Oiling the Belt

Janet and Ed had entered into a mutual domestic discipline contract just before their marriage. The first year had seen only Janet stripped and soundly spanked for various misdeeds. Now Ed stood naked anxiously awaiting the thorough strapping his lovely, sexy wife had resolved to administer. As was the tradition when he was younger, Ed’s anticipation was heightened as he oiled the spanking belt making it heavy and supple in preparation for the searing contact awaiting his bare bottom flesh. Janet was going to relish her work.

Chapter 1

Had you been a bug on the wall of the bedroom of this couple’s small rented cottage, you would have seen Ed sitting morosely on the edge of his bed, seemingly fully clothed. On closer examination, you may have noticed that the belt loops on Ed’s pants were empty, a brown leather belt lies on the bed next to him. Being only a bug, you would have no way of knowing that Ed’s brown belt is scheduled to be used as a tool to perform a very special job. In one hour and 55 minutes, Ed is to carry that belt out to his wife where he will contritely request her to thrash his bare bottom with it.

While sitting there, Ed thought of his spanking contract with his wife of one year. In that year he has spanked her three times, but until today, has successfully avoided violating the contract’s rules, and so hasn’t been spanked himself since his teens. Before their marriage, Ed and his fiancée, Janet, negotiated a mutual discipline contract similar to the famous Spencer Plan. Their contract features two lists of “spanking offenses” that apply equally to both of them. The first is a long list of “normal” offenses that rate a routine spanking; the other is a much shorter list of more serious offenses that would earn a “special” spanking. Because of the difference in their strengths, the implements to be used for their spankings differ. A “normal” spanking for Janet would be with Ed’s bare hand, but Ed would feel a hairbrush for the same offense. For “special” spankings, it would be the hairbrush for Janet and the belt for Ed. Since they were to be a married couple and nudity should not be an issue between them, they agreed that spankings would always be given with the recipient totally bare.

Through the bedroom door, Ed heard the rattle and splash of Janet doing the dishes out in the kitchen and it brought his thoughts back to his present predicament. He wished he could be standing next to her, as was their normal evening ritual, her washing dishes and him wiping them as they compared workdays. Dejectedly, he kicked off his shoes and stripped off his socks.

Ed could easily have gotten out of the strapping he was about to receive, he had not actually failed the sobriety test. It had all started innocently enough. One of Ed’s co-workers retired today and the whole group stopped on the way home for a planned “quick one” at a local bar. Ed had even warned Janet that he was going to be a bit late getting home. Just as Ed was finishing his beer and was preparing to say his goodbyes and go home, he looked up and found a full glass sitting on the bar in front of him, someone had “bought a round”. By the time he got out of the bar (bustling a bit because he was late for dinner), Ed had consumed several quick beers, and felt just a bit fuzzy (he wasn’t one of the world’s great drinkers). With just a bit of concentration, Ed found that he could navigate in a perfectly straight line across the parking lot towards his car. Surely he could drive OK as long as he was very careful! It was just Ed’s bad luck that a police officer was watching when he tore out of the bar’s parking lot on his way home to Janet. The next thing Ed knew, he was standing beside the road blowing into a tube. At a reading of .08 he would have been arrested, but the meter only registered .075, so the officer let him off with a warning but insisted that he not drive the car away. Sitting in the back of the patrol car, Ed swallowed hard and called Janet on his cell phone. She said she would be right there. Ed sat dejected. Even through his alcohol fog, Ed understood fully the seriousness of his gaffe. He knew that Janet would not let him off easily, but he was even more worried about the wrath of his most severe critic, the one who would not soon forgive him…himself.

Ed was a very “straight ahead” type of guy. He had willingly signed the spanking contract with Janet, because it seemed to be something she needed. She had some “issues” with financial self-control and she needed the structure that came with the agreement, yet was independent enough that she did not want a man dictating rules to her. The ides of having definite rules that she agreed to in advance, rules that she had helped forge herself, rules that applied equally to him and her, appealed to her sense of justice. Of course, what was the point of having definite rules without some definite consequence should the rules be broken? Ed found the rules to be “normal stuff” and easy to follow, and therefore he never dreamed that it might someday be HIM receiving the sore bottom!

Fortunately, Janet did not keep Ed waiting long. She was still in her office clothes, so all she had to do was turn the burners off on the stove and jump in the car to rescue Ed. A mere five minutes after Ed’s call, she arrived. Ed thanked the officer and sheepishly slid into the passenger side of Janet’s SUV as the officer locked Ed’s car and handed Janet his keys. From Ed’s hurried phone call and from what she could see (and smell) Janet had pretty much figured out what was going on, but as they drove off she asked for Ed’s side of the story. He told her the truth, holding nothing back and offering no excuse, and waited for her reaction. It was not long in coming: “You know that you should get the strap for this,” Janet said, only half seriously. Ed’s stomach flipped; and he swallowed hard. She had voiced exactly what he was thinking! Ed sat silently until they were almost home, his heart gradually beating faster and faster as he tried to work up the courage to say what he knew he must. He took a deep, breath and cleared his throat. He had a feeling in the pit of his stomach that was exactly the same as that time when he had taken a parachute jump on a bet. Finally, he started speaking before he had time to change his mind, “If it were you that got stopped for DUI, I would give you a spanking with that hairbrush that you would never forget, so I guess we know what you have to do.” Janet pulled the car to the curb so she could stare into Ed’s eyes. “You’re serious aren’t you?” Janet said. Ed scrunched his buttocks as he realized there was no turning back. “Yes Janet” he said, “I know that I did not violate the letter of our contract, but I feel that I came close enough that the rest doesn’t matter” “If it helps your decision, were the situation turned around, I would insist on spanking you.” She stared wordlessly at Ed for several heartbeats before saying simply, “Okay”. Finally condemned, Ed slumped into his seat, his heart thumping furiously. When they got to the house, Janet insisted that they have a normal supper before they had “their discussion”. Supper was a little dry from the delay, but they both made a valiant attempt to pretend like nothing had happened and to be friendly to each other and engage in their usual dinnertime chatter.

