Passing the Torch

David seeks his parents’ guidance in establishing a marital spanking contract with his wife June. Deeply repentant she is in full agreement after being caught drinking and driving. With many years of experience, his parents are both willing and able to lend a practiced hand and expertly applied hairbrush once they overcome the initial surprise of their son’s knowledge of their own spanking agreement. Panties and underwear come down.

Dad…we need your help.” My grown son, David, suddenly blurted it out, totally out of context to the pleasant conversation the four of us had been enjoying while ensconced in his modest but comfortable living room. June, his young wife, instantly turned five shades of red. As happens often, my wife, Alice, and I had been invited to the apartment of our son and his beautiful wife of two years for supper and a pleasant evening. Hours ago, we had finished a fine dinner cooked by June and David, and the evening was passing quickly and pleasantly up until this point. In surprise, my thoughts went immediately to my checkbook. Then I remembered that they were both college graduates and their combined income exceeded mine. What could it be? Hidden marital problems? Legal problems? My mind raced ahead unchecked. Finally I managed to ask the obvious; “how can we help you son?”

Now it was his turn to color and stammer. “Well…I know that you and mom have always spanked each other and…”. I smirked; Alice blushed deeply and hid her face. We thought we had hidden our marital discipline spankings so well over the years, obviously we were wrong and we were now being “outed”. I finally nodded for him to proceed. “And…and…well…I…I need to give June a hard spanking and I am afraid that I will either chicken out or injure her,” he finally managed to say. I was now in a room with two women who were squirming and hiding their faces.

Again, I managed to ask the obvious question; “Why do you think you need to spank her and what does she think of that?”

David answered, “First of all we have talked about her punishment and she insists on being spanked bare with a hairbrush; under the circumstances I can only agree, but I am just not sure that I am ready to actually DO it.” Looking sternly at June, I asked, “What are the circumstances?”

Her eyes filling with tears, she told her story: An office party after work, too many drinks, an ill-advised solo drive home, the unexpected DUI checkpoint, the ticket, the fine and the suspended license. During this talk, Alice finally got over her embarrassment enough to take an interest. “Why didn’t you simply call David to drive you home?” She asked. “I just didn’t think about it” June sobbed. “Well”, Alice said, “I can’t disagree about the spanking.” “Not to sound redundant” I asked, “but how can we help you?” “Simple” David said, “Help me spank June…tonight…now.” By now, I had guessed where this conversation was going, but the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a few moments to form an answer.

I asked June if she really understood what she was asking for. A severe bare-bottom hairbrush spanking is a serious matter. I asked her if she had ever had one before. She assured us that it had happened three of four times in the process of growing up and she knows quite well what it feels like. After a long, pregnant, silence I asked them if they had a suitable hairbrush. They said they did. I asked June to go get it. When she returned, Alice and I hefted the brush as June stood nervously before us, we agreed that it would do the job just fine. I motioned for June to sit next to David. “Are you both absolutely sure this is what you want to happen?” I asked. They both looked us directly in the eyes and nodded in the affirmative.

“First of all David,” I asked, “how much do you know about our spankings and how long have you known?” David explained that he was aware that each of us occasionally spanked the other and he had figured out what was going on when he was “eight or nine” years old. It seems that we had not always been as quiet as we thought and David was not always as asleep as we thought. He knew from the sounds and from a “couple of peeks” that our spankings were always on the bare bottom and he knew that we both occasionally “got it”. I found myself wondering if he had ever “peeked” during one of our “make up” sessions after a good spanking, but was afraid to ask.

Together, we explained to David and June that Alice and I had a written agreement with a list of “spankable offenses”. Because it was impossible to list every possible offense, the agreement was updated from time to time. We explained that the agreement forestalled most argument and that a spanking, once delivered, “sealed the deal” and ended the incident without further recriminations or punishments. We told them that this system had worked fine for us over the decades, but we realized that many would consider it strange or old fashioned. For this reason, we had kept knowledge of our agreement and our spankings strictly to ourselves. Even though painful, the agreement and the spankings have worked very well for us all these years, strengthening (and frankly, spicing up) our marriage.

“Tell us,” I said, “is this just a one-time thing or are you thinking about incorporating punishment spankings into your relationship like Alice and I have?” They both indicated it was probably much more than a one-time thing. We then asked David if he was serious about submitting to spankings from his wife when warranted. He gulped, looked strangely at June, and finally said ‘yes”. Again we lapsed into a thoughtful silence.

