My Spanking Experiences – True Story

Doug hated the spankings received from his mother. However, that all changed when a girlfriend introduced him to the creative sensual side of discipline that also brought balance to their relationship. 

I was caned by my mom as a child while the maid would hold me down. I remember there were a few times that one or two of her friends were there and observed. She would say this is how you make them mind and do what I tell them to do. She would usually give me between 25 and 40 strokes that produced swelling and major welts!  Believe me, I yelled and cried and of course I hated it.

Then later in life I had a girlfriend who showed me the sexual and sensual side of spanking as it brings blood to your genitals and really increases sexual energy.  She also liked it as discipline and we agreed to set rules for each other: she punished and disciplined me by administering with a cane as well.  If the infraction was bad enough, I would be secured, usually over a table that had a pillow taped at one end to raise my bare bottom up high and she would use a tie from a robe around my waist and around the table and duct tape my wrists to the front legs.  We got married so the situation stayed the same.

One time by surprise she had a couple of her girlfriends observe for additional humiliation.  Let me point out that she would accept discipline as well when it was deserved.  Guess what?  I turned the table on her during a serious application while she was secured, and in come a couple of my friends that I invited.  Needless to say, they really enjoyed watching.  Of course they were sworn keep what they observed a secret.  I have more true life stories which I’ll save for another time.

How To Give A Spanking
  • I know how you feel and I’m sorry. So, try to avoid spankings. Also, be careful what you wish for. I was caned by my wife, Pamela. I was so excited, but then I regretted it. The cane stung like hell; stung so bad I cried and temporarily lost my voice. She gave me 100 strokes, it was like torture. My butt was welted terribly and red everywhere. The worst part is I was tied to her desk and couldn’t move. I had to stay there and take all the pain. It felt like a knife going through my flesh. So please, I beg you, be very careful what you wish for. Also, a tip for all spankers, a tied-up bare bottom spanking is good for people that don’t do what they’re told during spanking sessions.

  • I’ve just been asked by a lady friend if she can watch her boyfriend take my pants down and spank my bare bottom. I’ve been spanked by a man before, but he’s much younger than me. I accepted, and he liked the idea and agreed to do it.

  • You’re lucky to have been spanked in front of your wife’s girlfriends. A few years ago, shortly after we married, I asked my wife – who was already in the habit of spanking me for discipline – to spank me in front of her friends if the situation ever arose. She agreed and I have since been spanked on my bare bottom in front of her sister, her mother and several of her friends. She finds any excuse to put me over her knee if her friends or family are around – I love being a spanked husband and having everyone in her chosen circle know it.

    • I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you replied to my story. I would love to observe your wife spanking you and with your permission she could spank me for your viewing pleasure and for anyone that she would want to have present. You may not be open minded to that sort of situation and of course I would respect that. I, for sure, have a few reasons that I should have some spanking discipline administered. Fun thinking about it although maybe not at the time of receiving but, of course, everlasting memories. Cya my friend. -Doug

    • Gary, your wife clearly knows how to deal with you! Having your pants and underpants taken down and being put across her knee to be spanked on your bare bottom in front of friends or family must be extremely embarrassing and very effective as discipline. I can well believe that your wife enjoys doing it, it must be really empowering for her.

    • Gary is a lucky boy! His wife disciplines him by spanking him, which is much better than arguing or being in the doghouse. And, she spanks him in front of her sister and mother and her girlfriends on his bare bottom! I can imagine that this is humiliating and very effective punishment but at the same time arousing.

    • As I said in another post, relations between the sexes have changed completely in the last hundred years or so. Gary’s wife seems to be a good example of this. He says that she finds any excuse to put him over her knee if her friends or family are around. She clearly enjoys spanking him and she wants her friends and relatives to know how things are in their marriage: if her husband misbehaves, even slightly, she takes his pants and underpants down and spanks him on his bare bottom. I think this way of dealing with a male partner is likely to become more and more common as relations between the sexes continue to change. A husband or boyfriend who acts up will be disciplined with a firm spanking. I am sure this will lead to improved relationships.

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