Looking for Love: Part 6 of 6

I finally got the spanking I deserved. Let me tell you, that was my first spanking and to this day my worst spanking. But as far as I was concerned, that was fine. I had what every girl needs – a mother that loves her enough to spank her to tears when she deserves it and loves her unconditionally because she is her daughter. My life did not start out this way. It has been a long journey.

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Part 5: Trouble and Love Part 1: Needing

Part 6: One of Her Own

Instead of going home, Mom and I went to the soccer field where we had first met. The place held fond memories for us. We walked to the bench under the shade tree and sat together. It was obvious that positive change was in the air – and that we both wanted badly. As we visited and shared our feelings it became crystal clear that I finally had a mother – a real mother – and that she loved me unconditionally. When we finally departed, there was a new understanding between us. We were not just mother and daughter, it was a special relationship we enjoyed – we were best of friends and I loved her to death. It was dark by the time we headed home.

Once home, Mom asked me to tell Dad what I had been caught doing at school that day and I confessed to smoking at lunch. I was then asked to tell him what else I had done wrong and I had to admit that I had lied to my mother. With a puzzled and concerned expression he asked, “Your mother? Your mother is dead, Honey?”

Before I could say anything, my Mom spoke up. “Robert, she does have a mother – and you are looking at her. Carla is my child and don’t you ever forget that. Today, she made two mistakes. First, she broke my rule and Eastwood’s rule relating to smoking – but that wasn’t the worst thing she did. She lied to her mother – and that Robert, is one thing I’m not going to have. Carla and I have spent most of the afternoon visiting and reaching some understandings. She knows how much I love her and she knows what I expect from her. Right now, Carla is in about as much trouble as a girl can be in.” Turning her loving smile to me she issued an order. “Carla, you were caught smoking at school today and then, to make things worse – you lied to me. You are no different than Karen and Jennifer and I think you know what would happen to them if they did the things you have done. Carla, you are going to get the spanking you deserve.” Turning her attention to my father she continued, “Had your dad not interfered with my decision when you brought home that disgraceful report card, you would have gotten it good that night. Had I worn you out then, I do not believe we would be dealing with these smoking and lying issues now. Nevertheless, what matters now is that your mother is instructing you to go to her bedroom and wait to be punished.”

Looking around the room, I noticed that both of my Sisters were smiling from ear to ear. I rose to me feet, looked my Mom straight in the eye and said, “Yes Ma’am, I’m going right now. I love you, Mommy – and you too, Daddy,” as I passed by Dad on my way out of the room, he sat in his chair and looked at me in awe.

I went to their bedroom and closed the door. The only experience I had with what was about to happen to me was gained from overhearing my sisters getting theirs. I didn’t have a clue as to what I should be doing. That didn’t turn out to be a problem however, within a few seconds of my arrival, the door opened and my very angry but loving mother stepped inside. From that point on, for my part – it was “no experience required.”

Closing and locking the door behind her, she walked straight to me and took me firmly by my upper arm. As she propelled me along my way, she moved by her dresser, opened the drawer and pulled out a huge wooden hairbrush. With it in one hand and me in the other, she marched me on to her dressing table where she released me while turning her vanity chair out to face the room. Taking a seat, she placed the hairbrush on her lap. Witnessing her expert handling of this naughty girl and recalling the frightening sounds of my sister’s sessions, I started to panic. Still, having never been spanked before, I did not fully understand the horrid experience I was facing. Looking back on it now, I know the only reason I wasn’t begging and pleading for mercy at this stage as my sisters had, was the fact that I did not yet know what I was in for.

Like a woman on a mission, Mom quickly moved me to a standing position at her right hand side. She hadn’t said a word to me since entering the bedroom. That was all about to change. After looking at me for a moment, she stood up, slipped the hairbrush into her hip pocket and finally, spoke. “Carla, I want to show you something.” She returned to her dresser, bent over and opened the bottom drawer. Reaching inside, she extracted a long and whippy black object, closed the drawer and returned to face me. “Carla, this is what your sisters and I refer to as “the strip.””

Finally, my question had been answered. The strip turned out to be a highly flexible piece of round, hard, black rubber measuring about eighteen inches in length. Judging from the way she held it, I would estimate its diameter to be about equal to that of a pencil. “Carla, my Mom used this on me and my sister whenever we really screwed up. Both of your sisters have felt it. In fact, if you recall the day the report cards came out – well – this is what had Karen making such a fuss in here. Just like my mom did, I use this on bare bottoms and I really lay them on to hurt.”

