How I Spank My Husband

Rose has very limited tolerance for bad behavior from her husband Terry. She explains what happens once her limit is reached: He is rendered completely helpless, over my knee and, with the part of his anatomy that I will be paying attention to, bare and aimed skyward. Even though Terry is actually bigger than I am, between the two restraints it allows me complete freedom and he is quite unable to do anything to avoid his spanking.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

This is just a normal occurrence relating what commonly happens around our house.

Terry may have had a problem at work, be upset about it, not let it go and be taking it out on everyone around him including me. He may have said he would do something and just continued to put it off again and again and it is still not done. I will usually take a few days of either and then decide to put an end to problem.

This is what will happen.

I will send Terry an e-mail at work, or leave a message on his phone, that I have had enough and will take care of his problem when he gets home. He knows what this means and will fret about it the rest of the day. I believe he should know what is coming and really dread it. This accomplishes that objective. Whatever is wrong will take second place in his mind for at least part of the day.

Around six he will get home and, even though he knows by now that it will do him no good, I can expect some flowers or candy or something small as a means of telling me he is really sorry. I will thank him for the present but remind him that it will not change my mind and he will be punished in the usual way.

Right after he changes he will come back to the kitchen where I am waiting with my trusty hairbrush. He will try to talk me out of what he has coming, even while he is being prepared so he can not stop me when I get started no matter how hard he tries.

His arms are secured with wrist bands that have small chains hanging from each. I put them on and then have him hug himself and clip them in the back. Quick and easy to fasten, each buckles and one chain has a clip on the end that clips into the links of the other. They act like a little straight jacket – he is rendered quite helpless. His arms completely out of the way and prevent much struggling at all. We found this idea about 25 years ago and have used them ever since.

When he is over my lap, I then encircle is legs with a small belt placed just above his knees. It’s an old boy scout belt that is easy to slip on and tighten. With his legs clinched together, I can enjoy his attempts to kick the floor as he remains completely helpless.

Within minutes Terry is fully prepared and over my knee with the part of his anatomy that I will be paying attention to bare and aimed skyward. Even though he is actually bigger than I am, between the two restraints it allows me complete freedom and he is quite unable to do anything to avoid his spanking.

It will only take 15-20 good hard smacks with the flat of my brush before he starts with the it hurts and please don’t comments. I remind him that I am well aware that it hurts, it is supposed to hurt, and I will make sure it hurts a lot more before I am done. You would think that he is well aware that after 30 plus years I know it hurts but he says it anyway.

Around smack 50 he will really be struggling to get his bottom somewhere where I can’t hit it any more. It never works and the crying starts. The next fifty will see the transformation from his fairly coherent pleas that I stop to some real begging that I quit spanking him. His tears will be real and he will be a really unhappy man with a bottom that is getting burned. By this time he really can’t talk coherently between his cries.

I will then rest my arm until he calms down a little so he can hear what I am saying. Still in his bottom up position, I will remind him of exactly why he is in the position he is in, what he can do to avoid a repeat the next day, and emphasize that he, not me, is responsible for the condition his bottom is in and the condition it will be in by the time I am done.

After probably five to six minutes of lecturing him, I will finish what I started. He will cry, bawl and beg me to stop but I will keep at it until he believes dinner could be cooked on where he sits. It usually takes another 100 smacks before I feel that I am done and he is ‘well done’. He will literally think I have burned him with fire. Of course I haven’t, but I have made sure that he won’t want to sit down for dinner.

It may only have taken 20-25 minutes from start to finish but to him it seems like forever. When I am done cooking him I will then finish cooking dinner. While I am fixing whatever we are having, Terry will be in the corner with his pants and under shorts at his feet and a wearing a bright red and bruised fanny for me to admire. He will stay there with his hands at his sides, only inches from being able to rub some of the pain away, with the full understanding that any touching for relief will result in an immediate repeat of what I just finished doing. He will not touch himself.

I will see him do the I’ve just been spanked hard dance of shifting from foot to foot for about 10-15 minutes until the burning stops getting worse and he begins to calm down a little. Some things never change.

When dinner is ready I will sit at the table and he will eat standing up at the counter. I will tell him several times that he has to change how he is acting, or had better do what he said he would do, or whatever the correction related to, by the next day or I would be up for a repeat performance. I will also remind him that my brush can take a lot more punishment than his bottom so he better listen.

