A Spanking Shared

Inspired by a true story, Clare volunteers to share in the punishment spanking earned by her good friend Sue. Paralyzed by nervousness Clare stands with hands clasped behind her head as Ken the disciplinarian unbuckles and unzips her jeans followed by the lowering and eventual removal of her panties. Two women naked from the waist down are soundly and thoroughly spanked.

Special Dedication: To Ken Emerson a true gentleman, mentor, guide and above all, friend.

I ran around to see Sue because she had way too much to drink when Brian and I crashed there the other night. I knew she had a dreadful hangover the next day and really I wasn’t surprised: she had been really silly and even smacked me with a coat hanger for being cheeky or something. I pushed open the kitchen door and realised that I had barged in on something: she was with Ken. He is a foreigner from the States, New “Joisy” or something. They looked very serious: no that is not right it was Ken that looked serious. Sue looked … well the only word is ‘ashamed’. “Oh! I’m sorry” I said “am I interrupting?”

Sue immediately made sure that we were introduced and I said “We’re at number 8” and waved my hand in the direction. He said, “Round the corner, the white cottage. Good to meet you”.

“I only called because you very well slaughtered the other night. I just wanted to check that you were all right” I explained “but if I’m intruding…” Sue pulled a wry face and explained that they had just been talking about her performance. I couldn’t quite see what it had to do with Ken and it must have shown in my face because suddenly Sue launched into the most breathtaking explanation. It is really not like Sue, who is very gregarious, but a closed book on personal matters. I could see that Ken wanted to stop her but Sue just opened the floodgates and let rip. “The fact is Clare”, she began “Ken is my mentor and I have an agreement and targets that I am trying to meet. One of them is not getting sozzled and I have already broken it twice before.”

I looked at her and at Ken and began to think that there was a lot more to this relationship than I had thought. If I didn’t know Sue better I would have said she had a “thing” about this man. “Well” I exclaimed “you did get sozzled. So now what happens?”

“I get spanked” Sue told me quietly “and I was just about to hear what my punishment is to be”.

I am not noted for being quiet and both Brian (my husband) and Sue call me ‘Tigger’ because I bounce so much and cause catastrophe wherever I go. This time I was shocked into total silence. When I recovered the power of speech I launched into a long and noisy protest that it was outrageous for Ken to spank her after all it was the 21st Century. Sue just calmly explained that this is what she wanted and that Ken was helping her: that an agreement had been made and there was no good stopping it at the uncomfortable bit. Ken was clearly uneasy with Sue’s frankness and obviously worried about how far the news would travel but I told him the secret was safe with me. Sue has been good for me and I think of her as an older sister.

Ken explained that Sue had agreed not to get drunk but had: that she had agreed a spanking would happen if she did and that was what they were about to discuss. I am used to engaging mouth before brain but even I shocked myself at what I said now. “Sue and Ken, this isn’t right: I am at least halfway responsible for causing Sue to get sozzled. If you won’t stop the spanking at least let me share it: Ken why don’t you give me half the smacks or whatever instead of all of them to Sue?” Immediately I said it I wondered what I had done and what I might have got myself into. Sue was very against this arrangement. Anyone would think she liked being spanked! Ken was more open-minded and there was quite a bit of chat before eventually Sue said that I should hear what the punishment was first, before taking half of it.

“That’s right” said Ken “let us all know what we are talking about. Sue, I planned to give you a four minute hand spanking. (By the way Clare everything is on the bare bottom.) Then it is twenty with the back of the hair brush on each bottom cheek, followed by twenty with my belt.”

I was stunned I thought we were talking about a few smacks with the hand! However, I am not someone who goes back on their word and I said (wondering what the Dickens I was doing) that I would take half of that as it was partly my fault. Well it really was you know! Sue was strongly against this idea and it was Ken who came up with a solution. He suggested that he give Sue half of her hand spanking and if I wanted to step in at that point well fine. He felt that I was right and did have some responsibility. Sue agreed, reluctantly, and they started to get ready.