After pausing to again to consider options, Mom resumed with her explanation, “Carla, the only reason you are not going to get it with the strip tonight is because it’s your first time. I always try to be fair – and everyone deserves a warning. Please consider this to be yours. Know this, if you ever lie to me again – or smoke – you get a session with this. And to be positive you fully understand what you will be dealing with, I think a demonstration might benefit you.” She re-established her grip on my upper arm and marched me to a position at the foot of her bed. Leaving me standing, she gathered and stacked two pillows at the foot of the bed.

Standing with that wicked strip in hand she issued a detailed instruction. “I want you face down – bottom up – tummy over the pillows – keep your feet together and both of them on the floor.” Once I was in place as ordered, she pushed me slightly forward causing my bottom to be raised even higher. Satisfied with my bottom’s waiting presentation, she spoke again. “Okay, you are to place both of your hands under the pillows and keep them there.” As soon as my hands were tucked away, she stood at my side and let the strip come to rest across my bottom – it was dense and heavy and as a result, I could feel it clearly – innocently resting at her skillfully and knowledgeably selected target – just above the tender juncture where bottom meets thighs. “Okay, now you keep in mind that this is only one lick – and it’s over your jeans. And don’t ever forget – if we ever have to do it for real – your bottom’s going to be bare and it will be a heck of a lot more than one lick – that is a promise. This is just a partial demonstration – with protection – so you will know, and hopefully – avoid.”

As she stopped speaking, I felt the heavy strip lift away from my bottom. As I turned my face, I saw that she had hoisted it high above her head where it momentarily hovered. As I glanced at her face, I noted her eyes were fixed upon my clenching and waiting bottom. Suddenly, her entire body went into a smooth and highly coordinated motion as she swung the dreaded strip down with extreme force. I heard a frightening swishing sound that completed with a snapping crack as the vicious thing landed precisely at her pre-selected target. Instantly, a deep penetrating burning sting of hell exploded across my bottom and quickly intensified to a degree that words cannot describe.

Reeling from the vicious lash, I sucked in air so deeply that it completely filled my lungs. My legs flew straight out and my back arched to a point at which my head was at least a foot above the bed. By reflex, both of my hands extended back to clutch and claw at the incredible scorching pain radiating from my battered behind. With complete loss of control – I jumped to my feet and cried out at the top of my lungs. OhhhhhhhWeeeeeAhhhhhhhEeeeeeeeeee… My hands continued to frantically clutch, rub and squeeze at my butt cheeks through my jeans as I spun in circles dancing at foot of her bed. As I continued to react to the first-ever spank of my life, she showed no concern whatsoever as she casually replaced the strip in the drawer, took the hairbrush from her hip pocket and reestablished her handle on my upper arm. Unlike when I was marched to the foot of the bed a few moments earlier, now I was bawling my eyes out.

Before marching me back to the spanking chair, she warned, “Keep that in mind Carla – and think what it’s going to be like with those jeans down. I bet you can understand now why your big sister is working so hard on her algebra these days? She knows damn good and well that I’ll put her right back over those pillows if there is not a big turnaround in that class. Failure is just not an option for my girls! Always remember that Carla – Failure is not an option for you!!”

By the time we arrived back at the chair, she positioned me standing in the originally selected place. As before, she was seated and the hairbrush was on her lap and waiting for use. “Well, because you lied to me today – your getting this spanking. So, lets get to it. Carla, I want you to get those jeans on down. I’m not going to have anything come between me and my daughter while I’m talking to her about you lying to me.”

Still not completely certain of what I was facing, I tried to control my sobbing. Bravely, and without the need for repeated instruction, I opened my belt, unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them. I guess I wasn’t moving quickly enough because Mom reached out and grasped the waistband of my jeans at each of my hips and started tugging. The jeans were very tight as my bottom has never been small. In fact, it’s a bit on the plump side. Taking my jeans down has never been easy for even me to do. Tugging away, Mom was not making much progress. I knew from experience that wiggling of the hips with coordinated downward tugs or pushes would be required – and I wasn’t wiggling – at least not yet I wasn’t. Little did I know that in a few moments, as the hairbrush was raining down vicious licks, my bottom – it would be wiggling it for all it was worth!

Tired of tugging with little results – Mom went off on me, “These jeans are entirely too tight Carla. I’ve never liked how tight you wear them – and little lady – these jeans are history. Don’t you dare ever let me catch you in this pair again or any others that fit around your bottom like these. Understood? No wonder that lick with the strip hurt you so badly.” Then, getting back on track to task at hand, I received an order accompanied with a threat. “Carla, you get these jeans on down right now. I don’t have all night to fool with you. You have to the count of three to have them down – then I am getting the strip.” Before her count passed one, my jeans were bunched up around my knees.

