Mother Advises Future Daughter-In-Law: Discipline My Son

Terry’s future wife Rose witnesses the old fashioned discipline soundly administered by Terry’s mother that she would soon continue and make one of the cornerstones of their long and successful marriage.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

Ihad been divorced almost three years and had been going with Rose for almost one. Mom wanted to meet her so I arranged for us to pick her up on a Sunday and go out for brunch at a nice restaurant. Rose was looking forward to it and so was I, to be honest after picking my first wife all on my own I wanted Mom’s opinion in case things got serious. As anyone who has read any of my past experiences probably knows by now, things did get serious between me and Rose and we have been together 35 years now and married for 32 of those.

We had a nice lunch and everything was going really well between Mom and Rose, so well as a matter of fact that Mom asked if we would like to stop back at her place and have an early afternoon Bloody Mary. Never one to turn down a free drink in those days, I immediately accepted even though I got one of those looks from Rose that she didn’t really feel like stopping. I have since learned to pay more attention to those little hints.

We all went out to the patio and Mom didn’t bring out a drink for each of us but brought a pitcher, to be honest I liked that better than a drink all by itself. To make a long story somewhat short, I had about three drinks before Mom and Rose finished even one and when I started to pour number four Rose suggested that maybe I had better wait for a while. Being like I am, I just laughed it off and told her I would be fine and poured one more, that one did turn out to be my last of the day but I didn’t know it at the time. Mom saw Rose’s reaction and suggested I needed to listen to her more; she seemed to Mom to be pretty level headed.

With three drinks in me already I told Mom I was just fine and she didn’t need to give any advice to my date. I guess being a grown man, once married, and having a daughter I was responsible for even without custody, I was pretty much my own person and beyond Mom’s control. In looking back I realize how wrong I was. You should know that Mom raised me by herself and hairbrush discipline was something I was quite familiar with.

Mom started talking to Rose about me describing what I was like including both good and bad points, but most of all how it was necessary for her to keep a tight rein on me growing up because I could be my own worst enemy. Rose heard that I was impulsive and prone to doing things without thinking them through. Rose responded that she had noticed some of those tendencies and didn’t think they were too excessive but Mom kept telling her more. As she kept on talking I started getting mad, and the fourth drink wasn’t doing anything to make me more cautious. Finally I had had enough.

I blurted out, “Mom, would you just shut up, Rose doesn’t need to hear all this.” I don’t know, but I probably turned white right after the words came out because I knew better than to ever talk to my Mom like that. I may have been 30 but I still knew better.

Mom gave me the look I was all too familiar with, and which I still feared. “Young man, you know better than to talk to me like that, and I bet you never tell Rose here to shut up. Why don’t you just go now and get my brush and your tethers and will fix those obviously bad manners of yours right now.”

I knew I was in for it because even then I couldn’t disobey Mom, “Mom, can’t you do that later, I’ll come back wherever you say, but I’d rather we be alone, please not with Rose here.”

Rose had no idea what was going on between us.

Mom answered, “Rose may as well know what it takes to keep you in line and since you insulted me in front of her she can stay and see how I handle your little outbursts and rude manners.” She looked at Rose and added, “You need to see this if you spend any more time with my son, his first wife didn’t listen to me and now they are divorced.” Then turning to me she said, “Now get what I told you to get and get right back here.” We were still on the back patio which was somewhat, but not completely, hidden from the neighbors

I got Mom’s old hairbrush and the tethers she used to keep my arms fixed and my legs closed so when I was over her knee I was helpless. Mom didn’t tell me to get naked but to get down to my shorts and t-shirt and fixed me with the tethers so she could give me the spanking she had in mind. I was nervous and embarrassed, with Rose sitting there on the patio, but at least I wasn’t naked. When I was ready, Mom helped me over her knee like she had for years and trapped my legs with hers, I wasn’t going anywhere. Before I could get settled knowing what was coming Mom grabbed the waist of my briefs and pulled then down and Rose could see everything Mom was going to do.

I heard Rose say, “Maybe I should leave, this is between you and Terry.”