When dinner is over, his punishment is over. If he wants he can sit down and watch television but he seldom seems to want to do that. He usually finds something to do that will keep him on his feet for a while longer. If I have done an exceptionally good job he will want to sleep on his stomach that night, but he is usually not that sore unless we are into a punishment that consists of spankings on several consecutive days. I sometimes find this necessary to correct serious problems or minor problems that he just seems to repeat over and over again. It is an effective method of correction.

For the next couple of days he will be reminded that my hairbrush leaves a very distinct impression every time he sits but he will be able to sit without too much difficulty.

This transpires whenever I think it is necessary which I would guess is at least 12-18 times a year.

For more serious offences like lying, drinking too much, or other things he will be sentenced to the above on a once or twice a day basis for several days as I mentioned earlier. He may actually start to beg as soon as hears what I plan on doing because he knows that sitting will be a real pain in the ass until three or four days after it is over. (Pardon the pun.). This seems to happen only once or twice a year.

There have been only four to five times in the past 30 plus years that I have found it necessary to repeat his workbench experience described in How It All Began.

To be truthful, I really like roasting his bottom. I feel like I am in charge and know that whatever he has been doing that has bothered me, or he simply should not have done, will change.

You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry.

What He Wants - His Spanking Desires
  • Rose certainly knows how to deal with a man! Her spankings are severe but not brutally harsh. Rose explains: “For the next couple of days he will be reminded that my hairbrush leaves a very distinct impression every time he sits but he will be able to sit without too much difficulty.”

    She continues: “To be truthful, I really like roasting his bottom. I feel like I am in charge.” It’s the same with my girlfriend. While I can’t see her face when over her knees, her delight was revealed when she spanked me in front of another woman. The woman said that my girlfriend clearly enjoyed beating my bottom and encouraged her to spank me frequently for both my girlfriend’s enjoyment and to keep me in line.

  • You are much stricter with your husband than my girlfriend is with me. She doesn’t usually give me more than about 20 hard smacks with a paddle and this is enough to sting intensely and prevent me sitting down for the next few hours. Besides the pain, the most important part of a spanking for me is the fact that I have been disciplined on my BOTTOM. I feel humiliation but at the same time a strong sense of intimacy. It is a part of my body that is usually kept covered, but my girlfriend has the right not only to see it, but also to soundly punish me on it any time she wants.

  • This is the first story that I have heard anyone use a belt to hold a person’s legs together. My wife used to do this but I always seem to kick so much that the belt would just go flying. Great story.

  • Ana, thank you for sharing your experience(s). Isn’t it funny how things work out? I had to really work at getting my wife to spank and dominate me. Now it is the greatest sex we have ever had. I can’t believe how excited she gets from taking me over her lap for a bare bottom spanking. Most of the time I am stark naked for the spanking while she is fully clothed. Other times when she is feeling particularly kinky and dominant, she will lay out lingerie or garter belt and stockings for me to be spanked and disciplined in. When this happens she uses an element of possible public exposure. She will spank me by a window with the curtains wide open. After she has spanked me with a wooden bath brush or leather paddle I know where I will be with my red hot hinie, on my knees while I orally worship her for disciplining me! But really, that’s awesome how you discovered the benefits of spanking your man.

  • My hubby got his first spanking as a playful birthday spanking. I had him take off his pants and underpants and lay over my knees. I could immediately feel his hardness between my thighs. I took my hairbrush and began spanking. As his buns turned red and he tried to squirm, I felt myself getting wet. When I finished we made passionate love.

    Now I spank him a few times a month, over my knees or bent over a chair. I enjoy it more than he does.

  • We have been married for 11 years. About five or six years ago my wife gave me a playful birthday spanking – big mistake. She enjoyed it and great love making followed that night. However, since then she has continued to spank me every month or so. It’s not so playful now. She makes me get across her knees and uses a hairbrush. It hurts. When she’s tired of spanking my bare cheeks, she puts her fingers or a toy in me.

  • My wife puts up with a whole lot from me until she has to vent her frustration by paddling my naked butt. I know I got it coming, never any argument from me. Right after stepping out of the shower, she directs me to bend over the bathtub with my hands placed on the tub floor. When she is done with her paddle my bottom really hurts. It is always when we are alone, no one else knows, so there is no issue of shaming or embarrassment Things are good after I get it. I always wonder if I am the only guy that gets spanked by his wife

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