Finally, I voiced a proposal. “The way I see it, we have two separate issues here. First, you and June have a need for some ‘basic training’ and then we have an immediate need to take care of June’s punishment.” Alice chimed in as if she was reading my mind, “You are absolutely right that you should not attempt such a severe punishment without some experience, but also, you should have a recent, first-hand idea of what the punishment feels like before you impose it on someone else”. Everyone agreed. I took a deep breath and let fly with what I was thinking; “In that case, I suggest we coach you each through a modest ‘training’ spanking, and then I will volunteer to demonstrate a hard, but safe, hairbrush spanking on June which will discharge her punishment in a fair way. David gulped again; he suddenly realized that June was not the only person in the room who was going to get spanked. Finally, everyone nodded agreement. I looked June straight in the eye; “are you absolutely sure that this is what you want to do June?” Wide eyed, she immediately agreed. “Can we agree that once your punishment starts there is no going back…it will continue until it is over? Again, she agreed. “One last thing, I said, this is going to involve some serious below-the-waist nudity, we are all adults and should have a pretty good idea what we are going to see and how we should act; is this okay with everyone?” Again, there was agreement all around.

“Okay”, I said in a tone of voice that David was sure to remember from his childhood, “David…Shoes and pants…off!” David looked at us in shock, his mouth moved as if to speak, but finally he simply reached down for his shoelaces. One at a time, he removed his shoes and slid them aside. “This is not quite the way I expected this evening to go” he said, “but in the interest of education, here goes.” He stood and reached for his waist, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped. Moments later he stepped out of his trousers and stood in his white briefs looking at me expectantly. “June”, I said, “slide over to the center of the couch, Alice will coach you through this”. “Ok Dave” I said, “Shuck off those underpants and get in position across June’s lap”. Reluctantly, he slid his underpants down to his ankles and stepped free of his final protection. Without realizing what she was doing, Alice stared fascinated at parts of David she had not seen in several years.

Blushing furiously, David quickly dropped into position across June’s lap. At our coaching, Dave adjusted his position so that his bare bottom was in exactly the proper position. June was sitting on the edge of the couch slightly angled so that Dave’s torso rested on the couch, but his knees dangled nearly to the floor. I walked into the dining room, picked up a chair, and placed it near the couch directly opposite Dave’s bare tush. I waved for Alice to have a seat. She sat, nearly knee-to-knee with her daughter-in-law and immediately took to her new role as spanking coach.

“Now June”, she said, “There is nothing special about a man’s bottom. Even with just your hand, you are plenty strong enough to build a fire there he will not soon forget!” She pointed to the center of Dave’s right neither cheek. “Give him three right there with about half of the force you are capable of”. June complied with her instructions. “Good…good job.” Alice pointed just a little lower, “OK just a little harder and lift up on your fingers so all of the force is on your palm.” June landed three more swats on the new spot; Dave squirmed and groaned. Alice pointed to the spot, “See that color? That is just perfect! “At a nice medium, even tempo, paint the rest of his tush that color.” While Dave struggled to control himself, June worked at perfecting her newfound skill. Before long, Dave was gasping and doing an involuntary horizontal dance as an irresistible fire was gradually stoked in his behind. The desired color finally achieved, June stopped and looked up for further instructions. Alice than explained that the result of her efforts so far was the minimum punishment spanking that she should consider giving and also a good “warm up” spanking if further punishments are in order. Alice went on to explain how the legs and thighs can be spanked for further effect. She had Dave open his legs so that she could point out the more tender and vulnerable spanking targets to June. At this point, Dave made to get up, thinking that the demonstration was over. I immediately stopped him; there was one more demonstration to be made. I handed June the hairbrush and suggested to Alice that three swats on each cheek would probably be enough. Dave groaned but obediently settled back across his wife’s knees, ready for the worst.