I was more than a little surprised when Sue, who is so modest, just took off her jeans and knickers without a second thought. Ken had pulled out a kitchen chair and sat in it. Without a word Sue placed herself across his lap. I was fascinated: I had never been spanked and never seen anyone spanked. He was quite methodical he didn’t just start smacking her: he smacked one cheek first then the other and then right across. I couldn’t take my eyes off the spanking: my mouth had gone dry and I was conscious that my whole body was still. Sue has a trim figure and is very fit but even so her bottom rippled when Ken smacked it: yes really that is the word. That smooth bottom rippled and as I watched her bottom started to turn pink and gradually red. At first Sue really didn’t seem to react to the steady stream of smacks even if her skin did, but then I noticed that her legs were moving at each smack: every now and then one leg would lift up and stay there for a second and she started to make little “uh”, “ah” noises.

Suddenly Ken stopped. Now it was my turn.

Sue tried to stop me and said that it wasn’t right but I was all noble and stubborn and went right over to Ken before freezing completely. “You’ll have to pull your jeans and panties down”, he said quietly. I nodded but found that not only were my mouth dry, my heart hammering and my stomach churning but also my hands were trembling. I just couldn’t undo the metal clasp. “Would you like me to do it?” he asked. I nodded. He unfastened the metal button and unzipped the fly.

I felt my face start to burn. Only Brian, my husband, had never done that before. He tugged the jeans down to around mid thigh. His hands went to my knickers and my face felt really caught fire but my hands were trembling so much I couldn’t do it. He tugged them down to join the jeans and simply pulled me straight over his lap. I lay there thinking that I simply had to die, there was nothing more embarrassing that could happen, so the first smack caught me by surprise and I gasped.

There seemed to be no pause between each one and the stinging just got worse and worse: I forgot about being brave or anything I was soon gasping and wriggling and trying to get my bum out of the way of his hand. He had a strong grasp around my waist (what a strangely intimate feeling that is) and I couldn’t get away but it began to be more than I could take and I started to cry. I know I tried to get off his lap but he just held me in place. It was over as suddenly as it had begun.

I stood up and pulled up my clothes as fast as possible only to stand there rubbing my bum like some cartoon character. Sue came over and hugged me. “Well done”, she whispered “now please leave it at that. You’ve taken some, let me take the rest.” I shook my head, I hate chickening out on anything. Ken intervened and suggested that Sue take half of the next part and if I wanted to opt out then she could just go on and take the rest. Sue agreed and went over to him like some sort of veteran.

I could see that the hairbrush was going to hurt much more than Ken’s hand and even before he started I was wondering whether I really could do it. After all it was Sue’s agreement: I had shown willing and taken some of the ‘punishment’. I could just back out and still feel that I had done the right thing.

Truthfully the moment Ken started spanking her I began to shake. He brought the wooden back of that brush down so hard her bottom jiggled and the smack sounded awful. Sue was clearly distressed from the first smack and her body was jumping all over the place. Ken held her firmly and brought down five on her right cheek before moving to the left. I noticed in horror that her right cheek which had been red was now a blotchy mixture of red, white and some much darker red. Sue was now yelping and crying as the left cheek was dealt with. Then Ken moved to the right again and I almost yelled out to stop him but Sue let out a real wail as he started again on the right cheek. My hands were over my mouth and I trembled as I wondered how I could take it. “Just let Sue take it all. Just let Sue take it all” I thought over and over again. When he had finished I rushed over and held Sue in my arms. I was astonished when she pleaded through her tears “I deserve it. Please let me take the rest”.

I promise that I was going to agree with her and I have no idea quite what happened or why but to my surprise I found myself in front of Ken, asking, in what even to my ears sounded like a shaky voice, “Please undo this button again”. After he had pulled my clothes down he put one hand on my bottom and another on my shoulder and guided me over his lap. I am not proud of the noise I made in that session: the stinging on my already sore bum just seemed to escalate until I panicked and thought it would never end. It went beyond stinging to a sort of intense burning where the back of the brush kept landing.

When I was let up my nose was running and the tears were flowing Sue dried them and I knew what she was going to say. When she had sorted me out I said “Be quiet Sue” and turned to Ken. “Please, please” I begged “Give me the strap now before I lose my nerve. If Sue has it first I will never, ever go through with it. Then I will never forgive myself”.

