My Boyfriend Spanked Me Good – True Story

Kim’s boyfriend was very clear about his custom ride as she house-sat for him, “If you touch my car I will blister your butt so thoroughly that you will not be able to sit for a week.”  Kim did not choose wisely.

I met Mike – who would later become my boyfriend – at a local gym where I am a physical trainer. Standing 5′ 11″ I am great shape at 22 years of age with less than 2% body fat. I was assigned as his trainer.

Taking Forbidden Fruit

Mike is an emergency medical technician (EMT) and in great shape himself. After about three months of training, we started dating. He was such a gentleman to me especially his respect for the fact that I was saving myself for marriage – he never pressured me into having sex. He is a man that always keeps his promises which is what I always respected about him. We had been dating for about six months when he needed a house sitter while out of town for a week. Mike delivered a clear warning about a custom car that he had been working on for the past few years stating that if I touched this vehicle he would blister my butt so thoroughly that I would not be able to sit for a week. I responded by indicating that I understood completely and would do the same if the car were mine. Unfortunately, temptation got the better of me.

Thinking it was a great idea at the time, while he was out of town I found his keys, met up with my girlfriends and took his car for a joyride. Everything went blazingly well until the unimaginable happened – while parked someone hit his prized possession. Although insurance would take care of the damage, Mike caught me as I lied to him about the incident over the phone. Feeling so bad about the entire matter and wanting to demonstrate that I take responsibility for my actions, I agreed to take the promised blistering while hoping to make things right between us.  He was so upset it took him a week to calm down enough for us to even talk about it. Finally, I went over to his place to I receive what was coming – or so I thought.

Pants, Panties and Protests

Upon arriving at his home, he wasted no time,  “Okay, let’s get your britches down!”

“Mike, I’m not taking off my clothes for this, I am not going to be naked.”

“First, I’m not telling you that have to be naked nor am I telling you to your take clothes off.  You are being told to take few of them down. I’m not paddling your pants and panties. I am paddling you who thought were too big for your britches as you went joy riding in my custom car and then tried to lie about it.  I had you house-sit for me while I was out of town and I told you very clearly that if you touched my car that I’d bust your butt. You need to be taken down a notch or two and we will start with the downing of your britches. Now lower them and hand me the paddle.”

I let out a big sigh of protest and felt so bad that I let him down knowing that I had broken his trust. Since I was going to accept this spanking I was going to try to prove to him I could take it. “Fine, but you’re not going to make me cry!” I shot back while handing him the paddle.

“We’ll see about that, now let’s get to the bare issues here. You busted my car now I’m going to bust your butt, going to keep my promise, I’m sorry honey.”

I was wearing one of my favourite pairs of jeans nicely complemented with cowboy boots. I slowly began to undo the belt buckle while trying to talk him out of spanking me. Just as I got the flap of my belt out from the front loop of my jeans and started to pull it loose I asked, “Do I really have to take’m down, I mean. . .?”

He interrupted me, “Honey your jeans didn’t do anything, I’m paddling your butt not your jeans. I’m sorry honey but it has to be this way.”

I swallowed hard with an “ohhhh.” Letting out a whimper  I pulled a little and got my belt unhooked then pulled it out of its buckle and was about to start with the button of my jeans when I said, “But, Mike, I really don’t think. . .”

He interrupted me again this time stepping forward reaching out and placing his hands on mine looking me straight in the eyes, “Honey, it is going to going to be okay. I promise that I will not take advantaged you – you have my word and I mean to keep it. This isn’t about sex  – it is about respect. I have always kept my promises and furthermore know this: I will take care of you afterwards, that’s what the lotion on the table is for.  I love you and I just want what’s best for both of us.

This was the first time he said he loved me, my lips started to stammer. My heart melted as I threw my arms around him almost starting to cry right then and there telling him I was so sorry about what I had done. Holding me tightly he said, “I know honey, I know, but unfortunately I still have to keep another promise, you know me I always keep my word, so please no more arguments about this, ah?” Looking directly at him I nodded my agreement and acceptance.

Stepping back I asked him if I could have a pillow to hang on to. Heading to the bedroom he returned with two pillows handing them to me as he sat back down on the chair. With a deep sigh, another whimper and lips stammering I slowly unsnapped my jeans and stopped for a second. Looking into his eyes, I slowly lowered the zipper followed by my thumbs on the inside of my jeans and hesitated again.

Looking into his eyes I said, “I love you too, Mike, and I do trust you, but it’s just that I’ve never, I mean you haven’t …”

In a very calm voice he said, “It will be alright, I have sisters and you don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before.”

Reluctantly, I slowly lowered just the back part of my jeans just below my butt cheeks and hesitated again looking at him hoping it would be far enough.  “All the way down, honey, all the way down! I’m sorry but it has to be all the way.”

