My First Spanking – True Story

A young man and the daughter of his mother’s friend are caught playing strip blackjack. With razor strop in hand, the girl’s mum says that their curiosity will be satisfied but hopes it was worth the consequences as they are both ordered to remove their underpants.  

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It was 1956, I was 18 years old and lived in Connecticut. My mother had made arrangements for me to spend the summer in upstate New York at the home of one of her childhood friends so I could experience life in the country. Her friend had a daughter my age, a year older, in fact, 19 named Karen. This is the 1950s: There was no Internet, television was black and white and old-fashioned domestic discipline was the norm. We were younger then compared to the same-aged teens of today.

Karen was cute, redheaded, petite, with perky breasts and pretty. During the first couple of weeks as we got acquainted, she was a bit of a tomboy as we horsed around, played cards and some board games, took walks in the woods, played ping pong and other stuff. However, after a while, it got a little boring.

Strip Blackjack

One day her mom went to town to see some friends and shop for groceries. Karen and I were playing rummy and both complaining about how bored we were when she said that she knew how to make things more exciting. I asked her how and she asked me if I knew what strip poker was. Well, I didn’t. She explained that you played cards and if you lost a hand you had to take off an article of clothing. Having never ever seen a girl naked other than one time in a Playboy magazine, I was more than curious. So, of course, I said I would play. Then she asked how far we would go, down to our underwear or everything off. I was all-in and said, “everything.” To seal our pact, she made me swear and she swore that we would not chicken out. Neither of us knew a lot about poker so we played blackjack instead. I was excited but also nervous about losing and having to be naked. But the thought of maybe seeing Karen naked had already given me an erection. We both made sure we had the same amount of clothes on and began to play.

The game went pretty even with both of us equally winning and losing hands and removing clothes. Our shoes and socks were gone and I lost my shirt and then she lost her blouse. It was the first time I had seen a girl in her bra and I just got harder. Then I lost my t-shirt and then lost again and had to take off my pants. I must have turned 10 shades of red, no girl had ever seen me in just my underpants and my erection was pointedly apparent. If I lost the next hand, my underpants were coming off. I actually got harder at the thought of being seen naked. I could see Karen staring at the bulge so I knew she was hoping to see more. We played the next hand and she lost so she had to take off her bra or her panties. Now she turned a little red and reached back and unsnapped her bra. I was staring as she took it off and just about the time I got to see her nipples we were both startled.

Caught and Spanked

We had been so honed in on each other’s bodies, we hadn’t heard her mother pull in. There we were, me in just my underpants and her in just her panties. Karen started to put her bra back on and I was reaching for my trousers and her mother ordered us to stop. She saw the cards so she knew what we were doing. She made us both get up and walk into the screened-in recreation room where the ping pong table was. She grabbed a folding chair and told Karen to get the paddle off the ping pong table. Then she told me to stand against the wall where I could watch.

She sat down and put Karen over her knee and then pulled her panties down just below her cheeks and then began to paddle her bare bottom – she gave it to her good. Karen was sobbing and her legs were kicking while I watched as her spanked flesh turned pink and then red and then a brighter red. I couldn’t help it, I was so turned on watching the spanking that I got as stiff as I could possibly get. While I couldn’t see Karen’s pussy from the angle I was at, I had a full view of her breasts while being fascinated with how her bare bottom cheeks jiggled and the explosion of red that followed the loud punishing crack of each paddle stroke.

Karen’s mum, Dolly, noted my erect hardness and told me to enjoy this now because it was going to be my turn next. She paddled Karen for a good 20 minutes and then pulled her panties back up and told her to go stand where I was and motioned me to come over by her. She made me pull down my underpants and get over her knee while Karen watched. She also told Karen that she wasn’t finished yet, there was more to come. Karen was topless and I was staring at her breasts. Her mom then pushed down on my back just above my cheeks and let the paddle fly. It landed on my left cheek with a resounding crack as I felt the sting and then again on my right cheek. She just kept it up and got into a rhythm: left cheek, CRACK!, right cheek, CRACK! Both cheeks, CRACK! She’s concentrating primarily on the sweet spot right where my cheeks meet my thighs, and on occasion, focuses on one cheek for 10 or so spanks then the other and then when she’s laying it on both cheeks it’s more intense. Now my legs are starting to kick because she’s lighting my cheeks up with both the frequency and the intensity of the strokes. My bottom is really heating up, I’ve still got this erection that won’t quit and even through the pain I’m getting really turned on. I don’t know if she’s waiting for me to start sobbing or not but the truth is that as much as I’m dreading this going on longer, I don’t want it to stop. I look up at Karen and she’s just staring at the paddling I’m getting and I almost think she’s enjoying watching it as much as I enjoyed watching her getting it.

