My Punishment Letter

Becky is one of three barely-teenaged triplet girls. She was recently caught planning a (highly unauthorized) heavy petting session with Fred, her aspiring boyfriend. Becky’s undoing was being discovered with her pubic area shaved (she shaved it at Fred’s request) when she and her sisters were bared for a previous punishment. After some lecturing, sex education, and counseling, she has been ordered to write her parents a “punishment letter” to discuss her crime and to specify an appropriate punishment for herself. She will be in even more trouble if the punishment she prescribes for herself is less than “appropriate”! The letter stands by itself, but is best enjoyed after reading Triplets.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

This is the punishment letter that you told me I had to write to help you decide what punishment I deserve to get for what I did. You told me I had to copy down your list of questions at the top of my letter, and then completely answer each one of them, (especially that one about what my punishment should be); so here goes:

  1. Tell us exactly what you did wrong to earn this punishment. Leave nothing out; this is the place to confess everything,
  2. Tell us what you think about your behavior,
  3. How does your behavior affect the rest of your family?,
  4. What should your punishment be? (describe it in detail),
  5. Why did you select that punishment?,
  6. What do you think about that punishment? Is it fair?

I am also supposed to tell you that I understand that if this letter does not properly answer all of the above questions, then I will have two days to rewrite it, and those two days will be added to my two-week restriction. Also, if you think that the punishment I suggest for myself is too mild, then I will also have to go in your bedroom to take a bare-bottom spanking, before I write you a new punishment letter with a stricter punishment in it. You said that you will repeat that cycle for as long as necessary until I take full responsibility for my behavior. I don’t want that to happen! One punishment will be just fine; thanks! I promise you I will think up a really good punishment the first time!

Question 1: What I did?

I was a little confused about this until you two had that long talk with me. I thought you would just be mad at me because I shaved myself under my panties, but now I know that it is much more than that.

First of all, you know that I snuck out of the house to meet Fred for a cola after telling you that I did not feel good and wanted to go to bed early. I should have guessed that mommy would be checking in on me to see that I was OK. That is when Jan and Dorothy made the mistake of trying to cover for me by saying that I was in the bathroom taking a shower. That almost worked, but somehow you found out the truth the next day and then all three of us got a belt spanking for lying to you that we will never forget!

When you took my clothes off for my spanking, (after a shameful scene where I at first refused to let mommy take my panties off) you discovered that I had shaved myself bare in a very private place. Now I have to tell you why I did that.

When I left the house, I went to the Burger Barn to meet Fred. We shared a quick cola and made plans to “accidentally” meet at the movie theater next weekend so we could be together in the dark and kiss and stuff. We knew that I could not be gone long, so he walked me back towards my house as soon as we were done with the coke. On the way back, our conversation got real “personal”. Somehow, before I got home, I had agreed to shave myself for him so he could better feel me “down there” when we met at the theater. It seemed like a good idea at the time! As soon as I sneaked back into the house, I went up to my bathroom and I shaved myself “down there” with the electric razor that I normally use under my arms and finished up with a disposable razor. I know now that you were afraid that I had already done “bad things” with Fred, but I also know that you have talked to Jan and Dorothy and also Fred’s parents and you are now sure that I am telling you the truth; Fred and I never did anything more than kiss and hold hands.

Oh by the way; you know that I was going to let Fred touch me under my clothes, and you are probably wondering if I was going to touch him inside his underpants. Since getting that bare-bottom strapping for lying, I am in a real mood to tell the truth, but I really don’t know the answer to that for sure. I was curious what it would feel like, (OK, I am STILL kind of curious about what it would feel like) but it is sort of a gross thing to do and I was kinda scared too. OK, you said to confess everything! I think that if he had asked me to, I might have taken at least a quick feel.

Question 2: What I think about what I did?