Ken seemed to understand completely and he ignored the protest from Sue. He got off the chair turned it around and explained how I should bend over it. To my surprise I was able to undo the jeans myself. “You might find it easier to take them off altogether” commented Ken “but it is your choice. I won’t see anything new Clare”. I was past caring now I just wanted this to be over. So I dropped my jeans down and stepped out of them and pulled my knickers off. Pulling them back down over my spanked bottom was unpleasant and Sue took them from me her face asking me to stop. I bent over the chair back and gripped the seat as instructed. I didn’t know what to expect.

From watching what Sue got I now know that Ken takes the buckle in the palm of his hand and doubles the belt over. He stands back and swings the double belt in a fearsome arc accurately across the centre of the target. I didn’t know this I just felt a blow and a terrible burning fire right across my bottom: I screeched as the pain merged with my already sore rear end to create an endless intense burning that wouldn’t stop. I leapt up grasping my bottom in both hands. I remember crying “No! No! I can’t do this. I really can’t do this”. I found that I had both Sue and Ken comforting me and they were both so kind. “You’ve done really well Clare” comforted Ken stroking my hair, “especially as you have never even been smacked in your life. You’ve taken a lot of her punishment now leave it and let Sue take the rest.” Sue was backing what Ken was saying and I found myself agreeing.

Sue took my place and it was only after Ken had started giving her the belt that I realised I hadn’t put my jeans and knickers back on. I stood there holding my bottom with my eyes misty from the tears watching poor Sue getting it. I could see that Ken was taking his time giving Sue the remaining nineteen lashes with his belt. After he had given her one he changed his position so that the next one didn’t land in quite the same place. I didn’t need to be a brain box to see that Sue was distressed: she wasn’t making much noise but her whole body kept arching up and she kept half turning towards Ken. I could see that she was gripping the seat of the chair very hard and as each blow landed she was finding it difficult to stay bent. She was on number thirteen when a blow went wrong and caught her partly between the legs: Sue stood up right shouting “Oh Hell!” and clutching herself with the tears running down her face.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and faced Ken, not entirely oblivious to the fact that I was half naked in front of a man I hardly knew but beyond caring now. “Ken I’m better now: there are only six more to go: I’ll take them.” I’m not sure quite what Ken thought after all it was not what he had expected to happen but he just nodded then made a suggestion. He steered Sue out of the way (who just didn’t seem to notice) and moved the kitchen table out. “I think you may find it easier over the table” he suggested kindly, “Sue you go around the other side and hold her hands”. I lay over the table top with my feet on the floor and Sue grasped my hands. I made no attempt to be brave, each lash produced a real shriek from me and I kicked and wriggled all over the place. Only Sue’s grip kept me more or less down over the table. Her face winced and grimaced along with mine as each lash landed but by the fourth I couldn’t see her properly because of my tears. I had lost the will to be brave and no longer cared how much fuss I made. I was only concerned with one thing: it hurt!

I became aware that Ken was saying something and then I realised it was all over. “Why don’t you two girls go and compose yourselves while I make some tea?” he was saying. I was so far gone I couldn’t be bothered to be modest but carefully leant over and picked up my clothes. Sue led me upstairs and washed my face and fussed over me. I was ashamed of the noise I had made but she kept going on about how brave I had been. When we had recovered sufficiently we went back downstairs with me walking very carefully having no bounce at all.

Ken had put out cakes and tea in the living room and we all sat down: Sue and I being particularly careful how we did it.

“You know Clare” said Ken “you are the first to admit that you are a chaotic person. The way you dived straight in without thinking, to take half of Sue’s punishment, was brave and generous but headstrong.”

I nodded: “Brian, my husband, calls me ‘Tigger’ because I am always bouncing into trouble.”

“Well” he went on “perhaps you should consider a spanking contract”.

I was outraged, “You are never seeing my bottom unclothed ever again!”

Ken smiled, “Not me: your husband Brian. There is a very good plan that could help you. It’s called ‘The Spencer Spanking Plan’: Sue can give you all the details”.

Sue got up saying she would run one off the computer and not for the first time that day I wondered what I had got myself into.

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