My First Proper Spanking Experience – True Story

Many years ago a boy asked his friend’s mum for a spanking – and he got it.

You are welcome to contact the author Lee Jackson.

Ever since I had the seat of my pants heated by a pretty teacher in front of the class, I have been hooked on spanking. Not only did it give me a warm glowing feeling, I derived some inexplicable thrill from the public embarrassment and loved the control that this teacher had over me

Unfortunately, I could never ask my mum to spank me – however, I had an alternative plan.  One Saturday morning at the age of twelve I went to a mate’s house knowing he would be at his dad’s place. Greeting me was his mum:  With blonde hair and very buxom she was quite intimidating wearing a dress together with black tights and open-toed slippers.

“What’s up, Lee,” she said.

I found it hard to say anything but managed to choke out, “If I ask you something can you keep it secret please?”

With a puzzled expression, she looked at me and said, “Yes, sure.”

Then I forced out the remaining words, “I want you to spank me over your knee on my bare bottom please.” I couldn’t believe I had said it.

She responded by laughing but quickly followed with, “Come in you silly boy.”

When we sat down she asked why I wanted to be spanked. I told her what had happened and that I could not ask my mum. She said you should be careful with what you wished for. I knew I wanted this and she said, “Okay, I will only use my hand but pat my foot if it hurts too much.” I was so excited that when she took my jeans down there was a growing bulge already in place.  She laughed with amusement and a trace of delight as she slid my underwear down and then secured me firmly over her knee.

“Right, you naughty boy here goes.”

At first, it shocked me but then the slaps were feeling so good, I loved the feeling of my willy up against her tights while looking down at her feet with her painted toes and smell of perfume – a lady in total control. I was embarrassed but not with the needed humiliation. Overall I loved the whole ordeal which lasted about 10 minutes. This became a regular thing for me.

Then when I was 13 years of age she administered the public spanking that I had long craved.  Boy was it humiliating: Within the first 30 seconds I could feel all eyes on me as the sound of her hand on my bare bottom could be heard echoing around the shopping mall.  This was the late 70s, cameras were not commonplace and spanking much more acceptable then. Quite a crowd gathered to see my bottom turned from pink to red. I felt shame and total humiliation which is what I wanted.

I will be forever thankful to this lady.

You are welcome to contact the author Lee Jackson.


What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • Good story, Lee! I have been into spanking for quite some time. There is a girl, now a lady, who was in my high school class. who was also into spanking and neither of us knew or shared our thoughts with each other, because we didn’t know we both had a like fantasy. Having reconnected with this lady, two years ago, we have discussed our mutual interest in spanking, to the point she has told me, if we ever meet face to face again the first thing she is going to do, will be to turn me over her knee and give me a good spanking, as she says she should have done, more than once all those years ago. I doubt we will ever meet again, so my bottom is probably safe from being spanked!

    • What a strange fetish we guys have. It took me until I was almost 14 to ask my mother to spank me. Thought my heart was going to explode. The spanking and strapping were beyond comprehension. Especially, when the strap whipped around and caught some things that normally are not strapped. My mother would tell me to get back in position. To be honest, I would like to do it again.

      • From another Richard…..
        Good morning

        I am very intrigued about the story above–I would love to know more about any other stories and experiences you have.

        I have been fascinated by spankings ever since witnessing those in my primary school all those years ago.

        Best wishes,


  • I asked several friends’ mothers to spank me but none ever did. One of my friend’s older sister spanked me with her mom’s paddle on the bare. I was eight and she was twelve. She gave me ten hard licks. I remember that I cried.

    • JGH57 Did you like the spanking?

      Would you let your friends older sister spank you again with her mom’s paddle?

    • I had a friend whose mother I didn’t need to ask. If I was naughty and she knew it, she just turned me over her knee and spanked. It happened more than once.

  • Great story. You were braver than me asking a friend of your mother’s to spank you. Thank you for sharing the story.

  • For so many of us, the fantasy of asking a girl or women for and getting a spanking is prime. To find such an understanding spanker would be wonderful – several names easily come to mind. I loved the story, thanks.

  • I would like to hear more about when your friend’s mom spanked your bare bottom in the shopping mall when you were 13 years old.

  • This was a really good true story- the same happened to me at 14 and fully developed. I was at a lake cabin with my boyhood friend and his family. While everyone was in town, I got caught spying on the mother. I saw her naked and she confronted me with a simple choice: “I will tell everyone or you get a spanking.” She had me walk into the living room just in my undies – my reaction was a throbbing erection. I had to take them off in front of her and stand there naked to be scolded as my cock stood fully erect. She didn’t say much except how naughty I was. She spanked my bare bottom over her knees. I came on her lap. The spanking continued. It was erotic.

  • I am happy that you loved the story. I also loved the experience. I really did think it would happen, but now I am so glad I asked her.

  • I was spanked by my mom when I was young. Need I say more? She was wearing her green striped dress with white high heels shoes and sheer seamed nylon stockings. I got an erection when she spanked me. I came on her dress after I was spanked…

    • I keep coming back to this story. So many things about life could have been more open to me, if I had only known…

    • Vero, vorrei vivere anche io questa situazione ma da noi in Italia solo professioniste, un vero peccato.

      Google Translation, Italian to English: True, I would like to experience this situation too, but here in Italy only professionals, a real shame.

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