We had that long talk; you gave me some books about dating to read, and even made me talk to Pastor John. Now I understand why my behavior really scared you. When a boy and a girl start feeling each other under their clothes, it is real easy for them to get excited and go on to do “other things” and the next thing you can get a disease or get pregnant, and you can also lose your reputation. You made me understand that in a town like this, a bad reputation is something that will follow you for the rest of your life. Pastor John told me something that I already knew; that sex outside of marriage is a sin (I didn’t know that a Pastor could talk about sex). The truth is, I really didn’t want to talk to the Pastor at first, but then I found that it was easier to talk to him about some things that are hard for a kid to talk to her parents about (I hope you understand). But what I really understand now is how quickly I could have ended up having sex with Fred. Now I am scared myself about how I acted and I am very, very, sorry!

You also told me that Fred got into real trouble with his parents over his part in this. You said that he got spanked with a big hairbrush, and grounded for a long time, and that “something else” really bad happened to him. On top of all that, I hear he still has another hairbrush spanking coming! That helps make me understand that what we did was really wrong.

Question 3: How my behavior affects the rest of the family?

I hope this make sense, because thinking about this question makes me want to cry. If I had gone “too far” and done something really bad, it could have been really-really bad for everybody.

For one thing; I look just like my two sisters, and if I got a bad reputation, it would rub off on them. That would not be fair to them. If I got myself sick, then that would be bad for daddy and mommy. That would not be fair because it would have been something I did to myself by being bad. If I got pregnant…well I just don’t want to think about that! I am also very sorry that I got my two sisters in trouble. I wish I could have taken their belt-spankings for them, but I understand that we all lied to you and that is very bad. Also, I know that it will be a long time before you will really be able to trust me again. Finally, I am afraid that you will be slower to give dating privileges to all three of us, even though I am the one who messed up.

Question 4: Why I am choosing the punishment I am choosing?

Yes, I know I am out of order here, but you will understand my punishment better if I explain this part first.

First of all, I know we are talking about spanking here. I did something really-really bad. Grounding me for the rest of my life just would not work, and there are not enough chores in the world to make up for what I did, so I’m just going to have pay with my bare bottom! Something else that happened makes me know that you are thinking about spanking me and not some other kind of punishment: When I was almost done talking to the Pastor, he told me that my parents had asked him to be at my punishment. I am sure he could see the horrified look on my face! I blurted out that he couldn’t be there because my parents spank me on the bare (I never told anybody that before) but he reminded me that he also has a daughter about my age (Duh! I knew that; Cindy) and he asked me if I really thought that Cindy was so good that she never got a bare-bottom spanking. I guess I know the answer to that, and I have heard enough of Pastor John’s sermons to know what he thinks about family discipline. It makes me sick with embarrassment to think about it, but I guess Pastor John is going to see me get spanked…and maybe even help!

Getting back to the subject, we have two basic kinds of spankings in our house. There is the “normal” kind that happens in your bedroom. You spank us hard with your hand after our panties or PJs have been lowered in the back to make our bottom bare. The other kind is the belt-spanking. Belt-spankings always happen in the living room with all of our clothes off after you first give us a hard warm-up spanking on our naked bottoms. The hand spanking is kind of a routine punishment that we get for things like fighting or not doing our homework, but the belt-spanking is something much harder that is strictly for repeated offenses or telling deliberate lies. (Lies like saying “I am feeling bad” when I really want to sneak out of the house) I don’t think that either of these spankings will quite do to punish me for what I did. I think a hand-spanking is too light and a belt-spanking is a “special” punishment in our family and does not apply to this case (I have never done anything like this before and I haven’t lied to you about it); so I need to think up a whole new punishment for myself.

