An Elderly Couple’s Remedy For Disobedient Wives

Two years ago, Sharlee my newest daughter-in-law found herself over my knee for a period of two months. She laughed initially at the idea of going over her mother-in-law’s lap for a spanking until I grabbed her arm up and yanked her jeans down. But the struggle came when she felt my thumbs pull back her panties. “No, stop it, what are you doing”. She yelled and screamed while I just kept my grip on her lower back and continued pulling those panties down until they lay bunched at her knees. She had no idea as to the extent of her ordeal to come.

We run a strict household and rely on “good old-fashioned discipline” to keep things in order. Rules are obeyed and disobedience is quickly dealt with in a traditional way of over-the-knee bare bottom spanking.

I raised my children with the knowledge that if they misbehaved they would find themselves over my knee or in the woodshed with Elmer getting their backside tanned by his belt. It does not register with us that at certain ages, a spanking is replaced with another type of punishment. We rely on spanking as an ongoing deterrence to breaking rules and other unacceptable behavior.

Our values our traditional and Christian. Elmer is the head of the household and I am his obedient wife. He cherishes me and has provided a wonderful life for myself and my children. I believe that most families would profit by our standards but am not interested in changing the outside world. Yet, often relatives will ask us for help. Marriages and families fall apart and word gets around that our life-style as simple and ordinary as it is can mend broken families.

My youngest nephew had recently married a girl from another town. They lived a few miles from us. Last spring Dale, by himself, came to our house one Sunday in tears. He spent hours talking with Elmer and lamenting his sorrow. His wife was disrespectful and lazy. She spent more money then they made and complained often while offering little assistance. Elmer understood the scenario quickly. Dale had married a pretty girl who had never been properly trained. Her family had never disciplined her. Elmer asked Dale why he had not taken the reign and introduced her bottom to some swift hidings with his belt?

Dale sheepishly admitted he had no idea how to act like the master of the house. His father had died when he was young and his relationship with his mother was that of dutiful son. Elmer felt for the boy and said he would speak to me about the situation. He didn’t promise Dale anything but told him he would call him later in the week with any suggestions or help we could offer.

Elmer and I agreed that going to their home and letting Dale witness a firm sound spanking would be useless. Consistency, protocol, ritual and lifestyle take weeks to develop. Dale would have to witness his wife being broken down and surrendering her self. After seeing that he would have the strength and confidence to continue the training and keep his wife in line. Elmer believed Dale had what it took to be the master of his house but it would take time for the situation to be turned around.

This would be a great undertaking for us. We were happy with our life as it was but Elmer mentioned something that rang true. “Carolyn, you’re a good woman with a good heart but I believe that you are truly most content when you have a freshly spanked bottom over your knee and you are administering the spoon. I am not saying your cruel but you like results and the nature of making things right.” I chuckled at Elmer’s observations. I never shied away from the physical nature of discipline, when a spanking had been announced I got to work getting things ready. I did a good job of making the offender remember the consequences of breaking our rules. I was methodical, orderly and patient with the outcome. I knew a “breaking down” better than most. You can’t rush it and you can’t make it happen, it takes time.

Two years ago, Sharlee my newest daughter-in-law found herself over my knee for a period of two months. Elmer and I laughed at the memory of Sharlee’s first spanking. She had no idea the extent of her ordeal. She laughed initially at the idea of going over her mother-in-law’s lap for a spanking until I grabbed her arm up and yanked her jeans down. She found her self over my lap with her jeans down to her ankles but the struggle came when she felt my thumbs pull back her panties. “No, stop it, what are you doing”. She yelled and screamed while I just kept my grip on her lower back and continued pulling those panties down until they lay bunched at her knees. Her pert bouncy white cheeks shook and jumped as she wiggled and scissored her legs. I didn’t say a word, knowing this would happen. I had seen it all before. The girl would tire herself our eventually and be forced into submission, already wiped out by her futile struggle and the spanking had not even started.

Sharlee, caused such a ruckus that the entire household came in the living room to see what was the fuss. Understanding at once what was going on, each member, pulled a chair up to watch. Sharlee was too busy wiggling and howling bad words, kicking her legs and inadvertently making her bottom jiggle and jump for the room to see. After several minutes of hard kicks she broke into a sweat panting and wiped out. Once lifting her head she was amazed and sickened to see four pairs of eyes on her bare bottom. She immediately raised her hand to cover her bareness which caused Elmer to loudly guffaw, “Saw that coming,” he said. “Gladys,” he yelled to our maid, “would you bring the boys (Sharlee’s husband and brother-in-law Angus) some ale and Sara would like a Coke.” Sara was our cook and she was the first to come into the room when Sharlee began her banshee crying.