Chapter 2

The thought of exactly what was ahead of him brought Ed back to the present. He anxiously looked at the alarm clock on the dresser for the tenth time; he had an hour and 50 minutes to go. There must be something wrong with that clock he thought. Without enthusiasm, he reached down to his beltless waist; unbuttoned & unzipped his pants, and then lifted his bottom off the bed so he could strip them off.

It had been several years since the last time, but Ed had felt the sting of a strap twice before in his lifetime, both times at the hands of his father. Each session had made its own lifelong impression. Even today, he could still clearly remember the lesson that went with each punishment. His father reserved the strap for only the most serious of offences. “Oiling the Belt” was a phrase that Ed’s father used throughout Ed’s upbringing as sort a family “code phrase” for the family’s worst (though rare) physical punishment, a hard strapping on the bare bottom. For example he might say; “If you come home after midnight one more time, you will oil my belt”.

The phrase makes immediate sense when you learn about a peculiar family punishment ritual. Before being spanked with father’s wide work belt, one was expected to spend up to an hour sitting at the kitchen table working Neatsfoot oil into that old leather until it was heavy and supple. When the belt finally passed father’s minute inspection, the person to be punished was offered a quick trip to the bathroom before being escorted to the privacy of the master bedroom, made to strip naked, and bent across the parental bed for a memorable session with that old belt.

There was no doubt in Ed’s mind that the “oiling of the belt” procedure was primarily a psychological device to make his father’s rare belt spankings more memorable, (and perhaps also to give his father time to calm down and confer with his wife before the event) but he also had no doubt that a strap made supple and heavy with oil will do a more effective job of punishing a bare bottom. Especially that evil tip! A microsecond after the main part of that belt slammed against his bare buttocks, itself producing a nasty welt, that tip accelerated to nearly the speed of sound as it curved around to make a tiny but painful triangular bruise on the side of his hips, or, depending on exactly how the blow was placed, perhaps curling its way up into the most private of places to do its painful work. It was these tiny bruises that lasted longer than any other damage caused by the spanking, reminding the recipient up to two weeks after the event that he or she had been well punished.

Twice, Ed had heard that phrase “oil my belt” used as a command. Once was for “borrowing” the family car without permission, and the other was his reward for underage drinking. Both punishments were sufficiently memorable that they never needed to be repeated. Now it was alcohol that was bringing Ed to the third strapping of his life, this one at the hands of his lovely wife.

Chapter 3

The mental vision of that belt in his wife’s hand again jerked Ed’s thoughts back to the present and to his grim prospects for the next few hours. Those earlier thoughts of Neatsfoot oil reminded Ed that he had a bottle of the stuff right next to his shoe-shine kit in the base of his nightstand. Thankful for something to occupy his time, he retrieved it, put an old towel across his lap, and began to oil his own belt. Yes, it would probably make his strapping hurt a bit more, but that was the point wasn’t it?

As he worked there on his bed, Ed worried. He KNEW getting spanked with the belt was going to hurt, and that certainly worried him, but other concerns came first. He worried that his wife would have difficulty doing the job right; difficulty punishing him like a man who had driven drunk deserved to be punished. Is she really strong enough? Will she get squeamish when she sees that she was causing her man real pain and stop before the job is truly complete? If she does, will he be man enough to ask her to continue? Most of all Ed worried about his own bravery. Will he beg her to stop? Wheedle her to not hit so hard? Will he stay in place for her? Will he cry or howl or even scream or otherwise make a childish scene? Would he lose control of his bladder? (There was a bad precedent) Will he embarrass himself by getting a giant erection? (Many, many precedents) Ed was worried about all of these things and a lot more.

To Ed’s credit, he was determined to ensure that he be thoroughly punished for his crime and not let off from his punishment in any way. After supper, he had openly discussed the above issues with his wife and together they had worked out solutions to the best of their ability. First of all, Janet reminded Ed of her years on her college softball team, she was petite, but hardly a weakling. There would be no certain number of swats. They agreed that the strapping would continue without letup until BOTH agreed that Ed had been satisfactorily punished. “Satisfactory” was defined to mean not only a thoroughly scarlet bottom, but also plenty of welts and bruises that Ed would feel for days to come. Janet had an additional criterion in mind that she did not mention to Ed. While Ed only seemed to be thinking about the spanking in terms of is physical effects, Janet wanted to be sure that Ed’s lesson had really “sunk in”. There was no way to articulate how Janet would know when this had happened, but she was confident that she would know when the time came.