As you are going to learn in the next question, I am suggesting that you punish me by spanking me very hard (and very bare) with a hairbrush. I think that a hairbrush spanking will be both easier and harder than a belt-spanking. It will be easier because I don’t think that I will get those angry little dark bruises from the belt tip that take weeks to heal, but it will be harder because the hairbrush can be used very accurately, so there is nothing stopping you from spanking me in that tender area between my thighs where you are afraid to use the belt. (There, I said it; exactly the thing I am most afraid of)

You may be wondering why I suggest that you spank me with all of my clothes off, when you can do a perfectly good job on my bottom with that hairbrush by just baring me in the back, so this part will explain that. First, I should be naked because I really hate it when all of my clothes have to be off in front of the whole family and everyone knows that I have been bad and that they are going to see me get spanked. I should be naked because I hate it, and it really makes my punishment worse, and that is reason enough for you to do it because I have been really bad and deserve a really bad punishment. Also, it will be a thousand times more embarrassing this time because Pastor John might be there. Finally, I should be naked to show you that I am really sorry for what I did and so you know that I take full responsibility for my actions and am holding nothing back from you.

Question 5: My punishment?

This is the hardest question of them all, and I have been stuck here for two hours. You can see real tears on the paper, so you know that I am not kidding. OK, here goes:

First of all; you are making me write this letter, and that is a bigger punishment than I thought! This is hard! And it really makes me think about some very unpleasant things that I probably need to think about. It is really hard to plan my own spanking…but here it is…

I guess Fred’s parents gave me the idea when they spanked Fred with a hairbrush. Just like Fred, I should get a very hard hairbrush spanking on my bare bottom (I don’t really know, but I’ll bet he did get it bare. Don’t worry; I am not really thinking “that way” about Fred’s bottom being bare). No, I should not get spanked with just with my bottom bare; I don’t deserve to be wearing anything at all when you are punishing me with that hairbrush.

I know we don’t have a spanking brush, and that will make things worse on me because mommy and I will have to go shopping for one. We will go to as many stores as it takes, and when we finally find exactly the right hairbrush, I should have to buy it with my own money. I hope mommy is careful about what she says to the sales people, I would really be embarrassed if they knew what that brush was really for!

I will stay on restriction until the day of my spanking, and you will make me keep that hairbrush right on the top of my dresser the whole time where I must see it several time a day. As soon as you approve this punishment letter, you will probably tell me the date and the time of day that I will get my spanking. The day of my spanking, I should be strictly restricted to my bedroom, and only allowed out for meals and to go to the bathroom. You will tell me to stay alone in my room and think only about my behavior and my punishment. Two hours before my spanking, I will take off all of my clothes, and take a shower until I am squeaky-clean. After carefully combing my hair, I will put on just my PJs with no panties or bra on underneath. Then I will wait and watch my bedroom door, my stomach will start to twist and the first tears will come. I will be a very nervous and sorry girl! With about one hour to go before my spanking, the knob will turn and mommy will come in; it is time for my corner time. She will hug me and kiss me and tell me how much she loves me, but now it is time to “pay the piper” (whatever that means). I will nod miserably and go to the corner. She will adjust me “just so” with my nose in the corner and tell me “not to move a muscle” until she releases me. She will probably tell me to concentrate about how my behavior is going to improve after my punishment. Then she will ask me if a good tingle in my butt will help me concentrate. (Why do parents ask questions like that?) Miserably, I will nod “yes”. She will lower my PJs in the back, and then I will hear that hairbrush slide off the dresser top. Moments later, my bottom will erupt in painful tingles when she gives me two hard swats on each buttock. Leaving the bedroom door wide open, and my PJ bottoms still down in back, mommy will leave me to blubber my way through my corner time.

Some time later, (a length of time that will seem like hours to me) the doorbell will ring. My knees will buckle against the wall. I will know that it must be Pastor John; “Oh NO! He really came!” I will sob as I think of Pastor John seeing me nude, seeing where I shaved myself, seeing me get spanked, (and probably spanking me himself), and hearing me cry like a baby through the whole thing. How will I ever be able to face him again after that day? The house will get deadly quiet as my parents and the Pastor plan my punishment, punishment that will start in just a few minutes. My stomach will flip, my bowels will cramp, and a sob will escape as I finally hear a squeak on the steps. Mommy is coming up to get me!