Elmer and I are not shy about spankings and felt that everyone in the house had a right to witness discipline. The actual spanking was not the important part of discipline it was the attitude and systematic ritual of being “Put in your place.” This was why the absolute rule of “Bare Bottoms for all spanking” existed. Spankings were a way for everyone to understand who was in control. The one whose pants or panties were down and had a bare bottom was not in control but under the authority of someone else. It takes a bare bottom to make that clear.

I firmly pulled Sharlee’s hand from her backside and pinned it to her back making her flinch. Without saying a word I rocked slowly back and forth patting her milky bottom lightly waiting for the room to get situated. Gladys brought the drinks and pulled up a chair to sit a spell. Once the room quieted and the only noise was Sharlee’s soft weeping, her head hung down in shame and humiliation at everyone not only witnessing her spanking but seeming to take it in as entertainment.

I cleared my throat and continued the patting of her white cheeks. “Sharlee, my dear,” I started, “your tender bottom is in for quite a workout today. Your little show a few minutes ago was quite impressive, but you will learn it is best not to wear yourself out before the warming has even begun.” Sharlee, once again tried to cover her bare cheeks, wiggling her bottom away from my palm. I snatched her hand and with a tighter grip placed it higher on her back causing her to loudly cry out. “Sharlee, your bottom will remain bare for your entire spanking. If you reach to cover it again I will make sure you will be a bare bottom girl the rest of the evening and tomorrow day also. Gladys do we have any bare-bottom jeans left over from before in a size 4?”

“Yes, Ma’am we sure do,” answered Gladys chuckling.

Sharlee didn’t squirm anymore, she just wept and kept her head down. I continued, “Dear, it must not be any fun to be in this childish position over my knees with your big bottom on display for everyone to see. I patted her cheeks to give emphasis on the target at hand. “You need to learn a lot, and a red bottom is a great way to start. Your panties are pulled down because you are being chastised for acting disobedient. When someones panties are down it is a sign to everyone, including you that penitence is going to be paid. Your going to receive a firm sound spanking that will help you learn to behave. Yes, it will hurt, yes you will cry. You will also have a deeper understanding about submitting to the household and especially to your husband. Your red bottom will smart and give you a reminder of what is in store for you when you go against his wishes.” At that I began the spanking. Slowly, starting with one cheek and then the other I created a tempo. These were not hard spanks but they were consistent and thorougher and each one became a bit harder then the one before it. I altered the spanks, sometimes two on one cheek and then one in the middle, two on another cheek, and so on. Soon Sharlee’s bottom began to bloom, becoming warmer and warmer,until she broke. Oh the tears and wailing that emitted from that girls mouth. She cried and cried but I kept on with my rhythm, I knew that this was just the beginning.

So often spanker’s give in to the initial tears and fail to get to the core. A spanking must be given over time and build up to something memorable and significant or else it is a waste of time. Sharlee was steadily crying now and her bottom was reddening well under my palm. I felt the warmth and smiled at how her attitude had already changed. She was not fighting it but gave into the sobs and quivers. I continued spanking her for a few more minutes and then stopped. The room was quiet and every ones eyes were glued to Sharlee’s bright red bottom but they also knew this was not the end. We all waited for Sharlee’s loud sobs to quiet down, she finally stopped heaving and settled to a softer cry. I patted her hot bottom lightly and spoke, “Sharlee, your bottom has been well spanked I see, or should I say we all see. The room chuckled and a few comments about her pink bottom were heard. “I know dear that you think you have been spanked harder then ever before, but dear that was just the warming, the priming. You are going to receive a real “Good-Old Fashioned spanking” next and believe me, you will remember it well. It won’t be your last time over my knee, but you won’t forget this one, I promise you dear, now brace yourself.” Sharlee, was not really listening still focusing on her painful bottom, having no idea that she was about to be introduced to The Spoon. My wooden spoon was large and had a concave oval that when cracked over a bottom made the toughest hide jump. I pulled my spoon from my apron pocket and lifted it over her bottom, Wham, Sharlee squealed. With that I proceeded to give her rosy bottom six well placed spanks, each one making her jump and yell. Sharlee was now a sobbing, shaking weeping bundle of tears on my lap, crying out for Mommy to stop. The room quietly left having seen the spanking and I waited for Sharlee to settle down which took an hour. Afterward we had a long chat, her over my lap quietly sobbing and me patting her tender bottom telling her what was expected.

How To Give A spanking - How To Get A Spanking
  • I think we have a similar descriptive sensibility when it comes to the language of spanking and how spankings are described. You paint appealing word pictures when you talk of a naughty bottom being bared and turned up for smacking and paddling. One thing you neglected to do, though, was to say whether a couch or a chair was used for spankings. I would hope a couch, especially with bottom warmings as thorough as what you described.

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