Claire Plus

“Look,” said Claire’s mum,” you can live here with me for a few months if you want. I won’t charge you any rent and it will save you a bit of cash. Mind you, you will have to follow the house rules and that includes that handsome hunk you are marrying, otherwise you will face the consequences.” Christ, thought Claire, she can’t mean face a spanking can she?

Where are you going to live after you get married?” Mary asked her daughter Claire.

“Oh we’ll find a flat or something until we can afford a house which shouldn’t be too long.”

“Look,” said Claire’s Mum, “you can live here with me for a few months if you want. I wont charge you any rent and it will save you a bit of cash.”

“Oh wonderful”, cried Claire as she threw her arms around her mother.

“Mind you, you will have to follow the house rules and that includes that handsome hunk you are marrying, otherwise you will face the consequences.”

Christ, thought Claire, she can’t mean face a spanking can she? I haven’t been spanked since just before I left home at 17 years old and I don’t think that Pete has been spanked since his early teens. Bloody hell this could be a bit tricky.

“I don’t know what you mean Mum, Pete and I will be the epitome of cooperation and good behavior”.

“I’m sure you will be dear: You can have your old room, the other spare room is full of junk therefore you will have to be next to me. So, not too much groaning and squealing as you consummate your marriage and enjoy carnal bliss.”

“I’m not too sure about that Mum, you know he can’t keep his hands off me. You’ll have to put cotton wool in your ears”.

“That’s terrific news,” said Pete when Claire told him of her conversation. “But what’s all this about rules and consequences?”

“Well when we all lived at home Mum was the boss. My brother and I were spanked right up until we left home, spanked and occasionally thrashed with a strap and a cane if she thought we deserved it. I’m pretty sure that Dad was too but I can’t be certain.”

“Bloody hell this is news to me,” recoiled Pete as he cuddled up closer to Claire on the sofa at her mother’s house. “Give us the gory details,” he said as he deftly unfastened her bra and started fondling her breasts.

“Not much to tell really,” she said as she shifted her position slightly to allow Pete better access to her breasts. “When we were young Mum would slap our bottoms if we were naughty, usually bare but not always. As we got older, early teens, we were sent to our rooms to put our night clothes on, she would come in with her strap or cane, or sometimes both. I would have to lean forward with two hands on the bed, short nightdress pulled right up to my shoulders so that my breasts, that you are so interested in, would hang free and she would strap my bottom until she thought I had had enough.”

You randy bugger, this is getting you really excited isn’t it,” she said as she ran her hand over his penis, unzipping his trousers and releasing his engorged member to gently masturbate him as she continued talking.

“Mike, my brother, only wore boxer shorts in bed so he had to remove those completely and bend forward as I did to receive his punishment. Hang on let me get more comfortable,” she said as she stood up to remove her trousers and thong before settling back down so that Pete could fondle her engorged pussy and firm breasts. “Were you ever done together,” asked Pete huskily as a picture of his soon to be wife and brother-in-law, naked or nearly so, bending forward side by side for a thrashing came to mind. As he spoke, his exploring fingers slid easily and deeply into her soaking heat –  she was as excited as he. “You’ll have to wait for that,” Claire sighed as she maneuvered herself so that Pete could use his penis more usefully. “If you don’t put that thing into me within one minute, I’ll have to masturbate myself to orgasm and leave you to do the same.

Soon Pete and Claire got married and after the honeymoon moved in with Mary. Mary was glad for the company, the other two got off to work before she got up in the morning so there was little inconvenience. Mary, in the next bedroom, was aware of their joyful and frequent sexual antics. Claire assured Pete that her mother was broad minded and was nevertheless unaware of Mary’s frequent use of her vibrator simultaneously with the rhythmical strains of their bed springs. Mary was not averse to teasing the couple about their antics at breakfast time on the weekends. Pete loved these occasions because Claire and her mother often came downstairs in their nightdresses and both were well capable of stirring his manhood under his dressing gown.

“I wonder if you two have any energy for eating toast,” was one of Mary’s quips, which was usually followed by Claire saying something like “he can’t leave me alone and if he did I would leave him.” Pete, although embarrassed by this sort of thing, was nevertheless also stirred by it and would often hasten Claire upstairs after breakfast to energetically and urgently fuck her again. He would have done the same for his mother-in-law too if offered the opportunity.

It was a week later that the house rules were broken and retribution exacted by Mary. Claire and Peter had been out to a party on Friday evening and both came home the worse for drink. They made considerable noise, turned music on loudly downstairs and had started to undress each other as Mary, woken by the noise entered the room. While she was not averse to alcohol, drunkenness and inconsiderate behavior were taboo. Mary instructed both to report to the sitting room at 9 A.M. the next morning in their nightclothes and dressing gowns.

Both Claire and Peter were full of apologies the following morning and Mary thanked them for this but told them that a spanking was inevitable. She had with her a small paddle, her trusty strap and a cane. This spanking was going to be a thrashing. Claire knew this while Peter was bewildered and fascinated with what lay ahead.

“Right, Claire, you first and Peter watch carefully so that you know what to do. Dressing gown off and stand at my side.”

Claire removed her dressing gown, placed it carefully on a chair and stood alongside her mother who was seated on the sofa also in her dressing gown and nightdress. Claire wore a thin white cotton nightdress which barely covered her bottom and was generously cut at the front so that her breasts were clearly visible and her hardening nipples straining against the thin material. She was naked underneath. Mary stood up and removed her dressing gown and also placed it neatly on a chair before resuming her position on the sofa. She was dressed in a very similar manner as her daughter. She was also naked underneath. She picked up the paddle, pulled her nightdress up and instructed her daughter to roll her nightie up to her waist and lean across her lap. Pete saw his new wife, stubbly vagina in need of a shave, present her wonderful bottom for chastisement. Mary slowly and methodically paddled her bottom and down to the back of her thighs.