As their conversation progressed, Ed confessed to his wife that he did not trust himself to behave “like a man” when that belt started snapping against his bottom. She should disregard (and later forget) any shameful, childish, sounds or words heard during his spanking. They even agreed that Janet should insist on restraints if necessary to keep Ed in place long enough to get the job done properly. Ed would be feeling the belt “cold turkey” with no warm-up. They discussed the merits of a “warm-up” spanking with the hairbrush, but decided that it would be best if Janet saved all of her strength for the belt. Finally, they propped a pillow up on the arm of the couch (where Ed’s strapping was to take place) so that Janet could practice her swing. Ed removed his own belt and handed it to her. After a few minutes of coaching and adjustment of range, position, and technique, that belt was landing on the pillow with a sharp “whistle-thwack” that made chills run up and down Ed’s spine, made him far less concerned about Janet’s ability to use that belt to take him far past his limits, and frankly, gave him belated second thoughts about the whole affair.

Their preparations apparently complete, Janet gathered her husband into a hug and tenderly told him that it was perfectly OK to cry and even scream while he was being spanked; “let it out” she said, “I won’t think any less of you, and it will sort of tell me how I am doing”, “It is supposed to hurt and you are doing a very brave thing to insist on this spanking, but I agree that you DO deserve it, and I intend to deliver!” Finally, after taking a deep, nervous, breath, Janet handed the belt back to Ed and suggested pointedly that he go in the bedroom to spend some time by himself contemplating the reason for his coming punishment and preparing himself for it. “I want you to think about everyone you know who has ever been hurt by drunken driving. I will be asking you about that part! I don’t want to see or hear you until 7 PM, and then I want you promptly out here, belt in hand, bare, and ready in all respects for your punishment” she instructed him “I want you to hand me that belt and ask me to please strap your bottom with it and then explain exactly why I should do it and why I should do it hard!”. Ed’s mouth opened to protest, but then he shut it, remembering almost too late that he could not be in charge of his own punishment. Further, even though it is not specifically allowed by their contract, he had given Janet serious corner time before and after her most recent punishment, which had featured a brisk and memorable application of the back of a hairbrush to her bare tush.

Ed was disappointed; he would really would much rather have gotten his punishment over with immediately, and was certainly not looking forward to such a long time contemplating it. In the end, he gulped and accepted his wife’s complete, though temporary, authority over him. Looking down at the floor, Ed said two words that he had never before spoken to his wife “Yes Maam” “Do you have any questions about what you are supposed to do or about what is going to happen?” Janet asked. “No Maam” Ed said, still looking down at the floor. “Go then” she said gently, “I expect you at 7 PM sharp”. Wordlessly, Ed turned and went to his temporary exile in their bedroom. He would have nearly two hours to stew and worry before finally being allowed out of the bedroom to submit to the strap.

Chapter 4

While Ed sat nervously in the bedroom watching the clock, Janet sat in the living room doing much the same. She looked at the end of the couch, where it was all going to happen. Ed had left the end of the couch pulled away from the wall where he had earlier moved it to facilitate her practice session. She realized that he had left it that way to give her plenty of room to swing that belt at his bottom. The pillow was still there, he would need that one to pad his hips and help raise his bottom, and perhaps another to hug and bury his face into while the belt was doing its job.

Sitting there watching a clock that seemed to have stopped all motion, Janet thought back to her own first spanking over Ed’s lap. Both Ed and Janet had been brought up in the same small bible-belt town where spankings were an unquestioned part of their growing up process. So when Janet agreed to their spanking contract, she knew exactly what she was getting in to. During her bachelor life, Janet had screwed up her finances enough to know that she needed some order, rules and authority in her life. Although Janet had a good education and a good job, until she met Ed she had always managed to spend more money than she made. When Ed married Janet, he also married her debt. The couple spent the first six months of their marriage sacrificing to pay off Janet’s credit card debt. With her debt now finally paid off, they were saving for the down payment on a house…the house where they planned to soon make children.

Unfortunately, they had only been married a few weeks before Janet forgot the rules and made a large, forbidden, impulse purchase on her credit card that earned her first spanking from Ed. A woman of her word, Janet gave no argument and willingly submitted herself to the sanction prescribed in their agreement, a “regular” spanking. She found the experience of being scolded, stripped naked, and made to place herself across her new husband’s lap to be not only sobering and embarrassing, but also a bit of a secret “turn on”. Ed was too inexperienced at marriage to really tell, but things had been building up inside Janet since the day of their marriage. The dual pressures of the first frugal weeks of their marriage and uncertainties caused by an unfortunately-timed reorganization at work had probably been responsible for pushing her close enough to the edge to cause her to briefly regress to her former irresponsible financial behavior. With her emotions closer to the surface than those of her husband, the process of being scolded, bared, and spanked triggered an almost hysterical emotional release that Ed mistook for the actions of a well-spanked lady. Unfortunately, Ed ended the spanking entirely too early that first time. Oh sure, that spanking put a healthy blush on her bottom, and triggered all those tears, but Janet actually got off very lightly compared to the parental spankings she remembered so well. Ten minutes later, they were in bed “making up” to each other. Her “punishment” and the emotional release it triggered, and the sex that followed actually left her feeling much better than before. Unfortunately, the totality of this first experience of being “taken in hand” by her young husband felt more like some sort of reward than the punishment it was intended to be.

Janet chuckled to herself, remembering Ed’s first attempt at spanking her. Thinking of Ed, she looked at the clock; he had an hour and 45 minutes to go before he was to come out of that bedroom door and request his strapping. She wondered what he was doing and almost gave in to the temptation to go in the bedroom and be with him.