With my nose stuck into that corner, I will wait. I will feel her behind me, and feel her slide my PJ bottoms back up over my bottom. After planting a kiss on my already-wet cheeks, mommy will order me to pick up the hairbrush, find my two sisters and bring them down to the living room; naturally, they will get to witness my punishment. (It is only fair that they should see my punishment, because I got them in trouble. Also, it will give them a chance to learn the same hard lesson that I am learning without them actually getting a sore bottom)

After a quick bathroom break, I will knock on each of my sister’s bedroom doors in turn. They will be waiting. They will know all about my predicament and will already be respectfully dressed, ready for the trip downstairs with me so they won’t be responsible for a delay. Naturally, they will not be surprised to see the hairbrush in my hand or the stricken look on my face. The three of us will make the trip down to the living room, and to my fate.

When we get downstairs, I will be horrified to find that it is really true, Pastor John is really there. Daddy, mommy and Pastor John will be sitting together on the couch. We three girls will be standing in front of you three adults. Daddy will crook his finger at me. With my heart in my throat, I will take the two steps that will place me right in front of his knees. He will hold his hand out for the brush. Suddenly, I will want to hold on to that brush and never let go for the rest of my life! Regardless, with my heart pumping a mile a minute, I will hold it out to him. He will take the hairbrush and tuck it next to him on the couch; at that moment, I will know that my fate is truly sealed. I am going to get the spanking of my life.

Now I will have to get bare. Daddy might take off my pajama top and bottoms or he might tell me to do it myself, but in either case I will shortly find myself standing in front of everybody naked. My face will be blushing bright red. With Pastor John watching, being bared for my punishment will be 1000 times more embarrassing than ever before. This will be even more embarrassing because everybody will see the stubble “down there” where my hair is starting to grow back out (It really itches if you want to know). Daddy and mommy will be on guard for any repeat of my previous shameful behavior when I gave them trouble about getting bare for my punishment, but this time I will be a good girl for them. If I forget and try to cover my nakedness with my hands, daddy will sternly tell me to put my hands on my head.

Daddy and mommy and Pastor John will probably want to talk to all three of us girls, but they will especially lecture me. This is the worse part for me; I will probably do lots of crying. I would be much easier on me if you just got right on to the spanking; so I guess I know why I get the lecture. Finally, daddy will tell my two sisters that they can sit down and make themselves comfortable. That will leave me standing there naked and alone, and I will definitely not be comfortable. Then I know that you will want me to read at least part of this letter to the group. It will be hard to keep from crying my way through it, but I will try to be brave and do the very best I can. I will be secretly relieved when Daddy finally tells me to go out to the dining room and bring back a chair. I won’t need to be told what that chair is going to be used for!

It really doesn’t make much difference which of my parents spanks me first, but it will probably be mommy who sits down in the chair to give me a hard warm-up spanking with her hand to get my bottom ready for that hairbrush. I don’t really know why you call it a “warm-up” spanking, because it will be harder that a regular hand spanking, it will cover everywhere that I am spankable and, way before it is over, my voice will be filling the room. I hope mommy remembers to close the blinds and windows so I don’t put on a show for the entire neighborhood.

