answered, she was formal and businesslike and said she would send a technician as soon as one was available.

    The technician arrived about an hour later. I thought he would only want to look at the heating boiler, which is in the bathroom, but he said he also needed to check the radiators in the other rooms. In the bedroom there is a picture on the wall showing a woman spanking a man across her knee, which my girlfriend found amusing, and also the paddle she uses when she spanks me. The technician looked at them with interest, but made no comment. Before he left, he said that my heating boiler was an old-fashioned model and it was difficult to get spare parts for it. He would speak to his boss about the possibility of replacing it with a newer model, I should telephone her the next day to get her advice.

    When I phoned her she was polite, but no longer very formal. She said, “Oh yes, one of the boys was at your place yesterday. He told me about what he saw in your flat …,” she giggled slightly, controlled herself and continued, “yes, I think it would be a good idea to replace the boiler, I will send you an offer with an estimate of the cost.”

    • Yes please, this version is ok. And thanks for the compliment about my comments. My girlfriend has a high standard of literacy and an effective way of enforcing it!

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