With the jeans out of the way, I reached back and tried to provide comfort to the damage inflicted upon my poor bottom by the single lick of that awful strip. I could not believe what my fingers found! The well-developed and puffy welt covered both cheeks at the “sit spot” and felt to be almost an inch wide. Not having experience with such things, I concluded I was feeling a blister. Just the gentle touch of my fingers gliding over the inflamed and tender surface was completely unbearable. “Surely she won’t spank me there,” I tried to assure myself.

Looking back on it, I realize the painful single welt was just a minor concern at that point. What I should have been worrying about was a far bigger one – a bare bottom hairbrush spanking for lying to my mother. As I was rubbing my butt, sniffling and feeling sorry for myself, the next and most dreaded order was issued. “Carla, you need to bare that bottom for me completely – when one of my daughters lies to me they get a bare bottom spanking. And that is just what you are going to get. So help me Carla – if you ever lie to me again – get those panties down right now!”

Now in addition to being scared to death, I was mortified at the thought of having to bare myself in such a situation. Nevertheless, I was far too smart of a girl to dilly-dally around at a moment like that. I promptly moved my fingers away from my burning sit spot and moved them to catch the inside of the elastic waist band of my panties. Taking a deep breath, I slowly eased them down just clear of my bottom.

Well, that wasn’t good enough for my mom! “Carla, just so you know for future spanking – if there are any, when I ask you to bare you bottom, that means that there is to be absolutely nothing in my way from the small of your back to the tops of your knees. I expect both your bottom and your thighs to be completely bare for my attention. Now, will you please take you panties down correctly?” That order was simple and I quickly complied. My panties joined my lowered jeans – just below my shaky knees.

Noticing I was trembling and finally moved by my pitiful sobbing, Mom’s strict and demanding voice momentarily softened. “Carla, you know it’s only because I love you that I am doing this. I wish this were already over for both of us. This is very hard for me. I know how badly this is going to hurt you and I wish there was another way – but there isn’t. My precious one – you do know how very much I love you – right?” After I nodded yes, she continued, “And you are still glad to be my daughter – correct?” As I responded to that question my emotions completely overtook me. “Oh yes Mommy – I am so happy to be your daughter. I’m proud to be your daughter. I’m lucky to have become your daughter That’s all I ever wanted – remember – you are my hero. I love you Mommy and I always will. I am sorry I lied to you – I feel so guilty about that – can you ever forgive me? – trust me again? You deserve so much more from me than that – what I did was awful”

Our eyes met and I doubt either of us will ever forget the warm feeling we shared at that special moment. I had all my questions answered and so did she. Even standing there with my bottom bare and about to be spanked – I felt completely and unconditionally loved – so very cared about – so fortunate to be her daughter.

With a concerned expression upon her face and a loving tone in her voice, she started speaking again. “Carla, we need to figure something out. It’s both of our problems. You understand, the spanking I am about to give you is for lying to me – right?” I nodded yes and hung my head in shame for what I had done.

“Well, after were done here in a few moments, our problem is going to be the smoking issue. Mr. Marcel offered you a choice today. Do you still want the swats at school and not the Saturday detentions?”

Recalling what I had been told about the “swats from hell” and the “Sultan of Swat” and considering my one lick experience with the strip, I had my concerns. Praying for a certain answer, I meekly asked, “Who would give me that swats at school, Mommy? I sure didn’t get the answer I was praying for. “You would get them from me Hon, Ms. Gates, bless her heart, is not qualified to give you the kind of swats you deserve for smoking at school. Okay, so what is it going to be, five licks from me – or the two Saturday detentions? Its still your choice, Carla.” Knowing we had weekend plans to travel to the Van Horn, the choice was a no-brainer. “I’ll take the swats, Mommy.”

“I think that’s the right choice too. Problem is, after tonight’s spanking, you might not even be able to sit down for a few days – let alone take one of my school paddling sessions. Tell you what – I’ll talk to Jack Marcel and see if we can put your swats off for a week or two. He is an understanding man. How does that sound to you?” As soon as I said that would be perfect, she presented another problem. “Carla, did you hear Mr. Marcel mention their family’s rule – if you get it at school – then you get it double at home?” I nodded yes and she continued, “We have the same rule – and those spankings are not delayed. You get it at school during the day – and it’s bare bottom at home that night at bedtime. Oh, and since it will be a spanking for smoking – I’ll be using my belt – just like Jennifer got it for smoking in Van Horn.”

I was starting to wonder just what I had gotten myself into. I was standing there in front of my mom with my jeans and panties around my knees. From just a single lick – my butt was already on fire and as I was about to get a blistering with her hairbrush – plans were already being made for five swats at school to be followed up that night with a bare-bottom belt spanking at bedtime. Not wanting to upset the apple cart though, I softly whispered that I deserved both the swats at school and the belt spanking at bedtime for letting her down by smoking. I was sure that response would clear the way for my hairbrush spanking to finally get underway – but I was wrong.

