Conservative Mother Gets Birthday Spanking – True Story

A son is spellbound as he discreetly observes his conservative mother receiving a birthday spanking from her brother – and ends up witnessing more than he could have imagined or thought possible.

I would like to share an experience I had when I was 15 back in 1965. This is one of a couple of instances I witnessed involving my mother. First, let me tell you about her. She was 40 at the time, blonde and stood only about 5’ 4” and was kind of full bodied but not fat. My dad was a truck driver who was gone a lot. Now my mom was the church going type who never swore or drank alcohol of any kind. Someone you would think never even thought of sex. Always fully dressed around the house, I only remember seeing her in her panties one time when I walked past her room and she had left her door open thinking nobody was home. She was just pulling on her pants and never saw me. That was a big turn-on for me because I always looked through her panty drawer and often wondered what it would be like to see her in them. They were all full-back panties, mostly white, but a couple were transparent which really got me excited. I always wanted to see her naked but thought I would never get the chance. I used to quietly stand by the bathroom door when she was taking a bath and just listen to the water splashing trying to picture her and what she was doing. Sometimes I would go into her room and open her curtains just a tiny bit so I could go outside and look in when she was in there but being the modest type of woman that she was she would always make sure the curtains were closed.

Anyway, to get to my story. One evening when I was coming home from my friend’s house I noticed my uncle’s car in the driveway. Walking towards the back door I noticed the light on in her room with the curtain was actually open about an inch. I looked in and saw my mom and my uncle who was her brother and probably about five years older than her. Being an older house I could hear them clearly. He was sitting on her bed and she was standing in front of him. She was wearing blue pants with the zipper on the side – which she wore often – and a white blouse. The first thing I heard was,  “I’m getting too old for you to do this anymore.” I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then he said, “You’re never too old for a birthday spanking.” I then remembered it was her birthday. I had no idea what I was about to witness.

He said we’ll start off on your panties like we always do. She said, “What do mean start off,” as she unzipped her pants and pulled them down. I was totally shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. She took them all the way off.  She had her white full-back panties on. She then laid across his lap and when she did I could see that they were thin enough that I could see the outline of her crack through them. I’ll never forget that. He rubbed his hand over her butt a few times then gave her about ten fairly hard spanks. He said that was just a warm-up. He told her to stand up and said since this is your 40th birthday you’re going to be in your birthday suit. She looked shocked and said, “I don’t think so.” She told him that there was no way she was going to be naked in front of her brother. He said either you do it or I’ll do it for you. They were playfully arguing back and forth and he was reaching out trying to tickle her (evidently she’s very ticklish). He grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed and really started to tickle her. She told him to stop or she would wet her pants. He told her not until she agreed. Finally, she said “okay.” I could not believe what I just heard. He gave her a little kiss and said, “Let me do it for you.”  He ran his hand down her stomach and right over her pussy. He then reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and took them off. I was in shock and I lost it right there. I made a real mess in my pants. Here I was staring at my mother’s naked pussy (she really was a blonde). Her pubic hair was thin enough so you could see her slit through it. Her face was beet red, she was so embarrassed. Right away she took her hands and covered herself up. He told her to stand up and helped her to her feet. As she did I got an excellent view of her bottom, a nice full bubble butt. She kept her hands in front of her covering herself. She stood in front of him and he unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her bra looked like it was straining to hold her breasts in.  He had her turn around and he undid her bra and took it off. Her breasts were incredible. They looked so soft and white. She turned around and now was doing her best to cover both her breasts and her pussy. I was getting to see the most erotic sight of my life. My mother standing just a few feet in front of me naked except for her white socks. I still could not believe she was naked in front of her brother. By now I had my pants down around my ankles just stroking away.

So now he tells her how beautiful she is and how lucky my dad is as he pulls her down across his lap. Here I am staring right between my mom’s legs. What a sight. I could also see her boobs hanging down. They looked huge in that position. Now he starts rubbing her naked butt and tells her she will get 20 medium-hard spanks then get a little break and then the final 20 harder spanks. He starts spanking her and I could really hear the impact on her bare flesh. After the 20 he stops and starts rubbing her butt. He then spreads her cheeks apart and looks at her butt hole. She says, “Stop that.” I could see it perfectly. He tells her to spread her legs and she says no. He keeps pleading and finally she actually does. What a view. He starts rubbing her pussy and she starts really squirming and he asks her if it feels good. She says yes and really starts moaning. I could not believe he was finger-fucking his sister and I was watching. He asked her if she wanted him to stop and I couldn’t believe her response – she said, “No!” He told her he was going to finish her spanking then give her his present. He gave her the last 20 spanks and they didn’t look that hard. He helped her up and she sat on the bed. He then shocked me again by undressing. Before I know it he’s standing naked in front of my mom with his cock standing straight up. She looked at it and said, “Oh my goodness.” He placed her hand on his cock and she started stroking it. Then he laid her down and what happened then, well that’s a different subject so I won’t go into details. What I can say is that what she did and said to him totally changed how I looked at her from then on. This is a true story and the only people I ever told were my best friend and later my wife. Both were shocked as I was.

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