Chapter 5

On the other side of the door, Ed was diligently oiling his belt while remembering Janet’s second spanking, which, not surprisingly, took place only three weeks after the first one. Janet’s lesson obviously had not been learned in that first spanking. This time, Ed did a much more careful job. He had a long “discussion” with Janet about things like personal responsibility and “growing up”. Finally, he directed her to stand between his knees so he could strip her for her punishment. He could have simply told her to prepare herself, but he never got tired of undressing his sexy young wife, even if it was for a punishment session. Shortly thereafter, Ed directed Janet to place herself face down across his lap. This time, Ed made a much better job of it. He spent a full twenty minutes delivering a truly memorable spanking. He started by spanking her bottom until she was bawling and nearly bucking off his lap. Then he gave her a short respite, followed by a short question-and-answer period (punctuated with the occasional spank) and then another bawling, squalling, spanking session exactly like the first. He repeated this entire cycle twice, leaving her bottom a bright scarlet color, tastefully splotched with darker areas that might later turn into bruises. He left her across his lap for a further ten minutes, leaving her in suspense, not knowing if more spanks were to follow. Finally he let her up, thoroughly spanked, thoroughly impressed, and thoroughly forgiven, and hopefully with her lesson finally learned. She immediately curled up on his lap to be hugged tightly by him why she gradually calmed down. During the first part of her spanking, Janet had distinctly felt something hard against her belly, evidence that Ed was as turned on as she was. As the spanking progressed, the hardness either went away, or was drowned out by the sting in her bottom and her own sexual excitement was soon forgotten as Ed built a memorable sting in her bottom. Now spanked, forgiven and ensconced in the arms of her husband/lover the throbbing in her bottom eased and her tears dried enough that she again became aware of a delicious itch between her legs. Minx-like, she slid to the floor and unzipped Ed’s fly. She quickly found the source of the hardness she had noticed earlier and then put it to good use.

Although neither was ready to admit it to the other, they were both finding out that spousal spanking is far more complicated than it first appears. Janet was discovering that being spanked involved measures of both pain and pleasure, and Ed was discovering that spanking his wife was far more than just a solemn, sad duty; in fact, it was a secret turn-on for him.

Chapter 6

Back in the bedroom, it was now 5:40 and Ed had dragged out the belt-oiling job as long as possible. Deciding that being “ready in all respects” for his strapping could logically include being freshly showered, and since their bath was accessible from their bedroom, he stripped off the rest of his clothing and stepped into the shower. Although the steamy, though solitary, shower was a good diversion, and felt good on his skin, it also reminded him of his situation, because Janet normally joined him for his after-work shower and he sorely missed her feminine presence.

Janet heard the water running in the bath and again started to weaken and consider joining him in the shower. She dearly wished she could be with Ed. She knew that two hours was a long time for him to wait for a spanking, but she wanted to be sure that Ed was stone sober for his punishment, that is why she made sure that he had a good meal when he got home and delayed his spanking for those extra two hours. She was glad that he had decided to take that shower; it would help ensure that he was fully sober and it would wash the bar smell off of him.

“Delay”…”spanking”…those thoughts lead her to remember her last spanking; she ended up waiting a whole day for that one! It all started on Columbus Day, a day that was a holiday at Janet’s office but for Ed was a normal workday. Staying home by herself, Janet gave the house a good cleaning and then sat down to relax in front of the TV. Never one to watch soap operas, she turned to the shopping channel. She couldn’t believe her eyes; she knew that ring that was glittering on her screen. She had seen it selling for much more money! They were selling a $999 genuine diamond ring for only $399 and only two were left at that price! Feverishly, she picked up the phone and dialed the 800 number. She held her breath, hoping that she would get an answer before it was too late. Se was relieved when an operator picked up the line on the second ring and took her order. She was just in time to get the last one. As Janet recited her credit card number from memory, she was thinking how impressed Ed would be at her shopping acumen. Her quick action had saved $600.00!

Amazingly, it took a full 60 minutes before sanity started to return. As she got over her excitement, she began to realize that Ed might not be quite as thrilled as she was. Instead of seeing that $600 savings, Ed was probably short-sighted enough to only see a $399 impulse purchase. Finally, she realized that was exactly what Ed would think and that her butt was in big trouble. She picked up the phone and redialed the 800 number to cancel her order. This time it seemed to take a long time for someone to answer the phone. After dealing with their automated attendant for what seemed like an hour, she finally got a human on the phone who was finally able to find the record of her transaction in the computer. “Sorry” the clerk said, “that order is in the shipping department and it is too late for it to be retrieved”. The clerk assured Janet that the Shopping Channel had a liberal return policy and all she had to do was ship the ring back within 30 days for a full refund. Janet felt a strange chill that seemed to start somewhere in the vicinity of her buttocks.

Janet’s musings were interrupted momentarily by the sound of Ed turning the water off in the bathroom. Ed’s shower was over. It was now 5:55 PM, more than an hour to go before Janet must discipline her husband for drinking and driving.

Janet continued to relive her last spanking from Ed. (Perhaps she was combing it for clues on how to handle today’s situation.) By the end of the afternoon, Janet had decided that it would be best if she leveled with Ed about her “near purchase” as soon as he got home from work. Finally, he came in the front door, and kissed her passionately. She just couldn’t bring herself to ruin that moment, so she waited. Somehow, she just couldn’t bear to bring it up during their usual after-work ritual of supper, dishes and shower, so she continued to procrastinate. Her confession was further delayed when their mutual toweling-off after their tandem shower turned into a torrid lovemaking session. Finally, when they were settling down in the living room for the evening, she brought it up; “honey, I almost did something stupid today”. Ed quietly extracted the entire story from his suddenly contrite wife and then boiled it down to two questions. “So you are telling me that there is a charge on our credit card for $399?” “$399 plus postage, handling and insurance” Janet admitted. “And this ring that you bought is being shipped to us right now?” “Well, I didn’t really buy it, I am going to send it back” she said reasonably. “The simple fact is that you have violated our agreement” said Ed firmly. “In any case, we would be returning the ring because it is not in our budget.” Can’t you let me off just this once?” she whined, “I already said I am going to fix it.”