Whimpering again, I bent over pushing my jeans down to rest bunched around my knees.  Facing him in my Superman bikini panties and looking directly into his eyes I tried to negotiate with, “Mike can we just? . . . .”

He replied resolutely, “You are going to bear through this situation and in this sense I mean bare. Now, as cute as your Superman panties are, they are coming down as well. I understand that you are embarrassed, but that is the whole point.”

Letting out a whimper I trailed, “Oh man this is going to hurt!” I slowly moved my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and again gradually started to push just the back part of them down too. Looking at him, he raised his eyebrow and said, “Well, it’s a real spanking and it supposed to hurt honey. You are my little super girl and I am very proud of you for accepting what you deserve.  As cute as your Superman panties are they are coming down for a super spanking.”

With lips stammering, I involuntarily tightened my butt muscles a few times as my panties slowly made their way down my thighs joining my jeans around my knees. Standing up straight I covered myself and was covered with embarrassment.  I was almost ready to take the licking of my life from the man I love. My bare bottom was as white as could be in contrast to the rest of my tanned body – a shiver ran through me with the thought of that pristine white soon to be transformed into punishment red. Standing there I was scared and yet also felt a deep sense of trust towards Mike – a bond a emerged that I could not explain. I hobbled forward to his side, lips still stammering as I asked him to change his mind

Stalling and Hoping

“Please do everything you can to keep your arms and hands around the pillow,” he said handing it to me. “I don’t want to hit them accidentally.

“I will, I’m really sorry about what I did and. . . “

He motioned with his hand and calmly interrupted with, “I know honey, now, no sense putting it off more than we have too, alright, let’s get to the bottom of things and move on, okay?”

I sighed, nodded and proceed to position myself over his knees. As I hugged the pillow he began to adjust me into his desired spanking position. The wooden paddle was now resting on my backside as he asked the final question. “First, I have to tell you that you have a very nice looking bottom, I didn’t realize how light skinned you were because of your suntan. But unfortunately, I’m going to have to wood-tan your backside good. Now, do you believe that if I paddle blisters into your bottom that you won’t take my car without permission or lie to me again?”

I waited for at least half-a-minute trying to stall to see if there was any way he might change his mind and just admire me instead.

“Kimmmmm, I’m waiting?”

“Okay, okay, hmmmm how many am I going to get?” I asked still trying to stall further.

“As many as it takes, how did I say I was going to paddle you for lying and taking my car without permission?

I hesitated again, “Kimmmm, you need to answer me!”

Swallowing hard again, “You said you’d paddle blisters into my butt until I can’t sit for a week.”

“Okay, how many are you going to get then, Kim?”

“Oooooooo, I don’t know?”

“Thanks right, now I’m going to ask you again, do you believe that if I give you a sound and thorough spanking that you’ll learn your lesson?”

Feeling the flatness of the wood paddle resting on my butt, I swallowed again and said, “Okay, okay, but please don’t spank that hard, I’m really sorry!”

“So is that a yes?” came Mike’s response.

More seconds passed as I was stalling for time. I was deeply embarrassed and felt so vulnerable positioned over his knee with my pants and panties down having this conversation.

He taped my butt with the paddle lightly, “Kimmmm?”

“Ooooo!” I Figured that I might as well get it over with, “Okay, yes, yes, I won’t lie or take your car ever again, I’m really sorry, Mike, I don’t have to count them, do I?” With that, he raised the paddle. I squeezed my eyes and waited

“I am sorry I have to do this Kim, and no you don’t have to count, I doubt you will be able to count that fast!”

“Count that fast, what you mean? How fast are yo. ..?“

“Kimmm, no more stalling!”

A Severe Spanking

I let out a whimper and then it began. There were absolutely no warm up, no pauses between swats. From start to finish he was swatting as hard and fast as he possibly could. I was hoping that my ordeal would end quickly but it did not. He made certain that he got every inch of my backside from the top of my bottom to one paddle-width below my cheeks. Ensuring that he gave my bottom no rest, this was going to be one sound and thorough spanking. At first, I was resolutely determined not to cry or yell and I even tried to count. Somewhere between the 30th to 40th stroke I couldn’t take anymore and I could not longer count. My mind went into panic mode.

I straightened up my entire body and became as stiff as a board, curled my toes and crossed my feet, squirmed, clinched and unclenched involuntarily. Okay, okay, okay, I can’t, I can’t I can’t! …” squeezing my pillow tighter and tighter as I started bucking and kicking like crazy. Whack after whack, fast and hard bit into my blazing butt with no sign of him letting up – I had no time recover between swats. Biting into my pillow I could no longer make actual words as my ability to think began to fade.  My unconsciousness was seized by the unbearable and all-consuming tormenting heat as that damn paddle burned into my backside over and over.