“Carla, one last thing. You know you are still grounded for that disgraceful report card you brought home. Do you want to stay grounded or do you think a session with the strip like Karen got might be best?” I thought for a second and decided there was no way I was going to get my bare bottom thrashed with that strip of hers. Shaking my head I answered, “Mommy, can I stay grounded?”

That response resulted in Mom giggling and smiling at me. “You know, I love you and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I pride myself in being a fair mother. So, Carla, here is what we are going to do. I’m going to put you over my knee in a moment and give you a hairbrush spanking that is every bit as long and hard as the worst ones your sisters have ever gotten. Once that’s over with, you and I are going to cuddle and get back to being what we really want to be – and that is best friends. It might be an hour or two from now, but once we are done in here, you and I will walk out that door. At that point – your slate will be clean. It will be like there was never a lie told, a cigarette smoked, or any bad grades brought home. I will advise your dad, your sisters and Mr. Marcel that you have been punished – and that is all there is to it. Fair enough?” I agreed that it was more than fair and then right over her lap I went. Without delay, she let into me with that hairbrush – and did she ever know how to use that dreadful thing! Talk about getting your bottom blistered – That brush burned my bottom and thighs to a crisp. Even over the loud cracking and my screaming, I could hear Mom’s warnings about “next time” lying to her, smoking and not giving it all I had at school. She scolded and spanked – I kicked, I twisted, I wiggled, I clenched, I bucked, I screamed my head off and I pounded the floor. I begged and pleaded for mercy – and she just kept on spanking.

At one point, I gave it all I had and somehow managed to roll myself half way over while still on her lap. She was so strong there was really never any contest. She quickly rolled me back into place. Slid me forward till my nose was near the floor. Wrapped her left arm tightly around my waist and after giving me some extra hard reminder licks at the tops of my thighs, went right back to blistering my butt again.

Then the problems with control of my hands started – and from experience, she knew just how to deal with it. The first time I put one of my hands back – I received a stern verbal warning – and slowly moved it away. The second time, I put both hands back and tightly cupped the lower portions of my burning cheeks – and for that blunder – I got my thighs turned into ground zero until my hands moved away. At that point, she issued my second verbal warning that included mention of the strip. Try as I did, I just couldn’t take it – and as that that wicked brush spanked and spanked and spanked away at my tender sit spots – by reflex – my right hand flew back for a third and final time. Being the expert that she was, Mom grasped it, ended it’s protecting mission, moved it away from her target and kept it pinned at the small of my back until that god awful spanking of finally ended.

Let me tell you, that was my first spanking, and to this day – my worst spanking. My bottom and the tops of my thighs were bruised and at the sit spots – even blistered. I was weak from the frantic kicking, pulling and twisting of my gallant fight for freedom that was lost due to her expert skill, strength and determination. I was a sight – a real mess. My hair was tangled and knotted and my eyes were blood shot from crying. My face was covered with the snot that had come from my nose, the copious volume of tears that had flowed freely from my eyes and the trails of saliva that slipped past me blubbering lips. That hairbrush in my mom’s highly skilled hand had done its work well. My voice was hoarse and almost gone from screaming my lungs out, begging, pleading, promising to do better, giving assurances that I would never do certain things again and would always be doing other things in the future.

Later that night, as Mom and I cuddled and reaffirmed our mutual love, I told her how badly my bottom burned and that I believed she had given me over a hundred licks with that vicious brush. She corrected me and advised that I had only received twenty-four licks to my bottom and four to the backs of my thighs. When I claimed the spanking must have lasted at least half an hour, she informed me that from the time she bent me over her knee until the last hairbrush lick fell, less than four minutes elapsed. When I asked if it was a long and hard spanking – she smiled and said it was way too long and much to hard to suit her taste and please – don’t ever make it necessary for her to spank me like that again.

Yep, I finally got the spanking I deserved. Like my grandmother had warned, Mom had spanked the living daylights out of me. But as far as I was concerned, that was fine. I had the best Mom in the whole world and she loved me dearly. I had a clean slate – and there was nothing that needed to be talked about. I wasn’t grounded – and I wasn’t in trouble at school. I had the perfect dad and two of the best sisters a girl could ever want. But most of all, I had what every girl needs – a mother that loves her enough to spank her to tears when she deserves it and loves her unconditionally because she is her daughter.

Part 5: Trouble and Love Part 1: Needing

You are welcome to contact the author Mr. McSpank.

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