In the Punishment Book

The following account represents a harsh and abusive regime of domestic discipline. This story is published in honour of the author. Reader discretion is advised.

This story is a bit long but I will do my best to cut it down.

I was a small, quiet child. At least once a week starting at five years of age, I was bent over a chair and given a bare bottom strapping with a belt by my dad. This was always followed by 30 minutes corner time with my bare bottom showing.

From the age 10 I was allowed to keep my pants on during my spanking and corner time. If my dad said I needed the belt, I got it sometimes for the slightest thing such as my bedroom being untidy or my chores not done properly. If we had company, it did not matter who was present – I got strapped.

At 10 years of age my father created The Punishment Book. In addition to my weekly spanking with the belt and corner time, my dad would record the slightest offense such as leaving my shoes in the middle of the floor. Everyday he kept his book up to date. If I had five bad entries in the same week, I was in big trouble. For the next seven days after that I had to bend over a chair for 10 licks of the belt and serve 30 minutes of corner time. “He would say nose to the wall, toes to the wall and hands behind your back.” I had to make sure I was right in the corner or I got extra time. Also, if I was in the punishment book, as well as belting and corner time, I was put to bed at 7.30 every night and I mean put to bed. It was lights out, no reading or television. I did not dare put a light on.

This punishment along with the weekly belting for the slightest thing went on until I was 18. I could not afford to leave home before then.

The day before I left home I was 18 years old. I had the chore of doing the family ironing which would take about 45 minutes. I did not really have the time and wanted to get finished quickly because I still had some packing to do. Rushing the ironing, my dad was not pleased with the result. He belted me 20 times until I was black and blue, in tears and gave me 30 minutes corner time. My skirt still down to my ankles, I stood there in a t-shirt with nose to the wall and told that any more cheek I would get longer corner time. My dad added that until the minute I leave, I am still their child. Oddly he added, that I would always be their child.

My mother never ever stuck up for me, she just said your dad thinks you need it and its up to him. I was usually very well behaved.

At the age of 20 I had to move back home because of money problems. My parents let me live rent free but I became there full-time slave. I had set chores and Dad once again brought out the punishment book. The strappings continued as before. My dad would go around with his finger checking my dusting. If he was not happy he would put me in the punishment book. This happened for all chores.

As before, after five entries in the punishment book I would get a belting, corner time and a 7:30 p.m. bedtime. This continued until I was 23 years old.

If there was a week when I was not in the book, I was allowed 10:00 p.m. bedtime but with the lights completely out and my portable television taken away.

I was a grown adult and treated like a child until I moved out at age 23.

There is much more to this story. If you are interested, I would love to tell you some more.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • I would like to hear more about your spankings. Can you describe some in more detail? Were you ever spanked on the bare after 10 and do you like to be spanked now?

  • I was sorry to read about your father’s discipline regime. While I absolutely believe in spanking (some) children for misbehaviour, and even some teens, if done with respect to modesty, your father’s system seemed excessive. I am referring specifically to the weekly strappings you received regardless of your behaviour during the week. Children and teens, with good reason, simply don’t understand “maintenance spankings”, which, for them, represents punishment for no good reason.

    Your father’s Punishment Book is/was not that uncommon, and I have heard of similar tallied accounts of misbehaviour many times. Your father, however, seemed to allow you little or no slack in his demand for perfection. Even with the slight protection of underpants, I have a good hunch that your father used the belt full-force on your behind. All in all, he seems to have either been a martinet and strict disciplinarian, or he, unfortunately, got some satisfaction from spanking you regularly and further embarrassing you with corner time and early bed time. The fact that he sent you to bed at 10:00 sharp even when your behaviour was good makes me think his motivation was discipline, pure and simple. No doubt he was brought up similarly.

    It is a shame your mother did not stick up for you and try to curtail, or at least limit the amount of beltings you received. However, she herself, was probably intimidated by your dad, and may was also have been bound to the marriage by financial considerations, which could have resulted in poverty if she and your dad divorced as a result of her interference into your dad’s discipline. I hope that you have emotionally resolved your history of rather excessive discipline, though, honestly, sometimes the emotional scars last for a lifetime.

    Please contact me if you wish to discuss these things at some length:

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