“OK June” Alice said, “This hairbrush is a potent weapon that multiplies the effect of your spanks.” “David’s bottom has been properly prepared for more severe punishment; why don’t you try spanking him with just about the same force you were using before?” “If you are doing it right, you will get much more reaction from him than you did before.” “Give him three good ones right in the meaty part of his right cheek.” June seemed a little squeamish about this part, perhaps she was thinking about what was scheduled for her own bottom. With three loud “SPLAT” sounds, the hairbrush did its work. In spite of his best efforts, David yelled out and reached back to protect his rear. Instantly, Alice reached to intercept the paddle. “Keep an eye on his hands,” Alice said, “a paddle can really damage a hand.” “Hold that right hand in the small of his back and keep control over it.” “Okay, now do the other side.” Again the hairbrush spoke loudly, but David spoke louder. The groaning man was then allowed up and he rubbed his bottom unashamedly, real tears in his eyes. Alice almost took him in a motherly hug, but then remembered her role. She silently motioned for June to tend to her husband. Tenderly June took her hurting husband into her arms. Ten minutes later, David was dressed and composed.

Now It Was June’s Turn:

“I guess we all know what is next” June finally said with a bit of a tremor in her voice. “I think you are exactly right.” I said. “Because this is a real punishment, things will be a little different.” “First, go to the bathroom, use the toilet if you can, and remove all but your underwear. “When you return, bring a pillow.” June left the room. I asked Alice to get some ice for June’s bottom. With both women out of the room, I motioned David to the place in the center of the couch vacated by June while I took Alice’s former position on the small chair.

A teary-eyed June reentered the room wearing only bra and panties and carrying a pillow. Without being told, she stood expectantly at David’s right. Her eyes grew wide when Alice reentered the room with the ice. “What is that for?” she asked. “That is for first-aid after your spanking to reduce the bruising” Alice explained. “Okay, both of you listen up, here are the rules” I said. “You might decide to do things differently later, but this punishment will be by the rules that have always worked for Alice and I. David, you may lecture all you wish before and during the spanking, but once the spanking is over, the incident is closed. You will say no more and cheerfully drive June wherever she needs to go until she gets her license back. June, you will learn from this punishment, cooperate to the fullest extent possible, never complain about your punishment no matter how much it hurts, and never,never drink and drive again! Do you both understand and agree?” They both nodded soberly. “Okay, June, put that pillow where your face is going to be and peel your panties all the way off. All eyes were on June as her hands grabbed the thin elastic of her final veil of protection. Her twin orbs were the first parts of her to emerge into view from behind the thin silk. Her bottom wiggled as she worked the stressed silk past her thighs. She bent almost double as she pushed them down to her ankles and stepped free one leg at a time. She left them in a tiny, fragrant, pink heap at her feet.

“David, I said, this is your one and only chance to tell June what you think about her behavior. Tears came to David’s eyes as he told his wife how her reckless, irresponsible actions had endangered their future together. Before he was finished, she was crying freely, totally oblivious to her state of undress. Finally David lapsed into silence. Realizing what must be next, June gave him a long, tearful hug, looked fearfully at the hairbrush lying next to David and finally moved into position, her butt elevated by David’s knees and her head on the pillow.

“I know you are ready to get this over with, but we have some more talking to do,” I said to June, “As if we were complete strangers, explain to us exactly why we are supposed to punish you.” “Because I drove my car after I had been drinking” she said. “Not nearly good enough” I said with an edge to my voice. “Tell us the entire story and tell us why what you did is wrong.” She sobbed her way through the entire story and told us what could have happened. I then told her to describe the punishment she expected. With her voice breaking, she did a fair job. She explained that David was going to give her a hard hand spanking and then a few practice swats with the hairbrush. She would then go over my lap for a serious hairbrush spanking. That sounded about right to me, so I told her we could finally get started. “Wrap your arms around your pillow and keep them there” I ordered, “If you are going to make any really loud noises, you may want to do it into the pillow for the sake of the neighbors.” She buried her face in the pillow and locked her arms under it.

“David, we will start out just like Alice and June did”, I said. “Give her three good swats right here (I pointed to her nervously clenching right cheek) with slightly less than half your strength.” He raised his arm and let it fall three times with dramatic and loud results. June immediately started crying freely. I inspected the color a moment, and told David to repeat on the other cheek. He complied, with similar results. June now had a similar splash of bright blush on each butt cheek I waited a few moments and then finally said to June, “I know this hurts, but remember why you are here”. I then instructed David to even out June’s color with slow, consistent spanks. He went to work, June’s cries gradually became more and more anguished and her movements became more and more urgent as the fire in her bottom was properly ignited, stoked, and tended by her husband’s novice but increasingly competent ministrations.