Mom replied, “You stay right where you are, we need to talk about this son of mine, I don’t want him getting serious over the wrong woman again and you need to know what is best for Terry, I would really appreciate your staying.”

With that Mom started swinging her hairbrush and man did I feel it. It had been a few months since mom last decided I needed one of her spankings and it was a shock. It didn’t take long for me to start complaining that it hurt and started to try to wiggle and avoid the flat side of that brush. Soon I was crying and begging Mom to stop but she never did until she was finished no matter how much I begged or cried. From past experience I know I wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a few days at least, and that was if Mom didn’t spank as hard as she sometimes did.

Mom finally stopped turning by bottom a deep red and made me stand up and hobble to the corner, with my shorts near my knees, stopped only by the belt that kept my legs together. I was given directions to stand there with my nose against the wall until she said different. Mom always made me do corner time.

Even while I was crying I heard Mom talking to Rose about what she felt I needed if I was going to be successful in life or with another woman. Rose said it seemed odd and extreme, and she commented that Mom sure knew how to set fire to a back side from the looks of mine. As I calmed down all I could hear was Rose asking Mom questions and commenting on what she had just seen and Mom answering everything she asked. At one time she told Rose to go feel how hot I really was and when she just patted my bottom I winced, I think that made an impression on Rose because she said “sorry” right away. All I can tell you is that I was miserable.

I don’t recall how long Mom made me stand in the corner while she and Rose talked but I remember my knees going weak when she said, “Terry, get back over here we still have something to finish.”

Mom often gave what she called double spankings which meant a very long time over her knee, followed by corner time that really made you know you had been spanked and the rear is really sore, and then another spanking and I always started begging and bawling like a baby even before the second one started. It is really a painful way to get a spanking and you remember them for a long time if not forever. Rose asked her if she was really going to spank me again so soon and she said, “Of course I am, never give a spanking you want to have an effect and stop before you know you achieved what you are after. His rear will heal, but hopefully his memory will be a lot better.” Mom they made sure I would remember that one.

After another stay in the corner, Mom said I could get dressed but suggested that Rose do the driving because I would probably want to kneel in the back seat, and she was 100% right about that.

I know Rose listened to Mom, but for the next year or so, while I got a few spankings from her, they were not real bad ones and to be honest more of a foreplay variety than for punishment. Mom spanked me a couple of more times with Rose there but none was as bad as the first one. A little over a year later I finally did something that Rose found a reason to really give me a good blistering. We had gotten serious and she had listened to Mom and believed that she had to take control and did she ever take control one night. That is another experience that I have already written about.

It was embarrassing getting spanked like I did in front of Rose but that wasn’t the first time I was spanked in front of a girl I was interested in. It happened in high school once and again in College. My ex-wife saw Mom spank me but she never figured it would do any good and used nagging instead. Mom knew that I needed someone who wouldn’t do that and now I am glad she intervened like she did with Rose.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • It is very good that this happened, although you probably didn’t think so at the time! You say that Rose said that it seemed odd and extreme. I think this would be the reaction of most women on seeing their boyfriend being given a severe spanking by his mother. However, discussing it your mother and seeing the effect it had on your behavior clearly convinced her that spanking is an appropriate form of punishment for adult males. It is a pity more women do not realize this, I think many relationships would be improved if the woman used a hairbrush on her partner’s bottom when he misbehaved.

    • I also quit drinking because I have the same problem, not to mention the fact that alcohol is bad for health. I like the taste of beer, so I sometimes drink a non-alcoholic version. I had already stopped drinking alcohol when I met my girlfriend, but I am sure it would have been good for me if we had met earlier and she had put a stop to my alcohol consumption through the use of severe spankings.

  • My wife started giving me spankings, then my mother-in-law. Both are bigger and stronger than me – raised on a farm and they have large calloused hands and strong arms. Even though I’m 60 and my mother-in-law is 85, she can still set my bottom on fire with just her hand, just like my wife. Both spank me naked whenever they think I need it or are in the mood.

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