My First Spanking

With her dress and slip on the floor and tights around her knees, a young woman receives the cane on an already hand spanked backside as punishment for damaging her boyfriend’s car.

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Author’s Note: Here is the account of the first time I spanked a ‘lady’. Everything here is true.

When I was in my teens I had a variety of cars. In the early sixties they dropped the purchase tax (VAT now) on them and all us bikers started to get motors.

My first car was a Ford Classic. A weird design because it had a reverse sloping rear window – the Anglia also used this style. I ran this for about a year then traded it in for a new Mk3 Zephyr 4. This model replaced the old Consul 375 and Mk2 Zephyr and Zodiac models.

The Zephyr wasn’t a good buy because everything that could go wrong with it did go wrong. Eventually I was offered a full refund (cost price) trade in value when I bought a new White Zodiac Automatic.

Anyway, to cut the story shorter Jo-Jo (Josephine) was learning to drive and she kept asking to drive my new Zodiac. Well! Yes, I gave in and let her drive herself home one evening.

All went well, very well actually, until… Until we arrived at her house… Jo-Jo lived in a ‘Council House’, the road outside was narrow but had wide pavements where people used to park their cars and I was no exception to this. However, in addition to the usual street lamps there was a sewer ‘stench’ or ventilation pipe on the pavement opposite her house.

Yes! You guessed it… She drove into it – ‘crunch’. The bumper and bonnet had a definite crease but the paint wasn’t cracked at all. I went berserk! “Didn’t you see it – You stupid girl – Fool etc…” It all came out. Boy was I annoyed and I think I had a right to be mad. My part-exchange allowance was at stake here and I was only just scraping the cash together to buy the new Corsair and there was none spare to pay for repairs. Jo-Jo started to cry so I consoled her and said I was sorry to go off like that. When we got in her dad asked what was wrong and Jo-Jo told him what she had done. Fred said to me that if it were his car he would have taken the belt to her backside but as it wasn’t it was up to me. From this I concluded that Jo had experience of getting her bottom smacked and this intrigued me.

Two days later after I had collected the new car (they didn’t ask for extra money for the damage) Jo and I went out to a club. As it was Saturday and she usually stayed at my place at weekends we got home about 12:30 a.m. and had a coffee before getting ready for bed. While we were sitting talking I mentioned what her dad had said about taking the belt to her. “Oh! Dad’s never belted me but I have felt his hand across my bottom occasionally.” “When was the last time he spanked you”? I asked. “Last year when I was rude to Mum when I got home very late – I told them I would be in by 11:30 p.m. but I didn’t turn up until nearly 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Mum was angry and I shouted at her – I was also a little worse for drink”.

“Do you think damaging my car deserves a spanked bottom”? I queried. “I think I would feel better about it if you did slap my backside – not too hard please!”

I told her to come over to the settee where I was sitting and lay across my knees. She put her coffee down and stood up. As it was the mid 60’s she was wearing a very short dress fastened at the back with a long zip, high heels, panty-tights and a full length slip. My penis was beginning to get hard as she approached my right hand side. She knelt down and leaned over my knees pushing her body further over by raising her knees off the floor and putting her hands flat on the floor.

Her dress had pulled tight at the back and the hem was now just below her bottom cheeks. I could see the top of her tights and the start of her pants. I raised my hand and slapped her right cheek hard and I felt her jump. Again I brought my hand down but this time across her left cheek. “Ow!” she cried. I pulled her close to me and then pulled the dress and slip over her bottom. As I did this I felt her push up with her legs relieving the weight on my lap thereby assisting me in uncovering her backside. With her bottom now only covered in cotton panties – all-be-it stitched to nylon stockings thus making ‘tights’ there wasn’t much protection for her. I gave her at least 30 slaps across both cheeks before I began to tire of the effort.

I gently pushed her off my lap onto the floor where she sat for a while half crying and half sniveling. “I would have preferred a caning you know Steve – Mum caned me two months ago and it really hurt but it gave me a warm felling inside and I wanted to be with you.”

“Do you want me to cane you now?” I asked her. “Please Steve.” And without further prompting she pulled herself up, pushed her tights down to her knees, reached behind her neck and un-zipped the dress and stepped out of it. She slipped the ‘slip’ off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I was startled at the way she did this; she was eager to have a caning from me after a good spanking. She watched me get a cane from a rubber plant standing in the corner of the room. It was about two foot long and about 3/8″ in diameter – fairly stiff as well as it didn’t seem to bend easily as I remember.

As I walked back to where she was standing she said, “I can take six across my clothes but I’ve never had it bare before so be careful.” She promptly bent over and pointed her fingers to the toes of her shoes. Her bottom cheeks started to quiver slightly as I placed the stick across them.

I slowly raised the cane to shoulder height and brought it swiftly down to land smack bang across both bottom cheeks. She leapt up and grabbed both buttocks with her hands and jumped about saying quietly under her breath “Shit, shit, shit.” After a few moments she bent over again in almost exactly the same place and the same way. I brought the stick down across her backside four more times in very quick succession, so quick that she didn’t have time to stand up.

After five strokes I expected her to be crying and rubbing her bottom but no! She stayed where she was, bent over showing me her bottom with five red stripes across it. “You can get up now Jo.” I told her. “I thought you would give me one more to make it six.” She sniffed through the tears now forming. “Okay!” I said and swiped the cane hard across the tops of her legs just below the bottom crease line.

Jo leapt up as before but this time she was rubbing her legs and bottom. “Come into me the back way – Please I really need it now.” I didn’t need much inviting. Her pussy was almost dripping wet and she was tugging at my belt. I quickly took off my clothes – everything – she stroked my dick and rubbed it a few times. I ran my hands over her breasts as I kissed her and then progressed down to her sore bottom. I could feel the weals forming raised lines over the once smooth silky skin. She turned around and bent over steadying herself on a dining room chair. She shuffled her legs apart and I eased my penis into her vagina with great ease. It didn’t take too long for me to climax and Jo came soon after.

After that session I caned her about six or seven times over the three years we were together. Each session seemed to be better than the last and she advanced from the first six strokes to eighteen strokes of a three-foot whippy bamboo cane. She actually bought the cane especially for me to cane her with – isn’t that thoughtful!

Jo-Jo is now married and living in Northern Ireland. She has two kids (adults now) and is 53 years old this September.

Copyright (c) Steven Walsh 1999

You are welcome to contact the author Steven Walsh.

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