The paddle was just long enough to hit both cheeks at once and hard enough not to break. He hit one spot over and over and then moved to a different area. All I could do at this point was just scream at the top of my lungs. Desperate for escape I tried to get off his lap as I could not take any more. He stopped for a second, lifted my body and deftly put me over one knee while placing his leg in a scissor lock around both of mine catching my hand and securing it against my back. I was trapped and he was not done. I remember him stating clearly, “Nope, we aren’t done yet, Kim!”

The licks of the paddle went on with no relief in sight coming so hard and fast that I could barely breathe. I was now crying and yelling in searing pain as the thrashing had completely covered my backside and upper thighs. I let go of the pillow and started scratching the floor trying to pull myself forward but to no avail. My boyfriend kept his pace up still whacking as hard and as fast as he could. I really didn’t believe someone could spank with such furious speed without getting tired. Mike was spanking the living daylights out of me. I then started hammering my fists to the floor, thrashing my head about screaming, crying profusely and out of control. He was not letting up.

I Love You

When he finally stopped, I was a crying, incoherent, out-of-control hiccupping mess:  with my nose running profusely, a face full of tears that caused my makeup to run everywhere and red puffy eyes I was bawling like a child. As he released his iron grip I sprang to my feet doing the fire dance: jumping up and down still in cowboy boots constrained by lowered pants and panties I was feverishly rubbing my aching bottom and crying out of control as I tried to steady my breathing. After awhile I calmed down enough to stand still.

Mike stood up, set the paddle down and motioned to me with outstretched arms to come to him.  As my crying and hiccups subsided somewhat I hobbled over to him with pants around my boots from jumping and panties to my knees.  I burst out crying all over again in his arms while trying to rub the sting away. True to his word, he blistered my butt and upper thighs – my boyfriend had paddled me good. I never felt so vulnerable, secure and childlike at the same time as I did then. I just stood in his arms in what felt like a timeless state until I could breathe normally. My poor butt throbbed in agonising pain almost too sensitive to touch.

“I love you, Kim, and I don’t want to have to do that again. Would you like me to put some lotion on you before you get your pants back up?”

I threw my arms around him, nodded and started crying again. “I’m so sorry I took your car and tried to lie about it. I won’t ever do that again, Mike.”

This was the first time my boyfriend spanked me and the first time he saw me bare butt.  I have never touched his car without permission or lied to him again – as of the time of this writing.

How To Give A spanking - How To Get A Spanking
  • I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but spanking can affect mental health! From many resources across the web, it shows that spanking really doesn’t make anything better!

  • Kim,
    I love this story so much. Your boyfriend did the right thing. Stern discipline with a healthy dose of love creates a very special intimacy that only spanking can bring.

    Thank you,


  • Certainly, you deserved a spanking to remember but as a nurse a spanking this severe with a board on the buttocks is more dangerous than people think. It causes severe damage to the muscles which can release into the bloodstream a chemical that in high amounts can damage the kidneys and I have seen this happen to a young patient who was joining a college fraternity. The second problem is that there is a muscle in the buttock called the Piriformis muscle. If severe bruising develops (and full-strength paddle strokes from a male are likely to cause such a thing) it can cause scar tissue on the piriformis which sits on the sciatic nerve of many patients. This in turn can cause severe nerve pain every time the patient sits for many years. It would have been far safer for him to have used a cane, a switch, his had, or any implement which produced stinging without severe damage to the muscle. (I am an RN)

    • Wouldn’t the cane leave scars or cause permanent marks? How is the cane less severe than the paddle? And are whips worse than that as far as damage goes? My girlfriend owns one and just the thought of the pain I would get from that wicked tool on my bare backside is enough to scare me into being a good boy and doing whatever she says. Still, I’ve always wondered how bad this hurts compared to paddles and canes.

  • I think if you were my girlfriend I also would have given you a good spanking on the butt. Its sweet that you submitted and took what you deserved. You sound like a nice and lovely young lady, I hope you stay on the straight and narrow

    • I am on the straight and narrow but I got busted again for speeding too many times. I did deserve it for taking his car out. He trusted me and I broke that trust. I just didn’t think it would be so intense though. He really paddled me hard, fast and it seemed like a really long time. I sent in my story about speeding, hopefully you will read all about.

  • In truth, torturing someone that greatly would have resulted in a loss of consciousness. Medical help would have been called for. And an arrest warrant issued. Be careful what you actually do.

  • Hi Kim, I think its great that you were able to be good to your word and accept a sore bum from your boyfriend, its sounds as if it was painful and well deserved to be honest. Maybe part of the reason the female butt is so perfectly shaped is to encourage guys to keep their partners on the straight and narrow.

    I wonder if using his car is the only thing he is strict about or if that would include other things such as flirting with other guys, being argumentative, I know those are three things that frustrate a lot of dudes.

    How are things between the two of you now a few weeks after the event?

    • I got it good for speeding, I submitted the story. He thinks “it’s cute” when I do the “post spanking dance performance” as he calls it. Oh, so embarrassing. No, I never touched his car again. Yes, it was a true story.

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