“Open your legs dear so that I can get to the tender parts on the inside of your thighs, a bit more, that’s better.”

Mary continued spanking the inside high up by the vagina and down to about halfway to her knees. Pete was speechless and enthralled, he had a good view from the feet end of Claire and was monumentally excited by the sight of her moist vagina and swollen labia. Not that he had not seen it before, he was intimately acquainted with this area of his wife’s body, having kissed, licked, sucked and generally ravished all of her loin area portrayed before him including her rim, anus and fleshy bottom. In fact every square centimeter of the area usually covered by semi-decent panties has been celebrated with lust. Claire had recently discovered the joy of queening him and she now often sat on his face to face his feet rubbing her anus into him as she slapped his erect penis or faced the other way and fucked his face until she came. No, Peter was very familiar with the view, just unfamiliar with the circumstances and he was mightily excited and afraid that he might cum in his boxers.

“Now you can stand up dear, go to the end of the sofa, place your feet back from the arm and lean forward with both hands on the arm. I’m going to strap you now followed by just two strokes of the cane, now be brave and don’t stand up until I have finished, then you can watch as I punish your husband.”

Mary was aware that Claire was excited, she too had not missed the moistness or tell tale swellings of Claire’s lips, nor had she missed Peter’s interest. She leaned forward to pick up the strap, showing a generous expanse of breast to Peter thinking that spanking that randy bugger’s arse would be a real pleasure. She moved her daughter’s nightdress up her back to her shoulders allowing her breasts to swing free and started to strap her bottom. The strap was two tailed, slightly longer than usual which allowed a skillful practitioner like Mary to curl the ends around a thigh, or against a vagina or scrotum. Claire jumped as the ends made contact with her pussy lips but just managed to stay in position although now breathing heavily and sweating slightly. She wondered if her mother was doing it on purpose or if it was accidental. She was also afraid that she might cum and hoped that she could hide it if in fact it happened.

“Just two cane strokes and your punishment is over, stay in position until I tell you that you can move.”

Mary tapped Claire’s bottom two or three times then thrashed the cane downwards. Claire let out a huge breath as the stripe changed from white to red and the pain increased. Whap as the second stroke arrived with little gap in between; Claire sank to her knees but managed to keep her hands in place. Tears lined her face as her mother told her to get up. She put two hands to her blazing bottom and walked around the room moaning and groaning.

“Now my boy, your turn, take your dressing gown off and come and stand in front of me”.

Peter did as he was told and stood in front of his mother-in-law in a pair of boxer shorts and a huge erection straining northwards. Mary slowly took the elastic of of his shorts in her hand and pulled them right down. She stared at his penis, decent size, very erect and inviting. She took it gently in her hand and rolled the foreskin down to reveal a throbbing purple head oozing very slightly.

”Over my lap and put you penis between my thighs and don’t even try to rub it against my leg”, she ordered as she started her methodical paddling of his bottom and thighs. Peter stayed still and stoic, even when instructed to open his legs so that she could reach his tender parts. Claire was fascinated and even forgot her pain as she watched her mother shield his testicles with her hand as she paddled his inner thighs.

“Don’t want any serious damage,” she explained.

“Now for a bit of the strap, take the position recently vacated by your wife, and stay as still as she did even when the strap lands in a very tender spot, as it will.”

Mary strapped his bottom, one way then the other, never very hard but always consistent and thorough until it, and the backs of his thighs were a very bright red. At this juncture Mary carefully allowed the thongs to wrap around the inside of the thighs and connect with Pete’s scrotum. About every third or fourth stroke and sometimes two or three in a row. He grunted and cried out when this happened but kept his position. Mary stopped and put her hand around to feel his penis.

“Gone down a bit I see, good, lets see if we can deflate it further as you try six cane strokes for size, stay in position.”

Mary was very experienced with the cane. She had used it extensively upon her late husband and knew that her correct standing position allowed the cane to stripe both cheeks equally and she had a thing about symmetry. The first stroke was hard and central and Pete cried out and sagged at the knees, the nest two whistled down, one just above and one just below the first. The marks were livid. The fourth and fifth were both hard and landed almost one on top of the last just at the junction of his bottom and the top of his thighs. She altered position for the final diagonal stroke that made a perfect five barred gate.

“Stay in position,” she warned as she again fondled his now very flaccid penis, although her touch seemed to encourage a revival.

“All over,” she said as Pete shot upwards and danced around the room with both hands clutched to his reddened bottom, quite oblivious to his penis bouncing up and down. As the pain started to subside Claire and he hugged each other tightly, putting a thought in Mary’s mind that this would be an excellent spanking position if she had cause to punish both again. The hug seemed to revive Pete and Claire whose nipples were like chapel hat pegs, her breathing heavy and nostrils flared. “I think you two had better go upstairs for a while. No need to get dressed I suspect,” Mary said as they scampered out of the room, bottoms aglow.

Mary sank down on the sofa and put her hand between her legs and formed circular motions over her hooded clit with her finger.

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • When my mother stayed with us for a few weeks, she told me my husband needed a good spanking. A week or so later she told him the same thing because he and I argued. A few days later we argued again and Mom said, “Get him over that desk or I’ll spank you.” I remembered the spanking I got and pleaded with him to go over the desk. He finally did. Then she said, “Take his jeans off” and I did. She got a hairbrush and began spanking – he began to squirm. I went from being embarrassed to being damp. Finally, she yanked his underpants down and continued. When she finished she stood him in a corner, undies at his thighs. I was so hot.

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