Please Don't Take Me to the Principal's Office – Spank Me Instead

A spanking received at school guarantees another one upon returning home. A young man’s female teacher agrees to settle a matter of hurt feelings in the library after school.

When I was in the sixth grade I said something to my teacher that hurt her feelings. She was also the librarian and said after school we should meet in the library and work it out. It was a long wait until school was over.

We sat and talked and she told me that we would have to go to the principal’s office where I was to get swats. When I was spanked at school my mother always followed up with a bare-bottom spanking when I got home. I begged her to punish me and not take me to the principals office. She said it would be the same way my mother would spank me. I accepted and she agreed.

She ordered me take all my clothes off except my underwear. She then positioned me over her lap and proceeded delivered 10 swats. Next I felt my underwear being pulled down and coming to rest around my knees – more swats landed on my now bared bottom. I was then told to stand up and face her directly. Reaching over she pulled my underwear down to my ankles and told me to step out of them.

Her skirt had ridden up so it was skin to skin when I laid across her lap again. She put her arm over my back and pulled my legs close and tight to get me in a better position. Whack after whack began to rain down hurting more until I began to sob and cry. The spanking went on for a while. When finally done she told me to get up and get dressed.

She finished by telling me that if I acted bad again I could expect more of the same.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • Love it. I was a brat in the sixth grade when a strong teacher got me completely naked and then over her bare lap. She pulled me close and locked me in tight. Her daughter, who was two years older, came by and watched it all. She teased me in school and said if I sassed her she would spank me exactly as her mother had done.

  • That lady is my kind of teacher. I much preferred the class teacher to punish me instead of a visit to the Headmaster. Sadly I was never over the knee, only bent over for the cane!

  • My private school also had a headmistress who administered spankings at the end of the class day. We assembled in the library, lowered our pants while skirts were raised and we all positioned ourselves across library desks with underwear and panties on full display. When she and her assistant arrived, they read names – if yours was called, you lowered your undies. They then began going from desk to desk to give spankings. Everybody had to remain until all spankings were completed. The library was open, so any student or faculty entering could watch your embarrassing ordeal.

  • We were spanked at my prep school by the headmistress and her secretary. You took off your pants and bent over a long table. Whoever was to be spanked all went over the table. You kept your underwear on for the spanking. When it was finished, the assistant pulled your underwear down so she could inspect your rear. If she didn’t think your cheeks were red enough, the headmistress would resume the spanking but this time on your bare bottom.

  • I was occasionally spanked bare bottom by the female principal at my Christian high school. This was during the 70’s in Michigan and the school secretary witnessed every event. Once in the principal’s absence, the secretary took it upon herself to spank my bare bottom. This was especially embarrassing as she was barely 30 years old and very beautiful.

  • At a private school the principle and her secretary administered spankings with a paddle. You were no bent over an empty desk, trousers at your feet but underpants on. The principle then took her large paddle and turned your rear and thighs a bright red as the secretary counted the number of spanks.

  • Reminds me of a similar spanking I got in fifth grade by my female teacher.
    Would like to correspond with those who had a similar experience.

    • I had female teachers in third, fourth and sixth grades, who never hesitated to take students, usually boys, over their knee and spank. My sixth-grade teacher spanked all 11 boys in her class one day because we made too much noise in the restroom on an afternoon break. When we returned to class all of us boys were told to line up single file, and one at a time she put each of us over her knee and gave us all 5 good spanks! The girls in the class were laughing as the teacher spanked all of the boys. She told them to stop, or they would be next. The girls wisely stopped laughing.

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