Ed stood, went to the closet, and retrieved their agreement from the simple plastic crate that served as their file cabinet. “Read this and read the parts out loud that apply to this situation Ed commanded.” Janet read in silence for perhaps five minutes, scanning the entire document for some loophole that would save her bottom. Finally she read softly; “I understand that I will be spanked without fail if I commit any of the offenses on these lists” Janet read. After another pause, she finally concluded bravely; “Impulse buying is on the list and I guess I did that and I guess I have no right to ask you not to spank me”. “Correct” said Ed, “now keep reading, there is something else; under “special” spankings.” Janet looked puzzled for a moment. When her eyes grew wide, Ed knew she had found it: she read in a flat voice, “for three or more like offenses from the “regular” list within any consecutive 12 month period, the ‘special’ punishment will apply.” As the words came out, tears came to her eyes.

Ed gave her a kiss and a hug. “I know that you obviously did not think this all the way through, but that is exactly your problem that needs correction”. “Now you have to ask me for a spanking with a hairbrush and I have to deliver”. Choking back her tears, Janet asked her husband to please give her a hard spanking with a hairbrush. “Let’s get dressed and go shopping,” Ed said in his most offhand manner. This floored Janet for a moment until she realized that obtaining a suitable spanking hairbrush was a detail that they had so far neglected.

Finding the perfect spanking brush was not as easy as either one of them expected. Their trip to the mall was a complete waste, as was their search of the largest drug store in town. The local beauty supply store may have been a real possibility, but it was closed for the evening. Almost on a lark, they stopped as a small country “general” store on their way home. They were almost too late; the clerk was in the process of sweeping the wooden floors in preparation for closing time. There, sitting on a shelf was exactly the brush that they were looking for. It was obviously made to resemble one of those old fashioned ivory hairbrushes that one sees in pictures, but was made of some sort of white, indestructible, plastic material. It had just the right shape and heft for the job, with nicely rounded curves and no sharp edges. Amazingly, the price was less than ten dollars. As Ed paid for the brush out of the meager cash in his wallet, the proprietor asked if they had any kids. “No”, said Ed, “why do you ask?” “Because I don’t think too many of these are actually used to brush hair” he remarked, “they get lots of use on another part of the anatomy. The word has gotten around and parents drive for miles just to come here and buy one of those.” At this, both Ed and Janet blushed, but Janet’s face turned a deep scarlet; probably tipping the wise old man off to the brush’s intended use and to its intended target.

When they finally got home with their new acquisition, it was nearly 9 PM. “Janet, you have a tough decision to make,” Ed said. “You have a very hard spanking coming with corner time before and after, and I refuse to rush the process. You can have your punishment right now if you wish, but tomorrow morning I will expect you to get up and go to work regardless of how your bottom feels. Your decision is this; do you want to start your punishment right now or do you want to wait until tomorrow?” ”Since tomorrow is Friday, you would have all weekend for your bottom to recover if you wait”. Janet anguished for a full five minutes before she finally decided to wait for her punishment.

The next day was hell for Janet, trying to be productive at work while knowing that hairbrush was waiting for her at home. She found herself wishing desperately that she had gone ahead and gotten her spanking over with the previous evening, even if it did make sitting down at her desk a problem.

Finally it happened. After work, after supper, and after their early evening shower, Janet found herself naked in the corner, holding her new hairbrush, sniffling back tears and wondering how long Ed was going to make her stew before leading her to the straight-backed chair he had placed in the middle of the room for her spanking. It turned out to be about 20 minutes before she was taken out of the corner, but then she had a scolding to endure. Without laying a hand on her, Ed’s lecture had Janet crying real tears. His words finally all said, Ed’s voice trailed off into silence.

He stared silently into his beloved wife’s tear-streaked face for what seemed to her like an hour, but was probably only two minutes. Finally, Ed stood and gathered the trembling lady into a lingering full-body hug. He mumbled into her ear “you know I have to make this a good one?” She nodded miserably. “You know that I love you don’t you?” She nodded emphatically. Taking his seat again, Ed held out his hand for the hairbrush and motioned his naked wife across his knees. He placed the hairbrush beside the chair, adjusted Janet’s position so that her bottom was at just the right angle, and without further delay started hand-spanking her bare bottom.

Intending to warm her up gradually to prepare her for a real scorching with the paddle, his first few spanks were little more than love pats. Ed spanked tiny blush spots on her buttocks and gradually nurtured and spread the blush until it was expanded evenly all over both cheeks and well down past the crease where bottom stops and thigh starts. Given the lightness of this, first, portion of her spanking, Janet’s squirming movements started surprisingly soon. Perhaps it was nervous energy, or perhaps the spanking stung more than one would think, but more likely her first movements had more to do with a familiar itch between her legs.

Ed luxuriated in this part of the experience, frankly enjoying the touch, the feel, the aroma, and the feminine presence of this perfect woman squirming and bouncing across his lap. With all his heart he loved this wonderful woman who somehow needed him to keep her on the “straight and narrow” and who now so willingly and trustingly placed herself totally at his mercy.

