My Day of Reckoning – True Story

Frustratingly stuck one afternoon in the company of his female cousins, sisters and with the oldest one in charge, fourteen-year-old Danny lets loose with a tirade of gender-honed vulgarity.

Upon the return of his mum and aunts, young Daniel ends up standing naked in front of nine women and girls about to experience a side of his mother he did not know existed.

I would like to share one of my spanking stories – this is a painfully true incident where I really learned the meaning of extreme embarrassment from this well taught lesson.

Stuck With Sisters and Female Cousins

When I was around the age of fourteen or fifteen, it was the occasion of my older sister’s birthday. My mother was giving her a party and it was a Saturday. My mom and my two aunts, both of my mom’s sisters, went to get a few things for the party. I was the only boy there as my brother was camping with a friend of his and his family.

I guess that might be part of why what happened to me on that fateful day occurred. I might have been a little on the jealous side that he got to go camping and here I was stuck with my oldest sister Sue who was nineteen and in charge. My other sisters were home one being Cindy who was seventeen and the other being Judy who was thirteen. And, to make matters worse, my female cousins were over: Janey who was eighteen and very cute with long blond hair and well, I always thought she looked amazing, Debby at eighteen and Linda who was sixteen. Linda was a real stuck up bitch whom I couldn’t stand being around even up until today. But she really got one up on me this day, to my extreme embarrassment.

F-Bombs, Bitches and C-Words

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I got really pissed off thinking that they were just teasing me. My sister wouldn’t let me leave the house to visit a friend. So there I was, stuck with all girls. Driven by frustration inspired vengeance, I went off and started calling them bitches, increased the attack by adding the f-bomb before “bitches” and then for ultimate impact shot out the c-word a few times for good measure and added effect.

Ironically, at that very same time, my mother and my aunts were discussing how well behaved their children were. Of course on that certain day, my mother told my aunts that she never even heard any of us kids swear. Well, that statement would be short-lived.

So when they arrived home, the girls were all hopping up and down, eagerly telling my mother and aunts all about my swearing and my temper tantrum. I guess what hurt me worse than the consequences soon to follow was the look of disappointment on my mother’s face. I felt really bad seeing that and never in my wildest dreams would I be prepared for what was to come. I figured I would be grounded for a couple of weeks, maybe a few strokes with the belt. Or even worse yet, waiting until my father got home. He would be on the road for a couple of more days as he drove a semi-truck.

My mother looked at me and said, “Danny go get the things in the car and bring them in please.”

So ashamed and with my head down I contritely said, “Yes, ma’am.”

I could still hear the girls animated telling of my misdeeds as I made my way outside. Once everything was in the house, my mother told me something that really surprised me.

Strip, Now!

She said, “Danny get in my room and strip, you are going to get the spanking of your life.”

Was I taken back, you better believe it? My mother hasn’t seen me naked since I was eleven or so. The last time was when I was sick and she took my temperature rectally. I pleaded, “Please, Mom, no…not that please just ground me or something.”

“I said to get in my room and get all your clothes off, you’re getting a well deserved spanking young man,” she ordered.

I pleaded, “But, Mom, please…no please, Mom,…please don’t make me do this.”

She walked over, spun me around and swatted me on my bottom. My mother was my height but outweighed me – resistance was impossible and argument was futile. I walked out of the living down the hallway into her bedroom. Smug grins were everywhere to my sisters’ and cousins’ delight. I got to her room and stood behind the door pressing my ear to it.

Sister Pleads to Witness

I could hear my sister pleading with my mom, “Mom, look how Danny has embarrassed us, even you, Mom. You should really give him his spanking out here in the living room: He embarrassed us by calling me those vulgar names and our cousins too. That’s exactly what he deserves.”

I heard my mom say, ”I don’t know, he is going to be naked when he gets spanked by me. That should be embarrassing enough for him. I don’t know that your aunts would appreciate their daughters seeing your brother in the nude getting his bottom tanned.“

I was listening and thinking, “Yes, Mom, way to go, keep it in here if I have to be spanked. It will be bad enough being naked in front of you and with them hearing me getting it.”

Well at that point my mother asked my aunts, “How would you feel if I gave Danny his spanking out here so whoever wants to watch his punishment, can?”

Of course, my aunts agreed with my sisters and cousins that I should get my spanking while they all witnessed it. I heard my mother say, “Well…alright I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but he did bring it upon himself. Susan, go get the desk chair and place it in front of the couch. And move the coffee table, I will spank him in front of the couch.“

Well, I was really surprised at this turn of events, so surprised I didn’t even notice my mother open the door which smacked me on the side of the head. I saw her face go from surprise to anger, “Why are you still dressed? You better get those clothes off, you should be happy I am dealing with this and not your father. He would really blister that bottom of yours,” she assured me.