Her mom is really pouring it on right now as if determined to make me beg her to stop or to cry, but I’m in a zone now. The pain is pleasure and I’m rock hard, even more turned on by the fact that Karen is enjoying seeing me get thoroughly spanked. It goes on for what seems like 30 – 35 minutes before she stops and my ass is on fire. She tells me to put on my underpants and go stand by Karen and wait.

An Old Fashioned Razor Strop

We both wait while her mom leaves the room and I’ve still got my hard-on. Karen turns her back to me and pulls down the back of her panties and asks me how red it is. I tell her it’s dark pink and she asks to see mine. I pull the back of my underwear down and she says WOW, it’s bright red, she really gave it to you and I don’t think she’s done with us yet. As soon as I pulled up the back of my underwear, in came her mom holding an old-fashioned razor strop about 3 to 4 inches wide and around 1/2 inch thick.

Her mom says that our curiosity will be satisfied now but she hopes it was worth the consequences. Then she tells both of us to take off our underpants. We do and now we’re now completely naked. She has Karen go to one end of the couch and me to the other and has us bend over facing each other with our hands flat on the couch cushions. She walks behind me and then directs me to lean forward a little to get my cheeks a little higher. And then I hear a swishing sound, a crack of the razor strop across both of my cheeks setting them on fire. It takes my breath away and I collapse inward toward the couch. “Bottom up,” her mom commands and then the strop lands again with the same result. This gets repeated 53 more times as Karen watches, already in tears knowing she’s next.

Her mom moves over behind and delivers the same instructions to stick her bottom up. The strop then cuts through the air followed by a resounding crack as it lands on Karen’s ass. Immediately I start getting hard again wishing I was behind her so I could see her cheeks jiggle as the strop lands. Her mom doesn’t have to say anything, Karen leans back and properly presents her bottom as the strop lands again, this time Karen gives a bit of a scream, but then repositions herself and takes another and then another and then another, letting out a yell and doing a dance after each stroke. I’m hard as a rock and I’m quite convinced that it’s not just because Karen is naked in front of me. I now realize how turned on I am from the spanking, both watching Karen get and receiving it myself. Now her mom comes back over behind me, after witnessing my hard-on and she gives me 10 more good ones. Poor Karen is watching, sure that she’s next, but there is something from her expression that makes me think she’s enjoying watching me get it.

Finally, her mom tells us to just stay there until our bottoms cool and goes back into the kitchen to put away the groceries she brought from her shopping trip. So, Karen and I stand there at the opposite ends of the couch, both of us having had our wish granted of seeing the other naked as well as the consequence or bonus of the spanking. After a while, her Mom calls us for dinner: We both gingerly get dressed and have dinner on thoroughly paddled and strapped stinging bottoms.

After that, Karen and I had some adventures together. There was a pond in a clearing on their property where we skinny dipped a few times and explored each other – just a little touchy-feely nothing intense. We talked about the spankings and Karen admitted that she had actually enjoyed the paddling, but not the stropping and had also enjoyed watching me get it too. About a week later we took a ping pong paddle and a deck of cards out to the pond with us, got naked and then played war with the loser of each hand getting paddled by the winner based on the difference in the card count. We both went back to the house with red bottoms and smiles on our faces.

That began my interest in spanking which remains with me until this day. My current girlfriend loves a good hard paddling and on occasion bends me over for one as well.

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  • Great story, I had a similar experience in my childhood. When I read yours, it brought back old memories. Thank you.

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