Ed’s left arm tightened around Janet’s waist and she instinctively knew that it was time to move on to the next, harder, portion of her spanking. Ed carefully placed 10 scorching spanks on each buttock while Janet bounced, jiggled, scissored her legs, and howled in protest. Ed paused, giving her two or three minutes to calm down and contemplate the impending next part of her punishment. By now, Janet had been spanked almost as much as she could expect in a “normal” spanking, but this time the hardest part of her punishment was still ahead of her. All too soon, Janet felt Ed reach down and pick up something from the floor; she knew what “that something” must be. Ed threw his right leg over Janet legs, pinning her in place for what was to come. Seconds later, she felt a momentary breeze, and then her right butt cheek exploded in impossible pain. Before her brain could register what was happening, her left buttock received the same treatment. Two more similar blows followed before Janet’s shocked lungs could fill enough to properly energize her vocal cords into an appropriate shriek. Ed continued spanking that firm, kinetic, bottom at a relentless pace. She kicked, she twisted, she bucked, but Ed was ready for her every move and easily kept her in position so that he could continue his duty. After a very few more swats, her right hand came back in a futile attempt to defend her bottom, but Ed only missed one beat with the hairbrush as he grabbed the wayward hand and pressed it into the small of her back. This part of the spanking did not last too long. It couldn’t; that hairbrush propelled by the full strength Ed’s arm could quickly do serious damage. But it lasted plenty long enough to leave Janet bawling, thoroughly spanked, and totally spent across her husband’s lap. That hairbrush left a bright patina of color across Janet’s bottom that fascinated Ed. He had no doubt that she would be feeling this spanking for several days to come.

Ed helped the spanked, still sobbing lady to her feet and firmly propelled her back to her former corner to for another 20 minutes of solitary contemplation time before finally declaring her punishment over and leading her to the bedroom. There, she laid belly down on the bed and Ed gently applied soothing cream onto her bottom. As he rubbed down past her sit spot, she brazenly pulled her knees up under her and spread them wide apart, wordlessly inviting him to probe further and further down between her legs. As he worked, her former ardor returned with a sweet vengeance. Moments later the lights were out, Ed was naked next to his wife, and Janet was working diligently to find a comfortable position to do those special things that contented, loving, couples do together.

Chapter 7

Thoughts of the bedroom suddenly brought Janet back to the present, reminding her of Ed. What was he doing? All she could hear was silence. She decided it was time to plan what she was going to say to him before his strapping.

On the other side of the bedroom door, Ed was through with his shower and all of the activities that went along with it. With no point in putting clothes back on, he simply wrapped a towel around himself. There was nothing left to do but stop procrastinating and use the remaining 50 minutes to sit down and think of the people he knew who had been affected by drunk driving, just as Janet had directed him to do. Naturally, the first person that he thought of was his uncle Sammy. Sam, his father’s oldest brother, had been a bit of a “problem drinker”. Nobody really thought of him as an alcoholic, just a guy who always seemed to have a beer in his hand and sometimes drank way too much. The whole town was shocked when Sam met his solitary end by smashing his car against a roadside tree at the edge of town. Sam died halfway between the bar where he had drunk away the evening and his home. The tree still bears the scar. Even sadder than Sam’s case, were the two families in Ed’s church that were innocent victims of drunken drivers one lost a child and the other its breadwinner.

Just as Janet intended, these thoughts were putting Ed in a proper frame of mind for his coming correction. There were even real tears forming as Ed thought again of his dangerous, stupid actions of today and how he never wanted it to happen again. Now that he was really beginning to dread his coming punishment, he looked up and was amazed at how fast the clock seemed to be running. He now had only 20 minutes to wait; suddenly 20 minutes was not nearly long enough! He was starting to get that feeling in the pit of his stomach again. A true dread of what was about to happen seemed to settle in his throat and form a knot, making it almost impossible to swallow. He had to jump up to take a nervous pee and his towel fell off in the process. He did not bother picking it up. He needed to be naked for what was going to happen to him in just a very few minutes.

Perversely, Ed picked up his belt and stared at it as if he had never seen it before. It suddenly seemed amazing to him that this very belt was shortly going to turn his bottom bright red. The oil treatment had made the leather distinctly less stiff, the better to spank him with. It seemed ironic to Ed that Janet had bought him that belt for his birthday. He suddenly wondered for the first time; did she pick it out with this purpose in mind? After all, it was perfect for the job. It was fairly wide for a dress belt, and made of two strips of genuine leather stitched together back-to-back so it had two smooth sides. Although it was not like the heavy, wide work belt his father had used on him, Ed had no doubt that this belt was plenty heavy enough to do a memorable job on his bottom. He scrunched his buttocks and tried (unsuccessfully it turned out) to imagine what the first strokes would feel like.