I started to say something and she just waved her hand and lamented, “Do not say anything, I am so embarrassed and disappointed in you.“

Holding up a bar of Ivory soap she ordered, “Now open your mouth.” With my mouth wide open, she inserted the bar – I bit down to the taste of soap. “Keep that in your mouth and take those clothes off right now, everything off,” she demanded.

She walked over and picked up her old wooden hairbrush, oval and big I knew this was going to hurt. She started tapping it against the palm of her other hand. Watching as I stripped, hesitation came over me when I got to my underpants. She walked over and smacked my ass with the brush then yanked my underpants down. Stepping out of them with my penis flopping around, I stood stark naked before my mother – pubic hair and all.

Observingly she remarked, “My, my…you have grown.”

Then she tapped me on top of my head and said, “Too bad you didn’t grow up here, where it counts, we wouldn’t be doing this, would we?”

Naked in Front of Nine Women and Girls

She took my ear in her left hand and twisted it, then smacked my ass with the brush, “To the living room, let’s go now,” she directed.

Feeling humbled, humiliated and embarrassed I took a few small steps into the hallway followed by another reminder from my mother, “You are so lucky I am doing this and not your father. He would blister your ass with his strap if he found out. If you cooperate, I will not tell him and I will instruct your sisters not to tell him either. Now keep moving.” My mother kept a hold of my ear while walking on my left side and escorting me with her hairbrush.

With a fresh swat on my naked ass, I jumped and continued my baby steps toward the living room. Every hesitation earned me a hard swat with the hard wooden implement.  With soap in my mouth, I turned the corner into the living room. My aunts were sitting ringside on the couch along with my youngest cousin and sister. The others were standing behind the couch with the spanking chair right in front of them. I tried covering my crotch with my hands but that earned me a good hard swat that brought snickers from some of them.

“Hands at your side, Danny, or you will get the strap out here in front of everybody.”

My mom took the bar of soap from my mouth and told me to apologize to everyone for my offensive conduct on their special day. With everyone delighting in my nudity, I humbly apologized knowing that my bare bottom was soon to be as red as my face.

My mother went to be seated: With a look of disappointment and a shake of her head, she strategically positioned the chair so the seat was facing the couch – my embarrassment escalated as I knew my bottom and everything else I own would be on full display facing the spectators directly.

“Daniel, get over here, hands at your sides,” was the next command.

I walked over to her in front of my female audience feeling very nervous, embarrassed and, yes, scared. It is very humbling being in your birthday suit, being the only male in the room, naked in front of nine fully clothed women and young ladies knowing you are about to be soundly spanked. Mercifully, I did not know the full extent of what was to come.

Over Mom’s Lap

At that point, my mom took my left wrist and pulled me over her lap. I shivered wondering how weak and pitiful I looked in that position, naked as she expertly positioned me: Her right leg was over my left leg spreading my ass cheeks apart. I acutely knew they could see my most intimate part between those cheeks. I felt Mom’s hand cup my left buttock making the spread even wider.

She then raised that wicked wooden hairbrush and began to lay into my bottom cheeks swiftly with unrelenting resolve – no warmup, just straight into a long, hard, good old-fashioned spanking. In no time she had me moaning and yelping, crying out with my bare ass twisting and turning as if in some erotic dance trying to get relief in some way.

It was then she stopped and lectured me to be still and take my spanking like the big man I thought I was. She swatted me hard with each lecture she tried to teach. Then she delivered another burning round with that hairbrush. My head jerked up with every crack as the loud sound of wood smacking naked flesh filled the room. I suppose that it was lucky for me that I had a nice round bum almost girlish. Had I a skinny little pancake rump, it might have actually been twice as bad.

She spanked me solidly for a full ten minutes or so. I could hear some laughter from my sisters and cousins when I cried out and started pleading for her to stop. I discovered a side to my mother I never knew she had and one I hoped never to see again.

As noted earlier, my father drove a semi-truck and I believe that my mother suspected that he was fooling around on her. So I don’t know if that triggered this new attitude she had, but it was an attitude that she kept with her for my punishments from this day onward. It was a new dawn for me in domestic discipline. And getting spanked on my bare bottom by her was going to be a more frequent occurrence after today’s discipline session. Thankfully this usually happened in the privacy of her room but sometimes my sisters saw me naked while getting thrashed after my Mom’s new awakening.

