Spanked on the Fourth of July

Earlier in his marriage Terry had always been disciplined in private by his strict wife, Rose. Their arrangement became much less private at a family gathering during one unusually “hot” Fourth of July more than thirty years ago. In Terry’s own words, “She is still in charge.”

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The Day My In-Laws Learned That My Wife Is In Charge

My wife is the disciplinarian in our relationship. On a few occasions one of my in-laws would jokingly ask how she kept me in control and she would say she gives me a good spanking when I deserve one. Everyone just laughed it off believing that she was just making a joke. Up until that time my corrections had always been administered in the privacy of our home and I had assumed it would always be that way.

I was twenty-nine years old and would be turning thirty in a month and a half. My wife’s parents had invited all of their kids to their house for the Fourth of July so there was quite a crowd. My wife and I, her four sisters, their three husbands, and her brother and his wife, along with her parents made up a crowd of 13.

We arrived around 9:30 a.m. for a full day of Bar-B-Q and games and everyone was looking forward to a good time. I don’t recall what started everything but I was in the kitchen with her youngest sister, who was still single, and we had words that apparently were loud enough for my wife to hear. Her little sister left the kitchen crying because of something I had said and went outside through the living room where everyone else was sitting.

Upon seeing the commotion my wife came in and asked me what had happened and I said, “Nothing, she just got pissed and acted like a little brat like she usually does.”

My wife left and went to her sister. A short while later she came back and asked me a bunch of questions, some of which I answered directly and others I gave a smart-ass reply to, and again said her sister was a brat.

While we were talking I could tell that Rose was getting steamed. I knew I would probably get it when we got home but the day was young and maybe she would calm down by then.

My wife looked at me with daggers in her eyes. “I want you to go right home and bring back my brush and the other things I will need and be back here in an hour. And when you get back bring the brush right to me!”

I made the drive home in record time and was back at the in-laws’ in less than hour. When I got back I immediately gave the brush to my wife who was sitting in the yard with everyone else. Taking the brush she asked, “Dad, can I use your den for a while, there is something that needs my attention – right now?”

Needless to say I followed my wife into the house. I told her that I knew what was coming but at least it would be private.

When we got to the den my shoes and pants were off in no time and I was prepared for my spanking. My wife then opened the window, looked at me and said, “We may be alone in this room, but unless you show more control than I have ever seen before, and this brush suddenly becomes silent when it hits your bottom, EVERYONE will know exactly what is happening here.”


Oh, that brush hurts. I need to be as quiet as I can. Everyone will know what is happening.


“Oowww, please don’t, it hurts.”



They can hear me, I’ll never be able to face them again.



It was no use. I couldn’t help it. Soon Rose was into her rhythm and I was crying out loud and I begging her to stop. I no longer cared about who was listening. It just had to stop.

Soon I was like the proverbial six-year old crying uncontrollably as my bottom was being turned into a red hot sun.

When Rose finished I was bawling out loud. There was no question that her family now knew that she hadn’t been kidding when she told them she gave me a good spanking when she thought I needed one. She then told me to put my pants back on and go out, with my red eyes and tear stained face, and apologize to her sister, which of course I did.

Everyone was real quiet when I got to the yard and apologized. One brother in-law said that I should take a seat, have a beer and relax – it looked like I needed to do so.

Rose said, “I don’t think Terry really wants to sit anywhere right now. As a matter of fact, he probably won’t want to sit for the rest of the afternoon and I would appreciate someone moving his dinner plate from the table to the buffet so he can stand and eat lunch.”

At lunch, while everyone was sitting at the table, I ate, with an unseen red bottom under my clothes and a red face that could be seen, standing at the buffet in the dining room. It had been a miserable day and it was only getting worse.

All afternoon I stood around ashamed. My bottom hurt too much to sit and everyone was giving me strange looks.

About five my mother-in-law yelled out the back door that supper would be served in about an hour. Rose looked at me and said, “Honey, go get my brush, this is really going to be a RED HOT fourth of July for you.”

I returned to the yard with the brush wondering just how things could get any worse than they were already. When I gave the brush to my wife she told me to slip off my shoes, drop my pants and underpants and get back over her knee right in the back yard.

“Not here, please, everyone will see me.” I stammered.

“Yes they will, but in a few minutes you won’t be thinking about them at all, you have my absolute word in it,” she replied.

In no time I was back over her knee and she started again with the brush.



My bottom was still sore from earlier and it took no time for me to break down into tears and useless begging for her to stop.



“Are you thinking about everyone looking now?” My wife interjected.



After what seemed like forever she stopped and said she was done. “Well, I think that is enough, you won’t want to sit on that for a few days at least. But it is such a pretty sight, all sun set red and blistered.”

“It seems such a pity to hide such a nice red bottom. Tell you what, you just go into the house and stand in the corner of the dining room, just the way you are, and we can all admire your bottom during dinner. Don’t worry, you won’t be eating anyway. And if I see you make so much as one move to rub yourself, we will have another discussion after the rest of us have eaten.”

And in the corner is where I stayed. The only change was that after dinner, I was told to stand facing the garage wall outside, where everyone had migrated to, so my buns would remain on display for the remainder of the evening.

On the way home that evening I knelt in the backseat out of necessity. I was way too sore to sit, even on a pillow. Rose said that she had decided a while ago that she was not going to spend the rest of her life waiting for a convenient time to blister me just because someone else was around. She was glad I gave her an excuse to make sure that everyone in her family was aware of how she takes care of things in our house. From that moment on there have been few places where my wife doesn’t feel that is perfectly okay to bare my bottom and spank the devil out of it. And on more that a few occasions, where a bare bottom would not be acceptable, she has spanked me over my under pants anyway and then bared it and spanked me again when we got home.

That fourth of July was not the last time I was around one or more in-laws, standing in the corner, with my bright red bottom on display and I think there will be more in the future.

It is still humiliating, after way too many occasions to count, to be a grown man, spanked like a little boy in front of others until I am bawling and can’t sit down. Then having to stand in the corner on display just adds to feeling miserable.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

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