She will call me over and I will have to stand right next to her right leg. Now that I know that my spanking is about to start, I will be shaking so bad that my teeth will be chattering. Obedient to her sharp order, I will bend over her lap. Mommy will then make me “scrunch” higher so my toes are off the floor and I am supporting myself with my two palms down flat on the carpet. Everyone in the room will see my bare bottom which will have just healed from that belt-spanking. The room will get very quiet. Everyone will seem to be holding their breath waiting for the splotch of pink on my butt, especially me! I will sniffle and sob and clench, my arms will shake from nervousness and from the strain, but still my spanking will not start. When I am finally crying freely from the tension of waiting for my spanking, Mommy will finally start with a flurry of hard spanks right on the meatiest part of my buttocks. I will try to be good for my punishment, really I will! I know I deserve this spanking and I will try not to fight it, but sooner or later, as the spanks keep coming, I will lose control. I will howl and twist and reach back and do anything to try to protect my bottom. Please don’t get mad at me when it happens! Anyhow, none of it will do any good, you folks know how to handle me and I will get my spanking BUT GOOD! When mommy has spanked my butt nice and red, she will work her way down, getting my sit spots red hot and then spanking her way down my legs almost to the back of my knees. Now the spanking will slow down for a bit while she spanks that stinging red blush all around the curve of my hips and even around to the sides of my legs.

Now comes the worst part of all, and you know what it is! Mommy will make me spread my legs so she can spank between my thighs. I will beg her not to do it, but that never works. Please make sure that Pastor John is not directly behind me, because he would be able to see everything! I guarantee you; while mommy is spanking me there between my legs, I will be howling at the top of my lungs. It will be almost impossible to keep my legs open for her, but I will really try. She will probably have to stop once or twice to order me to get my legs open again. She will sound really mean, but I know that she loves me and she is really just doing her job. Finally, she will decide that the insides of my thighs are red enough for now, but I will be crying harder than ever because I will know that the hairbrush will be visiting that same place, only a lot worse, in just a few minutes. She will let be close my legs and then will brighten up my tush a bit more with a few last well-placed swats just to make sure there are no missed spots. Finally, that part of my spanking will be over.

Finally, mommy will urge me back on my feet. I will be glad that is it over, but sad because I will guess what is next. You will wait for me to regain my composure, but it probably will not happen very fast. I will just be feeling way too bad to stop crying; bad because I will be feeling guilty about what I have done, bad because my bottom hurts from mommy spanking it, and bad because of that awful hairbrush that I know I am about to feel.

Now it will be time for daddy to stand up and take over. He will gather me in a hug and calm me down a bit and then gently ask if I am ready to continue with the next part of my punishment. Brand new tears will leak from my cheeks as I nod “yes”. You will lead me two paces from the front of that now-empty dining room chair and instruct me to spread my legs for stability and then bend over at the waist, placing my two hands flat on the cushion. Peeking back through my own legs, I will see daddy offer the hairbrush to Pastor John! He will say something like “Please help us properly teach our daughter that what she did was wrong”. The Pastor will say a few words to me and then start giving me hard, slow, licks with that nasty hairbrush. I will dance in place, my butt will wriggle, I will squall and beg for the spanking to end, but my real problem will be keeping my knees from unlocking and dumping me in a heap on the floor. By this time, the Pastor will have seen just about everything about my body that there is to see. Oh well; he is a married man and he has a daughter like me, and anyhow, I guess it is sort of like being naked for your doctor. After about ten swats, the pastor will step back and my father will tell me that it is OK for me to stand back up. I will cry and dance and reach back to rub, but daddy will grab my elbow and stop me with a quiet word. It is finally time for my REAL spanking!

With the hairbrush in his hand, daddy will sit down in that straight-backed, armless, kitchen chair and look at me meaningfully. I won’t want to; but I will be obedient and go to him. With that funny, almost kindly, look that I have seen way too many times before, he will motion me into place across his lap. The next thing I will know, I will be looking at the floor again. There will be no chance of my staying in place for THIS spanking, so things will be a little different. I will only have one hand flat on the floor to hold myself this time, because dad will insist on holding my right hand in the small of my back so that it can’t get away and be injured by the hairbrush. That same hand that daddy is using to trap my right hand is also holding me very firmly down onto his lap so my torso can’t move. I will feel mommy’s hands holding my ankles. I will now be totally helpless and vulnerable to whatever my daddy wants to do with that hairbrush. I will know it too! I will already be crying out loud even though daddy hasn’t started spanking my bottom yet. I will feel like a complete coward, even though I have been told that this is completely natural.