When her buttocks finally reached the reached a consistent, bright red, I pointed to the base of her buttocks and motioned for harder spanks, June howled into her pillow her legs pumping of their own accord as she tried desperately to stay in position. When the time was right, I motioned for David to stop. We waited for a full three minutes until her cries began to taper off. I then instructed David how to spank June’s legs. While this was just a theoretical conversation in the case of David’s spanking, June would get to feel the real thing. “There is no reason to hold back” I said, “I will only be using the paddle on her bottom”. She groaned.

David instructed June to open her legs and “keep then open”. Fearfully, she complied. David went to work, thoroughly spanking her legs, and the tender insides of the thighs. June bucked and howled and twisted. Twice, David has to stop momentarily to get her back in proper position but he completed the job satisfactorily without further instruction. That part of the job complete, he looked up and received approving looks from both Alice and myself. Again, we waited for June to calm down.

At a nod from me, David picked up the hairbrush, told her to close her legs and in a measured and firm manner, applied the prescribed three practice swats on each cheek. June took this a bravely as possible, crying freely with her shoulders shaking. The prescribed swats given, David spontaneously planted a wet kiss on each scarlet orb, whispered lovingly in her ear, and finally, reluctantly, released his beautiful and chastened wife. Oblivious to her exposure, June jumped up and did a bottom-rubbing spanked-brat war dance around the room, her fire engine red bottom bouncing and twitching fetchingly. (I know it is traditional to not allow post-spanking bottom rubbing, but I always thought it must be good for the circulation and it sure is a fine sight to watch.) We simply waited for a sign that she was ready to continue with the punishment that she knew she so richly deserved. Finally, she returned to her husband, gave him a long, tearful hug, and looked at me with a strange mixture of expectancy and fear.

Before this story can continue, we must have a frank discussion. Please understand that I am a “one woman man”; I get all the loving that I need from Alice. If that were not true, I would still not consider my son’s wife to be a suitable target for my sexual advances. All of that having been said, I am still human. I am a little ashamed to admit it, but as I was sitting there looking down on my daughter-in-law as she squirmed, twisted and cried her way through her first marital punishment spanking, I developed an erection unmatched since my teenage years. My original plan had been to trade places with David, but I could not do that without displaying my condition. Thinking back, I now realize that David also did not seem anxious to jump up, I imagine he was in the same condition.

David and I had been sitting almost knee-to-knee so that I could provide proper coaching, him on the center of the couch and me on that dining room chair. If I were to simply take June across my lap in the traditional OTK fashion for her hairbrush spanking, her distress would surely be audible to the neighbors in the next apartment. After a moment’s thought, I solved the problem neatly by scooting my chair around 90 degrees so that June could go across my knee yet her torso could rest on her husband’s lap. She quickly got the idea and came around to my right side. “Put the pillow in your husband’s lap and hand me the hairbrush” I commanded. Solemnly, she complied. Spontaneously, she bent down and planted a teary kiss on my cheek. I reached up high and patted her affectionately and chastely on the back and then motioned her into place across my knees. As she climbed into place, I gently guided her out as far as possible on my lap and, not incidentally, away from my over-stimulated groin.

Again, I am somewhat ashamed to admit my arousal. June’s presence assaulted all of my senses. I could feel her warmth and weight draped across my lap; the sight of her, bare-red bottom and all, was simply divine. And her bouquet…not just the scent of her cleanliness, not just the scent of her feminine toiletries, but the barely-perceivable spoor and tang of her womanhood itself assaulted my brain in exactly the same manner that it has aroused and attracted males for millions of years. With almost a physical effort, I managed to break through the sexual fog that was muddling my brain and get down to the serious business at hand.

To David I said; “Normally, I would ask her to put her hands in the small of her back so I could hold them there for her own protection. But since you are there, I will depend on you for that. Also, if necessary, I could put my right leg over her legs to hold her in place.” “You can easily tell the difference between voluntary and involuntary struggling. In my opinion, you should expect a person to do his or her very best to stay in position but involuntary movements are just that…involuntary. I would not really be fair to add “penalty strokes’ or other extra punishment for something a person can’t be expected to control”. David agreed.

“June, this spanking is going to hurt like a blowtorch on your butt”, I began, “it is essential that you hold in your mind exactly why you are being punished. Tell me,” I commanded, “why am I about to spank your bottom with this hairbrush?”