Suddenly Ed looked up and saw that it was 7:01. He jumped up and literally ran out of the door to his fate. He did not want to risk Janet’s ire by making her wait. Halfway across the living room, he realized that he had dropped the belt on the bed in his haste; he spun around to retrieve it. “Grab another pillow” Janet called out behind him. Ed re-emerged from the bedroom with the belt in one hand and the pillow in the other. His heart thumping desperately, he stood expectantly in front of his wife’s chair. All kinds of thoughts and emotions were competing for attention inside Ed’s head. Sexual stirrings were swirling around mixed with remembrances of childhood spankings. His penis was at half-mast and he was horribly afraid that it would snap to attention, betraying the sexual images in his head. I didn’t help that Janet was still dressed in her business clothes, giving here a severe look that suddenly evoked a vision of his elementary school principle, (a lady who had spanked him a time or five). Ed struggled to push his emotional baggage aside and concentrate on what Janet was saying. Janet started to deliver the scolding that she had mentally rehearsed, but suddenly stopped. She was sitting on a dining room chair, next to the couch where the spanking was going to happen, and a nude Ed was obediently standing in front of her with the tool of his correction in his right hand. She quickly realized that this arrangement left them at different levels. It just felt too funny to be talking to Ed’s penis, which just happened to be pointing right at her as if it were a microphone! She decided that they both needed to be at the same level for their talk. “Go get a dining room chair and sit down in front of me so we can talk” she ordered. Ed obeyed.

The “talk” that followed took over 30 minutes. It was actually quite productive and unusually “2-way” for what was supposed to be a pre-spanking scolding. Their contract only specified “DUI” as a spanking offense and they now realized that was not quite sufficient. While they left that part in, they decided to add a more specific rule to their contract to forbid driving after more than two drinks. After questioning Ed about the results of his “homework” Janet brought the talk to an end by telling Ed about how much she loved him and how barren her life would be if she ever lost him. At that, Ed actually broke down and sobbed a bit. Finally she said without the slightest rancor, “It is time for you to hand me that belt and get into position so I can spank that bare tush of yours so we can be sure that you will never drink and drive again.” She held out her hand for the strap and received it. Noticing something different, she sniffed and felt it. “You oiled it for me?” she asked. “Yes” he said, his voice wavering a bit, “I want this to hurt” “Don’t worry” she said “it will”.

The couch (a “hand-me-down” from the in-laws) had rather high, narrow, and uncomfortable arms that were little more than slightly padded boards. At least they would offer a convenient place for Janet to restrain Ed’s waist in place in the unlikely event it became necessary. Janet had thought of that; two of Ed’s old neckties could secure his waste and another could bind his wrists together. It sounded terrible to think of this sort of thing, but Janet knew that she would never have been able to stay in position for her own hairbrush spanking if Ed had not been able to pin her down into place. There was no way she could do the same for Ed because he would be bent over the couch, not her lap. Anyhow, he is stronger than her and Janet doubted that she could ever hold him if he really wanted to move. Ed was only human and she intended this spanking to hurt!

Chapter 8

Janet escorted Ed to the end of the couch. “Before you get in place, remember what I said before; ‘let it out’, it is perfectly OK to make noise. If you can’t stay in place or if you can’t keep your hands out of the danger zone, I will understand and I have a plan to deal with that. You may tell me when you think you have been spanked enough, but this spanking does not end until I also think you have had enough, and I think you need a lot!” Ed nodded his understanding. Janet placed one pillow where Ed’s face was going to be, and held the other on the narrow arm of the couch. Ed got into place; his hips supported and raised high by the pillow-topped arm of the couch, his arms hugging the pillow and his face buried in it. His toes were digging into the carpet; his feet seemed to be in constant motion, perhaps seeking a non-existent comfortable position. Janet grabbed his hips and carefully adjusted him outward a bit so that his knees bent slightly, presenting his firm bottom at just the right angle to intercept the strap.

Janet stood back and surveyed her target. Ed’s legs were just far enough apart that she could see the back of his scrotum. That seemed dangerous so she told him to keep his legs together for his own safety. Neither one of them wanted that belt tip to find the family jewels! Ed reached down and adjusted himself so that the pillow was protecting his privates, pulled his knees tightly together and resumed his death grip on the pillow. He was as ready as he was ever going to be.

Janet wrapped the buckle end of the belt around her right hand, moved to Ed’s left side and judged her range. Ed’s still unmarked bottom clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed. She timed herself, raised the belt, and made it snap down on her husband’s bottom just at the moment when he unclenched. Perhaps Ed had been expecting Janet to give some sort of warning before she started, but that first stroke caught him entirely by surprise. He heard a “whistle-snap” sound which he at first did not connect with the unexpected blinding pain across both buttocks and around to his right hip. Ed bucked, snapped his neck back and howled in protest. Ed’s plan to demonstrate his manhood by remaining stoic for at least the first part of his spanking was immediately foiled. Janet now had complete control of the situation and she had no plans to relinquish it until Ed’s punishment was complete. By the time the fourth stroke fell, Ed’s bottom was in constant motion, moving both in reaction to the swats and in a futile, involuntary effort to avoid that terrible belt. Ed’s bottom was being “bad” and not staying still for the belt, but his top part was still desperately trying to be “good” and stay in place so his punishment could continue. As if this spanking were some terrible mistake, Ed was sobbing “wait, stop, wait, stop”. As she had promised to do, Janet ignored Ed’s pleas and continued her work with surprising power and accuracy.

The first set of four swats delivered with a relentless, but measured pace, Janet changed sides and changed hands so that she could land the next swats from Ed’s other side. These left-handed swats, not quite a hard nor as coordinated as the right-handed ones, were a bit easier for Ed to take, until the last one, when Janet backed off a bit too far and the belt hit only his right cheek, allowing the tip to dig directly into his cleft. Ed howled in agony but barely managed to remain in place. One hand started to come off the pillow, and reach back, but Ed caught it just in time and wrapped it back around the pillow. By now his shoulders were shaking and sounds were filtering through Ed’s pillow that sounded a lot like sobs. “Watch those hands!” Janet warned as she changed sides for the next set of four swats. Janet started this next assault faster and (if possible) harder than the others. This created a reaction from Ed that neither one of them expected; he panicked. Ed jumped up and took three whole paces away from the couch before he realized what he was doing. Before Janet could say anything, Ed sobbed out an apology and quickly got back into position, sneaking a rub or two on his bottom in the process. “If you do that again I am going to have to restrain you” Janet said, not totally unkindly. “You won’t have to”, Ed promised, “I will stay in place…somehow.”