Without further theatrics or delay, the hairbrush will start its work. The other spanking will be nothing compared to this! My babyish cries will instantly turn to screams as daddy makes that hairbrush do a horrible dance on my bottom. Even though mom has closed the house tightly, the sounds of this part of my spanking will easily escape out to the neighborhood. Any adults walking by the house will speed up and pretend to hear nothing, but the neighbor kids will notice and wonder aloud which of the triplets is “getting it” and what she did to deserve such a hard spanking.

It will seem like forever to me, but daddy will only need to spend perhaps five busy minutes thoroughly bruising my whole spanking area with that hairbrush. I will feel that hairbrush every time I sit down for at least the next two weeks, (and I will remember what I did to make it happen and repeatedly vow to never do it again!). By this time, I will be totally incoherent, but not so gone as to fail to notice when mommy pulls my ankles apart so daddy can spank me in that tender area between my thighs. I dread this part most of all! This will be the worst pain that I have ever felt in my life. I have only been hand spanked there before, and even that is terrible. My cries will start anew with these “special” spanks, but probably die down quickly. By this time, I will be just about “spanked out”. I will be a very sorry girl (actually, I am already a very sorry girl, writing this letter makes me very sad) but I will soon be glad because my punishment is almost over.

Mommy will close my legs, and Daddy will drag my punishment out a few more memorable minutes with very hard, but slow-paced spanks, carefully applied to my red, mottled, bottom. Finally, he will let me up. I will put on a shameless show for everybody, bawling, dancing, and trying everything to put out the fire in my still-bare bottom. Finally, daddy will catch me in a hug…soon to be joined by mommy. My sisters and the Pastor will hover awkwardly, wanting to somehow help but not knowing how. Finally, daddy and mommy will mumble an apology to the Pastor, and lead the sobbing child (me) up to her bedroom for some soothing cream, some kind words, and bed. The forgiven child (still me) will be left belly-down on her bed, still softly sobbing, with her bedroom lights turned out for the night.

After having a few words with my sisters about how they should be good and avoid my fate, Pastor John will quietly let himself out into the night.

Question 6: What do I think about my punishment?

When I heard that Fred got punished so badly, it made me realize that he and I had really done a bad thing. I thought only girls got into trouble for this sort of thing, guess I am wrong. I hope he is not too mad at me for telling (as if I had a choice).

I think this will be a perfectly fair punishment for me because I thought it up for myself after seriously thinking about the bad things that I did. It will be a really bad spanking that will leave my poor bottom sore for a long time. The pain, the embarrassment, and the sadness of writing this letter will add up to something I will long remember.

I think it will be a good punishment because it will teach me a lesson for the rest of my life. If Jan and Dorothy are as smart as I think they are, they will also learn a good lesson from my spanking and never have to get one themselves. Perhaps that will help a little to make up for the belt-spankings they got after lying to you in an attempt to help me.

Please remember that after I have received my punishment that I will REALLY-REALLY have learned my lesson. Please forgive me and try to learn how to trust me again.

Finally, I just want to tell the whole family that I am really-really sorry for everything I have done.

Writing this letter has been super-hard, and it has made my cry a lot. I really hope that this letter, and my proposed punishment, is fully acceptable to you. If not, then I will do my very best to fix it. If it is acceptable to you both, then your obedient daughter is now ready to prepare for her punishment.



Copyright (c) Guy Spencer 2004

How To Give A Spanking
  • Memorable. I realize this is about pain and embarrassment, but is also sexually thrilling, whether you meant it to be or not.

    • Of that, there is no question! It takes the blue ribbon for spanko titillation if you, as I do, like humiliation sauce ladled on aplenty. The use of corner time, a favorite protocol add-on of mine, cranks the whole discipline experience up several notches, as does the spanker’s fully intending to make this an example of effective corporal punishment. Kudos to Becky’s parents and the pastor for their effective bare-bottom guidance!

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