Over my Sister’s and Cousin’s Laps

But I am getting ahead of myself here. After she turned my ivory white bottom red, I was told to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. There was no arguing, no modesty left at that point they all saw everything I had. I was told to place my elbows on the wall and stick my bottom out. There I stood while they discussed my spanking whether it was long enough and of course hard enough.

I was certainly shocked when my mother told my sister Susan that I was to go over her lap next. Just because it was her and my cousin, Janey, on whom I inflicted my outburst. I had to walk back to the chair, hands on head and stand before my sister stark naked with my penis practically at eye level.

Humbly, I followed her directions to get over her lap. Wasting no time her hand immediately fired into my already punished behind. Not holding back, it was like a contest to see who could make me cry out the loudest. She spanked with her hand and then the hairbrush.

It was bad enough getting spanked by her, but then it was Janey’s turn. As I stood in front of her and she lectured me on how naughty I was, I started to become erect. My penis started to swell and lift and stand straight out. I was thinking “oh my God, what am I going to do now. I risked looking at the couch as everyone watching had a look of shock on their faces.

My mother, with a look of amusement and embarrassment, raised her eyes towards the heavens said, “Janey, please get him over your lap, now.”

I saw my beautiful blonde cousin’s eyes wide, then with a grin she took my arm and pulled me over her lap. She spanked me with her hand lightly at first then she really let me have it with the hairbrush. I was spanked until she made me sob and with my cock hard and rubbing against her bare leg.

I silently prayed that I would not start dribbling or squirting and was frightfully hesitant to stand up when she told me to. When I did my ass was on fire: Rubbing furiously with my penis bobbing around, my mother took my ear and led me back to the corner and confined me there for about an hour with my red bottom on blazing display.

The Strap

When my mother came out to let me out of the corner, it wasn’t exactly the relief I was expecting. When I turned to look at her most of my audience was once again in the room. But what really surprised me was that she was holding the strap. She informed me I was going to get extra punishment, a strapping for the vulgarity of having an erection.

She then led me back to her bedroom where she told me to bend over and place my hands on her bed with my bottom protruding outward. Moving behind me, I heard the tinkling of a belt buckle. My legs started to shake a bit as I saw her holding the thick leather belt. With the bedroom door open the strap burned into my tormented flesh. With some of them watching, I yelped and cried out as that belt began a whole new ordeal. My mother made me stay bent over as she left the room.

I remained in position with my bottom stuck out as I snuck a look over my shoulder at the mirror on the back of the dresser. I moaned as I saw how some red and purple like stripes from the belt adorned my asscheeks.

She came back into the bedroom and said, “Come on, Daniel, come with me.”

She led me back to the living room, back to the corner where I stayed naked and ashamed. Almost right up until the time my sister’s party guests would arrive.

I was on my best behaviour after this happened, for a while, anyway, as my mother put a big dose of respect in me. And true to her word, she never mentioned it to my father and neither did my sisters. After all, they were all mother’s girls I believe because of the tension between her and Dad. This spanking wasn’t the last one they got to witness, but those are stories for another time. Thank you for reading.

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  • My two older sisters have full spanking power over me. When they spank, I am stripped bare naked and very embarrassed.

  • Good story :)! Although it would put kind of an interesting twist if Janey had looked a bit more interested in the turn of events….

    • Sasha. Thank you, for taking the time to read my story. I was a bit reluctant to share my comeuppance but I am happy I did! I can’t say if my cousin Janey was aroused by my deserved spanking. At the time I was getting spanked, that certainly was something that never crossed my mind. But once at a wedding I was sitting in the hallway and the bathrooms were in that hallway. I saw Janey go in and she gave me a wink. But that brought back memories of that spanking she gave me and the erection I was trying not to have. But when she cane out of the bathroom she pulled her dress up and she had no panties on and she flashed me her bare bottom while she was walking, down the hallway. She turned to see if I was looking. Better believe I was, she smiled then pulled her dress back down…unreal. Never turned into kissing cousins though. I see her every once in a while and she still gives me that raised eyebrow and grins before we give each other a friendly hug.

      • Hi Danny that was a really good story. How loud were you crying and were you screaming a little bit? Would you let Janey spank you over her knees again just to spank? I know I would let her spank me just to spank me or if I felt like I needed a spanking I would ask her to spank me

  • Loved the Story…. Something about mothers doing the spanking in front of the offended is very intoxicating!

  • Very good story. I thought the aunts should have punished him for the erection. While I am not a belt person, a strap would have been a nice touch – better yet, a paddle

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