“This one is sort of extra” Janet said, giving him a wicked upward swat that contacted virgin territory at the intersection of leg and buttcheek, literally lifting Ed’s feet off the ground and making him howl as he experienced an entirely new level of pain. Ed was desperate to find some way of enduring what was happening to him while still retaining some tiny shred of his male dignity. He tried mental distraction, thinking up synonyms for what was happing to him, “spanking, punishment, strapping, whipping, belting, getting ‘it’, whupping, thrashing, beating, flogging”, and finally the family favorite “oiling the belt”. It didn’t work for long, those last, harder, belt strokes broke through his reserve and he found himself laying there seemingly absorbing his punishment like an adult, except that he was sobbing like a child.

Janet stopped to appraise her work. “Tell me again why you are getting this punishment,” she demanded. At first Ed didn’t seem to hear, and Janet repeated the question. Finally he croaked out an answer; “because I drove drunk.” “Tell me more” Janet demanded. “…and that was a stupid, thoughtless, dangerous thing to do” Ed continued. In a softer tone, Janet changed the subject. “Ed, we agreed that you were going to tell me when you thought that you had been sufficiently punished. I think we are about 80% there; what do you think? Ed groaned, but agreed. The truth was, he would have been perfectly happy to end it now, but some part of him still remembered that he needed this spanking

“The last part is going to be hard and fast” she warned, “but it will be over in just a minute or so if you can stay in place, otherwise it might take a lot longer” Ed nodded his understanding, and braced himself for what was to come, resolving to stay in place so that his punishment could end. Janet wanted this punishment to really “mean something”, and she knew that she was close to taking Ed exactly where she thought a hard spanking should take someone; it should be well past their comfort zone and just enough to push them a bit “over the edge”.

Janet stepped to the left, took a deep breath, wound up like a pitcher on the mound, and snapped the belt at her husband’s already red bottom. Ed’s bottom reacted by bucking, clenching and trying to move as far away as possible from the last location of that hurtful belt. Ed himself reacted by screaming and hugging his pillow desperately. In a matter of seconds, Janet repeated the stroke five more times, paused momentarily to inspect her work, and then changed sides and began to deliver another set of six fast swats.

In our culture, it is not usually permissible for a man to cry, but that is exactly what Ed was now doing as he absorbed this last flurry of swats from his wife…and why not? The last time that Ed’s father had spanked him with the belt, (at the age of 18) Ed had reacted just like the time before, he had bawled unashamedly. Now, at 22, there was really no reason to think that things should be any different. That belt hurts! As Janet continued her work, she saw that the fight was just about gone from Ed, and she could also see that Ed had “lost it”; he was bawling his hurt, his embarrassment, and his guilt into that pillow.

Changing hands and sides yet again, Janet delivered yet another set of six belt strokes to Ed bottom which had not ceased most of its former movement. These spanks were not quite as fast or hard as those that preceded them, they were intended to be just sufficient to keep Ed in that same mental place for a few more moments.

Janet decided that Ed had been sufficiently punished and told him so, laying the belt next to him on the couch. Ed did not seem to notice what Janet said to him, nor did Janet expect him to. She knelt down next to the couch and gently stroked her husband and murmured calming, forgiving words in his ear as he slowly calmed down and gradually returned to awareness. Finally he seemed to understand that his spanking was over and that is wife was near him. He turned a tear-wet face to her and kissed her on the cheek. He looked at her expectantly, wordlessly asking what was next. She invited him to get up off the couch. He stirred, stiffly and wobbly, finally gaining his footing and reaching back tentatively, accessing the damage to his bottom. She thought about corner time, but decided that “enough is enough”. She gathered him in a full-body hug, being careful to not touch his bottom. “I think we need to go in the bedroom and doctor you up a bit” she said.

Janet grabbed the pillows and accompanied her husband to the bedroom, where he flopped down on his belly in the middle of the bed. Janet took a moment to undress and grab the lotion, and then dimmed the lights and joined her husband on the bed. She kissed her husband and gently applied lotion to his bright red tush. She never expected that a man experiencing such pain could possibly be interested in, or physically capable of, sex but she soon discovered just how wrong she could be.

That belt was officially retired from its old duty of holding up Ed’s pants. From that day on, it was stored in a special drawer along with the couple’s hairbrush. Next to the belt, one could always find a bottle of Neatsfoot oil. That drawer accumulated a few spanking “toys” over the following years and the couple discovered and mutually explored that portion of their sexuality, but the hairbrush and belt were always reserved for the few “real” disciplinary spankings that occasionally continued to result from their agreement.

Drinking and driving was never again a problem for the couple. Having experienced the belt, Ed had a new understanding and respect for their agreement. He now understood exactly what it felt like to be spanked by a spouse and, now that he had misbehaved and been corrected himself, he had a new tolerance for his wife’s shortcomings. But especially, he appreciated how their agreement defused what could be so many opportunities for conflict between them, by having behavior expectations and consequences for misbehavior previously agreed upon.

Copyright (c) Guy Spencer 2005

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