“To remind me to never drink and drive,” she said with surprising calmness.

“Exactly!” I said. “You must keep this in context” I continued, “or we are wasting our time”. “The purpose of this spanking is to give you something to remember if you are ever again tempted to drink and drive.” “Are you thinking about that?” “Yes!” She sobbed. “Are you ever going to do that again? I asked. “No, never!” “Are you ready to get the hairbrush? The clenching of her buttcheeks gave me the answer before she finally said meekly, “Yes sir”. “You know that everyone in this room loves you? I asked tenderly, “Yes” she sobbed.

The brush rose up in the air.

June wrapped her arms around her husband’s legs and buried her face in the pillow on his lap; her butcheeks clenched even more and trembled slightly. The hairbrush and I were about to transport June to a place where she was desperately afraid to go, yet it was the same place that she so desperately yearned to be.

The brush fell.

June’s legs came off of the floor and splayed.

The brush fell again and again.

I quickly picked up an even, relentless tempo, unvarying in pace or force, that told June that she was going to get no mercy until her punishment was complete.

“Oh No!” She said, and then “Noooooooooooooo”.

Her involuntary squirms and twists escalated to the point that I thought I was going to have to ask Alice for help holding her. The movements of her bare bottom served well to spread the spanks evenly over the target area.

Her cries got louder and louder, turning into barely-human shrieks. I was wondering if the pillow was going to be enough.

The hairbrush continued its relentless lesson.

Finally, her cries and her movement began to diminish, even though the hairbrush was still doing its work.

It was obvious to both Alice and I that June was finally arriving in the correct mental “place”, her guilt removed and the vital object lesson indelibly installed in her psyche. It was time to give the brush a rest.

We stopped, (the brush and I) June did not seem to notice, her deep, cleansing sobs continued unabated as her husband lovingly stroked her hair and shoulders. Finally, she stirred and we gently encouraged her to get up. Slowly she rose, gingerly reaching back to touch her throbbing bottom and still sobbing gently. We all enveloped her in a loving, chaste four-way hug that seemed to last for minutes. Finally, Alice took charge and broke up the hug to place two large towels on the couch. She lay June down on the towels and started instructing David on treating June’s swelling bottom with the ice.

While the work was progressing on June’s bottom, I kissed June on the cheek and said, “If you are mad it me right now, it is OK, but I hope you don’t stay that way”. “Oh no!” She replied, “I don’t think my bottom agrees right now, but thank you! You gave me just what I needed to have”. Reassured, I told Alice that it was time for us to leave.

As we said our “goodnights”, David was still tenderly doctoring his wife’s spanked bottom as she lay on the couch, her head cradled by her arms and a pillow, her tears gradually giving way to the relieved smile of a person reborn. I saw that he had unsnapped her bra strap, the only garment that she had been wearing for her punishment. From the obvious lump in David’s pants, there was little doubt that June would not soon need those panties that were still lying in a tiny pink pile on the floor. We left them alone, sure that all was well.

Later that night, in the privacy of their own homes, in the quiet of their own bedrooms, in the sanctity of their own beds, two couples made love with a very special fervor. The older couple knew, expected, and appreciated this special “kick” in their love life; the younger couple was discovering it for the first time. At first, they thought it was something that they had invented themselves; over the years they learned to accept this special post-spanking sex as a welcome bonus.

We never again participated in any spanking activities with David and June. We had done our part and “that was that”, the rest was up to them to figure out. We never again brought up the subject and for many years we only knew David and June were continuing their spanking activities because of the occasional sly comment that we would hear from one or the other of them.

That changed very slightly on the occasion of their tenth anniversary. By then, they had been blessed with two fine children. They hired a real babysitter (rare; we usually got that job) and invited us out for the evening. When no wait staff was near the table to overhear, they made a point to tell us that they had made their own spanking agreement shortly after their “basic training” and it had worked well for them. David blurted out; “you never told us about the ‘bonus part’ that happens after the spanking”. We all laughed. “We knew that you two could figure that out for yourselves” Alice replied. “Seriously”, David said; “June and I talked about this and we really want to thank you.” “Looking back on that night when we got our ‘basic training’, we realize that you two helped us take our marriage to a whole new level.”

There was nothing that they could have said that could have made us happier.

Copyright (c) Guy Spencer 2002

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